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Menu Paraguayan Food

Lightly breaded and fried chicken or steak. Can
be topped with cheese and red sauce or eaten
plain. Can also be topped with lettuce, tomato,
and mayonnaise on a warm bun.

Fried dough filled with your choice of beef or
chicken, green pepper, onion, and hardboiled

Sopa Paraguaya
Traditional food of Paraguay. The translation is
Paraguay soup, but it is far from soup and
closer to cornbread. It is dense with cheese,
flour, and milk. A perfect side to any meal.

Another traditional food that is hard and
cheesy. A common snack item.
Menu Paraguayan Food

Grilled steak still on the bone. Tastes best with a
fresh squeezed lime juice on top.

Raw Yucca freshly skinned. Its potato like
texture is a perfect side to all dishes, but
especially Asado.

Vori Vori
Cornmeal and ricotta dumplings with chicken in
a flavorful broth. Perfect on a cold day with a
side of mandioca.

A cold drink with yerba mate. Water is
poured into a cup with the yerba and
sipped through the guampa (the
straw like spoon). Normally consumed
with a group of people.

A hot drink made of boiled mate, milk,
and sugar. Perfect for breakfast or during
snack time with chipa.