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Radzik, Thomas C.

Popular Music & Identity | 2/10/17

Thomas Radzik
Paper #1
Music identity List Analysis

List of songs from 1996-2016

1996- Tha Cross Roads Bone Thugs n Harmony

1997- Ill be missing you - Diddy, faith hill, and 112
1998- Ill be Edwin McCain
1999- Scar Tissue - RHCP
2000- In the end - Linkin park
2001- Hero - Enrique Iglesias
2002- Blurry - Puddle of mudd
2003- 21 Question- 50 cent
2004- Over and over - Nelly
2005- Beverly hills - Weezer
2006- Chasing cars - Snow patrol
2007- Hey there Delilah - Plain white ts
2008- Free fallin Originally Tom Petty, covered by John Mayer
2009- Live your life - T.I. & Rihanna
2010- Empire state of mind- Jay-z and Alicia keys
2011- The show goes on - Lupe Fiasco
2012- Young wild & free - Wiz khalifa and Snoop Dogg ft. Bruno Mars
2013- Locked out of heaven - Bruno Mars
2014- Demons - Imagine Dragons
2015- Centuries Fall out boy
2016- see you again - Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth
2017- Bad and boujee - Migos

1997- Ill be missing you by: Diddy, Faith hill, and 112

From the very first time I listened to this song, all the way to today, it

has always moved me in a way it is hard to put into words. Anyone who

listens to this song for the first time could easily tell what this song is about.

The title says the meaning of the song and what its lyrics will display in just

a short five minutes. Over time I have listened to this song, and began to

appreciate the lyrics and emotion. It has become a song that I could listen to

on my best days, as well as my worst.

At a young age, I sadly lost someone in my life that I was tremendously

dear to me. My brother was removed from my life, due to cancer, and that is

why this song hits home. From the very first lyrics in the song you can feel

the passion and feelings in Diddys voice. You can tell how badly he misses

his distant brother, just like I do every day. Some of the lyrics talk about how

there isnt any belief that hes actually gone, this is something that relates

to me on so many levels. Every morning I find myself still in awe that my

brother is no longer on this earth. This song relates to my battle with the loss

Ive had in my life. I enjoy the part of the lyrics that express about still living

your life after death, because I still attempt to do my best every day to do

things that people like my brother never got to do. like go to college, play

sports, and many more opportunities.

Much more than just a personal level, this song is also catchy and one

of the songs I always heard growing up. Friends and family always enjoyed

this type of music. I think most people relate to this song in a similar way to

why I relate to it. The lyrics and the different artists voices all bring in a

different sensation, to the song that make it something that is always a

pleasure to listen to. Whether your someone who has lost someone, or just a

fan of ninetys hip-hop, it is easy to appreciate this song, and feel the real

significance behind this touching and passionate song.

2012- young wild & free Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and Bruno mars

While this song is powerfully approached as a song with little meaning,

I see past the traditional concept of this song. This songs significance isnt

well-defined from the title. Being a college student it virtually seems like the

world is constantly observing you. At one point or another, everyone has felt

like they were not in control of their own life. This song is all about just

having fun and living young, and wild and free. Yes, it speaks of drugs, and

alcohol, but thats not the real message behind this song. Its much more

than a party song. It speaks to the idea of just having fun and living care

free. Too many people today want to grow up so fast, and push their

childhood away from their memory.

Too much structure and just conforming to what others say, is just not

fun at all, or what is best for humans. People get so caught up in drama, and

all the different things that come along in life. The lyrics are just about letting

loose and living life to the fullest. Be yourself, and do what makes you

ecstatic and dont let others impede you from doing what you want. This

song was something I first heard in high school, when I started to sense

some tension from growing up. You start to feel like walls are closing in, and

something as simple as a song like this seemed to bring harmony to my

mind. It made me comprehend that it is satisfactory, to have reckless fun

and not take everything in life so serious. Like everything, you have your

flashes where you need to be serious. But at the end of the day, dont be

afraid to revert to the things you loved most when you were young. Living

young, wild, and free.

2008- Free fallin John Mayer

I cant begin to explain how remarkable this song is. The way John

Mayer plays the guitar is just unfair. His skills are shown in this song in so

many ways. He has such a dynamic range with his voice, as well as his skills

on guitar. His voice in most songs are phenomenal, but in this one he just

shows how many different tones he can do well with. He can sing at high and

low tones, and his voice is perfect at all pitches. He plays this song in his own

way, and it makes me appreciate his way of interpreting music, and playing

it his own specific way. It shows his various talents as a musician. He has

taken the knowledge from prior artists and just kept their legacies going

through his music.

I always wanted to learn how to play guitar and this was the song that

pretty much made me realize where I wanted to be some day as far as

musical talents go. It showed me how difficult it was to play guitar at a

professional level. The riff in the beginning was simple to pick up, but this

song introduced me into the idea of practice makes perfect. I never got all

that great at guitar, but this song taught me that I need to work at things if I

want to get better and learn how to do them. I have taken this into other

aspects of life

The biggest reason I love this song, whether by John Mayer or Tom

Petty, is because the history of how I was introduced to it. The original song

was introduced to me when I was young by my father as one of his favorites.

It is a comfort song for me and makes me remember my family and where I

come from. When I heard the new version, I only fell in love with the song

even more. I have always loved John Mayer, and always enjoyed any song he

performed or created. This song was special though because the way I first

heard it with my father. It was different from the original and peaked my

interests in a way no other song ever had.

2000- in the end Linkin Park

At the end of the day, you dont always control the outcome of what

happens in life. You cant make people agree, or even recognize what you

feel is important. The lyrics speak to the idea of not letting yourself give too

much effort when you dont get anything in return. This song seems to speak

specifically about pointless relationships, but it can speak to so many other

aspects of life. People in the world seem to get caught up by what others

think and always looking for others to agree with what you want. Be your

own person and try your best to always do what matters to you.

From the first day, my father played this song with me and my brother,

I was hooked. From days spent listening to this song with friends, family, and

myself I always enjoyed this song. My parents introduced me and my brother

to this song the year it came out when were just young boys because of the

meaning behind the song. Years from now, will what you did today matter?

Because in the end, it sure seems like it doesnt. Theres no way to always be

in control of every outcome, and there never will be. You cant always get

what you want, and you shouldnt let others control your life either. As much

as you may try sometimes, you are not always in control of what is going on.

Whether its a situation with oneself, or others, you cannot control what

occurs. You can hold on and end up wasting time for no real reason. In life,

you get caught up with such insignificant people, and situations that dont


Will everything matter when push comes to shove? You can only

control so much, and put so much effort into things. When it comes down to

it, does it all matter in the end?