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Kaya Rodrigues

Mr. Jenkins Period 6

US History Conflict/Compromise Final
11 May 2015

On this day, fellow American citizens, we meet to discuss the rising conflict which is very
likely to undoubtedly lead to a war. A terrifying war, which has developed because this country
has grown tense and apart into conflict through compromise and economic and political
improvement and involvement. These ideas which I propose for a better off America, which I
have developed through reflection on our past as a nation, include prevention of the Missouri
Compromise, as well as prevention of secession of our dear southern sisters and brothers. We
have, though, made beneficial decisions in our past, one of which is achieving manifest destiny.
This being said, our country may still be mended. And, should this speechs words last
throughout history, future Americans, hear me now, for these mistakes will bring sorrows to all.
My first and foremost respectful reflection was on the Missouri Compromise. As I look
back, I see everything the single Compromise caused; far too many events to count. My
suggestion, with all due respect to our Northern and Southern Americans, is to completely avoid
and prevent this compromise. Now, before a protest should begin, lend me ear. This idea of the
Missouri Compromise being demolished is very likely to prevent many other compromises, all of
which claimed to be fair, but none of which had over ruling positivities over negativities. Also,
this may have banished slavery sooner. I know that by 5:30 PM this night I will have aroused
enough citizens by this idea to have a mob screaming and burning my home down. This is not
my intention. I pray you understand the struggle this action, slavery, brings unto our country.
Also, please understand and realize that the constitution opposes slavery. Amendment 13 says
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment of crime whereof the party
shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their
jurisdiction. Should you not interpret this, I shall for you. This statement means that slaves,
unless proven guilty of a serious offense, should not be involuntarily serving in this united
country. Had slavery been banished earlier, half of our country would not be committing a
federal offense still to this day.
Another situation that would have served our country best avoided is secession in the
South. Fairly recently, seven states have left our union, forming a confederacy to face us. The
point of this confederacy is for the southerners to fight their way into our country, because they
feel underpowered since Lincolns election. At this point in time, tensions were so high that
anything could snap the country within a matter of seconds. And it did. The South felt betrayed
and as though we, their brothers and sisters, were overpowering them. Southerners, citizens of
our very own country, believed that those men of the government were completely against them.
Although a few congressmen may have had that thought, it is true that the president, Mr.
Lincoln, had final say. He thought many things, including the wrongness of slavery, but he did
not put this at the forefront of issues. The forefront of issues was, by far, secession. Secession
was ready to tear our bonds, burn our bridges, and change our hearts in this country. President
Lincoln stated that we are friends, not enemies, in America, and stated that our country should
not be dissolved. I am not saying Lincoln is respected by all, but many citizens opposed
secession as well. Secession was widely opposed, but we carried on. And now where are we?
Destroying each other! Secession should have never come.
Now, I feel as though I have criticized enough, so I would like to shed light and lighten up
our situation by complementing the achievement of manifest destiny. Although everything has
lead up to this,now that we have achieved land from sea to shining sea, once this oncoming war
dies, we will have an abundant amount of room to mend and grow a healthy little country. A
diverse country, full of liberty, thriving. Manifest destiny is an absolute dream come true,
achieved so that we can live up to our standard of a delightful, bright land of the free. This
country is blessed beyond compare, for we have achieved our destiny.
Concluding my reflection, I stand, thoroughly watching a sweet, yet troublesome child. A
child who has, no doubt, made lethal mistakes, yet survived. A child who is still learning how to
successfully live life to the fullest. It has been given everlasting superstition (government), and
the tools to help it along the way (liberty, the constitution, and so forth). And this child, called
America, should one day grow and mend its broken heart. Again, should this speech last
through the years, I do pray that you fellow Americans may hear me through, so that I may
successfully inform you of the dangers of tensions and other issues, and so that you all may
rightly mend your relationships as a United Country, and may rightly guide our country to be the
place that citizens are proud to live in. Here, my friends, my family, concludes my reflection on
these outstanding past years. I wish that you may keep your peace and bond in the coming
years as well.
(Jonathan Maxwellington, Local Patriot.)