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Impact Pendulum Test Systems Brochure

Impact Pendulum Test Systems

Three Versatile Series - Quite an Impact!

Instron manufactures a complete line of

pendulum impact test instruments designed to

meet ASTM, ISO and other test standards.
These include Izod, Charpy and tensile impact
testing. Instruments can be set-up as a
standalone tester or outfitted with
instrumented data acquisition and reporting.

h The POE2000 is designed for testing

plastics, composites and ceramics in
accordance with ASTM and ISO standards.
It includes many unique features
that make it ideal for research
labs as well as quality control.
The machine is available with
energy ranges from 2 ft-lbs
(2.7 J) to 37 ft-lbs (50 J).
h The BLI is an economical unit
for testing plastics and similar materials.
It complies with ASTM standards and d POE2000 pendulum
impact test machine
provides energy ranges from 1 ft-lbs d The SI-1 series impact
(1.4 J) to 16 ft-lbs (21.7 J). testing machine

h The SI series is designed for metals testing d The BLI series impact
testing machine
in accordance with the ASTM E 23
standard. Five models provide energy
ranges from 25 ft-lbs (33.8 J) to
300 ft-lbs (406.7 J).

POE2000 Pendulum Impact Tester

The POE2000 instrument meets the growing Features
demand for accurate and repeatable impact
testing of plastics, composites and ceramics Pendulum Arm Bearing Shaft Assembly/ Base
for both Izod and Charpy in accordance with Rigid bifurcated, accurate arm geometry, Reduced friction bearing shaft assembly and
ASTM, ISO and other specifications. fabricated from aircraft quality aluminum solid vibration freebase meets both ISO and
alloy. Balance, alignment and center of ASTM specifications for machine tolerances
The unit is configurable as a standalone percussion are constantly maintained at and performance characteristics. The
machine providing digital encoder energy center of strike throughout each of the cantilevered bearing shaft assembly
values or as a fully instrumented machine seven energy ranges. Precision integration of incorporates precision shaft and metal
providing load-deflection-energy values. A the tup allows for easy installation and bearings, which assures reduced vibration and
complete system provides a rigid integrated removal. The design allows for recessed friction, increased rigidity and longer bearing
assembly offering maximum mechanical anvils and offers freedom from jamming of life. The vise base accepts interchangeable
performance. The result: true pendulum broken specimens. anvil pads that maintain center of percussion
impact test specimen energy and load at center of strike for 0.125, 0.250, 0.375 and
values for testing standard full, sub-size 0.500 thick specimens.
and custom samples.

POE2000 Pendulum Impact Tester

Control Console
The ergonomic control console includes a
LCD panel with tactile-feel keypad, and is
free-standing to allow the operator to
position it for ease-of-use. Console functions
include user-friendly prompt set-up, energy
and velocity at fracture, calculations of
statistical parameters, system verification,
calculations and languages (English or
Metric), to name a few.

A precision high-resolution digital encoder
for measuring impact energy and velocity is
incorporated into the shaft assembly.

Adjustable Angle
The potential angle of fall is adjustable
from any angle between 165 and 0, d POE2000 pendulum impact test machine

allowing testing with non-standard

intermediate potential energies and velocities. Installation Specifications Tups and Fixtures
A pendulum release plate acts as the latch and Requirements Sold Separately
mechanism, incorporating an adjustable
engraved angle dial. h Power: 110 V, 60 Hz and 220 V, 50 Hz h ASTM D 6110 Charpy (replaces
ASTM D 256 Charpy): Tup, fixture and pads
h Dimensions:
Protective Shield
- Height: 23 in (0.5842 m) h ISO-179 Charpy: Tup, fixture and pads
The protective shield protects the operator
- Width: 12 in (0.3048 m)
from flying test debris. h ASTM D 256 Izod: Tup and fixture
- Length: 16 in (0.4064 m)
h ISO 180 Izod: Tup and fixture
Base System h Weight: 150 lbs (68.04 Kg)
Standard Specifications h Instrumentation of model POE2000
Options h Instrumented tups for Charpy and Izod
h Pendulum: One-arm design, h Additional weights for model POE2000 h Dynatup Impulse data acquisition and

nominal* base capacity: 24 in-lbs pendulum impact test machine increase analysis system
(2 ft-lbs or 2.7 J) energy to:
*These are nominal values. The machine can
- 4 ft-lbs (5.42 J) h PC computer
be adjusted to meet exact ISO specifications. - 5.5 ft-lbs (6.8 J), 8 ft-lbs (10.8 J)
h Drop Height: Adjustable from 2.05 ft - 11 ft-lbs (14.9 J), 16 ft-lbs (21.6 J)
(0.62 m) or 165 to 0. - 18.4 ft-lbs (24.9 J) 36.9 ft-lbs (50 J).
h Tups and fixtures for use with model
Velocity POE2000. Use un-instrumented tups for
11.48 ft/s (3.5 m/s) at 2 ft elevation and stand-alone instrument.
adjustable depending on chosen angle
of fall.

BLI Pendulum Impact Series

The model BLI impact testing machine Charpy Testing

incorporates design features originally
developed by Bell laboratories. Equipped to The BLI is fitted to Charpy testing using
perform Izod tests at a 2.7 J (2 ft-lbs) capacity, optional Charpy pendulums, specimen
the BLI may also be equipped for Charpy or supports and anvils. Charpy pendulums of
tensile tests in capacities from 1.4 J to 21.7 J 1.3 J (1 ft-lbs), 2.7 J (2 ft-lbs), 5.4 J (4 ft-lbs),
(1 to 16 ft-lbs). Converting from one type of 10.8 J (8 ft-lbs) and 21.7 J (16 ft-lbs) are
test to another is simple. The various available. The Charpy anvils and specimen
pendulums are interchangeable and are holders are secured to the inside and front
secured to the horizontal bearing shaft by two faces of the vertical frame elements, and may
retaining collars that can be moved outward be left in place when the machine is used for
to release the pendulum. Izod testing. Changeover from Izod to Charpy
is simple and requires no special skills.
The frame of the machine is a casting that
rests on three adjustable feet and provides Specimen-In-Hand
three tapped holes for hold down bolts. The Tensile Impact Testing
standard indicating dial is graduated for a
capacity of 2.7 J (2 ft-lbs) in increments of The BLI can be adapted to tensile impact
0.015 J (0.01 ft-lbs). Optional dials, testing with the addition of optional tension
graduated in metric or SI units, are also impact pendulums and anvils. In operation,
available. The speed of the pendulum's the specimen is positioned in the striking head
striking head at the instant of impact is of the pendulum. The specimen is clamped at
d BLI series impact tester 11 ft/sec for all pendulums and capacities. one end to the forward vise and at the other
end to a detachable crosshead. When the
The BLI impact testing machine conforms to pendulum is released, the specimen is broken
the specifications of ASTM D 256 for Izod, by the force exerted from the crosshead
ASTM D 6110 for Charpy and ASTM D 1822 meeting the contact legs of the anvil. The
for tensile impact tests as well as to Federal energy required to fracture the specimen is
specifications L-P-406B for impact testing. read from the dial.

Izod Testing Contoured specimens 63.5 mm (2.5 in) long

by 9.525 mm (0.37 in) wide and up to
The BLI is set up for standard Izod specimen 3.175 mm (0.125 in) thick can be tested. As
testing. The machine features a 2.7 J with the Izod pendulum, the 2.7 J (2 ft-lbs)
(2 ft-lbs) Izod pendulum that can be capacity of the tensile impact pendulum can
increased to 5.4 J (4 ft-lbs), 10.8 J (8 ft-lbs) be increased to 5.4 J (4 ft-lbs), 10.8 J (8 ft-lbs)
and 21.7 J (16 ft-lbs) by adding optional or 21.7 J (16 ft-lbs) by adding weight sets for
calibrated weight sets for each capacity. A each capacity. For testing at 1.3 J (1 ft-lbs)
separate pendulum is available for testing at capacity, a separate pendulum is used.
1.3 J (1 ft-lbs) capacity.
Also Supported

h Model DI-300 digital impact display

h Impulse data acquisition and

analysis system
With Arm Raised 843 mm (33.1875 in)
With Arm Lowered 732 mm (28.1875)
Machine Width 305 mm (12 in)
4 Machine Depth 511 mm (20.125 in)
d Side view of the BLI impact tester
System Weight with 21lb arm 132 lbs (60 kg)
SI-1 Pendulum Impact Tester

The SI-1 series is engineered for The pendulum can be latched in two separate Also Supported
maximum accuracy, simplicity of design, locations known as high latch and low
ease-of-operation and safety. Designed to latch. Since the developed energy is a h Model DI-300 digital impact display
conform to the requirements of ASTM E 23, function of the height from which the h Impulse data acquisition and

the SI-1 series performs standard notched bar pendulum is released, each hammer has dual analysis system
impact tests and may be equipped with capacities, one from the high latch and
options for tension impact testing. Two another from the low latch. The variable
models (the SI-1C3 and SI-1K3) also support items in the SI-1 series are:
verification with N.I.S.T. (formerly Watertown) h The weight of the pendulum
reference specimens standards.
h The striker type
The basic model consists of a heavy steel h The indicating dial, and the
base on which the specimen holder (vise) specimen holders
and a heavy duty cast upright are mounted. The various combinations of these items on
On top of the upright, a head assembly the basic machine result in five models, as
contains a shaft supported by precision ball described on the next page.
bearings to which the pendulum is attached.
A single lever located on top of the head
assembly performs three functions-brake,
release and latch.

d Control lever d Izod specimen vise

(latch, release, brake)

d Charpy striker d Charpy specimen vice

d Izod striker

d The SI-1 impact tester

Five SI-1 Models to Meet Your Needs

Model SI-1A Model SI-1D3 Model SI-1K3

h Includes all necessary anvils, strikers and h Equipped to perform Charpy and Izod h Equipped to perform Charpy impact tests
specimen holders to perform Charpy and impact tests
h Supports N.I.S.T. (formerly Watertown)
Izod impact tests Features two interchangeable pendulums:
h reference specimen standards
h Designed for metric dial readings - Light pendulum and weights provide
h Equipped with a heavy hammer
capacities similar to those of the
h Equipped with a light hammer
model SI-1B h Capacity:
h Capacity: - Heavy pendulum provides capacities - 169.5 J (125 ft-lbs) from the low
- 33.9 J (25 ft-lbs) when pendulum of the SI-1C3 latch position
is released from low latch position
h Using both pendulums and bolt-on - 406.7 J (300 ft-lbs) from the high
- 81.3 J (60 ft-lbs) when released weights in various combinations, the latch position
from the high latch position model SI-1D3 provides six capacities: h Indicating dial increments: 2 J (1 ft-lb)
h Indicating Dial Increments: 0.25 J - 33.9 J (25 ft-lbs) for both capacities
(0.18 ft-lbs) for both capacities - 67.8 J (50 ft-lbs)
- 81.34 J (60 ft-lbs)
- 162.7 J (120 ft-lbs)
Model SI-1B - 169.4 J (125 ft-lbs)
- 406.75 J (300 ft-lbs)
h Includes all features of the SI-1A, with
bolt-on weights to increase capacity h Indicating dial increments:
- 0.34 J (0.25 ft-lbs) for the 33.9 J
h Capacity: (25 ft-lbs) and 81.34 J
- 67.8 J (50 ft-lbs) from the low (60 ft-lbs) capacities
latch position
- 0.68 J (0.5 ft-lbs) for the 67.8 J
- 162.7 J (120 ft-lbs) from the high (50 ft-lbs) and 162.7 J
latch position (120 ft-lbs) capacities
h Indicating dial designed for US units - 1.36 J (1 ft-lb) for the 169.48 J
h Indicating dial increments: (125 ft-lbs) and 406.75 J
- 0.68 J (0.5 ft-lbs) for capacities of (300 ft-lbs) capacities.
67.8 J (50 ft-lbs)
- 162.7 J (120 ft-lbs) for capacities of SI-1 Specifications
33.9 J (25 ft-lbs) and 81.34 J WEIGHT AT STRIKER
(60 ft-lbs). Light Pendulum 6.03 kg (13.3 lbs)
Light Pendulum with Weight Attached 12.07 kg (26.6 lbs)
Model SI-1C3 Heavy Pendulum 30.24 kg (66.66 lbs)
Length of Pendulum 800 mm (31.5 in)
h Equipped to perform both Charpy Floor Space Requirements 610 mm x 1867 mm (24 in x 73.5 in)
and Izod tests Net Weight 510 kg (1125 lbs)
Overall Height Requirements 1727 mm (68 in)
h Supports N.I.S.T. (formerly Watertown)
reference specimen standards HEIGHT OF DROP
Low Latch 573 mm (1.88 ft)
h Equipped with a heavy hammer High Latch 1375 mm (4.51 ft)
h Capacity:
-169.5 J (125 ft-lbs) from the low
Low Latch 3.35 m/s (11 ft/s)
latch position
High Latch 5.18 m/s (17 ft/s)
- 406.7 J (300 ft-lbs) from the high Charpy Span 40 mm (1.58 in)
latch position Shipping Dimensions 914 mm x 914 mm x 152 mm
6 (36 in x 36 in x 60 in)
h Indicating dial increments: 1.36 J
Shipping Weight 590 kg (1300 lbs)
(1 ft-lbs) for both capacities
Top Technology for Digital Instrumentation

The SATEC model DI-300 digital impact


display and results management system

provides solutions to problems such as
windage and friction typically associated with
impact testing. At the same time, the DI-300
helps speed and simplify test procedures and
report generation. The display can be used
with any BLI or SI impact test system (The
POE2000 includes a built-in display).

The DI-300 display provides a resolution of

0.1 J, 0.01 m-kg (0.1 ft-lb) and an accuracy of
0.1 J (0.1 ft-lb). It is designed to meet or d SATEC digital display model DI-300
exceed the accuracy and test methods set forth
in ASTM E 23.
Automatic Results Storage
Easy Set-Up and Report Generation

Push buttons guide you through five display Results are automatically stored for up to
modes that prompt for setup information. 99 tests in battery-backed memory. Results
Choose from a selection of programmed can be printed in a standard report following
hammer weights, including model and serial each test or after a series of tests, or
number for identification of each. transmitted in an ASCII-delimited format
to a PC. Each test is numbered by an
Precise, Accurate Test Data auto-incrementing test counter from 0000
to 9999.
Built-in electronics compensate for factors
such as friction resistance and windage of Quick and Easy Interface
the pendulum. Eleven swings windage to PC or Printer
and 100 swing time friction tests per ASTM
requirements. An optical encoder provides Print up to 99 tests at one time in a standard
high repeatability. report with a customizable header, or transmit
results through an RS232 interface to output a
Trilingual Display computer generated report of test results.

Results can be displayed in Metric (m-kg),

SI (Joule) and US Customary (ft-lbs) units.

Type 2 line x 20 character fluorescent display
Resolution 0.1 J, 0.01 m-kg (0.1 ft-lbs)
Accuracy 0.1 J maximum at 0 J, up to 0.0007 J at full-scale readings
(0.1 ft-lbs max at 0 ft-lbs, up to 0.0005 ft-lbs)
Repeatability 0.1 at 0.01 J (0.1 at 0.01 ft-lbs)
Power Requirements 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 247.7 mm (9.75 in) x 127 mm (5 in) x 317.5 mm (12.5 in)

Impulse Data Acquisition and Analysis System

Adding an Impluse system enhances your Electronics Instron - For Any Impact

pendulum testing with a state-of-the-art Test Requirement

PC-based data acquisition and analysis The system also includes the powerful
system. The system includes fully integrated Impulse signal conditioning unit (ISCU). In addition to pendulum impact testers,
electronics, hardware, and the Impluse The ISCU includes signal amplification, Instron offers a complete line of drop-weight
software package, giving you the flexibility to electronic shielding, and direct transducer test instruments and accessories for thin film,
address your testing requirements. You can conditioning, improving system performance plastics, drop-weight tear tests, components
then easily define, store, and recall parameters and reliability. Specifically, the ISCU provides etc. Contact your Instron representative for
such as fixture set-up, test terminology, unit increased resolution and sensitivity, which further information.
choices and calculations. yields more accurate data, and prevents
high voltage surges to protect the operator
Software and test equipment.

Impulse data acquisition and analysis software

increases your productivity in creating test
and measurement solutions through data
acquisition, data analysis and data
visualization. The integrated online help and
reference manual makes learning the software
intuitive and fast. The data explorer allows
full flexibility over the analysis of your data so
that test plots, results calculations and
reporting are simple tasks.

d The Impulse data acquisition and analysis system

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