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Flash Gas Compressor Package

Technical Bids

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Chapter I General Information

Chapter II Compressor
Chapter III Drive Engine
Chapter IV Piping System and foundation
Chapter V Controlling System
Chapter VI Codes and Standards
Chapter VII Testing and Inspection
Chapter VIII Guarantee and Service in site
Chapter IX Painting, Packing and Shipping
Chapter X Construction and Installment
Chapter XI Training
Chapter XII Outstanding Achievement
Chapter XIII Scope of Supply

Annex 1 Special Tool List for ZWF1250T-ES604/2 Gas Compressor Unit

Annex 2 Spare Parts Lists for Start-Up of ZWF1250T-ES604/2 Gas Compressor Unit
Annex 3 Spare Parts List in two years for ZWF1250T-ES604/2 Gas Compressor Unit
Annex 4 Performance files on ZWF1250 ES604/2 Gas Compressor Unit
Chapter I General Information

1. Design basis

The technical proposal is prepared in accordance with Scope of Work for Flash Gas
Compressors Package (UPD-WP-P2-ME-SW-0003) and Specification for Flash Gas
Compressor Package (UPD-WP-P2-ME-0006).

2. Environment Condition
2.1 Purpose: Boosting
2.2 Compression media: Natural gas
2.3 Condition
2.3.1 Ambiance Temperature: 40 C
2.3.2 Moisture: MIN 56%; MEAN 87%; MAX 93%;
2.4 Condition of Public system
2.4.1 Instrument air pressure MIN 0.45MPa, MEAN 0.8MPa, MAX 1.2MPa
2.4.2 Power supply
<132KW 400V AC 3 PHASE neutral solidly earthed.3/4 wire,50Hz.
2.4.3 Startup gas and fuel gas: Temperature 64.8 C Pressure 2.34MPaG
Refer to Table 1-1 for composition of startup gas and fuel gas:

Table 1-1

Constituent Constituent (mol %)

H2S 0.0001
CO2 2.943
N2 1.933
C1 89.262
C2 5.776
C3 0.085
i-C4 0.001
n-C4 0.000
i-C5 0.000
n-C5 0.000
n-C6 0.000
n-C7 0.000
n-C8 0.000
n-C9 0.000
n-C10 0.000
C11+ 0.000
H2O 0.000
TOTAL 100.00
3. Technological condition and requirement

3.1 Refer to Table 1-2 for the composition of natural gas (volume percent).

Table 1- 2
Constituent Constitution (mol %) Constitution (mol %)
First Stage Second Stage Constituent First Stage Second Stage
CH4 5.223 61.324 nC5H12 5.457 0.535
C2H6 5.055 9.551 C6H14 2.534 0.325
C3H8 25.771 13.480 H2S 0.094 0.107
iC4H10 17.340 4.004 N2 0.029 0.953
nC4H10 21.366 3.921 CO2 1.327 4.28
iC5H12 9.591 0.940 H2O 6.213 0.580

3.2 Refer to Table 1-3 for design parameters.

Table 1- 3
Item Pressure of Intake air Pressure of air Temperature of Air flow rate of
MPaG Exhaust intake air single set
Category MPaG C 104Nm3/d

First Stage 0.34 1.28 67.6 19.0

Second Stage 1.17 4.85 34 23.0

3.3 Technical requirements

Reciprocating compressor unit shall be provided that is skid-mounted and driven by natural gas
engine. The unit is a standard product with the latest and mature technology. It has been proved
through operation on site to be safe, reliable and configuration-reasonable. The unit can be
operated continuously 8000 hours with overhaul interval of 4000 hours and lowest operation life
of 20 years.

4 Confirmation for site condition

4.1 In the compressed gas, the content of H2S is 0.094% at 1st stage and is 0.107% at 2nd stage.
According to Clause 15.3 in API11P 1989 standard, when the H2S content is no higher than 2%,
the factory standard materials should be utilized to the compressor and auxiliaries

4.2 In the compressed gas, the content of CO2 is 1.327% at 1st stage and 4.28% at 2nd stage.
According to Clause 15.4.2 in API11P 1989 standard, when the inlet pressure is not exceed
400PSIG(2.758MPaG), and the content of CO2 in moist gas is not exceed 50%, compressor and
auxiliary will adopt factory standard materials.
4.3 The gas compressor unit provided in the proposal completely complies with the environmental
condition on site in Article 2. The unit can compress the natural gas in Article 3.1, meet the
precossing requirement in Article 3.

5 Characteristics of process gas

Refer to Table 1-4 for characteristics of process gas.
Table 1-4

Description 1st stage 2nd stage

Critical Temperature K 409.6 255.8
Critical Pressure MPaA 5.0935 4.7046
Dry weight (molal) 50.98 26.89
Ratio of specific heat 1.097 1.187

6 General Information

6.1 Introduction to proposal

6.1.1 Natural gas compressor unit of ZWF1250T-ES604/2 packaged by Zhanwang Inc. is introduced
ES604 compressor manufactured by GE in U.S.A, as the main body and L7044GSI gas engine
manufactured by WAUKESHA Company of the US as the driver is recommended, which meets
the meet the precossing requirement in Article 3 .
The unit is integrally skid-mounted. The compressor is driven by natural gas engine through
elastic coupling. It is a reciprocating piston compressor with symmetric balanced type, 4 strokes,
4 cylinders, and 2-stage compression. Air cooler is driven by electric motor. The unit is mainly
composed of compressor, gas engine, inlet and discharge scrubbers, surge tank, air cooler,
control and protection system and foundation, etc.

6.1.2 As shown in the Chart of Process Gas, the natural gas is fed in via the skid-side intake. After
separated and filtered through scrubber, it is compressed in the 1st stage cylinder. And then, after
inter-cooled, separated and filtered, it is compressed in the 2nd stage cylinder. Finally, it is
purified in the scrubber for air exhaust via back cooler and then is discharged from the skid-side
gas vent for the use.

6.1.3 Refer to Table 1-5 for main parameters of the unit.

Table 1-5

Unit Model ZWF1250T-ES604/2

Intake Pressure at 1st Stage MPaG 0.34
Intake Temperature at 1st stage C 67
Exhaust Pressure at 1st stage MPaG 1.205
Capacity at 1st stage 104Nm3/d 19.09
Intake Pressure at 2nd stage MPaG 1.17
Intake Temperature at 2nd stage C 34
Exhaust Pressure at 2nd stage MPaG 4.85
Capacity at 2nd stage 104Nm3/d 23.01
Discharge Temperature C 50
Compressor Model ES604
Compressor Stroke mm 152.4
Cylinder number of compressor 1st stage/2nd stage 2/2
Stage number of compressor 2
Diameter of compressor cylinder 1st stage/2nd stage mm 342.9/241.3
Range of compressor speed r/min 700 1200
Max. power of compressor KW 3580.8
Max. design power of compressor KW 970
Engine Model L7044GSI
Range of Engine Speed r/min 700 1200
Max. power engine KW 1253

6.2 Summary of performance calculation

Refer to Table 1-6 for Summary of Performance Calculation of Compressor.
Table 1-6

Inlet Exhaust Inlet Temp DSCHG Added Max. Rod Load Speed Capacity Unit Load
Pressure pressure Temp Clearan r/min 104Nm3/d Power Rate
KW %
1st 2nd Stretch Compress

7 General description of structure

7.1 The main unit adopts GEMINI ES604 gas compressor manufactured by American GE of 4 stroke
and 4 cylinders with double acting cylinders.
7.2 Driver adopts P9390GSI natural gas engine manufactured by Waukesha Engine in US with four
strokes, which is V-form 16-cylinder engine with turbocharging, intercooling and is connected with
compressor through elastic coupling.
7.3 The air cooler is used for cooling process air, cooling water of motor cylinder, auxiliary water of
motor, lube oil cooling water of compressor and cooling water of compressor cylinder. It is
composed of horizontal fin pipe bundle. The fan of cooler is driven by two-speed motor.
7.4 Cylinders with available clearance pocket
7.5 Scrubber for air admission and exhaust, buffer tank for air admission and exhaust, safety valve
for air admission and exhaust, cut-off valve at the inlet, automatic bypass valve, check valve at
the outlet, automatic cut-off valve at the outlet, emptying valve, etc. are provided for the process
gas system, for safety transportation of compression media, startup, shutdown, loading,
unloading, load-free and loaded operation of the unit, which has a function of automatic control.
7.6 Lube oil complementing oil tank are provided for compressor and motor individually, which can
realize automatic complement of lube oil.
7.7 Noise elimination processing is made for exhaust pipe of motor.

7.8 Imported products are adopted in critical control instrument of the control system. Centered by
PLC, primary instrument, transfer, etc. are provided to control, monitor and shutdown the unit.
Corresponding communication interface is provided, which can transfer the date. The control
level of the unit is relatively high and its protection is perfect.
7.9 Two pry bases are provided for the unit, including compressor installed on the main pry base,
motor, pipe equipment, control panel, etc. Cooler is installed on another pry base. Complete
equipment is installed on the lower base. If only process gas, fuel gas, startup gas, etc. pipelines
are connected on site, complete equipment shall be put into service. The unit is has small size,
low weight, compact structure and easy maintenance.
7.10 For all intake air and air exhaust of process gas, intake air and vent of fuel gas and startup gas,
compressor, motor, all scrubbers, blowdown or vent of safety valves, pipes are arranged to the
pry side. Pipes outside the pry shall be provided by the user.

8 Oil, electricity and gas consumption of the unit

Refer to Table 1-7 for oil, electricity and gas consumption of the unit.
Table 1-7
Volume of lube oil in the unit L 160
Oil Replacement Interval H 2000
Lube Oil of
Consumption of lube oil in cylinder and packing L/d 7
compressor Yearly consumption of lube oil (not including replacement of L 2450
oil, to be calculated as per 350 days)
Volume of lube oil (including oil tank, oil cooler, oil filter) L 340
Oil replacement interval H 1500 2100
Lube oil, of
Max. daily consumption of lube oil (not including replacementL 8.5
engine, gasof oil)
and startup gas Max. Yearly consumption of lube oil (not includingL 2975
replacement of oil, to calculated as per 350 days)
Max. consumption of fuel gas Nm3/h 291
Consumption of natural gas in pre-lubrication and startup Nm3/h 4.4
(pressure: 1.0 MPaG)
Coolant One filling volume : 1200 L, closed circulation, slight consumption
Control system 220VAC KW 1.0
Motor for pre-lube pump in compressor 380VAC KW 0.75
Motor of cooler 380VAC KW 50
Others (including electric tracing) 220VAC KW 1.0

9 Recommendation for lube oil

Compressor frame: Shell NGC Fluid00l compressor lube oil (SAE40);
Compressor cylinders: Shell Valvata oil J460 compound cylinder oil;
Engine: Shell NGC Fluid00l compressor lube oil (SAE40);
Coolant for compressor and engine: Shell GUARD FREEZN coolant for industrial use.
10 Physical dimension and weight of the unit
Refer to Table 1-8 for physical dimension and weight.
Table 1-8
Model of the unit ZWF1250T-ES604/2
Dimension on the unit (L x W x H) M15 x 4 x 4.465 x 3.30
Total Weight of the unit Kg51,000
Physical dimension of the compressor (L x W x H) M2.4 x 4.559 x 1.1
Weight of compressor 15,000
Weight of largest inspection part (cylinder) of comp. Kg1400
Physical dimension of motor (length x width x height) M3.626 x 2.117 x 2.381
Weight of motor kg13040

11 Description of proposal
11.1 Field adaptability of the unit
In the proposal, it is noticed that in the compressed gas, the institution is heavy and .
In order to enable a good adaptability and reliable working of the unit to the
technologic condition on site and achieve a long service life of consumable part,
appropriately low operating speed shall be adopted. From Table 1-6, it can be seen
that the operating speed is 950r/min under the working condition of designed air
flow rate. Relatively low operating speed can bring a relatively long service life of
consumable parts, such as valve, when the compressor is compressing heavyconstitution
natural gas.
11.2 Capacity
The capactiy can satisfy the requirement of processing gas in the Article 3.
11.3 Temperature of air exhaust
The highest temperature of air exhaust among all status points is 108 (before
cooled), complying with ISO13631 regulation that temperature of air exhaust shall
not exceed 135 . The temperature of air after cooled in the cooler shall be lower
than 54 .
11.4 Rod load
The maximum extension rod load under all working conditions is 158561kg, being
73.5% of rated load (21562kg). The maximum compression rod is 17486kg, being
77.0% of rated load (22696kg). The unit can be operated safely and reliably.
11.5 Counter angles
Counter angles comply with the regulations in API618 standard, which guarantee
the favorable lubrication condition of the main bearing bush, connecting rod bush,
and crosshead bush, etc..
11.6 Pressure pulsation and vibration of gas stream
11.6.1 GEMINI software kit is introduced in calculation and analysis to determine the buffer volume and
enable the unevenness of gas stream pressure being lower than 3%, complying with pulsation
peak value of gas stream at flange of compressor cylinder shall be limited in 7% of average
absolute pressure of pipeline, so as to control the pressure pulsation of gas stream effectively.
11.6.2 It shall be designed as per the Design Method 2 in Clause 3.9.2 in API618 standard. Acoustic
among compressor, inhibiting device and pipeline shall be evaluated with acoustic simulation
technology to determine the pulsation inhibition device and submit pulsation analyze report.
11.6.3 The compressor is of symmetric balanced type structure. Reciprocate inertial force can be
completely balanced. It has good balance, small vibration and stable operation.
12 Conclusion
The Proposal adapts to the field environmental condition in Article 2, satisfies the
technological condition and requirement in Article 3, complies with regulations of
API618 and ISO13631 standards with the speed,exhaust temperature and rod load
etc. being in appropriate range. It guarantees long and continuous operation,
favorable performance, safe and reliable operation of the unit and long service life
of wearing part under the conditions in Article 2 and 3.
Chapter 2 Compressor
1 Manufacturer: GE (General Electric) in USA.
2 Main technical parameters
Refer to Table 2-1 for main technical parameters.
Table 2-1
Model ES604
Orientation Facing to the back end (main oil pump), and
rotating in anticlockwise direction
Speed r/min 700 1200
Designed Speed r/min 950
Maximum shaft power KW 3580
Designed maximum shaft power kW 970
Allowable max.average speed of piston
m/s 6.096
Designed average speed of piston m/s 40826
Rated lever load (tension/compression) kg 21562/22696
Designed maximum rod load
(tension/compression) kg 15856/17486
Stroke mm 152.4
Stroke number 4
Diameter of piston mm 57.15
Diameter of main bearing location of
crankshaft mm 165.1
Diameter of connecting rod neck of crankshaft
mm 165.1
Diameter of cross head pin mm 88.9
Stage number of compression 2
Cooling method of cylinder Water cooling
Physical dimension (length width height) 2.54 4.559 1.10
Weight kg 15000
3 Unbalanced force and moment of compressor
When the rotary speed of compressor is 1200r/min, unbalanced force and moment
are shown in Table 2-2.
Table 2-2
Max. First order force
Max. First Order
Moment N m
Max. Second order
force N
Max. Second Order
Moment N m
Lateral Vertical Lateral Vertical Lateral Vertical Lateral Vertical
0 0 63457.0 14033.4 0 0 0 0
When the rotary speed of compressor is n, its unbalanced force and moment are the
sample value in Table 2-2 multiplying coefficient (n/1200)2.
4 Brief introduction to main parts of compressor
4.1 Frame
Grey cast iron heavy body with sufficient strength and rigidity.
4.2 Crankshaft
Integrated alloyed steel forged crankshaft has very high fatigue strength, abrasion
resistance and shock-resistant toughness.
4.3 Connecting rod
Wrought steel connecting rod with H form rod section has a very high fatigue
4.4 Cross head
Quality carbon constructional steel cross heat with regulating spacer between the
cross head body and cross head tile. Alloy steel cross head pin.
Balancing weight is installed at the end of piston rod of the cross head. Matched
balancing weight can control the reciprocal quality difference between the relative
two columns.
4.5 Cylinder
Water-cooling cylinders, good perferance at cooling and corrosion resistence.
Table 2-3
Parameters of unit Stage- Stage-
Diameter of cylinder mm 342.9 241.3
Maximum allowable operating pressure of
cylinder MPaG 5.517 10.345
Action mode of cylinder Double acting Double acting
Available clearance pocket Applied Applied
Material of cylinder Alloy cast iron Alloy cast iron
Cooling method of cylinder Water cooling Water cooling
Packing Number for single cylinder (team) 1 1
Number of piston ring for single cylinder 4 4
Parameters of unit Stage- Stage-
Structure type of air valve Reticulated valve Reticulated valve
Number of inlet/exhaust valve for single
cylinder 4/4 4/4
4.6 Piston and Piston Rod
Hard anodized aluminum alloy or cast iron pistons. Carbon filled teflon piston rings standard.
4140 steel piston rods with rotted threads.
4.7 Valves
Steel valve seats and guards PEEK or MT valve plates are standard.
5 Supporting equipment of compressor
5.1 Coupling
Disc type elastic coupling manufactured by REXNORD and TB-WOODS of U.S.
are adopted.
5.2 Coupling enclosure
Sparkless aluminum enclosure
5.3 Lubrication system of compressor
There are two independent lubrication systems: body lubrication system and
cylinder lubrication system. Both piping and pipe metirals of lubrication system
adopt stainless steel.
5.3.1 Body lubrication system
Electric neck/rear lube oil pump and indicator for resistance of lube oil in oil filter
are provided. Oil level controller with indicator for oil level of crankcase is
provided. Supplementary oil tank and low oil pressure shutdown protection device
are provided.
Lube oil channel: Oil tank of frame main oil pump/electric prelube oil pump
oil cooler oil filter main oil way of frame.
Oil replacement interval for the crankcase: 2000h or period recommended by
lube oil supplier.
5.3.2 Lubrication system of cylinder
Manual oil injection device, shutdown protection device for cylinder and packing
and low oil level shutdown protection device are arranged. Supplementary oil tank
supplements oil automatically. Volume of supplementary oil tank is 100L.
Lube oil route: Oil tank of oil injector oil injector no-flow switch
distributor one way valve each lubrication point of cylinder and packing.
5.4 Cooling system of compressor
Cooling system of compressor is supplied by auxiliary water pump of motor.
Cooling water pipe is of carbon steel. Level meter and pressure cap are arranged for
expansion water tank of cooling water.
Chapter 3 Engine
1 Manufacturer: Waukesha Engine in U.S.
2 Main technical parameters
Refer to Table 3-1 for main technical parameters.
Table 3-1
Model L7044GSI
Mode V-Type, 4 strokes
Mode of inspiration Turbocharging, inter-cooling
Cylinder number 12
Cylinder diameter stroke mm 238216
Discharge capacity 115.4
Average speed of piston @1200 r/min m/s L 8.64
Compression ratio 8:1
Range of speed rpm 700 1200
Idle speed rpm 450
Rated Power KW 1253
Pressure of fuel gas MPaG 0.165-0.345
Pressure of Start-up Gas 0.827
Physical dimension of the unit (L W H) 3.6262.1172.381
Weight kg 10320
3 Rated power at different speed
Refer to table 3-2 for rated power.
Table 3-2
Speed r/min 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200
Continuous power kW 731 836 940 1044 1149 1253
4 Standard equipment of engine
Standard equipment allocation of engine manufacturer shall be followed.
5 Supporting equipment of engine
5.1 Intake system
Two-level heavy air filter with rain shelter and air resistance indicator are provided.
5.2 Fuel system
High-precision filter, pressure regulating valve, fuel electromagnetic valve and
safety valve are provided.
5.3 Startup system
It is started by starter motor with oil sprayer. Air pressure or natural gas pressure
for the start motor is 0.827MpaG. Refer to the Flow Chart of Startup System.
5.4 Air exhaust system
Dedicated environmental low-frequency silencer and outdoor rainproof cap are
provided. Air exhaust pipe is connected to the outside of plant. Indoor part of silencer
and air exhaust pipe are heat insulated.
5.5 Lubrication system
Lubrication system is mainly composed of main oil pump, pneumatic pre/after
lubrication oil pump, oil cooler, full-flow oil filter, pressure-regulating valve, safety
valve, supplementary oil system, etc. Both piping and pipeing materials of lubrication
system adopt stainless steel.
Supplementary oil tank is provided with a level indicator. Level controller
supplements oil to the crankcase sump automatically.
5.6 Cooling system
5.6.1 There are two independent cooling systems, cooling cylinder, cylinder cover and air
exhaust manifold of jacket water cooling system, inter-cooler and oil cooler of
auxiliary water cooling system, as well as oil cooler and compressor cylinder of
cooling compressor. Refer to Process Chart of Cooling System.
5.6.2 Jacket water pump and auxiliary water pump are driven by crankshaft of motor via
belt pulley.
5.6.3 Capacity of jacket water is 379L. Thermo valve controls the temperature of cooling
water. The temperature of jacket water at the inlet is 74 77
5.6.4 Capacity of auxiliary water is 42L. The temperature of auxiliary water at the inlet
54 .
5.6.5 High temperature shutdown protection device is arranged at the outlet of jacket water
and cooling water of inter-cooler.
6 Requirement for fuel gas
6.1 Power requirement
6.1.1 The temperature of inter-cooling water at the inlet of L7044GSI natural gas engine is
54 . When the temperature of jacket water at the outlet is 82 , the relationships
among WKI value, power and ignition time are shown in Fig. 3-1.
WKI Value
Figure 3-1 Curve of WKI Value, Power and Ignition Time
6.1.2 Refer to the following Waukesha Gaseous Fuel Calculations for WKI value of fuel
gas in clause 2.5.3 in the Chapter One.
Average effective brake pressure
Continuous loading
Ignition time
lead angle of ignition
WKI value calculations for UJUNG PANGKAH
6.1.3 From Fig. 3-1, it can be seen that when the WKI value of fuel gas is larger than 58,
L7044GSI natural gas engine can running with full loading or over loading
6.2 Requirement for content of fuel gas
6.2.1 When the volume percent of sulfide (hydrogen sulfide, etc.) in fuel gas exceeds 0.1%,
fuel gas shall be processed.
6.2.2 Under the participated coolest temperature, it the liquid carbon hydrogen compound is
converted into volume of air, its volume percent shall not exceed 2%.
6.2.3 The volume percent of free hydrogen shall not exceed 12%.
7 Discharge amount of exhaust gas
7.1 The temperature of inter-cooling water at the inlet of L7044GSI natural gas engine is
54 . When the temperature of jacket water at the outlet is 82 , the discharge
amount of exhaust gas is shown in Fig. 3-3.
Table 3-3
23.0 2.0 0.2
7.2 Ignition module and detonation control module of L7044GSI engine monitor the
operating process of each cylinder and modifies ignition timing automatically to
adjust the fuel gas consumption amount and exhaust gas discharge amount of the unit.
7.3 By regulating the air burning mixing ratio of fuel gas according to different fuel gas
constitution and working conditions, controlling module enables the engine to achieve
optimal discharge.
8 Curve of consumption rate of fuel gas
Refer to Fig. 3-2 for power and consumption rate of fuel gas under different rotary
Fig. 3-2 Curve for Power and Consumption Rate of Motor
9 Correction of power
9.1 For every 5.5 increase in ambient temperature above 38 ,progressive decrease in
power is 1%.
9.2 For every 305m increase in see level elevation above 1828m,progressive decrease in
power is 2 .
9.3 When L7044GSI natural gas engine is operating under the ambient condition
specified in point 2 of Chapter 1, its power shall decrease 1% in the maximum
Fuel consumption rate
ambient temperature.
Chapter 4 Piping equipment and foundation
1 Overview
Design of pipeline, piping equipment and foundation is completely in conformity
with API618, ISO13631, and specification for GEMINI compressor matching, etc.
2 Process gas pipeline
2.1 General
2.1.1 Process gas pipeline consists of intake air pipeline and exhaust pipeline of compressor,
by-pass pipeline, blow-down pipeline and drain pipeline, which is used to realize the
safe delivery of compressed gas, starting of the unit, shutdown, loading, unloading,
no-load operation and load operation.
2.1.2 Safety valve for intake air is arranged on intake air main, while that for air exhaust is set on
exhaust pipeline. Outlets of all safety valves are connected to emptying main, for protecting the
safety of the unit.
2.1.3 At the inlet of the unit, automatic dump valves are assembled, and on by-pass pipeline,
by-pass autovalve is arranged, which is with automatic control function.
2.1.4 Check valve is equipped on outlet pipeline of the unit, which can prevent the
downstream high-pressure gas backflows into process gas system of compressor.
2.1.5 As for air exhaust of the unit, emptying valve is arranged, while for intake air system,
emptying can be realized by the manual drain valve of scrubber.
2.2 See Table 4-1 for technical parameters.
Table 4-1
Stage-1 Exhaust
Stage-2 Inlet
Stage-2 Exhaust
Nominal Diameter mm 300 200 200 100
Designed pressure MPaG 1.0 2.5 2.5 6.3
Designed temperature 93 177 93 177
Designed flow speed m/s 8.6 7.0 7.3 8.9
2.3 Process flow
As in process chart of process gas system, natural gas enters from the gas intake
beside skid into the system, after being separated and filtrated in stage-1 scrubber for
intake gas, flows into grade-1 compressor cylinder, where it is compressed, then after
being cooled, it is compressed in stage-2 cylinder and finally is discharged from the
gas vent of cooler.
2.4 Technology Specification
2.4.1 By-pass pipeline is used for starting of the unit and for loading and unloading when
machine stops. In the process of starting or shutdown, for the by-pass valve is
completely opened, the gas discharged from compressor flows into feed scrubber,
overcoming only the resistance of by-pass pipeline and by-pass valve. Therefore, the
unit is running with no load.
2.4.2 For inlet of Stage I, monitoring point for control and HP and LP alarm is arranged. As
for air exhaust, monitoring point for control and high temperature and high pressure is
2.4.3 Piping materials comply with requirements in Seamless Steel Pipe for Transportation
of Fluid GB/T8163-1999, with RF (raised face) for flange sealing face.
2.4.4 GEMINI matching technique is referred in calculation, analysis and design of pipeline
and reasonable arrangement of ripple rejection device, which can effectively control
the unfavorable pulsations and vibrations. Acoustics analog technology is applied for
evaluating impact of oscillating on performance of compressor. Then based on the
analysis report for oscillating brought forward, pipeline, pipe clamps and supports of
valves are rationally arranged. The vibration of unit is small.
3 Feed scrubbers and blowdown scrubber
3.1 See Table 4-2 for technical parameters.
Table 4-2
Stage-1 inlet scrubber Stage 2 Inlet scrubber
Inside diameter mm 1000 800
Designed pressure MPaG 1.0 2.5
Designed temperature 93 93
Corrosion allowance mm 3.2 3.2
Treatment volume Factor K 0.09 0.07
Vessel category II II
Shell materials 20R 20R
Material for filter screen 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9
Filtration precision m 3 3
Filtration efficiency 99% 99%
Quantity 1 1
3.2 Technology Specification
3.2.1 Scrubber is of vertical separation filter, with stainless steel net skimmer inside. It
embodies many separation and filtration methods, such as inertia, filtration,
adsorption, and is high in separation efficiency and good in filtration result. After gas
flows into the air receiver of scrubber, it rises upward, with big free liquid drop and
solid particles dropping into the liquid connector at lower layer of scrubber. When gas
is going through the dense stainless steel net, solid particles of small size are
obstructed, and the small liquid drops accumulate in steel net and fall into the liquid
collector. This process makes the compressed gas effectively purified and thus
ensures the safe and reliable operation of compressor.
3.2.2 Scrubber is equipped with liquidometer, automatic and manual blowdown apparatus
and high-level shutdown and protective apparatus. If the liquid level of the scrubber is
too high, automatic shutdown will be triggered so as to prevent liquid from entering
the cylinder.
3.2.3 Exhaust air scrubbers are arranged behind the air cooler.
3.2.4 Blowdown main of scrubber is connected to skid edge. To prevent liquid in
blowdown main from backflowing, check valves are equipped for all exhaust
manifolds of scrubbers.
3.2.5 Design and Manufacture are in compliance with Steel Pressure Vessel GB150-1998.
4 Buffer tank
4.1 See Table 4-3 for technical parameters.
Table 4-3
Stage-1 Intake
Buffer tank
Stage- 1
Exhaus t
Buf fer tank
I nt ake
Buf fer tank
Exhaust Buffer
Designed pressure MPa 1,0 2.5 2.5 6.3
Designed temperature 93 177 93 177
Corrosion allowance mm 3,2 3,2 3,2 3,2
Vessel category
Main materials 20R 20R 20R 20R
Designed maximum
oscillating peak 3% 3% 3% 3%
Quantity 1 1 1 1
4.2 Technology specification
To control the intensity of oscillating pressure of gas stream is very important. To
stabilize the intake and exhaust air pressure, reduce oscillating of gas stream and
interference of mechanical vibration of pipeline caused by oscillation of gas stream,
buffering volume big enough is given at gas intake and gas vent of each cylinder,
which separates the cylinder of compressor and pipeline, consumes the oscillating of
gas stream and stables the operating pressure.
The volum of buffur tank will be determined after receiving the piping gas flow
pulsation analysis report.
5 Cooling system
5.1 Cooling system, which is used to cool process gas, add cooling water for engine and
compressor, consists of mainly the air cooler and cooling pipeline.
5.2 The cooler is combined air cooler. Stage-1 and Stage-2 process coolant pipe tanks are
integrated with the coolant tank. Fin pipe bundle is arranged horizontally. Fan for
cooler, driven by electric motor, is of forced draft type, with angle of blades
adjustable. Cooling pipe box for process air is equipped with manual blind window.
The cooling air quantity can be adjusted to control the temperature of process air after
5.3 Separate skid is provided for air cooler, thus it can be installed at outdoor place.
6 Foundation
6.1 Foundation is constructed by welding profiled bars. Reinforced concrete for
installation position of compressor is grouted, and between the bottom of compressor
and the concrete, there exists epoxy mortar with good rigidity, high intensity, so not
susceptible to deformation. Reciprocating piston compressor is with inherent
vibration. This foundation structure can effectively reduce the vibration of unit and
facilitate installation.
6.2 Position adjusting bolts are arranged for engine, which can accurately adjust the
alignment between the engine and compressor.
6.3 The base is also equipped with foundation bolts and adjusting bolts. With the help of
adjusting bolts, the level of unit can be adjusted.
Annex I: List of Special and General-purpose Tools for
ZWF1250T ES604/2 Gas Compressor Unit
S/N Description Drawing No Qty
1 ES604 kits 1
2 Lead-out sleeve for piston rod ES604 compressor 1
Special wrench for ES604 compressor cross head
4 Special tool for ES604 compressor piston nut 1
5 Spark plug wrench 475037 1
6 Spark plug separating tool 475006 1
7 Adjustable wrench of valve 494287 1
8 Inner hexagon wrench made in USA 1
9 Torque wrench 60-300Nm 1
10 Torque wrench 280-760Nm 1
11 Torque wrench 750-2000Nm 1
12 Combination wrench made in USA 1
13 Sleeves and extension rod made in USA 1
14 Adjustable wrench 150 1
15 Adjustable wrench 300 1
Annex II Spare Part List for Single Unit of ZWF 1250T ES604/2 Gas
Compressor Unit for Start up
Item Description P/N Unit QTY
ES604 Compressor
1 Oil Filter Element 25Z-PS-2203 1
2 GASKET SEAT for 13.5CYL 41-100078 4
3 GASKET SEAT for 13.5CYL 44-100078 4
4 O-RING SEAL for 13.5CYL 406-3301 8
5 O-RING COVER for 13.5CYL 260-PS-2987 8
6 GASKET-SEAT for 19.5CYL SS12-21076 6
7 GASKET-COVER 19.5"CYL A14-21007 6
8 GASKET-SEAT for 19.5 CYL SS4-21076 6
9 GASKET-COVER for 19.5 A7-21007 6
L7044GSI Engine
1 Oil filter Element 168660B 7
Consumable List
1 SHELL NGC Fluid 00l SAE40 L 100
3 SHELL 0480 SAE40 L 1000

Annex III 2 YearsSpare Parts List ZWF1250TES604/2

Gas Compressor Unit
Item Description P/N QTY
1 Oil filter Element 25Z-PS-2203 4
5 RING PISTON 2071-100067 8
6 VALVE PLATE FOR 13.5"CYL 109-01-55141 16
7 CLOSING SPRING FOR 13.5CYL 14-01-30262 256
8 WAFER SPRING for 13.5 CYL 111-01-55100 16
9 GASKET SEAT FOR 13.5CYL 41-100078 8
10 GASKET SEAT FOR 13.5CYL 44-100078 8
11 O-RING SEAL FOR 13.5CYL 406-3301 16
12 O-RING COVER FOR 13.5CYL 260-PS-2987 16
1-01-55141 2
1-01-55142 2
15 RING PISTONG FOR 19.5CYL 2089-100000 8
16 VALVE PLATE FOR 19.5CYL 109-01-60269 24

17 CLOSING SPRING FOR 19.5CYL 14-01-30262 480

18 WAFER SPRING PLATE FOR 19.5CYL 111-01-603000 24
19 GASKET-SEAT FOR 19.5CYL SS12-21076 12
20 GASKET-COVER FOR 19.5CYL A14-21007 12
21 GASKET-SEAT FOR 19.5CYL SS4-21076 12
22 GASKET-COVER FOR 19.5CYL A7-21007 12
1-01-60269 2
1-01-20270 2
25 GASKET FOR 19.5CYLV 1-029309 4
26 0-RING FOR 19.5CYL 277-PS-2987 4
27 BEARING FOR 19.5CYL 11-473852 4
28 BEARING FOR 19.5CYL 11-473852 4
29 BUSHING FOR 19.5CYL 11-103305 4

2 YearsSpare Parts List ZWF1250TES604/2

Item Description P/N QTY
L7044GSI Engine
1 Gasket, Valve Cover 153994C 24
2 Element, Lube Oil Filter 32" 168660B 14
3 O-Ring, Oil Bypass 168922M 2
4 O-Ring, Oil Filter Cover
168922N 2
5 Gasket, Carb 119035 4
6 Belt,WP, Aux. A199868 2
7 Element, Air Cleaner 169180K 4
8 Element, Air Cleaner(Heavy
169180C 4
9 O-Ring,Lube Oil Strainer 493023 2
10 Seal, Lube Oil Strainer 493026 2
11 Gasket 493637 4
12 Diaphragm, Carb. 499222 4
13 Plug, Spark 60999Z 24
14 Extension, Spark Plug A211797G 24
17 Ignition Repair, VHP-12V IGN12 2
19 Kit, Repair Fisher 99 FUELREG2 2
Controlling system
1 Relay RXL2A12B2BD 3
2 Button XB2-BA31C 3
3 Indicator XB2-BVB4C 5
4 Fuse 5
Zhanwang Inc. Technical Bids of ZWF550T-ES604/1 Natural Gas Compressor Unit
Performance Calculation for ZWF1250ES604/2 Natural Gas Compressor
Zhanwang Inc. Technical Bids of ZWF550T-ES604/1 Natural Gas Compressor Unit