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The California-Mexico
Studies Center
Armando Vazquez-Ramos,
President & CEO
1551 N. Studebaker Road, Long
Beach, CA 90815
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(562) 972-0986
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Vol. 5 No. 13 om
April 25, 2017
Website: www.california-
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California-Mexico Dreamers
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Featured News:

L.A. "Dreamers" Defy Warnings

and Dare to Study Abroad this
22, 2017

LOS ANGELES - "Dreamers" - the young and

undocumented who are protected under the Deferred
Action for Childhood Arrivals program created by
President Obama - have been all over the news
lately. And the news has not been good.

Federal agents are allegedly deporting them, which

the Department of Homeland Security denies.
And the number of ex-Dreamers being deported
after losing their protected status has "soared,"
according to a recent story by the L.A. Times.

Then there's the Dreamer who's suing the

Department of Homeland Security, alleging that the
agency deported him even though his DACA status
wasn't due to expire until 2018. DHS responded with
a statement on April 19 saying that Juan Manuel
Montes, the 23-year-old Mexican national and DACA
enrollee, was not deported but rather left the United
States without having secured the permit mandated
under the program.

Legal advocates say the feds appear to be looking for

excuses to arrest Dreamers and place them in
removal proceedings. But the DACA program for now
remains intact; President Trump has pledged to
uphold its protections, which cover undocumented
people brought to the country as children.

Armando Vazquez-Ramos refers to the recent

headlines about Dreamers as "much ado about
nothing" - and he's about to take action to prove it.
Vazquez-Ramos is director of the California-Mexico
Studies Center, a nonprofit that grew out of a
program he founded at California State University
Long Beach, where he's a professor. He estimates
the program has taken 120 Dreamers on study-
abroad trips to Mexico since 2014.

Despite the uncertainty over DACA's future,

Vazquez-Ramos is planning to take a group of 48
Dreamers to Mexico on a study abroad program this
summer. It will be the first such trip he has taken
under the Trump administration, and it flies in the
face of advice from legal advocates, colleges and
"Studying and traveling abroad despite
schools saying we shouldn't go is our
way of pushing back against the
fear of the new administration." - Sheila
Salinas, a recent Cal State Long Beach
Since Inauguration Day, university systems in
California have been urging undocumented students
covered by DACA to remain in the country. They're
making that recommendation even though
"Dreamers" are still legally eligible to leave the
country and return without negative immigration
consequences, under a provision of DACA known
as Advance Parole.

Ricardo Vazquez, a spokesman for the University of

California system, directed L.A. Weekly to the
following travel advice, an FAQ issued by the
Undocumented Legal Services Center in January:
Q. I received Advance Parole to be
abroad after January 20, 2017 (for
example, study abroad). Should I go on
my trip?

A. No, you should not leave or be outside

of the country now that the new president
has been sworn into office. This is
because if President Trump repeals
DACA while you are abroad, it is very
likely that you will not be permitted to re-
enter the United States upon return, with
or without Advance Parole. If you want to
remain in the United States, you should
NOT leave the United States if you are
undocumented or DACAmented.
California State University Chancellor Tim White
issued a similar announcement that all students with
Advance Parole should return to the country prior to
Jan. 20 and discouraged them from leaving after that

"Even my own campus is showing signs of

weakness," Vazquez-Ramos says of Cal State Long
Beach, where 28 percent of students are Latino. The
Dreamers have their own group on campus, and the
former president of the student body is

"What's happening is that colleges and universities

are totally afraid and cowardly refusing to take the
risk," Vazquez-Ramos says. "In my opinion, they are
simply afraid and more concerned about their image
and liability than in the potential for these young
people to have a chance [to travel] as long as DACA
is around.

"We're not going to be standing around until Trump

decides to do something with DACA," he adds. "The
reason they haven't acted in three months is because
they understand the political consequences."

Students from the Summer 2016 California-Mexico Dreamers

Study Abroad Program traveled to cultural landmarks in
Mexico, including the Temple of the Sun in the ancient
archeological complex of Teotihuacn / Photo: Lidieth Arevalo

Should Trump cancel the DACA program, or the feds

begin ignoring it, an estimated 742,000 young people
would be affected, a third of whom are in California.

One of them is Sheila Salinas, a recent graduate of

Cal State Long Beach and the administrative director
of the California-Mexico Studies Center, who is part
of the group going to Mexico in August.

Salinas, 26, is handling the travel arrangements and

making sure everyone's travel documents are in
order to return to the U.S. She says the current lack
of support from the university is nothing new. Even
under President Obama, she says, "we didn't have
programs that supported DACA students to study

"Most definitely there is a bit of fear," she says. "I

think studying and traveling abroad despite schools
saying we shouldn't go is our way of pushing back
against the fear of the new administration."

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#DreamersStudyAbroad ~ #CMDSummer2017
Featured Video:

Informed Immigrant: Know

Your Rights & Family
Preparedness (Video)
In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, millions
of documented and undocumented immigrants face
increased uncertainty around their status in the
United States. Immigrant rights organizations and
leaders across the country have banded together and
pooled resources to help immigrants and their allies
obtain the current best-known information and

All immigrants, undocumented and documented, in

the U.S. have certain rights under the Constitution.
Learn about your rights and share with your family,
friends, and community to stay safe, informed, and

Video courtesy of: Informed Immigrant

Featured Campaign:

Dreamers' Campaign for INE

Credential Registration
(Download the English Version of this flyer here)
Are you an immigrant of Mexican-origin currently
living in the United States? Did you know that
you can get an INE Voting I.D. for FREE?

An INE Credential is the most widely used form of

identification in Mexico, and it also allows Mexican
citizens living abroad to vote in the presidential
elections in Mexico.

The California-Mexico Studies Center (CMSC) and

the California-Mexico Dreamers' Network (CMDNet)
are launching the Dreamers' Campaign for INE
Voting I.D. Registration, in an effort to help Mexican-
born Dreamers and their families obtain an INE
Voting I.D. (Credencial de Elector) as a civic
education and engagement project, and to promote
voting rights of all Mexicans living in the U.S. to
increase their participation in Mexico's 2018
Presidential and Mexico City's Jefe de Gobierno.

Help us spread the word by sharing our campaign

flyers and the following instructions manual so that
more Mexican citizens living in the U.S. can register
for an INE I.D. card and vote in the upcoming
presidential elections in Mexico.

Download the CMSC's INE Instructions Manual

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For more information visit our website:
Or email us at:
Upcoming Events:

May Day March & Rally in Los

Angeles, CA

The CMSC in collaboration with the California-Mexico

Dreamers' Network (CMDNet), call ALL
DREAMERS, allies, families, and friends to join the
general strike and march "May Day: A Day Without
Immigrants," happening on May 1, 2017 beginning
at 10 am between Olympic and Broadway in
downtown Los Angeles.
March on May 1!
This is a call:

To reject mass deportations implemented by President

Trump's Administration
To propel Law Iniciative #SB54 to declare California a
Sanctuary State
To demand the protection of the #DACA and
#Dreamers programs.

Time: 10 AM
Location: Olympic and Broadway (DTLA)

A marchar el Primero de Mayo!


Llamado a la comunidad:

A rechazar las deportaciones masivas implementadas

por la Administracin del Presidente Trump
A impulsar la iniciativa de ley #SB54 para declarar a
California un Estado santuario
A demandar que se protejan los
programas #DACA y #Dreamers

Hora: 10 AM
Lugar de reunin: Olympic y Broadway
Organized by: CA Latino Congreso.


Latest News:

lawyers to
deportation is
a worthwhile
way to spend
public money
Having a lawyer
can make all the
difference in the
world to someone
facing deportation
in federal
immigration court,
where the law is
byzantine. Yet only
37% of potential
deportees have
one. Part of the
problem is a lack of
attorneys trained in
immigration law,
and part of it is
money -
often lack the
resources to hire
lawyers. Of course,
if they were facing
criminal charges,
they would be
provided with
lawyers as a
constitutional right
under U.S.
Supreme Court
rulings... Read
Advice on Life
Without DACA,
From an
Gloria Itzel Montiel
says she
"somehow always
knew" she was
But knowing what
that could mean for
her future only
began to sink in
around eighth
grade. She was a
bright, academic
teenager. Her
favorite pastime
was going to the
library-"that's what
I would do on the
weekends for fun,"
she says. But
despite being at
the top of her
class, she found
she was locked out
of programs like A
Better Chance,
which give
students of color
the opportunity to
be placed into
prestigious prep
schools with
scholarships... Re
ad More

Garca's Path:
Deportee, Star
As bad hombre
tales go, Eduardo
Garca's is classic.
A border-crossing
immigrant, he
moved around the
United States
through the better
part a decade,
harvesting the
produce that most
of us take for
granted throughout
what might be
thought of as a
stolen childhood.
Starting at age 5,
the unschooled Mr.
Garca embarked
on a journey that
drew on native
intelligence, natural
gift and a
willingness to take
on backbreaking
work to make
something of
himself - in his
case, a
chef... Read

demcratas de
ultimtum a
quienes se
apunten para
construir el
En Sacramento se
preparan para
debatir dos
proyectos de ley
destinados a
detener la
construccin del
muro de
Trump. Los
demcratas Ricard
o Lara de Bell
Gardens y Lorena
Gonzlez de San
Diego lanzaron
prcticamente un
ultimtum a los
interesados en
participar en la
edificacin del
muro en la frontera
con Mxico... Leer

familiar por
afecta a
migrantes en
EUA y Mxico
La separacin
familiar por
deportacin afecta
a migrantes
devueltos por las
autoridades de
Estados Unidos,
residentes de
Mxico o ese pas,
y constituyen un
indicador que es
medido anual y
trimestralmente. El
investigador del
Departamento de
Estudios de
Poblacin de El
Colegio de la
Frontera Norte (El
Colef), Jess
Javier Pea
Muoz, dijo que se
realiz una
investigacin con
base a datos de
la Encuesta sobre
Migracin en la
Frontera Norte de
Mxico... Leer

Inicia El Colef
Encuesta de
Escolar y
Migracin en
85 escuelas de
En el contexto del
reciente retorno de
mexicanos de
Estados Unidos
(EUA) a Mxico, la
incorporacin de
sus hijos al
sistema educativo
mexicano se ha
convertido en un
prioritario... Leer

Latinos & Immig
Dreamers Study
Abroad Media

Studies Center


Beach, CA 90815

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