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Lesson Plan EDU 201

Author: Emilia Cervantes

Lesson Plan Title: 8 Multiple Intelligences

Time Required: 15 mins

Objectives: I will use PowerPoint to discuss and provide information on multiple intelligences,

students will identify Gardners 8 multiple intelligences

Materials/Equipment: I will use PowerPoint, computer, USB drive, YouTube, put down LCD

projector screen, LCD projector, whiteboard, Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons by Howard

Gardner, and Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner.


1) Have the two multiple intelligence book out

2) Put USB driver in the computer
3) Start PowerPoint presentation
4) Use the whiteboard for slide 3
5) Put on YouTube videos
6) Pass out books
7) End my PowerPoint with my closure


1. Watch and Listen to the PowerPoint presentation

2. Watch YouTube videos that go with it
3. Students can ask questions at the end of the presentation

Closure: Everyone is smart

Evaluation: Students will be given the opportunity to ask questions about it toward the end of

the presentation.