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2 Darna AQUNM essen sis Stephanie Weinkauf District Hire During Final Semester Student Teach Spring 2017 tephanie Weinkauf, Elementary Fducation Teacher Candidate, has been asked by Principal ‘Veronica Sanders to fulfill the position ofa long-term substitute at Lincoln Middle School. Understandii We, the undersigned, agree that Stephanie Weinkauf is ready to assume full responsibility for a classroom at Lincoln Middle School and agree to the terms of the below roles and Tesponsibilities. All parties understand that this temporary position does not assure Ms. Weinkauf ofa permanent position in the future. Support to be Provided by the School andi 1. An on-staff mentor teacher to assist Steph teaching. Distri aanie in day-to-day operations, plannin 2. Payment for her services as a long-term substitute thro May 12, 2017 Support to he Provided by UNM Coll on: 1. AUNM supervisor to continue fo supervise Stephanie and conduct and provide detailed feedback on the professionalism/dispositions. at Ieast three observations 2, instruction and management, and ndidate’s planni 2. Ongoing support through email, phone calls, and additional visits by the supervisor/p: | coordinator as seeded Requirements to be Completed by Stephanie: 1. Successful completion of all coursework toward her degree on time. | Courses to be completed include: EDUC 400 2. Submission of al required documents in Tk20 on or before the deadlines, | >, Successful completion of a portiatio detailing all work in teacher preparation as required in EDUC 400. We have read the attached memo and agre Memice Sinkiey— ‘¢ to honor the spirit of this agreement. | YB BAincipal Veroniga Sehders, Lincoln Middle School Date CL. “2 Jesh Gutierrez Ph.D. Elementary Ed Program Coordinator, UNM Date CWedvauix Weinlcauf- tsi Stephabie Weinkauf, Teacher Candidate SL * 505 2774833 «505 277 0455 > Hokont Hal-Zunh, Roomy 121