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Learning activity 1 / Actividad de aprendizaje 1

Evidence: Going to the restaurant / Evidencia: Ida al restaurante

A. Who says these restaurant expressions? Choose between waiter or

customer by classifying the expressions in the box into the appropriate
column. / Quin dice estas expresiones de restaurante? Elija entra el
mesero o el cliente clasificando las expresiones del recuadro en la columna

Waiter Customer
would you like can I have
Are you ready to order? what do you recommend?
main course will have

Waiter: Are you ready to order madam?

Angela: Yes please. I will have the tomato soup as a starter and the stuffed
turkey as main course

Waiter: Would you like anything

to drink?

Angela What do you


Waiter: The fresh Fuente: SENA

squeezed orange
juice is quite delicious.

Angela: Ok. Orange juice

is ok. Also will have a glass or
red wine please?

W: Of course.
Hi! Good morning

W: good morning madam, what would you like to order.

I: I would like, some bread with eggs

W: Would you like anything to drink?

I: Yes, an orange juice please

W: Anything else

I: No, thanks


I: Sorry, you could give me the bill, please

W: It is fifty-five thousand, will you pay by cash?

I: If you have here