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Katie Hudson

EDUC 204-03

Carolina Standards:
Directed Digital
- (Small
K.E.3A.1 Group)
Analyze and interpret local weather condition data (including Content
precipitation, wind,
- This group session temperature, and cloud
- Students cover) the
will record to describe
current weather patterns
- Students can wo
that occur from
is when theday to data using simple
weather graphs
outside andandforpictorial
the dayweather
in symbols.
individually on
- K.E.3A.4 Define
teacher will problems caused by the effects of weather on
their personal log books. They will then human activities
illustrating their
and design
the or devices to solve
make the display
a group problem. of their weather brainstorm ideas
students working data recorded. how they want to
together in groups - Students will then work in pairs, or construct there
to actually
Students will be able build however
to differentiate manyweather
the various the teacher decides
patterns to constructing
while structurea for
there ultimate put together and communicate
structure that will display the effects it has on something or an individual. with protecting their
gummy bear each other their ideas of having the gummy bear. Th
Students will combine their individual ideas to design and construct a structurestudent
protection most awesomest ultimate gummy built to will then
sustain rain and wind You can
changes bear
such as protection. Theyinwill
a house on stilts begin to or a house
a hurricane thisindesign
a as a
tornado. help mediate and gather there supplies that they have blueprint for the
keep everyone on agreed on, (because this is a teamwork construction stag
track, however let building exercise also) and start to lay when they move
the students build it out. They have the time until it is working with
their structure once their turn to be working with the partners. They c
themselves. teacher. make their desig
with crayons,
markers, finger p
or colored pencil

- The teacher can decide the best time allotted for each station that works for her
kids/classroom flow.
- It is very important to have a wrap-up at the end of this lesson, with each child explaining
how they helped with the group and the creation.
- The materials recommended to use can be interchangeable with what is available for the
teacher and students. I would suggest using: tin foil, marshmallows, Popsicle sticks,
gummy bear, and construction paper. The teacher will need some type of spray bottle to
test the weather pattern (rain).
- The overall goal is to have students thinking about the best and most effective way to
protect yourself from weather changes and how they can also affect you if you are not
protected under a stable structure.