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The Wind Lion God

The "Wind Lion God" has other names such as "Wind Lion," "Stone Lion
God," or "Stone Lion Lord," and so on. During the end of the Ming dynasty
and the beginning of the Ching dynasty, the people of Kinmen suffered much
wind damage. In order to protect themselves from the wind and get rid of the
evil spirits, people erected Wind Lion Gods in front of temples or at their
village entrances as their angel guards. Hence the Wind Lion God was
believed to be a protector of Kinmen.

The Wind Lion God was given its shape to represent a ferocious lion
hopefully to suppress strong winds and ward off demons. In Kinmen, Wind
Lion Gods can be classified into two varieties. One is those standing at the
village entrances, called "Village Wind Lion Gods;" the other is those standing
on the rooftop, called "Roof Wind Lion Gods". Both have the same function
of preventing strong winds and disasters, but they just vary in shape and
material, generally from clay to stone sculptures. Their postures and facial
expressions vary, too. Some are lying or sitting, and others standing. Some are
laughing, while others have a terrifying appearance. Accordingly they can be
put into three groups, namely, "Literary Wind Lions," "Military Wind Lions,"
"Fortune Wind Lions."