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FIFA Report Card

Subject Grade Comments

Public Opinion
Public Opinion of FIFA as a
whole is not the best
presently even though it is
improving. When the
scandal was made public
it caused a disconnect and
distrust between the
organization and the
soccer community. People
involved with soccer be it
fans, players, or journalist
dont see it as an
organization that protects
the game that the world
loves but as a leach that
feeds off the game for its
own gain.
Handling of
FIFAs handling of this
over all terrible situation
the Scandal has been pretty good in
my opinion. They had
easier and less damaging
options but they chose to
finally have some
transparence. They ousted
those responsible for the
corruption at the expense
of their image which is the
morally right thing to do.
Their image my be in
shambles but they can
rebuild it instead of letting
it continue and bringing
the organization crashing
FIFAs honesty
As a whole FIFA is one of
the most dishonest
organizations in the world
without a doubt. Despite
its step in the right
direction as of late by
expelling the rot that is
FIFA Report Card

Sepp Blatter and members

of the executive
committee, FIFA has long
been guilty of taking
advantage of the sport
that it is suppose to be
regulating. It has been
decades for the whole
truth to come out about
FIFAs misconduct which is
why they get this grade.

FIFA may be in a dark
Plan for the place right now but its
future plan for the future seems
to be well formulated.
Their election of new
president in Gianni
Infantino and plan to
reform FIFA as a whole
and make it more
transparent as an
organization as well as to
invest in the future gives
hope for FIFA to turn it