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Adapted from West Virginia State University teacher

Please select one: X 1st Placement 2nd Placement


Candidate: Joshua Davis
Content Specialization: K-6 Semester: Spring Year 2017
Mentor Teacher: Teresa Guill
BSC Professor: Darrell Thompson
Subject/Grade: 2nd
Name of School: Whitethorn Primary
Scale: 3-Accomplished (Consistently): Candidate is proficient and able to work independently.
2-Emerging (Sometimes): Candidate has achieved minimum level of performance, will need some
assistance and practice in order to
full professional competence.
1-Unsatisfactory (Rarely):Candidate requires significant growth and practice before being eligible for

Please indicate a scale score in each of the following categories (refer to the scale above):
I. Evidence of Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5 Week6
1. Evidence of appropriate planning Planning
for instruction, including thorough 2
lesson plan aligned with state standards.(WVPTS1D)
2. Knowledge of and appropriate use of content.(WVPTS1Aand3A) 2
3. Selects strategies to accommodate individual diference.(developmental 2
skill level, cultural
4. diversity, and exceptionalities).(WVPTS2A)
Plans appropriate assessment(s).(WVPTS1Eand3E) 2
5. All materials including appropriate technology were ready for use. 2
6. Strategies encouraged creativity, innovation and problem solving. 2
(WVPTS1B) II. Evidence of
1. Maintains a positive, supportive Teaching
classroom climate.(WVPTS3B) 2
2. Communicated with students in a variety of ways.(WVPTS3B) 2
3. Used quality questioning techniques and engaged students in 2
4. Strategies motivated and engaged students in a deep understanding of 2
5. content. (WVPTS3D)
the ability to adjust instruction based on the students 2
responses and needs of
6. Students with diversities.(WVPTS3E)
Used assessment data to make instructional decisions. (WVPT3E) 2
7. Exhibits good communication skills (speaking, writing, and listening) 2
including consistent use of
Standard English Grammar.
Comments from BSC Supervisor

Observation 2 See comments below

Observation 3

Reflection from Candidate




2/27/17 ____ _____

Date Mentor Teacher/BSC Supervisor Teacher Candidate Signature

Joshua Davis


Mr. Davis reviewed inches, feet, and yards with the students.
Used cut-out feet to measure their desks
Discussed standard and non-standard measurements
Measured their arms, legs, head
Used the feet to measure the carpet in the classroom (good discussions and student engagement)
Students measured themselves
Passed out rulers and paper to draw and measure their shoe and foot, saw the difference in their
shoe and foot sizes
Closure, reviewed: inches, feet, and yards


Spelling-went over the words for the week

Homophones-meet, meat, week, weak, mane, main, tail, tales, be, bee, to , two, sea, see, threw,
Explained meaning for each of the homophone pairs
Vocabulary words, reviewed words, discussed, used in sentences
Reviewed high frequency words
Read story aloud with lots of discussion: The Middle Seat
o good instruction, good examples, good student engagement
o you had lots of good energy in the classroom, lots of moving about the classroom where you
could monitor all students
o lots of positive praise to the students
o good modeling of the lesson
I enjoyed seeing your instruction

Keep this up!!