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PHYS 478/601 Assignment 8

For practice, not to be handed in

Problem 1

Consider the following potential barrier

for x < 0
V (x) = V0 for 0 < x < a

0 for x > a .

Find the expressions for the incoming and scattering wave functions for the
given potential. Find the phase shift and plot it as a function of the wave
number k.

Problem 2 Rutherford scattering

An incident particle of charge q1 and kinetic energy E scatters off a heavy

stationary particle of charge q2 .
(a) Derive the formula relating the impact parameter to the scattering
angle. Answer: b = (q1 q2 /80 E) cot(/2).
(b) Determine the differential scattering cross section. Answer:
" #2
q1 q 2
D() = .
160 E sin2 (/2)

(c) Show that the total cross section for Rutherford scattering is infinite.
This means that the 1/r potential has infinite range, that is the Coulomb
force spreads out over the whole space.