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SED 322
Tracy Arrowood
4522 West Clarendon Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85031
Cell Phone 602-828-7045

Objective: To obtain a position teaching students history in secondary education.

Bachelor of Arts in Education, Secondary Education (History) Expected December
Arizona State University; Tempe, AZ

Associate of Arts in General Education May 2015

Glendale Community College; Glendale AZ

Touchmath Certificate
IVP Fingerprint Card
CPR/First Aid
Fall 2016 Central High School
Prepared lesson plans for 10th grade World History
Provided small group instruction to special education students
Helped ESL students with content vocabulary by having them write the
definitions, pronounce the word, and tell their partners.

Spring 2016 Amberley Elementary School

Prepared lesson plans for 7th and 8th grade Social Studies
Assisted students during classroom activates
Provided whole group instruction on the causes of World War One

Fall 2015 Copper Canyon High School

Assisted students during classroom activities
Provided whole group instruction on the Thirteen Colonies
Practiced Career and College Readiness Skills
Assisted with grading assignments

Related Experience:
Respite and Habilitation Provider, Aid to Adopt Special Kids, Phoenix, AZ 07/15 to
Guide the child through established tasks and report progress
Engage and interact with child during activities
Work on basic living skills
Communicate with parent/ guardian about child progress
Attend the needs of a child in the absence of the parent/ guardian
Special Education Monitor, Estrella Middle School, Phoenix, AZ 08/14
to 05/15
Worked with sixth through eighth grade students
Assisted students with classroom assignments
Monitored students behavior inside and outside of the classroom
Assisted students with basic living skills
Monitored students during their lunch periods

Professional Development:

10/16 Arizona Council of the Social Studies

Vision Statement
Teaching is not only educating students a specific content, but training students to be

more independent and responsible for themselves. Establishing a community in the classroom

will show students to be accountable for themselves and work together as a class to succeed.

Collaborative learning allows students to assume roles where they must use communication and

organization skills they will need in the real world. Providing different perspectives on historical

events will allow students to generate their own meanings using historical empathy. Students

should be able to consider facts and decisions and make their own judgment on historical events.

Every student, no matter his or her background, has a right to an education based on the

research of Madeline Hunter, Dr. Fred Jones, and Dr. Harry Wong. Students should not be

pushed aside because of their different learning abilities; it is my job as an educator to

accommodate lessons so that they can succeed. Integrating technology, collaboration and

communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills into lessons will prepare students for

the life and career skills they will need after high school. All students should be given the

opportunity to pursue their dreams and with an education, it is possible.

Letters of Communication
Dear Dr. Principle

Thank you for taking the time and reviewing my resume. I am very interested in the World
History position you are offering. After reading the district vision statement, I believe that I am
the best candidate to fill the position.

I am expected to graduate from the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State
University in December of 2017. During my education, I worked in three different internships
where I had the opportunity to help my mentor teachers prepare lessons, conduct activities,
provide small group instruction and one on one support. I wrote and prepared lessons and gave
whole group instruction on multiple topics in history. I am currently working with special needs
children. I provide care and I teach them basic living skills so that they learn to be more

As an educator, I believe all students should have an opportunity to an education no matter his or
her learning ability. With this position, I will teach students the wonders of World History and
prepare students for life after high school.

I have attached my resume, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me
at (602) 828 7045 or email me at I look forward to hear from


Tracy Arrowood

Dear Parents,
I would like to introduce myself, I am your childs World History teacher this year. I am excited
to be teaching your child about the wonders of World History.

As an educator, it is my job to prepare students for life after high school. I will be teaching
students to think like a historian and question everything about history so that they can develop
their own understanding of the world around them.

I have attached the syllabus so that you are aware of the classroom policies and course materials
we will be reading and using throughout the year. If you have any questions or comments about
anything, please feel free to call me at (602) 123-4567 or email me at I am available before and after school hours.

This is going to be a great and exciting year!


Ms. Arrowood

Dear [Parent or Guardian Name]

I am writing this letter to inform you that there are concerning academic patterns that are
hindering Amy Students success in the classroom. Amy enjoys participating in class discussions
and helping others however she is currently failing the class due to absences and missing
assignments. I will like to have a meeting with you to discuss possible solutions that will help
her succeed in the classroom.

Please contact me to set up a parent teacher meeting. My phone number is (602) 123 4567 and
my email is


Ms. Arrowood
World History Syllabus
Teacher: Ms. Arrowood
Contact Information: Email: Phone: (602) 123-4567
Office Hours:
Mornings 7:00-8:00
Afternoons 2:30-4:00
Course Description: Welcome to World History. This year you will be learning
the history of Early Civilization all the way to Environmental Issues in the modern
Course Objectives: Students will be able to make connections using key
vocabulary, participate in group discussions, collaborate with partners, interpret
historical data using maps, graphs, tables, and charts. They will also be able to
formulate questions that can be answered by historical study and research. Lastly,
students will be able to construct graphs, tables, timelines, charts and narratives to
interpret historical data.
Course Materials:
Interactive Notebook
Course Calendar:
Quarter 1
Ancient Civilizations
Week 1-3
World in Transition - Middle Ages
Including beginnings of the Age of Exploration Week 4-5
Renaissance and Reformation
Continues Age of Exploration Week 6-7

Quarter 2
Enlightenment and Revolution
Week 10-12
Industrial Revolution
Week 13-14
Growth of Imperialism and Nationalism
Week 15-16

Quarter 3
World War I and Russian Revolution
Week 1-3
World Between Wars and World War II
Week 6-7
Cold War
Week 6-9

Quarter 4
Development of Political and Economic Interdependence
Week 10-11
Roots of Terrorism
Weeks 12-13
Environmental Issues
Weeks 14-15

Grading Scale:




59% or below=F

Late Assignments: Assignments will be deducted 10% points off for every school
day it is late.
Extra Credit: Students will be given extra credit if they attend a school games and
performances. However, they will need to show proof that they were present with a
ticket. Students will also receive extra credit if they show their school spirit by
wearing school colors on Fridays.
Class policies:
Class procedures:
o Beginning of class: As the teacher greets the students at the door,
Students will walk in quietly and pick up any materials they will need
for the class session on the material table located by the entrance.
Students will then sit in their assigned seats and begin their bellwork
that will be displayed on the SmartBoard. They will turn in any
homework that is due in the homework station located next to the
teachers desk.
o Ending of class: When class time comes to an end, the teacher will
start a closure that will be displayed on the SmartBoard that the
students will do to reflect their understanding on the lesson. After the
closure, the students will put away their materials and sit quietly until
the teacher dismisses them.

Attendance: Students need to be in class every day on time. If the student is

tardy, then the student needs to have an office note to come into class. If a
student is absent, it is the students responsibility to check the folder by the
door for any missed work. The student will have two days to turn in any
work after the due date.
Class participation: Every student is required to participate in class.
Students receive five points every day for class participation. If a student
decides not to participate, then it will affect the students grade.
Cheating/Plagiarizing: Plagiarizing is a very serious act and it is not tolerated. If
a student who is caught plagiarizing their work, that student will receive a zero. If a
student who is caught cheating on tests, that student will receive a zero for the test.
Parents will be informed by the teacher.

I have read and understood the conditions of this syllabus.

Student Signature: Date:

Parent/Guardian Signature:

Professional Growth Plan

Area of Focus 1st year plan 5th year plan
Planning and I will plan every lesson plan in a - I will keep all lessons and
Preparation week in advance so that I could assignments over the next 5 years in
revise anything that needs to be a file cabinet so that I have plenty of
improved so that I will be well resources to teach the students
prepared to teach students content.
-I will also keep notes on what
lessons worked well with students
with in the 5 years so that I do not
make any more mistakes in the
Classroom Creating a learning environment is - I will organize physical space with
Environment very crucial in the first few days of in the next 5 years by noting what
school, therefore I would set arrangements of furniture best fits
explicit rules and expectations for the students needs.
the students so that they know - I will attend behavior management
what is expected of them. This can seminars to learn how to manage
be measured on how the students student behavior more effectively
follow the procedures. I will with in the classroom
reteach procedures if students are
not following them
Instruction Within the first year, I will - Within the five years, I will build
incorporate technology into my knowledge on technology by
lessons so that students build their attending classes in order to
skills in technology for the years effectively teach students the uses of
after high school. technology.
Within the 5 years, I will build my
knowledge of effective ways to
incorporate the community within
projects so that the students can
share their knowledge
Professional I will communicate with students - Within the 5 years, I will keep
Responsibilities and parents on a weekly basis so notes, lessons, and assignments to
that families are aware of their reflect my teaching and improve any
childs progress in the classroom. teaching skills to help students
succeed in my content area.
-I will also attend the Arizona
Council for the Social Studies every
year within the 5 years to help
improve my strategies on teaching