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Texas A&M University-Commerce Lesson Evaluation Form runnewcer SEPERATE AM —— ewan OIG 4-7 — Sodal Hudies sieot EDYOA Sn EY = = AD) Mentor: Jay Witlidnne Unversity Lason lie vSe [oman 1: PLANNING - Evidences apparent inthe instructional lesson plan, assraom observations, [Standards & Algnment The itern/Resident dongs, organies and Implements 6 Ctr, welrerganized svon at eiecs Gest raat, aligns with standards and are appropriate for verse learners z ‘ilesson goals and objectives align to TEKS — a = “Hei students establish learning intentions Yor succes [ntern/ Resident plan measures to help HuGeTt aan EEE] 3[Actvites, materials and assessments are relevant to students’ prior understanding a real-world applica [actives materials and assessments provide Une fr lesson ang lesson sure 15|Activties, materials and assessments deepen the broader uit and course objectives 1.6] Activites, materials an assessments are appropriate for givers learners 2. 7integrates technology is appicabe (when appropiate) —___— Date & Assessment The Intern/Resident ses formal nd informal methods to measure tudent progres, hen Manoa ond enalyics student data to inform instruction, _— TZ Formal and informal assessments monitor progress of all students [nowiedge of students: Through knowledge of students and proven practices, the inten/ Resident ensures high level of learning, soca lemotional development and acieverent fo al students. 1L3]Lesson connects to student prior knowledge and experiences 7.10]Lesson provides eoportunities fr students utlee ther inalvidualearing potters, Rabie and needs [etvties: The inteen/Resident plans an engaging lente lesson that encourage higher-order thinking, persistence and acNevenenL 1.11 [Questions encourage al students to engage in comple, higher order thinking 1. 12/instvetional groups configured to mest student needs 1.15[students understand inaivdual roles within instructional groupe t 1) us, fore, techno, ad inten mate alg non BEE 1 aN “hi audu0rt PAU OO Hon GUT AEINFORCEMENT AND Aerie Orthn to WOK ONUSING Jase lovel {hon loomain 2: STRUCTION - Evidence i apparent in instretin and classroom. SSS EO nas aT Ta ot igh evs 0 aeadeT and soda -emvational SUES Throng Expectations: The mer Tri[Sets academic expectations that chalenge a students Eafiibestoders establish sucess itera fr learning nintions S]hcrss itr aon uni there is evidence that most stogents demonstrate MOseNy shes an follows through to ensure student mastery irra Reside provides aI of objective Zafaadresse stusent 25 [Provides students [content Rrowiedpe bxpetse! The iern/Res andares, related content and student needs Te [conveys actuate content knowledge uliple contents 5 FTinegtes learning objectives with oer disciplines and esl-word experience rae rag eca BEMIS To asi ana execTE TessonsaVGTEG WH SATE Ta[Antlepatesposibe student misunderstandings Tfnezurstely reflects how lesson aligns within structure of dite and Sta Pe Sortniies Tr iden to use diferent types of trinking (© research based) [Communiction: the interaResident leary and (abighes Gassoom practices that provide formas students teacher and their pers se andre TERS) ral, practical, creative & 2ad pura Communicates To support persstence, deeper learringand efective efor To communieate effectively with their 2.12 gecogizes pose stvdet misunderstanding and responds with appropiate tachmiques ta dary concepts Tis [Provdesexplonotions tat are clear fa] Uses verbal and writen communieation That is dear and core He atthe create, evaluate and/or arast leves that foc onthe objec ofthe ston and 2.15] provake tought an cscussion ig| Provides wat time when questioning students Tir|Uses probing questions to clay, elaborate eating Difeentiaton. The Intern/Resientciffererilates nstrucvon, aligning me [-2:18[Adapts lesson to adress individual needs of al students Tis] Regular monitors quality of student participation ang performance Ret pibar when sodants Become confused or disengaged and responds to student learning OF s0do emotional needs re det differentated Instructional methods and content to ensure student Rave opportunity to master rods and techniques to dverse student needs 2a 223) nat being taught Wanfor& Adjust: The Intern/Resident Tormaly andnformaly covets, lajustmens 773] Consistently Ives input from student inorder fo monitor and adjust instruction and actives Z 7223] Moniters student behavior and responses for engogement and understanding 7 224 Adjusts instruction and actives to maintain student engagement | Sipppal WhanendanISWAL Nt WSkeq ido loot feneact HSHUACAS WOr Koc CONANT N erentvs Oran nak s wnyarar PwViad HOWIED Cork or wrdUSe iMNondgase Suyge FASKIA SALTS ULSHONS GK eNdto See (now nycasia inn senrorcenenranorernewerr: “VNQS LA SAGO? ~ and USE MOL probing qs ions +o clark 2) ‘ralyaes and uses Runt progress Gata and Makes needed TessON elabovate earns Page 7 jures, routines and transitions are clear and efficient i is safe and organized to support learning objectives and is scsi os US en | ange ue eh ae er nas apron TEe=DS + < shavior fluidly. | Impact Story Students wil turnin a one-page double spaced summary (250 word) Avrytdhiwwe = 7 9907 aed Signature: Foy Fo ” 32/1