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Ica has a lot of festivities and dances like:

Nuestro Seor de Luren: is celebreted in octover

second and third week, the imagen of the seor de
luren is carried in procession through the main
streets of the city of Ica.
Hatajo de negritos(December 5th): A male
dance group organized to worship the Child at
Christmas, is based on the dynamics of Spanish
Christmas carols. Sings and dances with violin
accompaniment and bells that the dancers carry in
their hands, In this dance they wear white clothes
with decorated hats
The vendimia: is a sample of activity vitivincola of
ica, every year thousands of people visit to see this
party. The participants of miss dance on the grape
Alcatraz: It is a erotic dance festive, loose couple.
Man and woman carry on the back of the waist a
rag. The man with a lighted candle tries to turn on
the cucurucho while the woman dances by moving
the hips.
Danza de Pallas: Collective, female dance that is
danced at Christmas and Three Kings Festival in the
Ica Region.
Festejo: Musical and dance genre of erotic-festive
type, of independent or interdependent couples. It's
a dance for a couple, It seems to be the oldest of
the typical manifestations of blackness.
Panalivio: There are two versions, one of them is a
move of the Hatajo de Negritos, is accompanied
with violin and is realized counterpoint of zapateo,
and the other is is like a slow lamento similar to the
habanera dance
Zapateo: It is a competition between dancers to
the rhythm of the Peruvian Afro cajn and the guitar
of Arab origin, having its origin in dances of Africa.
Requires training and ability