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Name: Kerry Messick Observer: Tara Fazenbaker, Principal School: George’s Creek Elementary Date: April 18, 2017 observed a math lesson, which involved equivalent fractions and placement on a number | Use of technology with a review of previously taught concepts set the purpose of the lesson. This was a whole group lesson, where students interacted with manipulatives to help internalize the concepts for fractions. Instructional Planning * Your lesson was well prepared and focused student attention and practice. * You stated your objective and designed your activities to promote thinking. Instructional Delivery * You began your lesson with a review of previous learning. * Students were guided in practicing new concepts and skills. * You provided a variety of resources for students to become familiar with the concept; technology, manipulatives and a number line. Classroom Management * Materials were readily accessible to students. © The room was arranged in groups for students to interact with their classmates. * Student's behavior was monitored and you gave both positive and negative reinforcement to increase your desired outcome. Teacher-Learner Interaction At the beginning of the lesson, you assessed prior knowledge. You designed your lessons to extend knowledge of fractions. You used probing questions to elicit student responses. Constructive responses were given to student's questions and contributions. ‘+ You monitored ongoing performance of your students. Recommendations: ‘© Although you used sticks for selecting students to answer questions, f, be aware that some students did not participate verbally at anytime. ‘* Closure for the lesson should be a quick review of your objectives and a deliberate assessment of student progress is needed to plan for instruction.