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Mid-Term and Final Evaluation Form Team (ILT) for use by the Instructional Leaders! mentorteacrer; OVAL ON (D1 (1AM wnenmnesaons SEEpHANie Maw overatnatings “A - A Please use the rating scale below to indicate the developmental level of the intern/resident at this point in each of the 4 domains and use the comment section to provide support for each rating. Domain 1: Planning Proficient Deveioping |__Improvement Needed 3 I 1 d, sequential lessons that reflect best practice, TT Standards & Alignment: The interniresident designs clear, well-or align with standards and are appropriate for diverse learners, 1.2 Data & Assessment: The intern/resident uses formal and informal methods to measure student progress, then manages and analyzes student data to inform instruction. 1.3 Knowledge of Studenis: The intern/resident ensures high levels of leaming, social-emotional development and achievement for all students. 1.4 Activities: The intern/resident plans engaging, flexible lessons that encourage higher-order thinking and achievement. Eniesstammens a | Shy cxtwosp.chuct Sr urasisiay dileyus tc ¢ SANs Ws pasts le rch Or WHE MG ad, We ve (lect on less Baty, see ror Crawnges 0 be ade. we Domain 2: Instruction Proficient Develoning Improvement Needed 1 3 : G2 J 2.1 Achieving Expectations: The intern/resident supports all learners in their Aursuit of high levels of academic and social- emotional success. 2.2 Content Knowledge & Expertise: The intern/resident uses content and pedagogical expertise to design and execute lessons aligned with state standards, related content and student needs. 2.3 Communication: The intern/resident clearly and accurately communicates to support persistence, deeper learning and effective effort. 2.4 Differentiation: The intern/resident differentiates instruction, aligning methods and techniques to diverse student needs. 2.5 Monitor & Adjust: The intern/resident formally and informally collects, analyzes and uses student progress data and makes needed lesson adjustments. Evidence/Comm rr Sie NaS Aluctehow or cocky cou pla She wos wart in cpa OG WHLAS [A ADAOAS with ag yaas Sor ont V9 IL Tanec een ecelnen “UL ay ON ah ane Wer sta tondards.ic aback COnteN aNd Stu hewn’ wands, Domain 3: Learning Environment L Proficient Developing [improvement Needed (3) 2 1 3.1 Classroom Environment, Routines end Procedures: The intern/resident organizes a safe, accessible, and efficient | classroom, 3.2 Managing Student Behavior: The intern/resident estabi student behavior. 3.3 Classroom Culture: The intern/resident leads a mutually respectful and collaborative class of actively engaged learners. 7 Evidence/Comments: 7 ene atta Qiou ishes, communicates and maintains clear expectations for 1 rel Qi PCCAON, [Domain 4: Professional Practices and Responsibilities Proficient Developing |__ Improvement Needed ca) 2 t Z 4.1 Professional Demeanor & Fihies: The tern resident meets TAMUC and disiriat expectations for attendance, professional appearance, decorum, procedural, ethical, legal, and statutory responsibilities, (¢., Code of Ethies and Standard Practices for Texas Educator). + Develops positive, productive relationships with eoleagues + Demonstrates initiative and positive altitude in performance of duis and responsiities + Accepts and implements consiuctive suggestions for change and growh 42 Goal Setting: The intern/resident reflects on his/her practices. ‘Sets short and fong-trm professional goals based on self-assessment, elections, and mentonsupervsor suggestions ‘Demonstrates initiative to meet the goals, resulting in improvement in teaching practices and student achievement ‘43 Professional Development: The intern/resident enhances the professional community. ‘* Demonstrates collaborative practices by panicipating in all scheduled distrit and campus professional development activities ‘+ _ Actively participates in pre/post meetings withthe Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) 4.4 School Community Involvement: The intern/resident demonstrates initiative and leadership with students, colleagues, and community members in the school, district, and community through effective communication and outreach © Actively participates in extra duties throughout the school (e.g. bus duty, cafeteria duty, field trips, ete.) Evidence/Commen a 7 \ jSOn hoor avd ciessed Ab ac JOM QCM TMD. Go IY We AWAYS POAC PORES W) ei 1 AE Se Che sks opass fir hafSelF mene sene S awor}(Lionne? me 3-217 Intern/Resident Signature: Date: 3 ae mW dupha Shar