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tom yum soup with shrimp (gf) ^^ - 6

papaya salad with dried shrimp (gf) ^^^^^ - 11

vietnamese style spring rolls with pork & crab - 9

satay grilled chicken with peanut sauce - 11

moo ping grilled pork - 10

king oyster mushroom laab (v)(gf)* ^ - 10

southern fried chicken laab ^ - 12


khao soi with chicken ^ - 16

boat noodle soup with beef ^ - 16
mi ga ti with pork (gf) ^ - 16

kua gling pork ribs ^^^^ - 16

pad mama with hotdog - 15

pad prik king chicken (gf)* ^^^^ - 15.5

the following have choice of: chicken, veggie, tofu, or veggie & tofu
(substitute beef add 1, shrimp add 2)

pad thai bolan (gf)* - 15.5

pad thai vegan (v)(gf)* - 15.5
pad see ew (gf)*- 15.5

red curry (gf) ^^^^ - 16

green curry (gf) ^^^ - 16
green curry vegan (v)(gf)* ^^^ - 16

yellow curry fried rice with coconut - 15

daily special (please ask server)



MassamanCurry- 16(choiceofchickenortofu, substitutebeefadd1,shrimpadd2)

PadGraPrao- 16(choiceofchicken, porkortofu,substitutebeefadd1,shrimpadd2)

^ spice level (sorry, no returns if too spicy)

spice levels are not adjustable so please take care when ordering
please inform your server of any allergies before ordering

(a Khao San Road Joint)

starters mains mains (contd)

tom yum kung (gf) ^^ khao soi kai ^ - 16 the following dishes have choice of: chicken,
tom yum soup with shrimp -6 khao soi with chicken veggie, tofu, or veggie & tofu
a shrimp-based soup with multiple dimensions a comforting dish of egg noodles in a golden (substitute beef add 1, shrimp add 2)
of avour - sweet, spicy, sour, salty, and curry coconut broth, served with juicy fried
intense aromatics from kafr lime leaf, dark meat chicken and crispy skin. topped with pad thai bo lan (gf)* - 15.5
coriander, sh sauce, galangal and lemon- scallion, cilantro, preserved mustard greens, based on a vintage recipe ("bolan"), this stir-fry of
grass. nished with a touch of milk for a bean sprouts, shallots and crispy egg noodles. rice noodles, tofu, egg, and pickled radish is
creamy texture. avoured with a sauce containing tamarind & sh
sauce, giving it a subtle yet complex taste. served
som tum papaya salad (gf) ^^^^^ - 11 kuay teaw rua nua with bean sprouts, and fresh roasted peanuts. adjust
shredded green papaya, tomato, long bean, boat noodle soup with beef ^ - 16 to personal taste with fresh lime and toasted chili.
dried shrimp, garlic & fresh roasted peanuts originally served off boats on canals in central *vegan version available
tossed with a lime & sh sauce vinaigrette. thaliand. rice noodles served in a broth of house-
fresh thai bird chilis provide an intense made chicken stock seasoned with earthy spices of
cinnamon, star anise & nished with beef blood for
pad see ew (gf)* - 15.5
heat to this fresh, vibrant staple of thai
cuisine. richness. comes topped with 3 types of beef (braised fresh tender wide rice noodles and chinese
shank, sliced beef, beef balls), scallion, sweet thai broccoli are stir-fried with a rich blend of soy
basil, & toasted garlic. and oyster sauce. salty and slightly sweet avours
-9 are complimented by the wonderful aroma of "wok
por pia tod sai moo sub kub nua pu hay", the "breath of a wok" as produced by skilled
vietnamese style spring rolls with mi ga ti moo (gf) ^ - 16
pork & crab mi ga ti with pork
vietnamese style spring rolls with a lling this dish can be found across thailand - our
of pork, crab, woodear mushroom, carrot & northeastern version has thin rice noodles covered kaeng phed red curry (gf) ^^^^ - 16
glass noodles, within a light, crispy rice in a rich sauce of red curry, coconut, ground pork, a journey through avours - starting with the aromas
paper exterior. served with a sweet & spicy tender tofu pieces, long beans, beansprouts, dry of sweet basil, and kafr lime, yielding to the subtle
nam jim dipping sauce. chili and fresh roasted peanuts. nished with sweetness from kombucha squash, before unfolding to the
fresh aromatic sweet basil. true avours of red curry - the sweet red fruity esh
of the thai chili, that nishes with an intense spicy
sa tay kai kub nam ar jad - 11 kua gling ka duk moo kaeng kaew wan (gf) ^^^ - 16
satay grilled chicken with peanut sauce kua gling pork ribs ^^^^ - 16 green curry
tender char-grilled chicken on skewers, tender stewed pork ribs infused with kua gling, a this popular curry has layers of avour - fresh herbal
brushed with an aromatic curry coconut southern red curry, featuring the avours of notes of sweet basil and kafr lime, citrusy lemon-
glaze. served with a rich peanut sauce & a lemongrass, tumeric, peppercorn, garlic, galangal, grass, and the earthy, beautiful burn from fresh green
small side of refreshing cucumber salad. kafr lime, shrimp paste, chili, and coconut milk. thai bird chili. vegan version available (gf)*

moo ping grilled pork - 10 khao pad pong kra ree - 15

pad mama sai sai kok - 15 yellow curry fried rice with coconut
char-grilled skewers of pork shoulder pad mama with hot dog
marinated in sweet soy, oyster sauce, thai-style fried rice with the fragrant and recogniz-
coriander root & palm sugar. this is the "mac n cheese" of thailand. a comforting able avours of yellow curry and toasted coconut.
dish of tasty stir-fried instant noodles with tomatoes, fresh cilantro & crispy fried shallots add
vegetables, oyster sauce, sweet soy & hot dogs (the
laab heed (v) (gf)* ^ - 10 mama "tom yum" seasoning pack is added back in for
additional layers of avour and texture to this
popular dish.
king oyster mushroom salad good measure).
meaty king oyster mushrooms grilled and
tossed in fresh mint, shallots & toasted
rice. dressed in a lime & chili vinai- pad prik king kai (gf)* ^^^^ - 15.5
grette. pad prik king with chicken
tender chicken pieces stir fried in a complex dry
laab kai tod ^ - 12 red curry paste - there is heat, as well as the
southern fried chicken salad botanical sweetness of wild ginger, and fresh
kafr lime for aromatic brilliance.
a fusion of crispy southern style fried
chicken with northeastern thai avours
of fresh mint, shallots, toasted rice,
coriander, citrus and chili.

^ spice level
* spice levels are not adjustable so please
take care when ordering ( sorry, no returns
if too spicy)
** ingredients listed are not comprehensive
for all dishes. please inform your server of
any allergies before ordering

(v) vegan
(gf) gluten-free
(gf)* gluten-friendly - items marked with (gf)* contain
ingredients lab tested and veried to have no detectable
gluten (none, or less than 5 parts per million (ppm)). Health
Canada has determined the majority of people with Celiac
disease are still protected with foods containing less than
20ppm gluten.