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Elementary Education Formal Observation Form

Junior/Senior Intern

Student:Madison Weidner Observer: Carol Cosetti Grade: 4th

Date: April 5, 2017 Time: 12:35 - 2:15 Subject: ELA - Reading

1. Classroom Climate/Culture - Student Behavior

X Intern communicates and maintains standards for appropriate classroom behavior.
X Intern anticipates and acts on potential classroom disruptions.
X Intern maintains positive classroom climate.
X Intern responds to student behaviors appropriately.
Comments: Madison has worked to build positive relationships with all of the students. Madison was quick to react to
misbehaviors and/or off task behaviors in both small and large group instruction. She used examples of student share outs
during small group to redirect students and bring them back to the task. She also calls a students name, Correct, Malia? or
Did you hear what Tyler said? for redirection. She recognizes their excitement but reminds them that they need to speak
one at a time for all to hear their responses.

2. Instruction - Instructional Time

X Intern has materials, supplies, and equipment ready at the start of the lesson or activity.
X Intern gets class started quickly.
X Intern uses available time for learning and keeps students on task.
Comments: Madison had all materials out and technology open and ready to begin her lesson. She corrects behaviors
quickly and transitions back quickly to instruction.

3. Instruction - Instructional Planning and Presentation

X Intern establishes links with prior learning and experiences.
X Intern arranges learning activities to support standards.
X Intern appropriately uses a variety of teaching styles.
Comments: Students were able to use verbal skills to share with partners what the term stereotypes means to them.
Madison connected to their prior knowledge of their use of a venn diagram and how they may have used it in the past. She
also referred back to a story shared during read aloud from yesterdays lesson and how a characters actions connects to a
stereotype, as well as, using real life experiences for students to connect to. Madison also referred students back to

4. Instruction - Instructional Monitoring

X Intern circulates to check performance and monitor progress.
X Intern varies level of questioning.
X Intern ensures that all students have the opportunity to participate.
Comments: Madison provides cues when students become stumped in order for more students to have the opportunity to
participate in brainstorming of typical boy/girl stereotypes. Once

5. Impact on Student Learning - Facilitating Instruction

X Intern establishes clear outcomes for learning.
X Intern communicates learning outcomes to students.
X Intern adjusts lesson based on student responses/ongoing assessment.
X Intern connects learning outcomes to the NCSCOS.
Comments: Madison shared the learning outcomes with students. She changes her questioning based on student
responses, either correct or incorrect.

6. Evaluation/Assessment - Instructional Feedback

X Intern provides feedback on the correctness or incorrectness of in-class work to encourage student growth.
X Intern affirms correct oral responses appropriately and moves on.
X Intern provides sustaining feedback after an incorrect response by probing, repeating the question, giving a clue,
or allowing more time.
Comments: Madison did a great job of re-questioning when a student misunderstood how the term was not directly
connected to a venn diagram per say. Restated comments of previous students to help students come up with the
actual meaning of the unknown term. Madison gave appropriate wait time for students who needed to gather their
thoughts before sharing.
Strengths: Areas on which to focus:
Have an extension ready for those who finish the
Prepared and began lesson on time. activity early.

Good pace of lesson, not too much time on any one part. Have confidence in her abilities to plan and teach.

Classroom management.

Appropriate student wait time.

Altering questions based on student responses.

Were the learning outcomes for the students met? X YES NO

Did the interns/student teachers classroom management support the learning outcomes? Yes

Was the Teaching Behavior Focus goal achieved? Yes

Student Intern Signature:_______Madison Weidner_________________________ Date: 4/5/17_______

Mentor Teacher Signature:__Carol Cosetti________________________ Date:__4/5/17_______

University Supervisor Signature:___________________________________ Date:______________