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Section A L. Find the value of a, for which (x —i)is a factor of the polynomial ax? — dax +4a~1 ‘2. im the following figure, find the measurement of ZDBC, 3. What is the length of the side of an isosceles right angled triangle of hypotenuse 4V2 cm? 4. simplity (25)? x (9). Section B = a+ bV3, then find the values of a and b. 6, Find the value of k, for which the polynomial x= 3x? + 3x 4k has 3 as its zeta, 7. Factorise 6x" - (2x - y)*s 8 Find the, remainde;, when 3x” = 0x7 +34 ~ Fis divided by ax ~ 4 Or 9. inthe given figure, find the value of x c BLT & 4s a8 v 10. In the given figure, it AC = BD. then show Unt AB=CD. State that the Buelid’s postulate/axiom used for the same. Find the value of a, so that the polynomial soc x - ax? +13x +15, when divided by (x - 1), Gives 2 as the remainder. Section C 11. Evatuate(y5 +2y6) + (8 - 2045 sf ‘ Inthe given figure. " JBC and Mx =7+,/40, then tind the value of reaper Ee Find — (i) ZADE+ 2MEN 12, Represent \76 un the number line i 208 13. Factorise (iii) ZBLE 12x? + Tx)* — Bx? +7) - 1-152 -1 46. I the given figure, ZR> ZO,PS is the Or: bisector of ZQPRand PT L RQ. Show that If a, b, and e are all mon-zeroes and 1 a+b+c=0, then prove that TPS = 31