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Vol. 1 Issue 23 Pages 13 Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Price L 7.00




environment among others.
NATIONAL In the first phase of the training, 40 master trainers of Jharkhand will be trained
at the State institute of Rural Development, Ranchi.
Lawyers plan nationwide agitations against Advocates In the second phase, around 3000 Elected Women Representatives (EW Rs)
(Amendment) Bill, 2017 will be imparted training by the master trainers at the districts of Simdega,
Bar Council of India (BCI) has called for a nationwide stir against what they allege Pakur and Chatra of Jharkhand.
as the undemocratic provisions of the Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2017. At present, there are around 13 lakhs EWRs in panchayats throughout the country.
BCI has planned to submit a memorandum to the Union Law Minister to reject the In subsequent phases, similar training modules will be organised in different
Law Commissions suggestions to amend the Act. states throughout the country with the help of National Institute of Rural
The Law Commission of India has proposed various amendments to the Advocates Development, State Institutes of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj
Act, 1961 so as to usher in forward-looking reforms in the legal profession. Departments of the States.
It has placed before the government, the Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2017.
BCIs objections Union Cabinet decides to ban use of red beacon by VIPs from
BCI has condemned those proposals that deter lawyers from going on strike
and also those that allow entry of foreign law firms and lawyers to practice in
May 1
The Union Cabinet has put a
ban on the use of red beacons
According to BCI, the Law Commission has hastily prepared the amendment
at cars of VIPs.
bill without waiting for its final suggestions.
Only three categories were
It has stated that all the proposed amendments will take away the freedom of
exempted from the ban. They
lawyers to practice fearlessly in the court proceedings.
are the President, Vice-
The Law Commission as a part of its recommendations has proposed that the
President and Chief Justice of
bar council(s) should comprise one non-lawyer member so that it can be
made sure that effective actions are taken against lawyers indulging in
The exemption also applies
professional misconduct.
to the emergency service vehicles.
BCI has vehemently opposed this demand too. It says that this provision will
Accordingly, fire brigade, ambulance services, police vehicles and other
destroy the autonomy of the state council and the Bar Council of India.
emergency services will be allowed to use the blue beacon.
Law Commissions Response
The decision will come into force from May 1, 2017.
According to Law Commission, the recommendations was worked out after
In effect, the ban is applicable to the prime minister, union ministers, chief
receiving the suggestions of the BCI, which clearly supported for imposing
ministers, state cabinet ministers, bureaucrats and judges of the High Court
punitive action against those lawyers who go on strike causing inconvenience
and Supreme Court.
to the litigants and the justice delivery system.
The decision was taken to end VIP culture.
Law Commission also feels that if medical councils, press councils and other
As per the existing practice, a red light beacon can be used atop of vehicles of
institutions can have members from other fields then bar councils can also
high dignitaries specified by the Central and State government.
have non-lawyers as members so as to usher in accountability in the system.
As per the notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in
2005, the following dignitaries were eligible to use red light with a flasher.
Cabinet approves permission to avail external assistance by State They are the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Former President, Deputy
Government entities from bilateral agencies Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Cabinet Ministers
The Union Cabinet has approved the policy guidelines to allow financially sound of the Union, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, Former Prime Ministers,
State Government entities to borrow directly from bilateral ODA (Official development Leaders of Oppositions in the Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha, Judges of the Supreme
Assistance) partners for implementation of vital infrastructure projects. Court.
The guidelines will facilitate the State Government entities to directly borrow from As per the present decision, neither the state nor the central government can
the external bilateral funding agencies subject to fulfilment of certain conditions and nominate any members to use the red beacon.
all repayments of loans and interests to the funding agencies will be directly remitted
by the concerned borrower. Allahabad HC becomes pilot project for case backlog study
The concerned State Government will furnish guarantee for the Loan. The The Supreme Court has decided to put the Allahabad HC under the microscope
Government of India will provide counter guarantee for the loan. as a pilot project to investigate how High Courts deal with pendency.
Significance of this move: This is a target-specific exercise to study how criminal appeals face years of
Several State agencies are implementing major infrastructure projects of national delay as appellants face inhuman compulsions inside jails.
importance. The court has called for real-time statistics from the Allahabad HC and has also
These projects, even if viable and sound, have huge funding requirements and roped in some senior advocates to assist the Supreme Court.
borrowing by the State Governments for such projects may exhaust their The court has directed the HC Registrar to hand over particulars of the criminal
respective borrowing limits. appeals, category-wise and year-wise, for the study in four weeks.
Therefore, in order to accelerate the pace of investment in major infrastructure It also sought the High Court to produce details of the institution and disposal
projects in the country without compromising the need for external assistance statistics of last 10 years, average disposal time of the appeals, identified causes
for other sectors, this enabling provision in the existing guidelines was for the delay, steps already taken and in contemplation for tackling and
considered necessary to facilitate direct borrowing by the State Government accelerating disposals, mechanism in place to oversee the process and
entities from bilateral external agencies. progress recorded.
Present scenario: Presently, external development assistance from bilateral and
multilateral sources is received by the Government of India:
China announces names for six places in Arunachal Pradesh
For projects/programmes in the Central sector.
China has unilaterally announced standardised names for six places in
For projects executed by Central Public Sector Undertakings.
Arunachal Pradesh.
On behalf of the State Governments for State sector projects/programmes to be
It is felt that Chinese move comes as a retaliation against Dalai Lamas visit to
implemented by the State Governments and/or local bodies and public sector
Arunachal Pradesh.
Experts feel that Chinas announcement is aimed at reaffirming its territorial
The existing guidelines do not allow direct borrowings by the State Government
sovereignty over the region.
entities from external agencies.
According to the Chinese foreign ministry, change of names was a legitimate
action carried out in line with Chinese law.
Government launches programme for capacity building of Elected China has named the six places in Arunachal Pradesh with Roman alphabet as
Women Representatives (EWRs) of Panchayats Wogyainling, Mila Ri, Qoidngarbo Ri, Mainquka, Bmo La and Namkapub Ri.
The Ministry of W omen and Child Development in collaboration with the Ministry of The name Wogyainling is likely to be given to the Ugyen Ling monastery
Panchayati Raj has launched a nationwide programme for capacity building of (birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama), Qoidngarbo Ri is likely to be the name
Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) of Panchayats and a training program for given to Choten Karpo Ri, Mainquka is likely to be Mechuka in West Siang
Trainers of women panchayat leaders at Ranchi, Jharkhand. district and Bmo La is likely to be Bumla.
The Ministry of W omen and Child Development has launched the programme During the visit of Dalai Lama, Union minister of state for home Affairs Kiren
representatives at the grassroots level in various fields like engineering (building of Rijiju, had categorically asserted that Arunachal Pradesh is an inseparable and
roads, drains, latrines etc.), finance, social development, education, health, and integral part of India.
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 02
Technical textiles use in govt. projects gets push
Technical textiles or functional textiles, considered a sunrise sector in the country,
is all set for demand taking off for products such as geo and agro textiles.
Technical Textiles are defined as Textile material and products manufactured
primarily for their Technical performance and functional properties rather than
aesthetic and decorative characteristics.
Technical textiles include textiles for automotive applications, medical textiles (e.g.,
implants), geotextiles (reinforcement of embankments), agrotextiles (textiles for
crop protection), and protective clothing (e.g., heat and radiation protection for fire
fighter clothing, molten metal protection for welders, stab protection and bulletproof
vests, and spacesuits).
Functional textiles can be woven or non-woven. Automobile, geo, medical,
industrial, and agro textiles are among the range of products that are made in the
Technical textiles is a fragmented sector with several small and medium-scale
industries manufacturing specialised products.
The main challenges for technical textiles in the country are awareness among
consumers, need for technology and knowledge about it among entrepreneurs,
the investments and time needed to be innovative and develop applications, and
raw material availability.

Union Cabinet clears Election Commissions proposal to buy

VVPAT machines
The Union Cabinet has cleared the Election Commissions proposal to buy new
Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines. Under this project, one million acre feet (MAFT) of floodwaters of Narmada will
The machines are expected to be used in the 2019 General Elections. be diverted to the Saurashtra region.
In total, 1,126-kilometre-long network of giant pipelines would be laid to fill up
The Union Cabinet has permitted the Election Commission (EC) to procure
16,15,000 units, at an estimated base price of Rs. 3,173.47 crore. 115 reservoirs in the Saurashtra region by diverting flood waters overflowing
So far, EC has sent at least 11 reminders to the Centre seeking funds for procuring from the Sardar Sarovar Dam across the Narmada in south Gujarat.
The project aims to utilize the floodwater which otherwise overflows the Narmada
VVPAT machines.
The Centre has chosen Bengaluru-based Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) and dam during monsoon and drains into the sea.
Hyderabad-based Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL) to manufacture the Under the SAUNI project, instead of open canals, pipelines are used.
VVPAT units. The massive pipelines of SAUNI project will run underground and thus requires
The government has also directed the Price Negotiation Committee to negotiate no acquisition of farmers land and results in less water loss.
the final unit price. The pumping stations for the project will be constructed on government land.
It is expected that the two PSUs will need at least 30 months to produce over 16 The project envisages filling irrigation dams that already have canal networks
lakh VVPATs. to channel water to farms.
Therefore, technically, SAUNI project is a link project. Under the project, four
VVPAT machines-
The usage of VVPAT machines of the Election Commission is expected to trunk lines (Link I, II, III and IV) will carry water to the 115 dams spread across
ensure free and fair elections. the 11 districts of the Saurashtra region.
Link-1 of the project (180 km) originates from the Machhu II dam in Morbi district
In the VVPAT system, when a voter presses the button for a candidate of his
choice in the electronic voting machines (EVM), a paper ballot containing the and carries Narmada water to 30 dams.
serial number, the name of the candidate and poll symbol will be printed for Link-2 (253 km) originates from Limdi Bhogavo II dam in Surendrangar, and
the voter. supplies water to 17 dams.
The voters will be able to view the voter-verifiable paper audit trail slip for
Link-3 (245 km) originates from Dholi Dhaja dam in Surendranagar and ends
seven seconds after which it will get deposited in a sealed box. at Venu I dam of Rajkot district, carrying water to 28 dams along its length.
VVPAT machines can be regarded as an independent verification system as Link-4 originates from Limdi Bhogavo II dam and ends at Hiran II dam in Gir
it (i) allows voters to verify that their votes are cast correctly, (ii) detects Somnath district.
possible election fraud or malfunction and (iii) Provides a means to audit the
stored electronic results. Vastu Shashtra to be introduced in IIT Kharagpur
IIT Kharagpur plans to introduce Vastu Shashtra to the architecture students from
Constitution (123rd Amendment) Bill 2017 and National this year August.
While the rudiments of Vastu Shastra will be introduced to the first and second-
Commission for Backward Classes (Repeal) Bill, 2017 year undergraduate architecture students, detailed grounding on the subject will
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister has given Ex-post facto approval be imparted to the post graduate and research scholars in infrastructure.
for introduction of the following bills in the Parliament: For the UG students, graded modules related to basic design and history of
Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-third Amendment) Bill 2017. architecture will be taught.
National Commission for Backward Classes (Repeal) Bill, 2017. For the PG level, modules imparting solar principles, sacred diagrams, 9 circuit
The proposed Act of repeal is necessary in view of setting up of the National placements or the nabagraha mandal, sacred altars and design semiotics and
Commission for Backward Classes by insertion of Article 338B of the Constitution. semantics will be taught.
The decision will also enable effecting continuity in the functioning of the National Requirement to introduce because
Commission for Backward Classes under Article 338B. The faculty members of IIT Kharagpur feels that Vastu Shastra as a concept
The Constitution Amendment Bill is for:
needs to be included in the architecture and infrastructure syllabi.
Constitution of a Commission under Article 338B for socially and educationally
They are of the view that students be conversant with ancient Indian architectural
backward classes by name of National Commission for Backward Classes. traditions.
Insertion of Clause (26C) under Article 366 with modified definition viz. socially
They believe that ancient Indian concepts have a scientific basis and introducing
and educationally backward classes means such backward classes as are students to these will open up new avenues of knowledge.
so deemed under Article 342A for the purpose, this Constitution. The basic concept of Vastu Shastra revolves around the healthy relationship
NCBC repeal Bill is for: of nature and infrastructure and hence has modern relevance.
Repeal of the National Commission for Backward Classes Act, 1993 along
with Savings Clause for namely the National Commission for Backward
Classes (Repeal) Bill, 2017.
Legal Aid and Empowerment initiatives
Dissolution of the National Commission for Backward Classes with effect Three key legal aid and empowerment initiatives of the Department of Justice were
from such date as the Central Government may appoint in this behalf and recently launched.
the National Commission for Backward Classes constituted under sub- These initiatives are aimed at fulfilling the departments core mandate of enhancing
section (1) of Section 3 of the said Act shall stand dissolved. access to justice for the poor and vulnerable communities, including making
accessible quality and effective legal aid for them.
Following initiatives were launched:
PM inaugurates phase-I of the Link-2 pipeline canal of SAUNI Pro bono legal Services:
project The Pro bono legal
Prime Minister has inaugurated phase-I (Link-2) services initiative is a
pipeline canal of the ambitious Saurashtra web based platform,
Narmada Avtaran Irrigation (SAUNI) Yojana in through which interested
Botad district of Gujarat. lawyers can register
He laid foundation stone for the Phase-II (Link-2) themselves to volunteer
of the SAUNI Yojana in Saurashtra. pro bono services for the
The design of Link-2 is to pump Narmada water underprivileged litigants,
in 17 dams spread across Botad, Bhavnagar and Amreli who are unable to afford
districts of Gujarat. it.
This is considered as a second milestone of the Rs 12,000 The Department of Justice
crore projects to pump Narmada water to the arid has launched the online
Saurashtra region. application for this
Link-1 canal will take water to 30 dams in Jamnagar and initiative on its website
Devbhoomi Dwarka districts. Last year, in August, Prime
Minister dedicated phase-I of the Link-I canal to the nation. Through this online portal,
About SAUNI project: litigants from marginalised
The project is not a part of the Narmada project but is based communities(including
on it. members of scheduled
The entire SAUNI project envisages supplying water for irrigation castes and scheduled tribes, women,
purposes to 10.22 lakh acres of land in Saurashtra region.
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 03

children, senior citizens, persons with low income and persons with Free Coaching for Scheduled Castes and OBCs (70: 30 ratio); and
disabilities) can also apply for legal aid and advice from the pro bono lawyers. Upgradation of merit.
This is aimed at fulfilling the mandate of quality legal aid for all.
Tele Law: Mainstreaming Legal Aid through Common Service Centre: Regulatory body issues new ad norms for celebrities
Through this initiative, the Department of Justice and NALSA are partnering Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), the ad industrys self-regulatory
with CSC- E- Governance Service Limited for mainstreaming legal aid to the body, has released a set of guidelines for celebrity endorsing products.
marginalized communities through the Common Service Centers (CSCs). As per the guidelines, celebrities are personalities from the field of entertainment
This initiative is aimed at facilitating delivery of legal advice through an expert and sports and also includes other well known personalities like doctors, authors,
panel of lawyers stationed at the State Legal Services Authorities (SLSA). activists and educationists who gets compensation for appearing in
The project would connect lawyers with clients through video conferencing advertisements.
facilities at CSCs, operated by para legal volunteers. The guidelines aim to clamp down on random or exaggerated claims made by
For this purpose, this initiative would also play a pivotal role in empowering celebrity advertising.
1000 women para legal volunteers. The objective of this move is to protect consumer interest while encouraging
Using CSCs for mainstreaming legal aid services for the marginalized at the celebrities and advertisers to refrain from endorsing misleading advertisements,
panchayat levels would ensure that legal aid reaches populations which especially of products or services which can cause serious financial loss or physical
remained untouched due to geographical challenges and/or lack of harm.
infrastructure. Important guidelines:
The project would be launched across 1800 panchayats in Uttar Pradesh, Celebrities must exercise due diligence to make sure that all description
Bihar, North Eastern States and Jammu & Kashmir. claims and comparisons made in the advertisements that they endorse are
District Facilitation Centre to reduce pendency: Engagement of Nyaya Mitra not misleading and deceptive.
Nyaya Mitra scheme is aimed at reducing pendency of cases across selected It will be the duty of the advertiser and the advertising agency to make sure that
districts, with special focus on those pending for more than 10 years. celebrities are aware about the ASCI guidelines.
Functionalized through a retired judicial or executive officer (with legal ASCI have barred celebrities to endorse product/treatment/remedy that is
experience) designated as the Nyaya Mitra, the project would be operated prohibited under The Drugs & Magic Remedies Act (Objectionable
out of District Facilitation Centres, housed in CSCs. Advertisements) and the Drugs & Cosmetic Act.
Nyaya Mitras responsibilities would include among others assistance to Celebrities should not endorse those products which by law require a health
litigants who are suffering due to delay in investigations or trial, by actively warning on its packaging or advertisement.
identifying such cases through the National Judicial Data Grid, providing Celebrities seeking the advice of ASCI to ascertain whether the advertisement
legal advice and connecting litigants to DLSA, CSC Tele Law, other potentially violates any provision of the ASCI code or not would be considered
government agencies and civil society organisations. of having completed due diligence.
He/she shall also refer the marginalized applicants to Lok Adalats for dispute Also, the advertising advice of ASCI cannot be construed as pre-clearance for
resolution and render assistance towards prison reforms within the district, an advertisement.
in coordination with the district judiciary and other stakeholders. Significance of this move:
This initiative would be launched in 227 districts including 27 districts from Celebrities have been deployed by marketers to add credibility to their brand
North East and Jammu & Kashmir and 200 districts from Uttar Pradesh, offering.
Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Odisha, Gujarat, West Bengal etc. and would These celebrities, however, have a huge responsibility to ensure that the
be operated out of CSCs. products they endorse or feature in, are true to the claims made in those
advertising messages.
PM launches cashless/less cash township models across 12 The guidelines will help in ensuring that claims made in advertising are not
misleading, false or go unsubstantiated
About ASCI: ASCI is a self regulatory, voluntary, non-governmental body of the
Prime Minister has launched 81 cashless/less cash townships across 12 states
advertising industry founded in 1985. The aim of ASCI is to enhance the publics
in Nagpur.
confidence in advertising and ensure that all advertising material is truthful, legal,
The 81 townships included 56 in Gujarat and 25 in 11 states including Delhi,
honest, decent and not objectify women and fair.
Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar and Chhatisgarh.
The model of cashless/less cash township was developed by Gujarat Narmada
Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd (GNFC) across these States under the
auspices of National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog.
GNFCs township at Bharuch (Gujarat) had become Indias first 100% cashless
township after demonetization.
India contributes USD 2,50,000 to Election Assistance Division
It is expected that these 81 townships will deliver 2.5 lakh cashless transactions of UN
per day, translating into 9 crore cashless transactions in a year. India has contributed USD 2,50,000 to the UN Election Assistance Division to help
The townships for adopting GNFCs model were selected based on a third-party other countries to hold elections and develop their electoral systems.
assessment by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC). This is the second time that India has contributed USD 2,50,000 towards electoral
The chosen 81 townships belonged to that of central public sector companies assistance and capacity building.
such as ONGC, Indian Oil, NTPC, SAIL, BHEL, NMDC, CRPF, BSF and Police The first assistance was made in 2012.
Lines and also to private sector townships like Reliance, Essar, Adani, Birla Aditya, Types of Assistance:
Welspun etc. Technical assistance
Criteria for qualification of a township to a less cash township are: Election observation and other assessments
Townships must have completed the payment acceptance infrastructure; Organization or Supervision of Elections.
All the families residing in the townships must have been covered under UN entities providing electoral assistance:
training programmes; The Department of Political Affairs (DPA)
80% of total transactions during the review period should have been done The Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)
through digital modes. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
NITI Aayog has appreciated GNFCs model and had advised Central ministries The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
and CMDs of 300-plus central PSUs for quickly adopting to this model. United Nations Volunteers (UNV)
As per the study conducted by PWC on GNFCs cashless initiative, following The United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS)
benefits have been identified: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
It resulted in financial inclusion, cashlessness as a lifestyle, better parental
control over childs expenses, womens empowerment, more convenience Madhesi Parties in Nepal unite to form a new united Political
in performing transactions and social upliftment. Party
Over 96% of farmers during the assessment reported cost savings resulting Five prominent Madhesi parties in Nepal have united to form a new united party
from fewer trips to fertiliser shops and discounts on cashless transactions. named the Rastriya Janata Party, which will be the fifth largest party in Nepals
They have also reported better money management. Parliament.
Interestingly the word Madhes has not been included in the new partys name.
Government covers 14 SC, ST, OBC and DNT scholarship This announcement of unification has come ahead of elections to local government
schemes under Digital Payments bodies scheduled on May 14.
The Government has stated that 14 scholarship schemes for Scheduled Castes The five parties that have united are Mahantha Thakurs Tarai Madhes Loktantrik
and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) / Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-nomadic Party, Rajendra Mahatos Sadbhawana Party, Sharat Singh Bhandaris Rastriya
Tribes (DNTs) students come under Digital Payments Initiatives. Madhes Samajbadi Party, Mahendra Yadavs Tarai Madhes Sadbhawana Party
This is expected to benefit 3.54 crore students across the country. and Rajkishor Yadavs Madhesi Janadhikar Forum- Ganatantrik.
As per the modalities of this initiative, all scholarship amount will be deposited in It has been announced that leaders of the five parties will lead the Rastriya Janata
the bank accounts of the students. Party by rotation.
There will be a 60% Aadhaar seeding in SC student bank account. The new party will continue to push for addressing the demands and grievances of
Educational Empowerment is carried out by virtue of scholarships, hostels for Madhesis including amendment of the Constitution.
students, coaching facilities, capital for creation/upgradation of premises, The new party has warned the Nepal government that they would disrupt the
institution etc. upcoming elections to local bodies if their demands, including proportional
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment spends 54 % of its Budget on representation in Parliament are not met.
scholarships for Scheduled castes. In addition, the government has tasked each
branch of public sector banks to handhold at least one SC/ST youth, as an Pakistan Leases Gwadar port to a State-run Chinese firm for 40
entrepreneur, to generate more employment among the members of the years
community. Pakistan has leased the operations of its strategic Gwadar port to a State-run
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is the nodal ministry for the Chinese firm, the China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) for a period of
implementation of seven different types of scholarships. They are: 40 years.
Post and Pre-Matric Scholarships; COPHC is slated to carry out all the developmental work on the port situated in the
Top Class Scholarship; Balochistan province of Pakistan.
National Overseas Scholarships; COPHC took over the operations of the port in 2013. Previously, the control of the
National Fellowship for Scheduled Castes administered by the UGC; Gwadar port was with Singapores PSA (Port of Singapore Authority) International.
Pre-Matric Scholarship for Children of those engaged in unclean occupations; As per the contract, 91% share of revenue collection from gross revenue of terminal
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 04
and marine operations as well as 85% share from gross revenue of free zone for a period up to four years.
operation will go to the COPHC. The programme will be replaced with a more stringent system, making it difficult to
The provinces will not be given any share in the revenue collection. Gwadar Port is hire non-Australian citizens.
a warm-water, deep-sea port situated on the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Balochistan This is aimed at giving priority for Australian workers for Australian jobs.
province of Pakistan. According to the notification, the new visa programme will cut more than 200 eligible
It is located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf just outside the strategically important jobs for skilled migrants from 651 to 435, visa fees are set to increase, and the
Strait of Hormuz. visas will be restricted to filling critical skills shortages.
It features as the southern Pakistan hub of the $57 billion China-Pakistan New regime:
Economic Corridor (CPEC) plan. The new Australian visa will have two streams: one for the short term, allowing
It is considered as a vital link between the Chinese One Belt, One Road initiative entry for up to two years, and a medium-term option granting up to four years
and the Maritime Silk Road project. access, which will similar to the current 457 visa, the Australian government
Advantages for China said. The occupation list for the four-year visa includes IT professionals, so
Gwadar offers China a shortest route to oil-rich West Asia and Africa. there continues to be visa options for skilled Indian nationals.
China can use the port to transport fuel into north-western China, by transporting But both streams will come with several riders such as mandatory labour
oil and gas from the port through pipelines to Chinas Xinjiang province. market testing with limited exemptions, a new non-discriminatory workforce
Having Gwadar under its command would change the security dynamics for test, criminal history checks, a market salary rate assessment and a new
China. two-year work experience requirement. Further, English language
As Chinas oil imports increase, it would prefer to insulate its energy transports requirements will be tightened for the medium-term stream.
from the troubled waters of the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea. The new visa will also include a strengthened training obligation for employers
Implications for India sponsoring foreign skilled workers to provide enhanced training outcomes
Gwadar port offers serious strategic implications for India. for Australians in high-need industries and occupations.
Gwadar provides China a key listening post to observe the Indian naval How would this affect Indians?
activities around the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Aden. The move is expected to impact Indian IT and other companies.
The Gwadar port, if fully operationalised, will wean Pakistan away from near- India provides the highest number of temporary skilled workers to Australia of
total dependence on Karachi, which is much closer to India and hence within any country; eight out of the top 10 occupations for Indian 457 visa holders (as
the Indian militarys strike range. at December 2016) were IT professionals.
Lease of Gwadar port also helps China to encircle India (String of Pearls) and According to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection,
gain strategic advantage in the region. Indians constituted 76% of the total 457 visas issued in the three IT streams,
India has apprehensions that these ports could be used for military purpose and 57% of permanent migrant visas issued in the skilled stream of workers
as well. last year.
The Centre is studying the implications of the Australian governments decision to
Chinese President announces military restructure of PLA scrap a visa programme that benefited Indians.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced a restructure of the Peoples It has warned that the move could have an impact on negotiations on the free trade
Liberation Army (PLA) with an aim to make it as a leaner fighting force with agreement Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreements (CECA)
enhanced joint operations capability. between both countries.
President Xi Jinping is the chair of the Central Military Commission, and also
commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Australia announces sweeping changes to Citizenship laws
The present restructure is the second major phase of President Xis reforms. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made sweeping changes to
Earlier in September 2015, President Xi announced a reduction in the number of Citizenship laws unveiling tighter requirements for new applicants.
military personnel by 300,000. This announcement follows the recent scrapping of the 457 visa program for foreign
Those reforms also included establishing a joint operational command structure workers, which was used majorly by the Indians.
by 2020. The 457 programme was scrapped to tackle the growing unemployment in the
Xi is also seen rooting out corruption in the military by jailing dozens of senior country.
military officers. Salient highlights
China is also rapidly upgrading its military hardware owing to its increasingly As per the new requirement, applicants for obtaining citizenship must be
assertive stance about its sovereignty claims in the South China Sea and its permanent residents for at least four years, which is three years longer than
plans to expand its military influence overseas. the present requirement.
Salient highlights The applicants must be committed to embrace Australian values and
The new structure of PLA will have 84 units. All the 84 units will be at the respect the countrys laws.
combined-corps level so that the commanders will hold the rank of major- The applicant should not have got involved in criminal activity, including family
general or rear-admiral. violence or involvement in organised crime, which is thoroughly inconsistent
The members of the units would likely be regrouped from existing forces. with Australian values.
All the 84 units will be placed under 15 agencies. The applicants have to pass a standalone English test which will focus heavily
The military restructure will be carried out by placing greater emphasis on on respect for women and children.
new capabilities including cyberspace, electronics and information warfare. English language proficiency test is meant for economic participation and
integration into the Australian community and social cohesion.
Trumps order targets H-1B programme The number of times an applicant can fail the citizenship is determined as
President Trump has signed an executive order that directs federal agencies to three.
review employment immigration laws to promote Hire American policies. At present, there is no restriction on the number of times an applicant can fail.
The order makes no immediate changes to work visa programs but tells the In addition, applicants will be automatically disqualified if they are found
Departments of Labor, Justice, Homeland Security and State to study existing cheating during the citizenship test.
laws and procedures and recommend changes.
In the case of one program, H-1B temporary visas, the order directs the agencies President Erdogan wins sweeping powers
to suggest changes to help ensure that the visas are awarded to the most skilled, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won the referendum on granting him
best-paid immigrant workers. sweeping new powers by a clear majority.
The order also calls for a crackdown on fraud and abuse in the current system of The Yes vote garnered by Erdogan was 51.36% and No was 48.64%. while the
work visas which the agencies had already signaled they would do. supporters of Erdogan has hailed the results, the two main opposition parties
What is the H-1B program, and why is the president focused on it? have challenged the results.
The H-1B program grants 65,000 work visas a year to foreigners, with 20,000 The draft of the new constitution has the following salient features:
more visas granted to foreigners with advanced degrees and an unlimited Next presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on 3 November
number of extra visas available for universities, teaching hospitals and other 2019;
nonprofit organizations. It provides for a five year tenure and maximum of two terms for the President;
The program is aimed at highly skilled workers, and most of the visas are The president will have powers to directly appoint top public officials, including
awarded to technology companies, although other specialty industries such ministers;
as fashion also use the visas. President will be able to assign one or several vice-presidents;
Under federal law, employers that use a large number of H-1B workers are The job of prime minister would be scrapped;
supposed to document that they tried to hire Americans for the jobs. President will have power to intervene in the judiciary;
All H-1B employers are also required to pay prevailing wages to the immigrant The president will have power to decide whether or not to impose a state of
workers who receive the visas. emergency.
Labor Department data shows that about 40% of the visas go to entry-level
workers and another 40% go to people with limited experience and skills.
The Trump administration says that more of the jobs performed by those
people could and should be filled by Americans. MoU Signed Between NSFDC & Development Commissioner
How are the visas allocated?
Visa applications must be sponsored by employers.
National Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation (NSFDC) under
Every April 1, the government begins accepting applications for the next fiscal
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and Development Commissioner
year, which starts Oct. 1.
(Handlooms) under Ministry of Textiles have signed a Memorandum of
This year, the government received 199,000 H-1B applications in the first five
Understanding (MoU).
days and then stopped accepting them.
The objective of signing this MoU is to help Scheduled Caste weavers and their
Because there are more applicants than visas, the visas are awarded by
families by promoting production and marketing of high value quality Handlooms
products at Block level Cluster in various States like Gujarat, Maharashtra,
Each visa is good for three years and can be renewed for three more years.
Rajasthan, Odisha etc.
Immigrants who are applying for a permanent residency visa, known as a
As per the MoU, signing parties shall popularize the schemes of DC (Handlooms)
green card, can typically stay longer while waiting for approval.
amongst the SC weavers through Awareness Programmes and advertisements in
electronic/print media in SC weavers concentrated areas.
Australia visa cut to hit Indian IT workers They shall collaborate for capacity building including skill upgradation and economic
The Australian government has scrapped the Australian 457 visa programme that development of SC weavers and their families for achieving the desired outcome.
allowed Australian companies to hire foreign workers in a number of skilled jobs Exhibitions/Fairs shall be organized by both the parties for providing marketing
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 05
assistance to SC weavers for enhancing their earnings. with a basic unit of 1 gram.
Both the parties shall also organize relevant skill development programmes for Tenor: The tenor of the Bond will be for a period of 8 years with exit option from
up-gradation of skills of the scheduled caste weavers in clusters and also for 5th year to be exercised on the interest payment dates.
sharing knowledge and experience. Minimum size: Minimum permissible investment will be 1 gram of gold.
This endeavour shall enable scheduled caste weavers to sharpen their skills for Maximum limit: The maximum amount subscribed by an entity will not be
production and marketing of high value quality handloom products and better more than 500 grams per person per fiscal year (April-March). A self-
marketing linkages and therefore to have more income. declaration to this effect will be obtained.
NSFDC: NSFDC was set up in 1989 as a non profit company under Ministry of Interest rate: The investors will be compensated at a fixed rate of 2.50% per
Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India for financing, facilitating annum payable semi-annually on the nominal value.
and mobilizing funds for the economic empowerment of persons belonging to the Collateral: Bonds can be used as collateral for loans. The loantovalue (LTV)
Scheduled Castes families living below double the Poverty Line. ratio is to be set equal to ordinary gold loan mandated by the Reserve Bank
from time to time.
Power Purchase Agreement for Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Power Tradability: Bonds will be tradable on stock exchanges within a fortnight of the
Project signed issuance on a date as notified by the RBI.
Madhya Pradesh government has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA)
with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to supply 24% of electricity generated Telangana Cabinet clears bill to increase quotas for STs, Muslims
from the Rewa ultra mega solar project to be set up in the state. Both the houses of Telangana Legislature have cleared a bill which increases the
Rewa Ultra Mega Solar (RUMS) project is a joint venture of Solar Energy Corporation reservations for Scheduled Tribes and backward sections among the Muslim
of India and MP Urja Vikas Nigam, where in both parties have 50% stake. community in government jobs and educational institutions.
When completed, it will be the worlds largest singlesite solar power project. The Telangana Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the lead transaction advisor for this (Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutions and of Appointments or Posts in
project that will mobilise USD 550 million in private investment and avoid a million the Services under the State) Bill, 2017 was cleared amid opposition from many
tonnes of GHG (Greenhouse gas) emissions. MLAs.
Under the bill, quota for STs will be increased to 10% from the existing 6%, while
Uttar Pradesh signs Power for All agreement with Centre that for BC-E category (the backward sections among the Muslim community) will
go up to 12% from the existing 4%.
The Uttar Pradesh government has signed an agreement with the Centre for
The total reservations in the state, consequently, will go up to 62% from the existing
Power for All.
With this, Uttar Pradesh, which was the only state in the country which had not
States like Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand already have reservations totalling more
signed the agreement, has finally come on board the central government scheme.
than 50 percent.
As a part of energy efficiency measures, 10,000 energy efficiency solar- panel
The reservation exceeds the Supreme Courts 50% ceiling for such benefits. Now,
pumps will be distributed through Centres undertaking, Energy Efficiency Services
the Centre has to include the bill in the 9th schedule of Constitution to grant it
immunity from a judicial review.
In addition, it has been agreed to distribute energy efficient bulbs, tube lights and
fans at cheaper rates.
Separately, the state government has also launched 1912 as the toll-free helpline RBI issues Revised Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) framework
for the consumers in rural areas to communicate their grievances pertaining to for NPAs
power and electricity. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has come out with a revised prompt corrective
About Power for All scheme action (PCA) framework for banks.
247 Power for All scheme is a joint initiative of the central and state governments, The revised framework would apply to all banks operating in India including small
with the objective of providing round-the-clock electricity to all households, and foreign banks.
industry, commercial businesses and any other electricity consuming entities The revised norms have set out three thresholds. The thresholds are based
within four years. on capital, net nonperforming assets, profitability and leverage ratio.
The government strives to provide 247 power across the country by 2019. Need for revised framework
RBI had promised to revise the PCA framework at its first monetary policy
Logistics pact with U.S. almost done review of the current fiscal held on April 6, as the bad loans including those
India is all set to notify the operationalising of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum already restructured reached USD 80 billion or 15% of the system as of March
of Agreement (LEMOA) with the U.S. 2017.
The notification includes designating the points of contact for the U.S. military to As per the estimates, the NPAs of state-run banks reached Rs 6.3 lakh crore
work with and setting up a common account for payments. as of September compared to Rs 5.5 lakh crore at the end of June 2016.
The U.S., which has similar agreements with several countries, has already notified Salient guidelines of revised PCA
the details. Capital, Asset Quality and profitability would be the basis on which the banks
After the notification, the U.S. is expected to formally ratify the agreement which will would be monitored.
then operationalise the pact. Banks would be placed under PCA framework depending upon the audited
LEMOA, a tweaked India-specific version of the Logistics Support Agreement (LSA), annual financial results and RBIs supervisory assessment.
which the U.S. has with several countries it has close military to military cooperation. RBI may also impose PCA on any bank including migration from one threshold
It is also one of the three foundational agreements - as referred to by the U.S. to another if circumstances so warrants.
LEMOA gives access, to both countries, to designated military facilities on either RBI has defined three kinds of risk thresholds and the PCA will depend upon
side for the purpose of refuelling and replenishment. the type of risk threshold that was breached.
India and the U.S. already hold large number of joint exercises during which If a bank breaches the risk threshold, then mandatory actions include the
payments are done each time, which is a long and tedious process. restriction on dividend payment/remittance of profits, restriction on branch
Under the new agreement, a mechanism will be instituted for book-keeping and expansion, higher provisions, restriction on management compensation
payments and officials, who will act as nodal points of contact, will be designated and directors fees.
on both sides. Specifically, the breach of Risk Threshold 3 of CET1 (common equity tier 1)
The agreement will primarily cover four areas port calls, joint exercises, training by a bank would call for resolution through tools like amalgamation,
and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief. Any other requirement has to reconstruction, winding up among others.
be agreed upon by both sides on a case-by-case basis. RBI in its discretion can also carry out the following actions:
However, this is not a basing agreement. There will be no basing of the U.S. Recommend the bank owner be it government/promoters/parent of foreign
troops or assets on Indian soil. This is purely a logistical agreement. bank branch to bring in new management/board.


RBI raises red flag over banks telecom exposure
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has raised a red flag over banks loans to telecom
players and asked the lenders to increase their standard asset provisioning more
than what is prescribed so that they can built necessary resilience.
RBI has asked the banks to make provisions for standard assets in this sector at
higher rates so that necessary resilience is built in the balance sheets should the
stress reflect on the quality of exposure to the sector at a future date.
Telecom players are reeling under a huge debt estimated to be about 4.2 lakh
crore amid a tariff war and a consolidation among some of the players.
The telecom sector is reporting stressed financial conditions, and presently interest
coverage ratio for the sector is less than one.
Interest coverage ratio of less than one means the companys EBIDTA (Earnings
Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) is not sufficient to repay
interest, let alone principal.

Government of India to issue Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18

Government of India, in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India, has decided
to issue Sovereign Gold Bonds 2017-18 - Series I.
The Bonds will be sold through banks, Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited
(SHCIL), designated post offices and recognised stock exchanges viz., National
Stock Exchange of India Limited and Bombay Stock Exchange.
Key features of the bond:
Issuance: To be issued by Reserve Bank India on behalf of the Government of
Eligibility: The Bonds will be restricted for sale to resident Indian entities
including individuals, HUFs, Trusts, Universities and Charitable Institutions.
Denomination: The Bonds will be denominated in multiples of gram(s) of gold
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 06
Advise banks board to activate the recovery plan as approved by the supervisor. IMD has the responsibility for forecasting, naming and distribution of warnings for
Advise banks board to carry out a detailed review of business model, the tropical cyclones in the Northern Indian Ocean region, including the Malacca Straits,
profitability of business lines and activities, assessment of medium and long- the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf.
term viability, balance sheet projections among others.
Review short term strategies and medium-term business plans and carry out CM Connect app
any other corrective actions like the removal of officials and supersession or Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has launched a new mobile app CM Connect.
suppression of the board. The app Andhra Pradesh runs on Microsofts Kaizala platform.
Way ahead The app will be useful in receiving feedback from the public directly on any given
The provisions of the revised PCA framework will be effective from April 1, 2017 issue.
based on the financials of the banks for the year ended March 31, 2017. With this App, people can share the confidential information with the Chief Minister
The framework would be reviewed after three years. directly.
The app would help in effective planning, improving and implementation of the
Allow anchor investors in SME IPOs schemes and programmes.
Investment bankers have asked the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
to allow anchor investors in public issues of small and medium enterprises LHS 1140b: Another planet in habitable zone discovered
(SMEs). Astronomers have discovered yet another planet, called LHS1140b, which is
Enhancing the upper limit for paid-up capital of such companies to allow relatively expected to be present in the Goldilocks Zone.
larger firms to enter the capital market while ensuring institutional investor Its not so far away, either. It is found orbiting around the star LHS 1140 some 39
participation in the dedicated segment. light-years away.
Background: With SME segment growing leaps and bounds, the SME segment is Goldilocks Zone refers to a habitable zone where the temperature is neither too
being approached by many institutions who are keen to participate as anchors in high nor too low.
SME IPOs. However, the existing regulatory framework does not permit it. The planet is found to be rocky, like the Earth but is over six-times as massive as
Who are Anchor investors? Earth and about 1.5-times larger and falls under the category of Super Earth.
Anchor investors are institutional investors that can bid for shares ahead of the Its gravitational pull will be three times stronger than that of the Earth.
IPO and have a lock-in of 30 days. Rocky planets within the habitable zone are the best candidates to find evidence of
This rule ensures that investors who want to flip shares on listing, do not use some form of life.
the anchor route. Super Earth: These are planets that are bigger and more massive than Earth and
Anchor investors or cornerstone investors are invited to subscribe for shares yet smaller and less massive than the next biggest planet, Neptune.
ahead of the IPO to boost the popularity of the issue and provide confidence If the atmosphere is found to be thick and filled with carbon dioxide, like Venus,
to potential IPO investors. then it can be concluded that it would be too hot to hold life or water.
The benefit for institutional investors applying in anchor quota is that they get On the other hand, if the atmosphere is too thin and wispy like Mars, then all the
guaranteed allotment. water will get locked up as ice.
Allotment to investors applying in an IPO depends on the number of times the
issue gets subscribed. Not just a love hormone
According to a recent study, Oxytocin, often referred to as the love hormone, is
Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) crosses loan targets involved in a broader range of social interactions than previously understood.
Loans disbursed under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) have crossed The new study pinpoints a unique way in which oxytocin alters activity in a part of
its target of Rs 1.8 lakh crore in the financial year 2016-17. the brain called the nucleus accumbens, which is crucial to experiencing the
Loans extended currently stand at Rs. 1,80,087 crore with final data still awaited pleasant sensation neuroscientists call reward.
from some of the smaller non-banking lenders. The findings not only provide validity for ongoing trials of oxytocin in autistic patients,
Of this amount, Rs. 1,23,000 crore was lent by banks while non-banking institutions but also suggest possible new treatments for neuropsychiatric conditions in which
lent about Rs. 57,000 crore. social activity is impaired.
In this years budget, Rs 2.44 lakh crore has been set as a target for Mudra loans Oxytocin has also been dubbed the hug hormone, cuddle chemical, moral
for the financial year 2017-18. molecule, and the bliss hormone due to its effects on behavior, including its role in
Data compiled so far indicates that the number of borrowers this year were over 4 love and in female reproductive biological functions in reproduction.
crore, of which over 70% were women borrowers. Oxytocin is a hormone that is made in the brain, in the hypothalamus. It is
About 20% of the borrowers were from the Scheduled Caste Category, 5% from the transported to, and secreted by, the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of
Scheduled Tribe Category, while Other Backward Classes accounted for almost the brain.
35% of the borrowers. It acts both as a hormone and as a brain neurotransmitter.
Robust growth in bank loans to unfunded and underfunded segments of the society The release of oxytocin by the pituitary gland acts to regulate two female reproductive
indicates that this category of borrowers has emerged as a key driver of demand functions: Childbirth and Breastfeeding.
for credit.
Non-insistence of collateral/guarantor, simple documentation and quick processing SREP robot developed by NIO
are the three praiseworthy attributes of the MUDRA loans.
Scientists at CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) have developed a
About the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) scheme:
robotic platform, Seabed Resident Event Profiler (SREP) that is capable of being
The PMMY Scheme was launched in April, 2015.
stationed at any water depth from 0-200 metres to track the oceanic processes.
The objective of this scheme to launch a Micro Units Development and
The robot has been designed to regularly record the water column information at
Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Bank to support the entrepreneurs of Scheduled
every 10 to 25 cm during every profile four times a day.
castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes entrepreneurs in the
The robot was tested during the recent voyage of RV Sindhu Sadhana, the latest
MSME sector.
state of the art research vessel of NIO.
The scheme, which has a corpus of Rs 20,000 crore, can lend betweenRs
The SREP robot has been designed particularly to carry out studies related to the
50,000 and Rs 10 lakh to small entrepreneurs.
monsoon, global climate and upwelling.
MUDRA loans can be availed for non-agricultural activities upto Rs 10 lakh and
Upwelling is a phenomenon associated with the monsoon that sees the migration
for activities allied to agriculture such as dairy, poultry bee keeping etc.
of deep sea oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) towards the coast.
Banks and MFIs can draw refinance under the MUDRA Scheme after becoming
It also brings the nutrient-rich water to the surface and enhances the biological
member-lending institutions of MUDRA.
productivity of the region.
Mudras unique features include a Mudra Card which permits access to Working
Several sensors attached to SREP is capable of detecting the conditions
Capital through ATMs and Card Machines.
associated with upwelling such as low temperature, low oxygen, high nutrients,
The scheme provides loans to micro units in three categories ranging from
and changes in density patterns etc.
Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 lakh.
This enables SREP to effectively track upwelling during June to September.
Shishu: Loan up to Rs 50,000
Upwelling is an important phenomenon for the ecosystem sustenance and fishery.
Kishore: Loan ranging from Rs 50,001 to Rs 5 lakh
Similarly, since south-west monsoon forms the backbone of the countrys economy,
Tarun: Loan ranging from Rs 500001 to Rs 10 lakh.
knowing the conditions for its onset forms one of the major goals of SREP.
The robot in its final configuration will be capable of sitting on the seabed for 100
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY days continuously to track the oceanic processes in the upcoming monsoon season.

Met dept. expects a normal monsoon INS Chennai dedicated to Chennai

In its first official forecast of the season, the IMD expects India to have normal
Naval Ship INS Chennai, a P15A Guided Missile Destroyer, was dedicated to
monsoons this year.
Chennai in the presence of the chief minister of Tamil Nadu and the Flag Officer
Rains are likely to be 96% of the 50-year average of 89cm for the monsoon season
Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command.
of June to September.
INS Chennai, a Kolkata-class stealth Guided missile destroyer ship was
They are expected to fan out favourably and help agriculture. This estimate falls
commissioned into Indian Navys combat fleet by Defence minister Manohar Parrikar
at the bottom edge of what it considers normal monsoon rains.
on 21 November 2016 in Mumbai.
However, due to the looming threat of El Nino and adoption of new weather model,
It is the largest-ever destroyer to be built in India. It is third and last Kolkata-class
the IMD says there is significant element of uncertainty in this forecast.
guided missile destroyers built under Project 15A.
The El Nino characterised by surface waters of the equatorial Pacific warming
The indigenously designed ship has state of the art weapons and sensors, stealth
up more than half a degree is known to dry up monsoon rains every six out of 10
features, an advanced action information system, a comprehensive auxiliary control
years. This year, international weather models as well as the IMDs own dynamical
system, world class modular living spaces, sophisticated power distribution
global climate forecasting system model indicate that El Nino conditions might
system and a host of other advanced features.
set in during the latter part of the monsoon.
The ship is capable of undertaking a full spectrum of maritime warfare.
Another climate phenomenon, called the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), which refers
The ship has the formidable prowess of missile technology and has been armed
to a swing in the sea surface temperatures in the western and eastern Indian
with supersonic surface to surface BrahMos missiles and Barak-8 long-range
oceans, is also known to influence the Indian monsoon.
surface to air missiles.
A positive IOD can counter an ominous El Nino. In its assessment, the IMD
The Project 15A Kolkata class are a class of stealth guided missile destroyers
expects weak positive IOD to develop in the latter half of the monsoon, which
built for Indian Navy.
means that its unlikely to be a potent ally this year.
These destroyers are follow-on of the legendary Project 15 Delhi class destroyers
The India Meteorological Department (IMD), also referred to as the Met Department,
which entered service in the late 1990s.
is an agency of the Ministry of Earth Sciences of the Government of India.
The class comprises of three ships.
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 07

INS Kolkata, the first ship of the class got commissioned on August, 2014. Enceladus and Europa may be habitable: NASA
The second ship, INS Kochi, got commissioned on September, 2015. NASA has announced that Saturns sixth-largest moon Enceladus and Jupiters
The third ship, INS Chennai, got commissioned on November, 2016 fourth-largest moon Europa may be habitable as they have the necessary
ingredients required to sustain life.
Portal and Mobile App of RUSA The key ingredients of life are liquid water, a source of energy for metabolism, and
The government has launched the unique portal and mobile app of Rashtriya chemicals such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulphur.
Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). Findings were made by NASA with the help of Cassini-Huygens unmanned
The portal is a one-stop for States Higher Education Plans, decision of the States spacecraft and the Hubble Telescope.
Higher Education Councils and details of the resources under this scheme. Cassini-Huygens unmanned spacecraft was sent in 1997 to study Saturn, its rings,
Some of the key highlights of the App are: and its moon.
It will capture the fund allocation as per the Project Approval Board, the Saturns moon Enceladus has a higher possibility of hosting life than Jupiters
instalment-wise fund release by the centre and the state, the institution-wise Europa as it has a form of chemical energy on which life forms can feed.
key project, vendors appointed and the payment made to them as also stage- Enceladus is a small, icy moon which has an abundance of hydrogen molecules
wise photos and time stamps of payments made and comments entered. in water plumes.
Component-wise details give a quick snapshot into the funding of RUSA Underwater vents present on Enceladus resemble the vents present on Earths
projects. Whether it is infrastructure grants of equity initiatives, this window ocean floors, where microbes and other sea life congregate.
gives a peek into the funds approved, the amount released, the sum utilized
and the percentage of work completed. Scientists find second Great Spot on Jupiter
Stakeholders can also get granular details on the money released from the Scientists have found second Great Spot in Jupiter which is cold and high up.
centre and the state. The date stamps give a picture on the timelines followed The Great Spot was found to be 24,000 km across and 12,000 km wide.
and the pictures provide the ground reality. It is found to be in the upper atmosphere and is much cooler than the hot
Tracking projects is the soul of this App, and every initiative is tagged with a surroundings. Unlike the Great Red Spot which was identified in 1830, this newly
unique ID number, thus providing the entire story of how an idea germinated discovered Great Spot is continuously changing its shape and size.
and matured. The Great Cold Spot is believed to be caused by magnetic forces responsible for
A powerful Dashboard gives an overall picture of the scheme and the state- Jupiters polar auroras.
wise performance of the impact that the programme has made. This phenomenon drives energy into the atmosphere and creates a region of
About RUSA: cooling in the boundary layer between the underlying atmosphere and the vacuum
RUSA was initiated to incentivise and disincentivise state actions. of space.
It aimed at creating new universities through upgradation of existing The Great Spot was discovered by a British-led team using a telescope in the
autonomous colleges and conversion of colleges in a cluster. Southern Observatory in northern Chile.
The scheme was launched in 2013 and aimed at providing strategic funding It was found to be much more volatile than the slowly changing Great Red Spot and
to eligible state higher educational institutions. found to be thousands of years old.
The central funding (in the ratio of 60:40 for general category States, 90:10 Scientists have planned to study the Great Cold Spot using ground telescopes and
for special category states and 100% for union territories) would be norm NASAs Juno spacecraft that is orbiting around Jupiter.
based and outcome dependent. The study has been published in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the
The funding would flow from the central ministry through the state governments/ American Geophysical Union.
union territories to the State Higher Education Councils before reaching the
identified institutions. NASA Finds Evidence of Hydrothermal Vents on Saturns Moon
Objectives of the scheme are as follows:
Improve the overall quality of state institutions by ensuring conformity to Enceladus
prescribed norms and standards and adopt accreditation as a mandatory NASA has made the next big announcement about Saturn: The Cassini team found
quality assurance framework. evidence of hydrothermal vents on Enceladuss ocean floor.
Usher transformative reforms in the state higher education system by creating Hydrothermal vents: Hydrothermal vents are fissures in the rocky core of Enceladus.
a facilitating institutional structure for planning and monitoring at the state They release water that has been heated by geothermal activity, and the jets of hot
level, promoting autonomy in State Universities and improving governance in water carry minerals and nutrients that could support life.
institutions. Significance of this discovery:
Ensure reforms in the affiliation, academic and examination systems. Hydrothermal vents were detected by the Cassini spacecraft when it flew
Ensure adequate availability of quality faculty in all higher educational through the water geysers that erupt from Enceladuss surface.
institutions and ensure capacity building at all levels of employment. Microbes, algae, tube worms, crabs, and even fish swim around hydrothermal
Create an enabling atmosphere in the higher educational institutions to vents in Earths oceans.
devote themselves to research and innovations. Maybe a similar alien ecosystem exists on the seafloor of Enceladus.
Expand the institutional base by creating additional capacity in existing Cassini Mission: CassiniHuygens is an unmanned spacecraft sent to the planet
institutions and establishing new institutions, in order to achieve enrolment Saturn. Cassini is the fourth space probe to visit Saturn and the first to enter orbit.
targets. Its design includes a Saturn orbiter and a lander for the moon Titan. The lander,
Correct regional imbalances in access to higher education by setting up called Huygens, landed on Titan in 2005.
institutions in unserved & underserved areas. Objectives:
Improve equity in higher education by providing adequate opportunities of Determine the three-dimensional structure and dynamic behavior of the rings
higher education to SC/STs and socially and educationally backward of Saturn.
classes; promote inclusion of women, minorities, and differently abled Determine the composition of the satellite surfaces and the geological history
persons. of each object.
Determine the nature and origin of the dark material on Iapetuss leading
A frogs mucus could treat flu Measure the three-dimensional structure and dynamic behavior of the
Researchers have found that skin mucus secreted by a colourful, tennis ball-sized
frog species- Hydrophylax bahuvistara, found in Kerala can be used to develop an
Study the dynamic behavior of Saturns atmosphere at cloud level.
anti-viral drug that can treat various strains of flu.
Study the time variability of Titans clouds and hazes.
The secretion from frog contains peptide, or chain of amino acids. The researchers
Characterize Titans surface on a regional scale.
have named the newly identified peptide urumin after the urumi, a sword with a
flexible blade that snaps and bends like a whip.
Urumin is not toxic to mammals, but appears to only disrupt the integrity of flu After Mars, ISRO decides its time to probe Venus
virus. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has invited scientists to suggest
It seems to work by binding to a protein that is identical across many influenza studies for a potential orbiter mission to Venus somewhat similar to the one that
strains, and in lab experiments, it was able to neutralise dozens of flu strains. landed in Mars in 2013.
More research is needed to determine if urumin could become a preventive ISRO plans to send a spacecraft that will initially go around Venus in an elliptical
treatment against the flu in humans, and to see if other frog-derived peptides orbit before getting closer to the Yellow Planet. It will carry instruments weighing
could protect against viruses like dengue and Zika. 175 kg and using 500W of power.
Venus, our closest planetary neighbour, is similar to Earth in many aspects. However,
it takes only 225 days to revolve around the Sun. Secondly, the surface is very hot
Vistadome glass-ceiling coach launched by Indian Railways
due to nearness to the Sun.
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has flagged off Visakhapatnam-Kirandul
Ever since the then USSR sent the Venera mission to Venus in February 1961,
passenger train with first of its kind, see-through, vistadome coaches through a
there have been close to 30 missions to the planet, the last one being Japans
video link from Bhubaneswar.
Akatsuki in 2010. These comprised orbiters, landers, atmospheric probes and fly-
The Vistadome air-conditioned coach is a first-of-its-kind on Indian Railways that
has been introduced with an aim to promote tourism.
The erstwhile Soviet Union tops the list with 16 Veneras and two Vegas. The US
The 40 seat coach has been built by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai,
had Mariner, Pioneer and Magellan missions.
Tamil Nadu at a cost of INR 3.38 crore.
At present only one coach has been attached to the train on trial basis. Similar
coaches are expected to be introduced in other routes like northeast as well.
ISRO to share technology for manufacturing of Lithium-ion
The vistadome coaches have the specially designed features like glass roof, LED batteries for production of electric vehicles
lights, rotating seats, GPS-based information system, large glass windows and The government has directed the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to
observation lounge among others. share battery technology for mass production of Lithium-Ion batteries for electric
It also has a glass-domed ceiling, automatic sliding doors and a multi-tier luggage vehicles.
rack. The Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre under ISRO has developed indigenous
The coach will offer a panoramic view of the sites along the 128-km rail route from technology to manufacture high-power batteries for use in two- and three-wheelers
Visakhapatnam to Araku valley hill station. and their feasibility tests conducted by the Automotive Research Association of
A unique feature of the coach is the double-wide reclining passenger seats which India (ARAI) was found to be successful.
could be rotated 360 degrees for a better sightseeing experience. This development is expected to push Indias electric vehicles (EV) industry.
This feature will enable tourists to get breathtaking views of Anantagiri ghat section, It has been reported that many major automobile companies, battery manufacturers
Lambasingi, Borra caves and the tunnels lying all along the route. and public sector undertakings like Indian Oil, BHEL, Mahindra Renault, Hyundai,
Nissan, Tata Motors, High Energy Batteries have approached ISRO for transfer of
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 08
the battery technology so that it will enable them to produce indigenous Lithium-Ion Gayathri Gopichand wins singles and doubles crown at
Pembangunan Jaya Raya Junior Grand Prix
ISRO is soon expected to come up with a framework to make the transfer process
Gayatri Gopichand, daughter of National Badminton coach Pullela Gopichand, has
bagged both the singles and doubles crown at the Pembangunan Jaya Raya
A MoU for manufacturing batteries is expected to be soon reached between ISRO
Junior Grand Prix in Jakarta.
and BHEL.
Gayatri defeated her doubles partner Samiya Farooqui to win the girls U-15 singles
The cabinet secretariat has asked ISRO to develop an enabling framework to
enable even interested private players to obtain the technology for mass production.
Gayatri and Samiya defeated Indonesian pair of Kelly Larissa and Shelandry Vyola
It is needed because batteries are the key components for the production of electric
to clinch the U-15 doubles title with a straight game win.
vehicles. But, at present Lithium-ion batteries are imported from abroad which
Both Gayatri and Samiya train under Pullela Gopichand at his academy in
makes them very expensive.
IMA issues advisory to tackle swine flu cases
With over 100 deaths due to swine flu (H1N1 virus) across Maharashtra this year,
including in Aurangabad, Pune and Nashik district, the Indian Medical Association
April 21: Civil Services Day
(IMA) has issued an advisory to its members from the three concerned branches.
The Civil Services Day is organized on 21st April every year, when civil servants re-
dedicate themselves to the cause of the citizens and renew their commitment to
All cases of suspected or confirmed swine flu should be given anti-virals as per
public service.
the protocol and carry out vaccination of healthcare providers among other
This day coincides with the date on which SardarVallabhbhai Patel had addressed
crucial measures.
the first batch of probationers at the All India Administrative Service Training School
Doctors handling flu patients should wear N-95 mask, while patients should
at Metcalfe House, New Delhi in 1947.
wear surgical masks.
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has inaugurated 11th Civil Services Day
All should stay - at least 3 meter - away from a flu patient while coughing and
programme this year.
sneezing. One should not cough in hands and use disposable paper.
The Civil Services Day function is organised by the Department of Administrative
All hospitals and clinics should have enough surgical masks to be given at the
Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances
reception to every patient of cough with fever.
and Pensions.
As per the advisory, all high risk patients, heart and diabetes patients should
In this edition, awards will be given to five priority schemes, namely, Pradhan
take flu vaccination, whereas people traveling to Pune, Nasik and Aurangabad
Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana,
should consult their doctors regarding precautions and treatment advice.
Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, Start Up India/Stand Up India and e-National
Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza
Agriculture Market (e-NAM).
viruses that causes regular outbreaks in pigs. When it was first detected in 2009,
Totally, 10 districts would be awarded this year under the five priority schemes. The
it was called swine flu because the virus was similar to those found in pigs.
awards will be given in three groups.
The first group comprises of eight North-Eastern States and the three Hill States of
Mother of all Bombs or MOAB Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.
GBU-43, nicknamed as the Mother of All Bombs, has been dropped by the United The second group consists of the seven Union Territories and the third constitutes
States over an ISIS complex in Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border. rest of the 18 states.
The bomb was dropped using a Lockheed MC-130 transport plane. Besides, two awards would be given to Central/State organisations under Innovation
The Moab or GBU-43/B is the worlds largest non-nuclear weapon, however, is not category. Under this category, innovative work carried out by the Central/State
the largest bomb ever made. Government organisations in defined themes such as environment conservation,
It is designed to destroy heavily reinforced targets or to shatter ground forces and disaster management, water conservation, energy, education, health, women and
armor across a large area. child-centric initiatives etc. would be taken into cognizance.
Its blast is equivalent to 11 tons of TNT. By comparison, the nuclear weapon dropped
on Hiroshima had a blast yield of 15 tons of TNT.
Nepal, China hold first ever military exercise
While it has a blast radius that stretches a mile in each direction the bomb leaves
Nepal and China are planning to hold the first-ever joint military exercise-
no lasting radiation effect because it is non-nuclear.
Sagarmatha Friendship-2017, with a special focus on combating terror and disaster
The bomb has been dropped to destroy a system of tunnels and caves used by the
ISIS fighters to move around freely making easier for them to target US military
The military exercise will also focus on common interests like disaster
advisers and the Afghan forces.
The strike was carried out with MOAB to maximize the destruction suffered by the IS
Sagarmatha is the Nepali name of Mount Everest, the worlds highest peak, that is
fighters and their facilities as well as to minimize the risk for Afghan and US forces
bordering between Nepal and China.
conducting cleaning operations in the area.
The official name used by the US Air Force for GBU-43 is the Massive Ordnance Air
Blast bomb (MOAB). Canberra keen on joining naval games
MOAB weighs 9,797 kgs and is a GPS-guided munition. MOAB is about 20 feet long Australia is keen on joining the Malabar trilateral naval exercises among India,
and is capable of burrowing through 200 feet of earth and 60 feet of concrete before Japan and the U.S., and has requested observer status at the upcoming edition,
detonating. scheduled for July.
Russia in 2007 tested Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power, nicknamed The Malabar drills, which began in 1992 as a bilateral naval exercise between
as the Father of All Bombs. It is estimated to be 4 times more powerful than India and the U.S., has since grown in scope and complexity, acquiring considerable
MOAB. heft in recent times.
In 2015, it was expanded into a trilateral format with the inclusion of Japan.
SPORTS 31st Meeting of the Central Consumer Protection Council
Rio Olympics silver medallist P.V.Sindhu moves to No. 3 in World Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public
Distribution, chaired the 31st Meeting of the Central Consumer Protection Council
held recently.
Ace shuttler PV Sindhu has been ranked No. 3 in the latest BWF ranking.
The topics discussed in the meeting included the points put forth by the Members
Sindhu who was at No.5 climbed up two places on the basis of making the quarter-
on challenges in combating adulteration, strengthening the enforcement machinery
finals of the recently-concluded Singapore Open Super Series.
and testing Infrastructure, training and capacity Building of all stakeholders.
Sindhus career best is when she reached World No. 2 two weeks ago.
The Consumer Protection Act postulates establishment of Consumer Protection
As per the latest BWF ranking, London Olympics bronze medallist Saina Nehwal
Councils at the Central and State levels for the purpose of spreading consumer
has been ranked eighth.
Kidambi Srikanth and B Sai Praneeth have been placed at 21st and 22nd positions
The objects of the Councils, as per the Act, shall be to promote and protect the
rights of the consumers such as:
The right to be protected against the marketing of goods and services which
Sagar Baheti: Indias first visually impaired athlete to complete are hazardous to life and property.
Boston Marathon The right to be informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard
Sagar Baheti has become the first visually impaired Indian runner to complete the and price of goods or services, as the case may be so as to protect the
historic Boston Marathon. consumer against unfair trade practices.
Bengaluru-based 31 years old Baheti completed a distance of 42.16 km distance The right to be assured, wherever possible, access to a variety of goods and
in just over four hours. services at competitive prices.
Supported by the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired The right to be heard and to be assured that consumers interests will receive
(MABVI), Baheti finished the 121st Boston Marathon as one of 30,000 runners. due consideration at appropriate forums.
The 2017 Boston Marathon has been recorded as the second hottest marathon in The right to seek redressal against unfair trade practices or restrictive trade
a decade. practices or unscrupulous exploitation of consumers.
Historic Boston Marathon is the worlds oldest, most competitive and the hardest The right to consumer education.
marathon to qualify for. It is always held on the third Monday of April. The Consumer Protection Act empowers the Central Government to establish a
Central Consumer Protection Council consisting of the Minister in charge of
B Sai Praneeth wins Singapore Open Super Series Title consumer affairs in the Central Government as its Chairman and such number of
Sai Praneeth defeated the world No 29 Kidambi Srikanth in an all-Indian mens other official and non-official members representing such interests as may be
singles final and clinched Singapore Open Superseries badminton title. prescribed.
With this, India has become only the fourth country after China, Denmark and
Indonesia to have its nationals in a mens singles Superseries final. Last year, Sai Textiles India 2017
Praneeth clinched the Canada Open. It is the first ever global B2B Textile and handicrafts event in India. Hosted by the
Kidambi Srikanth has won the 2014 China Super Series Premier and 2015 India Ministry of Textiles, the event was inaugurated recently.
Super Series. He also reached the quarterfinals of Rio Olympics. Textiles India 2017 is a landmark global trade event for the Indian Textile and
He holds the distinction of being the first Indian to claim a Superseries title after the handicraft Sector that will showcase the entire range of textile products from Fibre
graded events became part of the world badminton calendar. to Fashion.
The aim of the event is to make it one of the key annual destinations for International
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 09
President inaugurates Global Exhibition on Services Tripura in small category (less than 1 million tonnes).
President has inaugurated Global Exhibition on Services (GES-2017) that is set to Tamil Nadu had produced 130 lakh tonnes of foodgrains in 2015-16, which is
highlight Indias potential to boost its services exports across sectors at India the highest in the last five years.
Expo Mart, Greater Noida. In terms of yield in foodgrains, the state managed to get a yield of 3.38 tonnes
The event has been organised by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry together per hectare as against the all-India average of 2.028 tonnes per hectare, which
with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Services Export Promotion is 67% more than the national average.
Council. The state had adopted an innovative, eco-friendly integrated pest management
This is the 3rd edition of GES and the earlier editions were held in 2015 and 2016. to achieve this feat.
This edition is set to see the participation of over 70 countries and comes in the In addition, government interventions like post-harvest management, disbursal
backdrop of increased focus on services trade and Indias submission to the of subsidies and integrated soil health management were also taken into
World Trade Organisation on trade facilitation in services. account by the agricultural ministry.
The main focus of the event will be on 20 services sectors, including information Tamil Nadu will receive a sum of Rs 5 crore for the award.
technology, tourism and hospitality, logistics, education and financial services. Tamil Nadu had already bagged the award thrice in 2011-12 for highest food
This year, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), will showcase its offering grains production, in 2013-14 for highest pulses production and in 2014-15 for
of application of space technology on a real-time basis for implementing and highest coarse cereals production.
monitoring of public programmes. Tripura has been selected for the Krishi Karman Award 2015-16 for a
Besides, the Ministry of Tourism will host Incredible India Haat, a cuisine, culture commendable increase in food grain production in small category states.
and handicrafts show. The state produced 825,000 tonnes of food grain in 2016. The state would also
Objectives: receive a cash award of Rs five crore.
Position India as a leader in the services sector Tripura gets this national award for the second time. The state targets to
Tap potential for exports in the services sector produce 935,000 tonnes of food grain in 2017.
Draw investments into the country in the services sector
Service sector NSCI Safety Awards 2016
Indias services exports stood at $146.5 billion in the first 11 months of 2016- Minister of State (IC) for Labour & Employment Bandaru Dattatreya awarded
17, growing at 3 per cent. NSCI Safety Awards 2016 to 70 Organisations at a function held in New Delhi.
It has witnessed a surplus of $59 billion in April-February 2016-17. In addition, 12 client organizations from Construction Sector were also awarded.
In India, IT and software services accounted for over 48% of overall services The Award was granted to the organisations under four categories:
exports. SarvaShreshtha Suraksha Puraskar,
As per provisional estimates released by RBI, the service export touched US Shreshtha Suraksha Puraskar,
$ 80 billion as against US $ 77 billion in the time period from April to Suraksha Puraskar
September 2016, a rise of almost 4%. PrashansaPatra.
A strong services sector backed by a manufacturing sector is expected to play In Manufacturing Sector, Indian Oils Digboi refinery, National Fertilizers, Panipat,
a pivotal role in the growth of Indian economy. and NPCIL, Kaiga Generating Station 3 and 4, Karnataka, are the winners.
In Construction Sector, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. And L&T Ltd., Rawatbhata,
19th April Aryabhata Day Chittorgarh has been selected for its works on NPCIL Atomic Power Project,
Indias first satellite Aryabhata was launched successfully by a Russian Rajasthan.
rocket on 19thApril 42 years ago in 1975, taking the country on an exciting space In MSME Sector, Electricals & Electronics, Thane, has won SarvaShreshtha
odyssey as far as the Moon and the Mars. Suraksha Puraskar for the year 2016.
Aryabhata is the first Indian spacecraft that was also built in the country. Named Interestingly, none of the winners witnessed any fatal accident during the 3-year
after the 5th century astronomer, the experimental spacecraft did not last its assessment period.
design life of six months in space. More specifically, National Fertilizers Ltd. Panipat has achieved a massive 49.67
But this kick-started the Indian capability to build satellites solidly on track. million accident-free man-hours spread over 11 years and 5 months.
It was meant to study distant celestial bodies that emit X-rays, Sun and Earths The Government framed the National Policy on Occupational Safety, Health and
ionosphere. Environment in 2009.
ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC) - which has built nearly 90 bigger and far more As many changes have taken place in national as well as international arena,
sophisticated spacecraft since then - proudly observes April 19 every year as the government has constituted an Inter-Ministerial Committee to review the
Aryabhata Day or Technology Day. national policy.
National Safety Council : It is a self-supporting non- profit autonomous society
coming under the purview of Ministry of Labour and Employment. The main
70th Himachal Day celebrated across Himachal Pradesh
objective of the NSCI award scheme is to recognise organisations that have
Himachal Pradesh celebrated 70th Himachal Day function in Chamba.
made meritorious performance in achieving occupational safety and health
Himachal Pradesh came into existence by merging 30 odd princely states in
(OSH) and implemented effective OSH management systems, practices and
According to a 2005 Transparency International survey, Himachal Pradesh was
found to be the second least corrupt state in the country.
For the First Time, UNESCOs Peace Prize Goes to a Mayor
A Unesco jury has awarded the organizations prestigious peace prize to the
India Licensing Expo (ILE) to be held in Mumbai in August mayor of Lampedusa, the Italian island which gained fame as a hotspot for migrant
India Licensing Expo is scheduled to be held on August 20-21 in Mumbai.
The expo will be Indias first and most influential brand licensing event that will
Mayor Giusi Nicolini was awarded the prize together with French NGO SOS
collate opportunities, knowledge and recognitions under one roof.
Mediterrannee, for their work in saving the lives of refugees and migrants and for
The expo will be organised by License India, Indias first licensing media
welcoming them with dignity.
Services Company and supported by Franchise India.
The peace prize, also known as the Flix Houphout-Boigny Peace Prize, named
The expo is expected to see the participation of over 100 global and domestic
after the first president of Ivory Coast, has been awarded by Unesco each year
since 1989, to recognize individuals and groups who safeguard, maintain, and
The expo aims to encourage and enable Indian licensing industry to take
seek peace.
advantage and network, capitalise on opportunities and grow bigger and faster
in the given peripheries.
It will bring together a wide range of intellectual properties comprising character,
GMR Hyderabad Airport gets carbon neutrality certificate
entertainment, celebrity, corporate, sports, and art. The GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited has received the Carbon Neutrality
Significance (Level 3+) Certificate from the Airports Council International (ACI).
The expo will act as a dedicated hub for licensing professionals. The certification comes under ACIs Airport Car Accreditation Programme that is
Though Brand Licensing has become an accepted retail strategy in India, the industry standard for assessment of an airports efforts to manage and reduce
ILE will help in bringing global understanding to Indian landscape. carbon emissions.
ILEs tie up with IFCCI is expected to opens gates for the French companies The programme was launched in June, 2009 and comprises four levels.
to roll out their operations in Indian landscape through licensing. Airports Council International (ACI) is the only global trade representative of the
worlds airport authorities.
Established in 1991, ACI represents airports interests with governments and
Operation Meghdoot
international organizations, develops standards, policies and recommended
Operation Meghdoot the code-name for an Indian Armed Forces operation, was
practices for airports, and it provides information and training opportunities to
launched 33 years ago on April 13th.
raise the standards around the world.
It was launched in 1984, when Pakistan started permitting mountaineering
expeditions into Siachen Glacier because of which India had to keep a close
watch on Siachen.
One Part Woman bags Sahitya Akademi award
The operation was launched to capture the Siachen Glacier in the Jammu and The English translation of writer Perumal Murugans novel Mathorubhagan (One
Kashmir. Part Woman) has won the Sahitya Akademis award for translation in English.
The military action resulted in gaining control over the worlds highest battlefield. The translation was done by Aniruddhan Vasudevan.
Siachen Glacier is 76.4 km long and covers about 10,000 sq km uninhabited The Sahitya Akademi Award is a literary honor in India, which the Sahitya Akademi,
terrain. Indias National Academy of Letters, annually confers on writers of the most
It lies in the Karakoram Range in the North West India. outstanding books of literary merit published in any of the major Indian languages
(24 languages, including the 22 listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian
Constitution, along with English and Rajasthani) recognised by the Sahitya
Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Tripura chosen for Krishi
Gururaja Bhat Award conferred on historian A.V. Narasimha
Karman Awards, 2015-16
The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has selected Tamil Nadu,
Himachal Pradesh and Tripura for the Krishi Karman awards for their record Dr. Paduru Gururaja Bhat Award 2017 has been conferred upon Prof. A.V. Narasimha
performance in the production of food grains during 2015-16. Murthy, Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB), Mysuru and former Head,
Apart from these states, Meghalaya would get commendation prize for total food Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Mysore.
grain production and would be given a cash award of Rs 1 crore. Murthy was selected for the award in consideration of his contribution to Indian
Tamil Nadu has been chosen in large category (production more than 10 million Archaeology, Ancient History and Numismatics.
tonnes), Himachal Pradesh in medium category (1 to 10 million tonnes) and The award was presented to Murthy by the Union Minister for Statistics and
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 10
Programme Implementation D.V. Sadananda Gowda. The Central government has given its nod to allow Cash and ATM management
Dr. Paduru Gururaja Bhat Award was instituted in 2010 by Udupi-based Dr. Paduru companies to attract 100% foreign direct investment and exempted them from
Gururaja Bhat Memorial Trust and carries a citation and a purse of Rs. 50,000. compliance to the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act (PSARA). Companies
The award recognises outstanding contributions in the field of history, archaeology, that make devices such as currency authenticators and sorting and currency
sociology, and other social sciences. counting machines will also benefit from this clarification.
Punjab government has prohibited the inclusion of names of the government
PERSONS IN NEWS functionaries, including ministers and MLAs, on foundation stones and inaugural
plaques so as to build a stronger connect with the people by shedding the VIP
Robert Taylor, a pioneer of Modern Computing and the Internet has passed away culture. The state government has clarified that though there is no bar on
at the age of 85. Rob Taylor was instrumental in creating the internet and the government functionaries and leaders attending or laying the foundation stone of
modern personal computer. Taylors engineering team was also responsible for any project, the practice of inscribing their names on foundation stones or plaques
the development of Ethernet and a word processing program, Microsoft Word. would be discarded with immediate effect. Further, the order has clarified that
henceforth all projects and programmes, including those inaugurated by the CM,
would be dedicated to the people of Punjab.
Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed his hopes for the earliest solution
The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has recently carried out first- to Teesta Water Dispute to his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina. But, Mamata
of-its-kind State-level mock exercise on forest fire. The main objective of the mock Banerjee is the sole hurdle to the Teesta river water treaty for the past six years.
exercise is to assess the efficacy of preparedness and response mechanisms The controversy is about sharing of Teesta water during the lean season. As water
available with the forest department and the district administration. The exercise is a state subject, a deal cannot be inked without the approval of CM of W est
was conducted by NDMA in collaboration with the State Government. Bengal. Mamata Banerjee is accused of complicating water sharing issues for
A deep depression in Bay of Bengal has intensified into a tropical cyclone named perceived gains in domestic politics.
Maarutha. This cyclone is expected to hit Myanmar on 17 April 2017 and bring Small entrepreneurs have raised some concerns over the governments proposal
heavy rains in parts of that country. Tropical Cyclone Maarutha is the first named to provide social security coverage to its entire workforce. A National Social Security
storm of 2017 Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclone season. Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, has been proposed to streamline and
The Second National Lok Adalat for 2017, conducted on April 8, throughout the make policy on social security schemes related to all the Ministries. Other members
country from taluk level courts to High Courts, has settled nearly 6.6 lakh cases. would include: Finance Minister, Labour Minister, Health and Family Welfare Minister
Out of this, 3.68 lakh cases have been reduced from court pendency and about along with employer and employees representatives.
2.92 lakh cases were settled even before they could be filed in courts. The cases The nodal climate agency of the United Nations, the UNFCCC, is seeking alternative
ranged from matrimonial disputes, partition suits, civil matters, cheque bounce sources of funding, in the face of likely budget cuts by the United States. The Paris
cases, motor accident claims, revenue disputes pending in courts, criminal Agreement is ambitious in several respects. It resolves to hold global temperature
compoundable cases and service matters pertaining to pension, retrial benefits, rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue
etc. efforts towards a 1.5 degrees C temperature limit. The Paris agreement presses
The Supreme Court has clarified that a general prohibition on all online content countries as far as they could on differentiation and finance. The
about pre-natal sex determination will curtail the fundamental right to know of a agreement includes a provision requiring developed countries to send $100 billion
genuine information-seeker. The clarification came based on a petition demanding annually to their developing counterparts beginning in 2020. This figure is expected
for strict adherence by search engines to Section 22. The three Internet search to increase with time.
engines - Microsoft, Google India and Yahoo! India - gave their assurances to the Government is planning to impose anti-dumping duty of up to $118 per tonne on
Supreme Court that they would neither advertise nor sponsor advertisements import of hydrogen peroxide used by industries in applications such as corrosion
violative of the PNPCDT Act. The trio said they had already appointed in-house control and paper bleaching from six countries. The move is aimed at guarding
experts to spot illegal content. domestic players from cheap imports of hydrogen peroxide from Bangladesh,
The regulator is considering completely barring NRIs from subscribing to Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand.
Participatory notes to prevent money laundering. The rules are being tightened as The President of India, recently, inaugurated the Kempe Gowda Festival organized
many variants of P-notes have been issued after the implementation of GAAR by the Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Foundation in New Delhi. Kempe Gowda was a
(General Anti Avoidance Rules) on April 1. Investments in P-notes are witnessing a chieftain under the Vijayanagara kings and ruled over most parts of Karnataka in
fluctuating trend since demonetisation. the 16th century.
Government is planning to propose one rate for each product group to avoid Descendants of 16 families associated with a little-known but bloody rebellion
complexities in tax structure. Most economies have single tax rate whereas India against British colonialism, called the Paika rebellion of 1817 will be felicitated by
has a four-tier tax structure of 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. 18% will be applicable on the Prime Minister and other freedom struggles of Odisha in Bhubaneswar. In this
most products. GST Council is yet to decide which rate will be applicable to which years budget speech, Finance Minister had mentioned about the Paika rebellion
product. GST is expected to spur economic growth by 1-2 percentage points as all led by Bakshi Jagabandhu and stated that the event will be commemorated
interstate barriers will be removed thereby boosting efficiency. appropriately.
India has moved to put on hold all talks with Pakistans water secretary on a World The stalled consultation process for the BCIM (Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar)
Bank-facilitated initiative. This is because of technical issues on Indus River Hydel Economic Corridor is set to resume, with officials and scholars from the four
projects. This has created legal hurdles for Pakistan who is trying to bring Gilgit- countries shortly meeting in Kolkata after a gap of more than two-and-half years.
Baltistan region under its Constitution for economic corridor. The refusal also The last meeting of the Joint Study Group (JSG), which has government sanction,
comes in wake of Pakistani military tribunals order to execute Kulbhushan Jadhav. was held at Coxs Bazaar in Bangladesh in December 2014.
Pakistans bid to alter status of Gilgit-Baltistan region which falls under PoK is An Indian wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) has reportedly been sighted for the first time
said to face many legal hurdles due to UN resolutions on geographical entity in the Sunderbans. The forest department is yet to verify the veracity of the claim.
which was earlier part of J&K princely state which acceded to India in 1947. GB The sighting is significant since wolves in Bengal are mostly found in the western
region has been generally remained undefined in Pakistani constitutions since parts bordering Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. The Indian wolf is a Schedule I animal
1947 and only recently Islamabad has taken the initiative to bring it under the in the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 of India. It is categorised as endangered by
Constitution of CPEC. the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
President Pranab Mukherjee has accepted the recommendation of Committee of History lovers, curious onlookers, veterans and NCC cadets gathered recently in
Parliament on Official Languages for all speeches by the dignitaries to be only in Chennai to commemorate The Battle of Adyar, a turning point in modern Indian
Hindi if they can read and speak the language. The decision has come after six history. The Battle of Adyar took place on 24 October 1746. The battle was between
years after the committee made 117 recommendations to make Hindi more popular the French East India Company men and Nawab of Arcot forces over the St. George
language. Fort, which was held by the French. It was part of the First Carnatic War between
Mobile Wallet company executives have expressed concerns about the complete the English and the French.
KYC guidelines and wanted deadline to extend its implementation. RBI had issued The Channakeshava temple or Vijayanarayana Temple in Belur (Karnataka) - a
graft guidelines for licence holders of prepaid payment instrument PPI as it could masterpiece of Hoysala architecture - turned 900 this year. Belur, along with
be a negative force for small transactions. Currently, these e-wallets and prepaid Halebid, is proposed as a UNESCO heritage site. The temple, constructed by
payments instruments can only hold 20,000 per user with minimum KYC. These Vishnuvardhana of the Hoysala dynasty, is a monument recognised by the ASI.
PPIs will move full KYC details within 60 days of issue of PPI licence. Considered to be the first temple of Hoysala style, it was built between 1106 and
National Payments Corporation of India plans to develop a new security framework 1117. It commemorates the kings victory in 1104.
for mobile phone-based payments for both banks and mobile wallets. This will be The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a plea of former Samajwadi Party leader
equivalent to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) framework. and MP Amar Singh seeking its direction that anti-defection law is not applicable to
The increasing mobile phone based payments can be a potent point to attract an elected member of a House, who had been expelled by his party. The court said
hackers. NPCI wants to build new security standards for mobile payments to the issue raised by the petitioner needed to be examined by a larger bench and
overcome any major loss of public money. referred the case to the Chief Justice of India to constitute an appropriate bench to
NITI Aayog has not been able to gather consensus on Proposed National Energy decide the case.
Policy. The primary point of contention is freeing coal from price control, as this will For the first time, wind power installations (windmills) in the country have crossed
divest the ministry of its power to control coal prices. National Energy Policy has the 5 Gigawatt mark, to reach 5,400 MW in 2016-17. The earlier record was 3,472
proposed comprehensive reforms to free sectors such as coal, electricity and MW of 2015-16. The current year might see installations of 6 GW. The Centre
fertilisers from subsidies and price controls, helping to produce more power by wants to buy electricity from wind power producers and sell it to electricity supply
making electricity generation projects commercially viable for private companies. companies in other states, which are bound by law to buy a portion of their needs
Central government will soon check status of various MoUs signed by states at from wind and solar sources.
some grand investor fairs and ensure that these are taken more seriously and The Supreme Court has granted an exemption to six categories of disabled people
result in concrete investments. The motive is to understand various roadblocks from standing when the national anthem is played before the screening of a film in
faced by the states during execution of the projects. The Department of Industrial theatres. The six categories include people suffering from cerebral palsy, Parkinson
Policy and Promotion will be the nodal department to conduct the exercise. State disease, muscular dystrophy and other categories of disability.
officials have stated that shortage of funds and delay in clearances are the major The Supreme Court has also issued notice to the union government on the plea
reasons for failure of MoUs from seeing light of the day. seeking Vande Mataram to be made mandatory in schools. The Centre should file
As per CII Annual CSR Tracker Survey, CSR of companies has considerably its reply in a four weeks time on the plea. The reply should also ascertain the
improved in India in 2015-16 with companies managing to spend about 92% of feasibility of singing the national anthem and the national song in Parliament,
their slated CSR expenditure. Section 135 of the Companies Act of 2013 requires assemblies, courts, schools and colleges on working days.
companies to spend at least 2% of their average net profit for the immediately According to Joint Plant Committees annual report on steel sector for the time
preceding three financial years on CSR activities. 1270 BSE listed companies period 2016-17, Indias import of total finished steel declined 36 % to 7.4 million
together spent 8185 Crores for FY16 till December 2016. tonnes (MT). At the same time, steel exports increased 102% to reach 8.2 million
North Koreas failed ballistic missile launch drew no major international reactions. tonnes (MT) in the said time period. The country also fared well in terms of
The missile was a medium-range projectile and failed in early few seconds. production as well. The production of crude steel was 97.385 MT during April-
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 11
March 2016-17, which is 8.5% increase over the previous year steel production. b. 14th April a. Rayappa Ramappa Hanchinal
The IMF has predicted that the global economy would grow at 3.5% in 2017, up c. 15th April b. VR Prasad
from 3.1 % last year, and 3.6% in 2018. This years projection of IMF is marginally d. both a and b are the same c. Ram Chet Chaudhary
higher than what was stated in their last update. The improvement in this years d. Brahma Singh
projection springs up from good economic news in Europe and Asia, notably from 20)WhichisknownastheFatherofAll
China and Japan. Bom bs? 34)WhohaswontheCartierWomens
Competitive video games will become a medal sport for the first time ever at the a. BLU82 b. GBU43 Initiative Awards for 2017?
2022 Asian Games. They will appear as a demonstration event at the 2018 edition c. ATBIP d. None of the above a. Trupti Sahni b. Trupti Sahni
of the next Asian Games, to be held in Indonesia, as part of the run-up to sports c. Trupti Jain d. Trupti Garg
official inclusion as a medal sport in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. 21)Whichnewspeciesofherbivore
Asian Games is a multi-sport competition, touted as second only to the Olympics dinosaur living 125 million years ago 35)WhichManipurstategovernmentweb
in terms of size. It is held every four years. was discovered by scientists in April applications were launched to check
Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has mooted an idea of developing the 2017? corruption?
birthplace of Srimanta Sankardev Batadrava as an international tourist spot and a. Moabosaurus utahensis a. DARPAN, Anti Corruption Cell
plans to place it in the national and international tourist circuit. The state government b. Coabosaurus utahensis b. ARPAN, Anti Corruption Cell
plans to develop the birthplace on the lines of the Golden Temple of Amritsar. The c. Doabosaurus utahensis c. DARPAN, ARPAN
site is proposed to be developed as an ideal place for religious and cultural tourism. d. Toabosaurus utahensis d. None of the above
The union government has extended the ceasefire with the two Naga armed
factions, namely, National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Reformation (NSCN-R) 22)Whichpotentm oleculeshave 36)Whichstatecelebratedits
and National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Neakpao-Kithovi (GPRN/NSCN) till Bengaluru scientists developed to 70thformationdayon16thApril?
April 27, 2018. The decision over extension of ceasefire was taken at a meeting combat TB? a. HP b. AP
held between the officials of Home Ministry and the Ceasefire Supervisory Board a. Acetylated compound c. UP d. UP
of Naga armed factions. A ceasefire is already in operation between the government b. Acteylated benzozylated compound
and the Naga armed factions of NSCN-R and NSCN-NK. c. Relacin molecules 37)Whichinternetpioneerproposed
ISRO is all set to undertake the first developmental flight of a game-changer d. Both a and b Arpanet?
rocket (launching vehicle) that will have the capacity to launch four-tonne class of a. Robert Taylor b. Tim Berners Lee
satellites, from Sriharikota spaceport. ISRO looks forward to conduct the second 23) Which countrys railways is c. Alan Turing d. Linus Torvald
developmental flight within this year. introducing dedicated train services
The Supreme Court in its latest ruling has set 25% of the net salary as the for global and national tourists? 38)WhichvillagewasadoptedbyMicrosoft
maintenance to be paid by a husband to his estranged wife. The Court has observed a. India b. Pakistan to be developed as Indias first digital
that the alimony paid to a woman must be just and proper and must be sufficient c. Bangladesh d. Sri Lanka village?
enough to ensure that a woman lived with dignity after separating from her husband. a. Harisal b. Melghat
It has further observed that the alimony must be befitting the status of the parties 24)Whichcountryseconomybeatits c. Dhule d. Bid
and the capacity of the spouse to pay maintenance. government target in the first quarter
of 2017? 39)WhichtropicalcyclonehashitBayof
a. China b. India Bengal region on April 17, 2017?
TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE c. Pakistan d. Bangladesh a. Maarutha b. Katrina
c. Kyant d. Vardha
1)WhichcountrydidIndiainkapact a. Seabed Restore Event Profiler 25)WhichTurkishleaderwona
with to upgrade railways? b. Seabed Reset Event Profiler 40)WhichnewWorldBankreportwas
referendum to create a presidential
a. Australia b. Denmark c. Seabed Resident Event Profiler released on 16th April 2017?
c. France d. New Zealand d. None of the above a. Gloablization March
a. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
b. Recep Tayyip Erdogan b. Globalization Fallout
2)Nepalandwhichcountryheldtheir 11)Whichstategovernmentprohibited c. Globalization Backlash
c. Sadi Guven
first ever military exercise? names of government functionaries d. None of the above
d. None of the above
a. China b. Japan on foundation stones and plaques?
c. Sri Lanka d. India a. Punjab b. Haryana 41)WhatisthefullformoftheWHOreport
c. MP d. HP coal thermal power plants with GLAAS?
3)Whichpanelhasproposed a. Global Analysis and Assessment of
energy-efficient supercritical plants?
autonomous fiscal council under FM? 12)WhichIndianshuttlerwonthe Sanitation and District Water
a. India b. Pakistan
a. FRBM b. FDBM Singapore Open, his maiden Super b. Global Analysis and Association of
c. Sri Lanka d. Nepal
c. FMBM d. None of the above series title? Sanitation and Drinking Water
a. K. Srikanth 27)Whichtouristcoachhasfeatureslike c. Global Analysis and Assessment of
4)WhatdoesGRAFstandforinthe b. B. Sai Praneeth Sanitation and Drinking Water
rotatable seats and LED lights,
context of PSBs and the BBB? c. Parupalli Kashyap d. Global Analysis and Assessment of
launched on April 16, 2017?
a. Governance, Recognition and d. None of the above Safe and Drinking Water
a. Vistadome
Accountability Framework
b. Lifeline Express
b. Governance, Reward and 13)Howm anytimeshasPankajAdvani 42)WhichIITisplanningtointroducevastu
c. Annapurna Express
Accountability Framework won the Asian title? shastra to architecture students?
d. Garib Rath
c. Governance, Redemption and a. 5 b. 6 a. Kharagpur b. Kanpur
Accountability Framework c. 7 d. 8 c. Madras d. Delhi
d. None of the above
solar power for which solar park?
14)WhichformerJ&Kgovernorwas a. Neemuch Mandsaur Solar Park 43)Whichcomm unitiesdoesthe
5)Whichgroupbesidesinsurersis also an IPS officer of UP cadre and a Telangana Backward Classes,
b. Chattarpur Solar Park
applicable for the IRDAI web portal for RAW chief? Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes
c. RajgarhMorena Solar Park
registering and selling policies online? a. KV Krishna Rao Bill, 2017 seek to help?
d. Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Park
a. Insurance intermediaries b. SK Sinha a. Scheduled tribes
b. NBFCs c. Narinder Nath Vohra b. Backward Muslims
c. Merchant Banks d. Girish Chandra Saxena c. Both of the above
building the Digital Twin Map of the
d. RRBs d. Neither of the above
Real World?
15)Whichabhiyanlauncheditsownportal a. MapMyFuture b. Apple
6)Whichstategovernmenthaslaunched and mobile app on April 17, 2017? 44)WhichcountryhastoppedtheWEFlist
c. Google d. MapMyIndia
Operation Durga? a. Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan on travel and tourism
a. Haryana b. Uttar Pradesh b. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan competitiveness?
c. Punjab d. Jharkhand c. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana a. Spain b. India
based techniques to undo tissue
d. Grameen Vidyuitkaran Abhiyan damage after a heart attack? c. Germany d. UK
a. Laparoscopy
MoU for 24/7 power supply by 2018? 16)Whichwrestlersfatherandcoach 45)Whichnewpolicyissettoreduce
b. Laser based 3D bioprinting
a. Uttar Pradesh was awarded the FICCI gender parity operational cost of telco firms and
b. Himachal Pradesh award on April 16, 2017? remove right of way challenges?
c. Laser based 2D bioprinting
c. Uttarakhand a. Geeta Phogat a. Common duct policy
d. Kerala b. Sakshi Mallik b. Common tower policy
d. None of the above
c. Karnam Malleshwari c. Common revenue policy
8)Whichschemehasbeenlaunchedto d. Koneru Humpy d. None of the above
detect black money generation post
into a strategic partnership with
demonetisation? 17)Whichyeardidhumanityharvestits 46)Aglaciersriskofthinningcanbe
defence major LIG Nex1?
a. Operation Clean Money largest cereal crop according to FAO? predicted by analysing its ________.
a. Reliance Defence
b. Operation Safe Money a. 20152016 b. 20162017 a. Shape b. Size
c. Operation Safe Cash c. 20142015 d. None of the above c. Rate of melting d. None of the above
c. Honeywell
d. Operation Clean Cash
d. None of the above
18)Whichcommitteewillbedismantled 47)Whichdigitallydevelopedeconomy
9)Whichstategovernmenthasbeen to improve ease of doing business? has topped the Huawei Global
conferred the Krishi Karm an award for a. Finance Ministry Committee for PPP Connectivity Index 2017?
into agreement with Taj Hotels
highest production of food grains in projects a. US b. UK
Palaces Resorts Safaris to build a Taj
2014-2015? b. PPCAC c. PPAC c. EU d. Germany
brand hotel?
a. HP b. AP d. Both a and c e. All the above a. Godrej b. Lodha
c. MP d. None of the above 48)Scientistshavediscovereda
c. Jaypee d. None of the above
19)OnwhichdatewastheBHIMAadhaar wristband that can analyse ________
10)WhatdoesSERPstandforinthe platform for m erchants launched? to diagnose conditions like diabetes
33)WhowonthesixthMSSwam inathan
context of CSIR-NOI and a. 126th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Bhim and cystic fibrosis.
oceanography? Rao Ambedkar
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 12
a. Sweat b. Skin c. Google Inc d. None of the above c. Panther d. Cheetah 91) The Civil Services Day (CSD) is
c. Blood d. Tissue celebrated on which day in India?
62)Whichstategovernmenthasevolved 78)Whichcountryhaslauncheditsfirst a. April 18 b. April 21
49)Whichcreaturehavescientistsinthe a detailed plan to implement the e- unmanned cargo spacecraft on April c. April 19 d. April 20
Philippines discovered for the first office software programme in keeping 20, 2017?
tim e? with the Centres national e- a. China b. Japan 92) Who has been named for the
a. Live giant shipworm governance plans? c. US d. UK prestigious Raj Kapoor Lifetime
b. Live giant airworm a. Puducherry b. Mysuru Achievement (LTA) award?
c. Live giant soilworm c. Bengaluru d. None of the above 79)WhichITservicesproviderhasbeen a. Vikram Gokhale b. Arun Nalawade
d. Live giant mudworm recognized by Oracle as Integrated c. Saira Banu d. Jackie Shroff
63)Researchershavedevelopeda Cloud Partner of the Year?
50)Whichcompanieswillsoonbeallowed thermal diode that runs on _______. a. Infosys b. Wipro 93) The National Disaster Managem ent
to attract 100 percent FDI investment? a. Heat b. Electricity c. TCS d. None of the above Authority (NDMA) has conducted its
a. Cash management companies c. Steam d. Carbon first-ever mock exercise on forest fire
b. ATM management companies 80) Which country has approached in which state?
c. Both a and b 64)WhatisRiverPiracy? NASSCOM for support in ICT capacity a. Madhya Pradesh b. Uttarakhand
d. Neither a nor b a. Retreat of Canadas largest glaciers building? c. Jharkhand d. Odisha
which has changed the flow of the a. Mauritius b. Maldives
51)Whichofthefollowingistrueabout northern river overnight c. Malaysia d. Indonesia 94) Which state government will set up
NPCI? b. Change in a rivers direction based on Book Banks in schools to provide
a. It stands for National Payments global warming, climate change 81) The Union Government has launched old books to needy students?
Corporation of India induced glacier retreat RUSA portal to act as a one-stop for a. Madhya Pradesh b. Rajasthan
b. It is the umbrella organisation of c. Both of the above States Higher Education Plans. What c. Punjab d. Uttar Pradesh
payments in India d. Neither of the above does RUSA stands for?
c. It is developing security framework for a. Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan 95) Which airline will become the worlds
mobile payments 65)WhichDaywillbecelebratedwith b. Rashtriya Uttam Shiksha Abhiyan first airline to adopt new satellite-
d. Only a and b special stamps by UNPA? c. Rashtriya Unmukht Shiksha Abhiyan based airplane tracking system?
e. All the above a. Yoga Day b. World Health Day d. Rashtriya Unnatsheel Shiksha Abhiyan a. Japan Airlines
c. Earth Day d. None of the above b. Singapore Airlines
52)Whichofthefollowing 82) Emma Morano, the worlds oldest c. Asiana Airlines
recom mendations of the 66)WhohasbeenappointedMDandCEO person has passed away. She hailed d. Malaysia Airlines
Parliamentary Committee was of LIC Housing Finance? from which country?
accepted by President? a. Vinay Modi b. Vinay Patel a. Norway b. Jamaica 96) Which country to host 2017 BRICS Film
a. Speeches of dignitaries including c. Vinay Majumdar d. Vinay Shah c. Italy d. France Festival?
President should be delivered in Hindi a. Russia b. South Africa
alone 67)Whohasbeenappointedthenew 83)Whatisthethemeofthe2017World c. China d. India
b. National carrier Air India should have Railways Financial Commissioner on Hemophilia Day (WHD)?
Hindi inflight journals 17thApril? a. Count Me In 97) Which Indian cricketer will be
c. All PSU communications should be in a. BN Mohapatra b. BN Das b. Together We Care honoured with the 75th Master
Hindi c. BN Singh d. BN Mehra c. Improve Your Life! Dinanath Mangeshkar award for his
d. Both a and b d. Hear their voices outstanding contribution to Indian
68)Whichofficehasseentheappointment Cricket?
53)WhatisthemaintenetbehindGSTtax of an RBI ombudsman? 84)Whatisthethemeofthe2017World a. Gundappa Viswanath
reform? a. Jammu b. Delhi Heritage Day (WHD)? b. Sunil Gavaskar
a. One Group, One Product c. Both of the above d. Punjab a. World Heritage for Tourism c. Kapil Dev
b. One Nation, One Tax b. Cultural Heritage and Sustainable d. Ravi Shastri
c. Both of the above 69)WhichisthemostvaluedPSUby Tourism
d. Neither of the above market valuation? c. The Heritage of Sport 98) Who has been chosen for the 2016
a. ONGC b. SBI d. Cultural Heritage for Tourism Sahitya Akademi Award for translation
54)Whatisthelatestamendmenttothe c. MNTL d. BSNL in English language?
FPI regulations by capital and 85)Whohasbeenbestowedwiththe6th a. A R Vankatachalapathy
commodities market regulator SEBI? 70)WhichindexdidIndiarank8thon,April edition of MS Swaminathan award? b. Sri Aniruddhan Vasudevan
a. Barring Indians, NRIs and entities 20, 2017? a. C. Parthasarathy b. M Y Saxena c. Githa Hariharan
beneficially owned by NRIs from a. AT Kearney FDI Confidence Index c. M V R Prasad d. R R Hanchinal d. K Satchidanandan
trading b. Morgan Stanley Index
b. Barring Indians, NRIs, and entities c. Moodys Rating 86)WhichIITinstitutewillstartVastu 99) India has recently signed pact with
beneficially owned by NRIs from d. ICRA rating Shastra classes for architecture which country for defence
being owners of participatory notes students? shipbuilding?
c. Barring Indians and NRIs from FDI in 71)WhichtwocompaniessignedanMoU a. IIT Kharagpur b. IIT Bombay a. Japan b. Australia
India to help develop low cost lithium c. IIT Madras d. IIT Indore c. South Korea d. China
d. None of the above batteries?
a. ISRO, BHEL b. BHEL, ESA 87)TheManipurgovernmenthaslaunched 100) Which state to have Indias first
55)WhichofthefollowingregionsinUK c. ISRO, ESA d. None of the above DARPAN web portal to check privately-run railway station?
voted against Brexit? corruption. What does DARPAN a. Tripura b. Odisha
a. Scotland 72)Whichcitywashonouredwitha stands for? c. Kerala d. Madhya Pradesh
b. Northern Ireland dedicated naval ship? a. Digital Application for Revalue by
c. Wales a. Chennai b. Thrissur Public And Nation
d. Only a and b c. Kolkata d. Delhi b. Digital Application for Reappraisal by ANSWER
e. All the above Public And Nation
01.(c) 02. (a) 03. (a) 04. (b) 05. (a)
73)WhichTDPleaderwasalsoknownas c. Digital Application for Review by Public
56)Whichcountryintroducedtougher Rajasekhar? And Nation 06. (a) 07. (a) 08. (a) 09. (a) 10. (c)
requirements for skilled overseas a. Devineni Nehru d. Digital Application for Reassessment
workers? b. Chandrababu Naidu by Public And Nation 11. (a) 12. (b) 13. (c) 14. (d) 15. (a)
a. New Zealand b. US c. NTR 16. (a) 17. (b) 18. (d) 19. (d) 20. (c)
c. Australia d. All of the above d. None of the above 88)Whohaswonthe2017Form ulaOne
Bahrain Grand Prix tournament? 21. (a) 22. (d) 23. (a) 24. (a) 25. (b)
57)Whichofthefollowingaresixplaces 74)WhowastheCPI-Mleaderfamously a. Sebastian Vettel
26. (a) 27.(a) 28. (d) 29. (d) 30. (b)
Chinese have given to places in AP, known as Bijoy-da? b. Felipe Massa
South Tibet? a. Narayan Sanyal c. Lewis Hamilton 31. (a) 32. (a) 33. (a) 34. (c) 35. (a)
a. Wogyainling b. Mila Ri b. Pratap Karat d. Valtteri Bottas
c. Namkapub Ri d. All of the above c. D. Raja 36. (a) 37. (a) 38. (a) 39. (a) 40. (c)
d. Sudhakar Reddy 89)Whichunionministryhaslaunched 41. (c) 42. (a) 43. (c) 44. (a) 45. (a)
58)Whichistheworldsfirsttruly nation-wide training programme for
collaborative dual arm industrial robot? 75)WhatdoesVVPATstandfor,invoting? Elected Women representatives 46. (a) 47. (a) 48. (a) 49. (a) 50. (c)
a. YuMi b. RedMi a. Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (EWRs) of Panchayats?
c. XiaoMi d. ToMi b. Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail a. Ministry of Home Affairs
51. (e) 52. (d) 53. (c) 54. (b) 55. (d)
c. Voter Verified Paper Auditing Trail b. Ministry of Human Resource 56. (d) 57. (d) 58. (a) 59. (a) 60. (a)
59)MyntraacquiredwhichBengaluru d. None of the above Development
based company? c. Ministry of Women and Child 61. (b) 62. (a) 63. (a) 64. (c) 65. (a)
a. InLogg b. InBlog 76)Whichstarhasanearthlikeplanet Development
66. (d) 67. (a) 68. (c) 69. (b) 70. (a)
c. InClog d. Limeroad about 40 light years away orbited, d. Ministry of Tribal Affairs
with the planet showing signs of life? 71. (a) 72. (a) 73. (a) 74. (a) 75. (b)
60)WhichcompanyhasacquiredFinancial a. A red dwarf star 90) Which of the following banks has
Navigator? b. LHS 1140 become the Indias most-valued Public 76. (c) 77. (d) 78. (a) 79. (c) 80. (a)
a. Asset Vantage b. Asset Advantage c. Both of the above Sector Unit (PSU) in terms of market 81. (a) 82. (c) 83. (d) 84. (b) 85. (d)
c. Asset Link d. Asset Lead d. Neither of the above valuation?
a. Punjab National Bank 86. (a) 87. (c) 88. (a) 89. (c) 90. (c)
61)WhatisAlphabetIncslifesciences 77)Whichisthefastestlandanimalinthe b. Exim Bank 91. (b) 92. (c) 93. (b) 94. (c) 95. (d)
business called? world? c. State Bank of India
a. ABC Inc b. Verily a. Tiger b. Lion d. Reserve Bank of India 96. (c) 97. (c) 98. (b) 99. (c) 100. (d)
Career Sarthi Coverage 15th April - 21st April 2017 Page 13

Job Title Dept/Sector Eligibility Last Date Website
Lecturers - 119 OPSC Masters Degree 08-06-2017
SI/ASI - 2221 Staff Selection Graduation Degree 15-05-2017
Posts Commission
Clerks - 42 Posts District & Bachelor's Degree 09-05-2017
Session Judge,
Officer Bank of India Post Graduation 05-05-2017
(Credit)/Manager (BOI)
Senior Residents - AIIMS, MD/MS/MDS/DNB/DM/M 12-05-2017
216 Posts Bhubaneswar CH in
Staff Nurse - VYAPAM 10+2 (Science) 02-05-2017
1210 Posts
Art Teachers - Telangana State Diploma in Arts/Home 04-05-2017
372 Posts Public Service Science/ Craft Technology/
Commission BFA
PO in Junior Dena Bank Graduation Degree 09-05-2017
Grade - 300 Posts
Librarian - 256 Telangana State Degree in Library Science 06-05-2017
Posts Public Service
Junior & Senior Staff Selection Masters Degree 05-05-2017
Hindi Translator Commission (Hindi/English)
TGT & PET - Telangana State B.Ed./B.P.Ed or Equivalent 04-05-2017
4978 Posts Public Service
Junior Technician India Government ITI 01-05-2017 http://igmhyderabad.spmcil.c
posts at W-1 level Mint, Hyderabad om
Agriculture Maharashtra B.Sc. in 03-05-2017 www.mahampsc.mahaonline.
Officer (Junior) - Public Service Agriculture/Agriculture
79 Posts Commission Engineering
Junior Border Security Diploma in E lectrical 12-05-2017
Engineer/Sub Force (BSF) Engineering
(Electrical) - 21
Assistant Union Public Bachelors degree 05-05-2017
Commandants Service
(Group A) - 179 Commission
Posts (UPSC)
LP and UP Directorate of TE T/B. Ed/D. Ed 30-04-2017
Schools Teachers Elementary
- 6027 Posts Education, Assa m
Probationary Bank of Baroda Graduation Degree 01-05-2017
Officer - 400 (BOB)
Assistant BE/B.Tech in
Engineers - 1065 Bihar Public Civil/Mechanical 08-05-2017
Posts Service

Personal High Court Patna Bachelors Degree 27-04-2017 www.patnahighcourt.bih.nic.i

Assistant/Stenogr n
apher - 100 Posts
SI, ASI & Central Reserve Civil 05-05-2017
Constable - 240 Police Force Engineering/Draughtsman
Posts (CRPF) Diploma