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3rd April 2017



The announcement of the South African Cabinet reshuffle came as a shock to many in the
South African society, especially considering the circumstances that led thereto. Of great
concern is the polarisation of the South African society, which has been evidenced by/through
the responses and reactions to the action of the President JG Zuma in the wanton cabinet
reshuffle. The governing party, the ANC has also been adversely affected and can, at the
moment, not provide direction for the nation. Different calls have been made for mass
mobilisation, for President Zuma to resign, for vote of no confidence against the President,
and even for the impeachment of the President.

It is against this background that we call upon the UPCSA members to live up to the ideals of
our vision, to be a reconciled community of Christians exercising a prophetic
witness to Christ. The church should exercise its prophetic role as a voice of reason and
work for justice for all. In these hard and trying times, the impoverished suffer the most.
Those that have access to state resources find an opportunity to loot and abuse the
resources. This is a period where corruption will be on the rise and democracy is shaken to
the core. Hence, the UPCSA calls for the ANC to show leadership and arrest the situation for
the good of the nation. Hoping that the President fully realises the damage that his actions
caused to the governing party and to the nation, the UPCSA calls on him to act responsibly
and with integrity STEP DOWN. We also call upon the South African society to close ranks
and work to bring about South Africa that we should all be proud of.

We call on all the members of the UPCSA to embark in multi-facetted action. We call on all
our members that are involved in party political structures to provide direction. We encourage
our members to join the action towards a just, free and peaceful society, where fraud and
corruption are frowned upon. We support the initiatives that are meant to ensure democracy,
stability and social cohesion. We shall work with other churches and the structures of civil
society to address the situation.

This happened during the Lenten period. As we fast and pray, let us commend South Africa
to God that it becomes that society that we fought and prayed for before 1994.

God bless Africa, guard her children, guide her leaders and grant her peace.

Yours in Christ.

The Rev Lungile Mpetsheni


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