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GRADE : 6 Maths

Competency Competency Level Content

24 :Thinks logically to make 24.1 Creates various Circular shaped

decisions based on geometrical designs using circular objects
concepts related to circles shapes. Circular designs

1 : Manipulates the mathematical 1.1 Investigates the Numbers

operations in the set of real quantitative value of Place Value
numbers to fulfill the needs numbers. Reading & writing numbers
of day to day life. up to the billionzone

1 1.4 Manipulates whole Whole Numbers

numbers under addition Addition
and subtraction Subtraction
1.5 Manipulates whole Multiplication and
numbers under the division
operations of multiplication By 10, 100,1000
and division. By two digit numbers

12 : Manages time to fulfill the 12.1 Plans daily activities Time

needs of the world of work. by being conscious of Units
the time Find the time spent
12.2 Writes the time and Addition and subtraction
date in the standard 24 hour clock
form. 12 hour clock
Writing the date

1 1.2 Uses the number line Number line

to introduce negative
1.3 Uses symbols to easily Comparing integers
communicate the magnitude and organizing
of numbers them
Using the symbols
>, < and =
Finding an integer
between two nonconsecutive
1 1.8 Estimates the number Estimation
of elements in a set that can The number of
be counted. elements in a set
that can be counted
1.9 Rounding of
Facilitates Numbers less than
communication and 100 to the nearest 10
computation by
obtaining an
approximate value for
a number
21 :Makes decisions by 21.1 Types of angles
investigating the relationships Classifies angles with with respect to the
between various angles. respect to the right right angle
13:Uses scale diagrams in
practical situations by 13.1 Eight directions
exploring various methods. Makes connections The horizontal and
with the environment the vertical
to fulfill daily needs
by having an
awareness of
Date of Date of
assumptio implemen
n tation