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Meet WNBA Superstar Jantel Lavender ’07

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Cleveland Central Catholic High School
is a coeducational school rooted in the
Gospel values of Jesus Christ and focused
on college and career readiness. Our mission
is to challenge and encourage our students
to excel academically, to deepen their faith
in God, and to live a life of service,
so that they may face the future with
confidence and hope.

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Contents Spring 2017

From the President and Principal
Letter from Leo Hyland, President of CCC.................................................................................................. 4
Letter from Sr. Allison Marie Gusdanovic, SND, Principal of CCC....................................................... 5

Feature Articles
Rock’n the Classroom....................................................................................................................................... 6
Meet WNBA Superstar Jantel Lavender ‘07........................................................................................... 10
Arielle Williams ‘17 Connected & Committed to Excellence........................................................... 14
Congratulations, Father Neil D. O’Connor, on your retirement!....................................................... 16
Central Catholic senior named Youth of the Year................................................................................. 18

Advancement Director Column................................................................................................................ 19
The 5/1 Campaign - Five Schools/One Future...................................................................................... 19
Recognition Night honors those making an impact at CCC........................................................... 20
Attendance high at CCC 14th Annual Calcutta Auction................................................................... 22

School Snapshots
CCC Administrators serve national and local roles............................................................................. 23

Sports Round Up
Boys Varsity Basketball.................................................................................................................................. 26
Girls Varsity Basketball.................................................................................................................................. 27
Wrestling............................................................................................................................................................ 27

Announcing 2017 CCC Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees.................................................................. 28
Alumni Golf Outing........................................................................................................................................ 29
Alumni News.................................................................................................................................................... 29
In Memoriam.................................................................................................................................................... 31

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From the President
Leo Hyland

Why Hope Matters
It was a simple message – just black letters on a white background. Yet it resonated throughout
my soul for the rest of that day. Where there is HOPE, there is faith. Where there is FAITH,
miracles happen!

This phenomenon precisely describes the ministry that takes place at Cleveland Central Catholic!
And it has been happening at our school for over 47 years. I suspect it has been occurring on
this very campus since the founding of St. Stanislaus Elementary School in 1881. Imagine the
“The presence of hope courage and hope those founding immigrant families had to start a new school and parish –
allows their faith to blossom so that their progeny might continue to live in the Catholic faith of their forefathers.
and makes for a powerful Fast forward some 135 years to this school year. Our school today serves 611 students, most of
foundation for any whom are residents of the city – although several suburbs are also represented. And why do
these families choose to send their children to CCC? While there are likely many factors, inevitably
young person.”
it includes the hope for a brighter future for their loved ones. The presence of hope allows their
faith to blossom and makes for a powerful foundation for any young person.

At Cleveland Central Catholic, the outstanding commitment of the administrative team, faculty
and staff, and our Advisory Board members provides our students with a hopeful environment
every day. It is good to challenge them with a rigorous curriculum – but even better to encourage
them to succeed while learning to serve others. As retired Bishop Richard Lennon once said,
“we are here to serve the underserved.” Is this not the Gospel message?

As we hit the home stretch of this academic year, we pray that the Class of 2017 will graduate
100% of its members – for CCC’s fourth consecutive year. Let us remember that hope leads to
faith in Jesus our savior and model. By working together in this important ministry, we are help-
ing these young people, their families, and our community to live a better life in Christ.

Thank you for caring about, and supporting, our students and our school. Because of you,
CCC is truly a Beacon of Hope!

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From the Principal
Sister Allison Marie, SND

As part of our school accreditation process, we recently hosted five administrators of Catholic schools
from across Ohio to review our preliminary school improvement plan. Over the last one and three-
fourth years, we conducted a self-study, reviewed our demographic information and academic
progress, conducted academic research, and developed two goals for improvement. Our academic
goal will focus on helping students to improve their executive functioning skills, which consist of goal
setting, impulse control, task initiation, memory skills, and organization. The focus will be on areas that
will prepare the students to tackle academics and to be prepared for challenges in life. For our Catholicity
goal, we will focus on coming to know God through Jesus and to make Him known to others.
“Meeting with the students,
During our two-day visitation, the team members not only reviewed our school improvement plan
experiencing their warmth, and supporting data, but they also interviewed students and staff in an effort to come to a clearer
and hearing their stories understanding of our school community.
were the highlight of When the team shared their reflections about our plan, it became evident that the visit was much
my day;” more for them than just a review of a school improvement plan. The experience for the visitors was
powerful. Examples of the sentiments expressed by them included: “The staff is so passionate and
committed to helping students improve that I had an emotion I did not expect – I was envious;” …
“Meeting with the students, experiencing their warmth, and hearing their stories were the highlight of
my day;” … “I have conducted more than 25 of these visits and this was an experience;”… and,
“I went home crying and thinking I want to work there.” Clearly, the visit to Cleveland Central
Catholic was more than anyone expected.
Lanny Hollis, our associate principal said it well: “We, who plod along day after day, year after year,
and decade after decade here, can sometimes miss the wonders that result from our efforts, mission,
and vocation. Sometimes fresh eyes can tell us much, much more than mere comments on a written
school improvement plan.”… “The staff and students are the talent, instruments, breath, vibration,
rhythm, and hall where the Cleveland Central Catholic music is formed and that will echo into eternity.”
In light of our school improvement planning, It is my hope and my prayer, that each day we will be
able to focus on why we do what we do here at Cleveland Central Catholic. Our most recently revised
mission statement expresses well the reason for our school’s existence: “Cleveland Central Catholic
High School is a coeducational school rooted in the Gospel values of Jesus Christ and focused on
college and career readiness. Our mission is to challenge and encourage our students to excel
academically, to deepen their faith in God, and to live a life of service, so that they may face the
future with confidence and hope.”
May our good God bless you today and each day for your support of, generosity to, and
collaboration with Cleveland Central Catholic High School.
One with you in the Peace of Christ,

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the Classroom
Never, Never Quit

What you do shows who
you are.

You never fail unti
you stop tr ying.

Make an effort,
not an excuse.

Today is the day to
learn something new.

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Inspirational posters blanket the walls in Joe Rock’s class- LaClaire Weaver, author of “You Go Black Girl,” describes,
room, reinforcing the dynamic English teacher’s personal “I wanted to write so girls of color could feel good about
values and those of Cleveland Central Catholic High School. themselves. This class taught me that writing is not as strict
And for anyone lucky enough to sit in on one of Mr. Rock’s as I thought -- like poems do not have to rhyme. I will con-
classes, it’s obvious – his students are engaged, excited and tinue to write creatively for my own pleasure.” LaClaire plans
eager to learn. to major in real estate at Cleveland State University in the
fall. She enthusiastically exclaims, “Mr. Rock is an excellent
Today, Mr. Rock beams with pride as he reports that 13 of
his creative writing students had their poems accepted
for publication following a national poetry contest. These
students will graduate from Cleveland Central Catholic as
published authors; their poetry appearing in A Celebration “I think he is a fun teacher. He uses jokes
of Poets anthology. Wow! to get our attention, and he really takes
Congratulations to the following CCC students whose poems the time to listen to us. The environment
were selected for publication: in his class makes learning fun.”
Juniors: Emily Toe, Don’t Let Go, Andre Rodriguez, Pick Kiara Johnson ‘17
Up and Rashawn Watson, 2K

Seniors: Andrea Williams, A Life Lesson
Rock earned a BS in Education and an MS degree in Secondary
Sh’Ron Smith, Expression
Education from the University of Akron (UA). During this
Jerell Shurn, My Dad past summer, he also took several Special Education classes
at UA to better equip himself to teach those special education
Cassidy Pollard, Sweet Dreams students who take his class each year at CCC.
Najaé Jackson, Fight Like a Girl A veteran in the classroom for 19 years, this is Rock’s fourth
Kyrah Bolton, Bold year teaching at Cleveland Central Catholic. In addition
to teaching literature and creative writing, Mr. Rock is an
Ronesha Bishop, Pick Up Line advisor for the Student Senate with Aaron Eatman, Dean
of School Engagement, Intervention and English teacher.
LaClaire Weaver, You Go Black Girl
Mr. Rock also serves as junior class moderator and advisor for
Naio’mi Walker, BRAG the Cleveland Central Catholic Cauldron literary magazine.
“I brought creative writing here. My first year, only three
Chantiana Blair, Ode to My Curves students enrolled in the class. Last year, I had 18 students.
This year 23 students are taking the class,” describes
Mr. Rock enthusiastically.

“I love what I do,” exclaims the passionate teacher. “The
students and faculty at Cleveland Central Catholic are like
a family. This school is special. There is not a school in
Ohio like it. When it comes to the mission, we believe every

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 7
On this particular day, Mr. Rock asks his students to break
into groups. The assignment: use rhythm, beat and prose to
describe what is occurring in the book, Beowulf. The result
is fantastic. Group after group comes forward and, through
a unique beat, describes the characters, plot and themes in
the novel through song and lyrics. Laughter erupts frequently,
and the performances keep the students captivated.

Next, Mr. Rock reviews lessons by challenging his students
to a basketball shoot off. If Mr. Rock wins, there will be a
test tomorrow. If the students win, no test. The students
encourage each other as they answer question after question
correctly and try to get a basket. For anyone looking in the
window, it may look like pandemonium. In truth, Mr. Rock
is utilizing a calculated technique that works. These students
are truly learning.

student can and will succeed. We don’t give up on anyone. Immediately after the bell rings and the students depart,
There is so much talent in this building. Everyone, from the three of Rock’s former students enter the classroom to visit
Administration down, gives 110 percent. We all leave the their former teacher. Davon Parker ’16, currently majoring
school at the end of the day exhausted.” in Sports and Exercise Studies at Cuyahoga Community
College, says, “I like this school, and I liked a lot of the
“I learn so much each day from my students. Learning really teachers here, particularly Mr. Rock. The teachers at Central
goes both ways in my classroom. Our students are not afraid Catholic pushed me. I was very prepared when I entered
to be vulnerable and let it out – even the quietest girl. We college.” Davon was a former poetry-contest winner whose
work at our issues and problems through writing. I can’t poem about basketball was published in the national poetry
afford a psychologist so I love teaching this class to work out anthology his junior year.
my own problems,” describes the self-abasing man with a
smile. Nicholas Summers ’16 also visited Mr. Rock this day. He
admits, “I learned more than I thought I’d learn in high
Kiara Johnson ’17 says she is glad to be in Mr. Rock’s class. school. I am majoring in Recorded Arts & Technology at Tri
“I think he is a fun teacher. He uses jokes to get our attention, C. Central Catholic definitely helped prepare me for college.
and he really takes the time to listen to us. The environment If I didn’t come to CCC, I’d be a completely different person.
in his class makes learning fun.” This school shaped me. I looked forward to coming to school
every day.”
Classmate Corrie Velasquez ’17 agrees, “Mr. Rock is different.
There are no words to describe him: funny, talented, involved.
He really cares about the welfare of his students and even
checks up on us every time we are not here.”

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You Go Black Girl

Oh hey black girl! Your skin is beautiful.
You used to get teased in grade school about how chocolate
your skin was, but you looked in the mirror every day and night
telling yourself you were beautiful.
Oh hey black girl! Your dark skin is the best I’ve ever seen.
Oh hey black girl! Your black is beautiful.
Oh hey black girl! The way your smile shines, it compliments
your chocolate skin even more.
Oh hey black girl! You’re beautiful the way you are.
You go black girl.
LaClaire Weaver, Grade 12

My Dad
Fight Like a Girl Pops is big and his rough hands are gentle,
I burst like a blueberry in a food fight, Laying on the couch, watching the cooking show.
I get my strength from my mother, she told me to As I’m dreaming, picturing him on the couch as he
live life. watches down on me from heaven.
I can stand on a cliff looking over everyone, Dad, can we watch the game together?
I know I’m on top because “girls rock!” Dad, can you make me something to eat?
I’m on a high horse. “Yeah Rell,” go take some chicken out of the freezer.
Hey, YOU can call it cloud nine, my voice is
Jerell Shurn, Grade 12
strong and powerful, I’ll be remembered by all.
I am a girl and you better believe I’m proud of it.
Forever, I will FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!
Najae’ Jackson, Grade 12

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Meet WNBA Superstar
Jantel Lavender ’07

10 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
In 2016, Jantel Lavender ‘07 and her teammates on the whatever help they could find. I just made us look more like
Los Angeles Sparks were the Women’s National Basketball a basketball team because I was already 5’11” at the time.”
Association (WNBA) champions. Today, she continues to
Jantel says her first three years at CCC, the women’s basketball
play professional basketball as a center for the Fenerbahce
team came up short in the playoffs. Her senior year, they
Istanbul with the Turkish Women’s Basketball League.
won a championship. “That was the greatest accomplishment.
Looking back on her tremendous success, Jantel is quick
to consider her roots and the excellent start she received
at Cleveland Central Catholic High School.

“My CCC experience was amazing,” exclaims Jantel.
“I think it was the perfect high school for my sister and I.
(Jantel’s twin sister Jazmine also attended CCC.) We went
through a whole process of trying to decide which school
we should go to, and obviously had more of an influence
to attend Central because of the basketball program there.
During our time at Cleveland Central Catholic, we were in
all-honors classes, and I think it challenged us in a way to
make us extremely prepared for college. Educationally and
socially, I think this was the best high school for us.”
Jantel and her twin sister Jazmine who also attended CCC
She says, “I am still friends with my teammates, more than
my classmates, at CCC, because I spent a lot of time with
I played forward/center positions,” she says. “I think the
them and had some classes with them. Candyce Flynn is
coaches at CCC prepared me for college basketball. Coach
still my best friend to this day. I keep in contact with many
Melvin Burke instilled a work ethic in us that most high
of my former teammates, but I don’t come home that
school girls don’t experience. Coach Brian Arth taught us
often, so when I have time, I try to catch up with them.”
toughness. So the combination of these coaches prepared
Some of her favorite teachers at Cleveland Central Catholic
me for college basketball. I was a step ahead of all the
include Miss Bednarchik, Miss Sinclair and Dr. Hynes. “Sister
freshman because of what I learned from them.”
Josephe also played an integral part in our success our
senior year, praying with us and helping us through tough Upon graduation from CCC, Jantel attended Ohio State
times,” Jantel reflects. on a full, four-year scholarship, where she played for the
Buckeyes’ women’s basketball team. At Ohio State, she
“I started playing basketball when I was 12 years old,”
was the only player, male or female, to be selected Big Ten
she remembers. “The only reason I joined the team was
Conference Player of the Year four straight seasons (2007-08
because I was taller than everyone, and our basketball team
through 2010-11). Jantel scored in double figures in each of
at Garrett Morgan was struggling. They were looking for

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 11
her 136 games as a Buckeye, an as a player, and graduated with
NCAA record. She was also Ohio a bachelor’s degree in Sports
State’s all-time career scoring Marketing in March, 2011.”
leader with 2,818 points. Her
With such college success on
1,422 rebounds is also a Big Ten
the basketball court, it came
as no surprise when Jantel was
Jantel also holds the OSU record selected in the first round, fifth
for most consecutive starts overall of the 2011 WNBA Draft
(136), which she obtained while by the Sparks. “Draft Day is inde-
leading the Buckeyes to three scribable,” she remembers. “It’s
consecutive Big Ten tournament every college basketball player’s
championships. As a senior dream to reach this day. All the
in 2010-11, Jantel was named hard work and everything you
WBCA/State Farm and USBWA have worked toward finally
All America for the third consecutive year; Associated Press allows you to get paid while playing. I was filled with so
First Team All-America for the second straight season. much joy when they called my name 5th overall to the
In 2009-10, she was named Big Ten Tournament Most Los Angeles Sparks. The most amazing feeling ever!”
Outstanding player for the second year in a row. Jantel was
Jantel explains that when you go from college to the pros,
also the first-ever Buckeye to eclipse 2,000 points as a junior.
you hire an agent. The agent does all overseas work for
“I set a Big Ten and NCAA scoring record, scoring in double their players as well. Typically, WNBA players go to Europe
figures in every single game in college,” Jantel states. “It was to play because the money with the WNBA is limited.
a great feeling knowing I had done “It gets a little brutal sometimes
something that no other player because we don’t have any time
had done. I set the bar high for the off, but it is worth it because it is
next great player that not only went a small window and allows us to
to Ohio State but in the Big Ten.” maximize the money we can make,”
she says.
“Going to Ohio State was probably
one of the best experiences of Today, Jantel enjoys playing in
my life,” considers Jantel. “I learned Turkey in the off-season but realizes
so much about myself and who the sacrifice of being away from
I wanted to be. I played great family. “But the team I am on is very
basketball, accomplished so much good. We are in two leagues in

12 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
“My faith allows me to realize there is a bigger
purpose in everything we do. Dreams do really come
true. I am living testimony of how, if you stick to a
goal and work really hard at it, unbelievable things
can happen in your life. Dream BIG!”

Turkey – the Euroleague which is the top league for men and women to play in
while in Europe and the Turkish Super League, where we are in first place,”
Jantel states but acknowledges, “You always have to be aware of your surroundings
coming to a foreign place. I stay away from touristy areas and stay in areas
where people know who we are.”

Jantel concludes, “My faith plays a huge role in my life. I am not able to attend
church as often as I would like, but when I have a chance to watch a sermon on
YouTube, I usually do. My faith allows me to realize there is a bigger purpose in
everything we do. Dreams do really come true. I am living testimony of how, if
you stick to a goal and work really hard at it, unbelievable things can happen
in your life. Dream BIG!

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 13
Arielle Williams ’17

Connected &
to Excellence
Arielle Williams ‘17 believes in challenging herself
– in the classroom, through athletic competition,
and in her community. That is why this dynamic
Cleveland Central Catholic senior was selected
as a member of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s
MYAC (Mayor Youth Action Committee).

14 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
“I help mentor my little sister,
Brielle, 8, and she says I give
her good advice so I thought
I could help other young girls
as a mentor,”

Arielle explains MYAC committee members are tasked “I help mentor my little sister, Brielle, 8, and she says
with identifying strengths as well as weaknesses within I give her good advice so I thought I could help other
their communities. Some of the topics MYAC has young girls as a mentor,” Arielle explains. “I also really
tackled include more security near the city’s recreation enjoy Student Senate. I feel through Central Catholic’s
centers; better school lunches; more tutoring to help Student Senate, students can have a positive effect on
prepare for the state’s high-stakes exams; and bus the school environment.”
passes to make it easier to get to and from school. In
Arielle continues, “I believe I have received an excellent
Cleveland, local officials have invested heavily in this
education at Cleveland Central Catholic. By participating
program that gives teens a voice to help improve life
in clubs and volunteer activities, I also have developed
for young people in the city and develop leadership
leadership skills – like the importance of being on time,
being organized, and not being a slacker.”
Arielle says Cleveland Central Catholic has also played
Arielle plans to attend Kent State University in the fall
a pivotal role in developing leadership skills she knows
and major in Nursing with the hope of working her way
will help her next fall in college. The senior is a Student
to becoming a pediatrician. She offers this advice to
Ambassador, on Student Senate, is a member of National
underclassmen at CCC: “Get involved. High school goes
Honor Society and Key Club, competes in indoor and
by fast. You want to prepare yourself for what will come
outdoor track, and mentors teenage girls at the
next in life.”
Hamilton Recreation Center.

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 15
Father Neil D. O’Connor,
on your retirement!
In 1975, Father Neil D. O’Connor became the chaplain of Cleveland
Central Catholic, previously comprised of four schools (St. John
Cantius, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Stanislaus, and St. Michael the
Archangel) and based on four separate campuses. Students and
faculty rotated from one campus to another with great regularity.

Father Neil became principal of Cleveland Central Catholic in
1980 and served in that capacity until being named pastor of St.
Columbkille in 1992.

“I thought Cleveland Central Catholic was a great school. I loved it.
At the time, there were good assistant principals and great teachers,
who went above and beyond to care for their students. The kids were
great!” Father Neil fondly recalls of his 17-year affiliation with CCC.
“Back in the day, I was involved in the planning to consolidate the
high school to one campus. I am so pleased it has survived.”

“It was hard work, especially at the time with four different campuses,”
he admits with a chuckle. “From what I hear and see, I am pleased
with where Cleveland Central Catholic High School is today. I always
thought it was an important program for the diocese, and it is still
serving a great need.”

He considers, “I’ve been gone a long time, but I still see some of my
former students. In fact, some of my former students are parishioners
here at St. Columbkille. Other former students still look me up.
Cleveland Central Catholic was a big part of my life, and I am
very happy to see the school there, doing a great job.”

16 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
“I’ve been gone a long time, but I still see some of my former students.
In fact, some of my former students are parishioners here at
St. Columbkille. Other former students still look me up.”

Several years ago, Father Neil was recognized for his 17 years of
service to CCC when the first floor conference room was named in
his honor, the Father Neil D. O’Connor Room. Father Neil humbly
recalls, “That was not my idea. The principal at the time, Karl Ertle
did that. I told him not to do that.”

Father Neil laughs when asked about how he is enjoying retirement.
“Let’s just call it a phasing in retirement,” he says with a smile. “This
parish is one of the biggest in the Cleveland Diocese. When I came,
we had four priests. Today there are two. I am still here helping,
saying Mass, anointing the sick with oil, attending to various other
needs of our parishioners. I really haven’t retired yet.”

From the administration, faculty, students and alumni of Cleveland
Central Catholic High School, we thank Father Neil for his many
years of service and wish him a happy, healthy and blessed

“From what I hear and see, I am pleased
with where Cleveland Central Catholic
High School is today. I always thought it
was an important program for the diocese,
and it is still serving a great need.”

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 17
Central Catholic
senior named
Youth of
the Year
Miryne Thomas, a senior student athlete at Cleveland Central Catholic
High School, was named the 2017 Youth of the Year by the Boys & Girls
Clubs of Cleveland at a ceremony recently.
For the past 11 years, Miryne has been a member of the King Kennedy
Club, where he serves as president of the Keystone Club leadership
group, mentors younger members and helps the staff. At Cleveland
Central Catholic High School, he has been an honor student and a
starter on the varsity basketball team.
“King Kennedy Boys & Girls Club has been a safe haven not just for me but also for my friends and
siblings,” Miryne says.
Miryne, 17, also volunteers at a homeless shelter on the West Side as well as serving food and making
beds at Haven of Rest Ministries. He plans to study accounting at the University of Maryland-Eastern
Shore in the fall, and he has been awarded a Division I basketball scholarship.
Miryne was selected over five other candidates at the Breakfast of Champions at BGCC’s Broadway
Club. Miryne received the Cleveland Indians Charities Youth of the Year Scholarship for $5,000 and
the William and Viia Beechler Scholarship for $2,500. The scholarship is in honor of a long-time
board couple who were honored in 2014 with the establishment of the scholarship. Mr. Beechler
passed away in August 2016 and the award carries on his legacy.
For his basketball achievements, Miryne was named to the First Team for the AP Northeast Lake
All-District team, and the AP Division II All-Ohio Second Team.
The team’s charitable arm, Cleveland Indians Charities, has been a strong supporter of Boys &
Girls Clubs of Cleveland through financial, in-kind and volunteer efforts. CIC provides funding for
scholarships for three of BGCC’s Youth of the Year finalists; the Ready Reader Plus program, which
helps underperforming K-3rd grade students improve their literacy and math skills; and Brain Gain,
which aims to prevent summer learning loss and moves youth towards better futures.
Founded in 1954, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland serves about 8,600 youth in Cleveland’s
inner-city neighborhoods, Cleveland Heights, East Cleveland and Garfield Heights. The Clubs
provide a safe place for children to learn and grow, to develop ongoing relationships with caring adult
professionals, to engage in life-enhancing programs and to create a culture of hope and opportunity.
CCC is pleased to be a strategic partner with the BGCC. BGCC’s mission is to inspire and enable
young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive,
responsible and caring citizens.

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Ad v an cem e n t

Have you ever wished you could do something simple that would have a profound impact? Many people yearn
for the chance to help their favorite cause or charity – and there are several ways to accomplish this noble goal.
As mentioned in the last issue of Connection, planned giving can be an excellent option for those who
want to support an organization in a transformative way. Planned gifts can provide philanthropic options
other than relying on cash or other liquid assets. For instance, the gift of a paid-off life insurance policy is
often overlooked when considering a planned gift.
Life insurance is a simple way to make a planned gift, so easy that an individual does not need a formal
estate plan. Simply by naming a charity as the policy’s beneficiary or owner, the donor can make a major
gift without relinquishing other needed assets or income.
In many cases, the original purpose for which the insurance was purchased is no longer applicable. For ex-
ample, a husband and wife may have purchased “whole life” insurance to provide support of minor children who are now married
with children of their own. Policies like these can be gifted to a charitable organization – and may provide the donor a tax benefit.
Another consideration is a “term” life insurance policy. This type of policy has a limited number of premium payments, after which
the policy may remain in force without further premium payments required. A term life insurance policy can be purchased that
names a charitable organization – such as Cleveland Central Catholic – as the beneficiary upon the death of the policy purchaser(s).
Recently, such a gift was made to CCC’s Beacon of Hope Campaign by Advisory Board member John Cvetic and his wife Laurie.
After consulting with their advisers, the Cvetic’s decided to purchase and irrevocably transfer a joint life insurance policy to Central
Catholic. CCC now owns the policy and is responsible for the annual premiums, in exchange for being the named beneficiary of
the policy. Both the donor and the organization benefit from creative strategies like this.
As we approach the successful conclusion of the Beacon of Hope Campaign, we encourage all friends of CCC to join in this important
effort. Gifts of appreciated stocks, will commitments (bequests), life insurance, or real estate, can be powerful ways to participate!
If you would like more information about this or any other type of planned giving, please contact Director of Advancement
Tip Hosack at 216.641.2034 or thosack@ccc-hs.org.

Director of Advancement

The 5/1 Campaign- Five Schools/One Future
Rouse your Ironmen spirit and mark your calendars to spread the good word. The quest for excellence of our founding
schools- Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Michael’s, St. John Cantius and St. Stanislaus, continues here at Central Catholic. With
sustained capacity enrollment over 600, three years running of 100% graduation and an 85% college acceptance rate,
there is much good news to share! We want you to help us get the word out.
5/1 is a 24-hour social media campaign focused on donors NOT dollars. All gifts, no matter the size, make an impact! Simply
make your gift on May 1, 2017 at www.centralcatholichs.org/fiveone, then post, share, tweet or email your fellow Ironmen
and Lady Ironmen. Together as a community we can make a difference during these 24 hours.
All gifts made on 5/1 will carry a little extra weight. To sweeten the deal, a group of alumni donors has agreed to make a 5x
match for every new donor to the school. In addition, for every 10 donations, from any donor, the school will earn another $50
donation to the 5/1 campaign. The match will be taken from a pool of $10,000 in matching funds offered by a coalition of alumni.
“For example, if Mary Smith makes her first donation of $10 on May 1, $50 would be donated from a pool of matching funds
put together by a group of alumni donors,” says Bill Sluzewski, Director of Annual Giving. “We have been fortunate to have
generous alumni who created a pool of $10,000 worth of matching gifts to put toward this goal. Money aside, this whole
effort is really about trying to engage a bigger part of the extended Central Catholic family to help spread the word about
the good work that is done here.”
Challenge your classmates, teammates and friends to commit to the future of Cleveland Central Catholic on a day that
reminds us of where we came from.

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 19
Cleveland Central Catholic
Recognition Night
The fifth annual Recognition Night was held on November 19th in the Wasmer Ironman
Center. The event recognized those, who through their commitment and dedication have
had a profound impact on the students and community at Cleveland Central Catholic
High School.

Those recognized were Richard Estremera ’75 - Distinguished Alumni; Bill Divis -
Outstanding Faculty; St. Stanislaus Class of 1961 - Personal Philanthropy; Merrymeeting
Group. - Corporate Philanthropy; Murphy Family Foundation - Foundation Philanthropy;
Bob Powell ’70 - Outstanding Volunteer.

Richard Estremera ’75, is our Distinguished Alumni recipient. Rich is currently the Senior
Bob Powell ‘70 Vice President for Critical Sites and National Operations at KeyBank. While a student at
CCC, he also worked at the school sweeping floors. Along the way he was inspired by his
teachers to strive to do his best. He earned his BS degree from Baldwin-Wallace College
and his MBA from Lake Forest College Graduate School of Management and he holds an
FMA from the Building Owners Management Institute. He was reintroduced to CCC thru
his job at KeyBank; the bank was making a donation of furniture to the school, and Rich
was in charge of facilitating the process. Rich is truly a class act and role model for our

Bill Divis is our Outstanding Faculty recipient. He began his journey at our school as a
biology teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes. Prior to that he worked in the Peace Corps and
was stationed in India. He was lovingly referred to as one of
CCC’s “Founding Fathers”. He also worked as a Guidance
Counselor at the school where he took on the needs of the
school community. Bill was an integral part of the team of
helpers who delivered Santa Claus letters to area grade school
students. His dedication and commitment to the school and its
students have earned him this award.

The Personal Philanthropy Award was given to the St. Stanislaus
Class of 1961. This unique and loyal group of alums have
pledged their support to the current and future Ironmen by
creating the St. Stanislaus Class of 1961 Endowed Scholarship.
The scholarship was created in 2011 and in that first year more
than $10,000 was raised. Many alums from this distinguished
class were present to accept the award.

Allyn and John Davies, John Peca ‘70

20 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
Mara, Kathleen and Jen Divis, Leo Hyland

Award recipients

The Corporate Philanthropy Award was given
to Merrymeeting Group. Merrymeeting Group
began their partnership with Cleveland Central
Catholic in 2010, the same year that Merrymeeting
co-founder Allyn Davies joined the Advisory
Board. Merrymeeting has provided generous
support to the school for not only our annual
Calcutta and CleanUp+Clams events, but also
Bob Sledz ‘61 in-kind support for the maintenance and hosting Leo Hyland, Allyn and John Davies
of the school website. In addition to being a member of the Advisory Board,
Allyn is chairman of the Advancement Committee.

The Murphy Family Foundation was presented with the Foundation Philanthropy
Award for its support of the current Beacon of Hope campaign and the completed
Vibrant in the City campaign. The Murphy Foundation is also a supporter of our
tuition assistance program. The mission of the Murphy Family Foundation is to
support organizations addressing the problems and causes of poverty in the
greater Cleveland area.

The final award of the evening was given to CCC Class of 1970 alum Bob Powell.
Bob was the recipient of the Outstanding Volunteer Award. Bob is known for his
“can do” attitude; he is willing to
do whatever is needed to help the
CCC community. He is also one of Rich and Linda Estremera, Leo Hyland

the first inductees into the CCC
Athletic Hall of Fame. He lends
his support whether it is elbow
grease at the CleanUp+Clams,
participating in Calcutta, and
virtually any other event the
school is involved in. He is an
inspiration and role model for
Ironmen everywhere. Israel and Carmen Roman

Rita (Murphy) and Peter Carfagna

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 21
Attendance High at
CCC 14th Annual
Calcutta Auction

Julie Sullivan-Graham,
Terri Preskar, Dick Castele

Despite frigid temperatures and a blanket of The more than 300 in attendance bid on
snow across northeast Ohio, friends, family dozens of silent auction items at their
and community members bundled up and leisure and enjoyed a delicious meal before
braved the elements to attend the 14th auctioneer Rob Telecky began calling auction
Annual Calcutta Auction. This is the high items. The evening was a big success with
school’s signature event that raises money capacity attendance, a record number of
for tuition assistance for young men and corporate sponsors and more the $162,000
women who desire to attend Cleveland gross raised for tuition assistance.
Central Catholic.

Ellie Wallenhorst, Eileen Wallenhorst,
Mary Wallenhorst, Barb Wallenhorst
and Peg Homyak

Jim Ramella, Brian Ferry

John Malcom ‘82, Ruth and Baron Williams ‘82

John Peca ‘70 and Leo Hyland

Terry Brizz, Marie Kittredge, Chris Alvarado Kevin and Jim Hyland
22 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
School Snapshots

CCC Administrators serve
Rich Greco, Jim Klessel national and local roles
Several Cleveland Central Catholic administrators
Allyn Davies, Leo Hyland have been sought out recently to share their
professional expertise with various educational
entities on both the national and local level.

Desiree Moyer-Stephens,
Instructional Mentor and Chair of
the English Department, has been
asked to evaluate state curriculum
Katyria DeJesus ‘18. Joe Rock, Isaiah
for English.
Rosado ‘17, Phillip Moore ‘18
Associate Principal
Dr. Lanny Hollis will be
Stephan and Kitty Danckers the lead evaluator on the
national team for the Ohio
School for the Blind and the
Ohio School for the Deaf.
Dr. Hollis is currently serving
on the evaluation team for
Ohio Catholic Conference
accreditation at Beaumont School.
Sister Allison Marie Gusdanovic, SND,
Jenniffer Deckard, Shanette McDuffie
and Abbey Jo Deckard
Sister Allison Marie Gusdanovic,
SND, Principal, will be part of
the Ohio Catholic Conference
evaluation team at Notre Dame-
Mobile bidding was new this year! Cathedral Latin School. It is an
honor for these administrators to
be chosen for these important roles.

Beverly Jarrett ‘58, Betts Skrha,
Monica Thomas, Joe Roman

Third Federal Foundation Aon Foundation Joe Korfant Vic’s Floral, Inc.
Thomas Richlovsky Chase Family Foundation Edward Mysliwiec Joe Musca
The Musca Family Charitable Fund Cohen & Company John & Stella Hetzer Grant Yoakum
Medical Mutual of Ohio Arrow International Bob Kloos Ray and Margarita Krncevic
Wasmer, Schroeder & Co. Hyland Software Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla Luciano Family Foundation
US Bank The Swagelok Foundation Ann Ertle Marty Kungl
Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Arnoff Miceli/Dottore Rose Ann Pascucci Peter and Jane Corrigan
LLP Merrymeeting Gerry & Laura Ramella
Jones Day Surety Title Agency, Inc. Dick Castele and Carolyn Leitch
Galaxy Balloons, Inc. JP Morgan Chase Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. & Anne M.
Industrial Manufacturing Company, LLC Credentialing Corp of America Cleary
Ancora Inverness PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP Christopher Alvarado
Ernst & Young Vocon Andrew & Cheryl Haney

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 23
Sp or ts


24 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 25
Sp or ts

Boys Basketball

The Varsity Ironmen boys’ basketball team finished with a 18-9 record,
a strong season under second-year Head Coach Jordan Duke. The
Ironmen’s postseason victory over Benedictine in overtime crowned
them the district champions. They won their regional semifinal game
over Youngstown Ursuline and lost in the regional final game to
St. Vincent-St. Mary.

One of the highlights of the season was
when the Ironmen defeated the Garfield
Heights Bulldogs at the Quicken Loans
Area in February. Junior twins Dyshawn
and Delshawn Jackson won the game when
Ironmen defeat Garfield at the Q
the pair teamed up for the best sequence
of the season with Dyshawn locating Delshawn for a buzzer-beating transition layup
that finished off a 64-62 nonconference upset for the Ironmen. “It’s a lifetime memory,
especially the way the game ended,” Coach Duke said of his team’s win in the NBA venue.
The Ironmen were thrilled to see Cleveland Cavalier’s LeBron James come on the basket-
ball court at the end of the game to begin warming up. In fact, the Cavaliers social media
team posted a video showing the player’s reaction to seeing the “King”, which spread
quickly on social media including the Bleacher Report.

Season accolades for the Ironmen included Senior Miryne Thomas being named to the First Team for the Associated
Press Northeast Lake All-District boys’ basketball team, Tyler Golphin ’17 and Alex Heath ’18 received Honorable
Mentions. Thomas was also named to the AP Division II All-Ohio Second Team.

26 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
Girls Basketball

The Lady Ironmen wrapped up a strong basketball season under first year Head
Varsity Coach Cornelius Bogard. Under the guidance of Coach Bogard, the girls
finished 9-11 overall with a first round playoff loss to Cuyahoga Valley Christian.
The upperclassman demonstrated strong leadership skills on and off the court.

Wrestling Wrap-Up

Congratulations to our Ironmen wrestlers on Robert Walker was the conference champion.
a strong season. At the North Coast League Both Alfonso and Walker qualified for the
conference meet Sammy Alfonso ’17, Nigel district meet and finished their seasons with
Jackson ’17 and Alex Mathis ’20 placed third, outstanding performances.
while Greg Jefferies ’17 placed fourth. Senior

Varsity Softball Girls – 2017 Schedule Boys and Girls Track Schedule 2017
Day Date Opponent Place Time Date Opponent Place
Wed. Mar. 29 Garfield Heights HS Home 5:00 p.m. April 1 Maralyn H. West Invite Collinwood HS
Mon. Apr. 3 Villa Angela-St. Joseph Away 5:00 p.m. April 8 Kimberly Relays Bedford HS
Tues. Apr. 4 Warren JFK High School Home 5:00 p.m. April 12 Harold Kimble Invite Relays Gilmour Academy
Wed. Apr. 5 Maple Heights High School Home 5:00 p.m. April 15 Mansfield Mehock Relays Mansfield
Fri. Apr. 7 Laurel School Away 5:00 p.m. April 18 Laurel (Girls Only) Laurel HS
Mon. Apr 10 Trinity High School Away 5:00 p.m. April 22 Weingert Relays Cleveland Hts
Tues, Apr. 11 St. Thomas Aquinas Home 5:00 p.m. April 28 Hoban Track Invite Akron
Mon. Apr. 17 Youngstown Christian Away 5:00 p.m. May 2/4 NCL Conference Meet Padua
Tues. Apr. 18 Villa Angela-St. Joseph Home 5:00 p.m. May 5 Euclid Relays Euclid
Mon. Apr. 24 Warren JFK High School Away 5:00 p.m. May 15-18 Division II District Meet Bedford HS
Tues. Apr. 25 Trinity High School Home 5:00 p.m. May 24-27 Division II Regional Meet Austintown Fitch
Wed. Apr. 26 Warrensville Heights HS Away 5:00 p.m. June 2 – 3 Division II State Meet Ohio State University
Sat. Apr. 29 Padua Franciscan HS
(doubleheader) Away 10:00 a.m.
Mon. May 1 St. Thomas Aquinas Away 5:00 p.m.
Tues. May 2 Youngstown Christian HS Home 5:00 p.m.
Wed. May 3 Maple Heights High School Away 5:00 p.m.

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 27
Al u m n i Ne ws

Announcing the 2017 CCC Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees
The Cleveland Central Catholic High School Athletic Hall of Fame was founded to recognize individuals and teams who have
made a significant contribution to the athletic program at CCC or one of the founding schools: Our Lady of Lourdes, St. John
Cantius, St. Michael’s and St. Stanislaus. The Alumni Foundation is proud to announce the list of inductees for the Athletic Hall of
Fame Class of 2017. These individuals will be inducted at the award ceremony and dinner on May 7th.

John Serrao CCC 1978 John L. Crawford Jr. CCC 1984
Football: 3 year letterman, 2 year, Football: 2 year, 2-way LB/RB and All-NCC,
2-way tackle, All-NCC, senior co-captain, 1st Team All-Independent
All-NE Ohio, Press Star, team LB, 1st Team NE Ohio, 1st Team All-Scholastic,
MVP, captained CCC to best Class 2A independent defensive MVP, 2nd
record 6-3-1; baseball: All-NCC, team All-Ohio, team MVP; team 2-time NCC
Plain Dealer Dream Team and champs, CCC regional playoff team; baseball: 3 year letterman,
year’s only off-lineman, team reached regionals; All-Greater Cleveland Catholic Conference CF, team best
serving 35 years as a police officer. defense, teams reached districts, regional; current Dean of
Students at Central Catholic.
Robert Kall CCC 1978
3 sport athlete. All-Conference football and Albert M. Wetula CCC 1986
baseball; captain basketball and baseball; All-District in 2 sports; football: 2 year
member of record-setting CCC football team; All-Conference tackle; baseball 4 letters,
baseball: individual CCC records in at-bats, 3 year All-Conference, West All-Star, CCC
stolen bases, team earned NCC and sectional MVP, All-Scholastic special mention, tryout
championships; 19 year youth multi-sport with Cincinnati Reds; set CCC records most
coach with many championships. HRs, RBIs in a season and career. Pitched
one hitter vs. Lake Catholic; coached 2
James F. Hogan CCC 1982 years varsity football and 1 year baseball at CCC; coached
Baseball catcher: Plain Dealer Dream Team, football for 16 years other high schools.
3-time All-NCC; 1982 conference MVP,
co-captain, All-State catcher, East West El Meeks CCC 1990
All-Star; team NCC champ and district run- 3 year basketball letterman, McDonald
ner-up; batted over .300 career; scholarship All-American nominee, 2-time captain, 2-time
to Cleveland State University, alternate U.S. All-District, 2-time all NCL, co-MVP in NCL,
Olympic baseball team, career .300+ college All-Tourney conference champs and district
average; 28 years Cleveland firefighter runner-up; college D2 All-American, tryout
and member of their traveling charity softball team. with Utah Jazz, 1 year pro (Turkey); coached
freshman and varsity at CCC.
Thomas A. Frisco CCC 1983
8 letters earned. Football: captain, Coaches Curtis Scott CCC 1993
Award, All-NCC, team 9-1 reached regionals; 3 sport athlete starting in football:
baseball: senior year Plain Dealer Dream Team, 2-way starter FB/SS, CCC MVP, 2-time
East-West All-Star, undefeated pitcher, NCC All-Conference, 1-time conference
champs; basketball: reached 2 regionals; Case MVP, East-West All-Star game, senior
Western Reserve University football undefeated year 89 carries 1,004 yards, 7-3 team
season; CWRU baseball pitcher, season strikeout record; record. Basketball: 1992 team went
CYO coach 15 years. 20-4 record and made it to regionals;
Track: ran 2 years 100, 200, 4X100; played football at Kent
State University for 2 years; served 4 years in the Army; youth
program volunteer.

28 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
Ironmen Alum and Friends Golf Outing – Saturday, June 10, 2017

Scramble format outing at Valleaire Golf Course, Hinckley, Ohio
Spread the word among your classmates; try to as-
n Lunch
semble your own foursome, or we will pair you up!
n Dinner (choice of steak,
chicken or veggie dinner) Payment Details: Thanks to alumni participation
n Gifts and financial support of past CCC golf outings,
n Prizes the Alumni Association has been able to raise
Registration: 8:45 am – 9:30 am thousands of dollars for the school to assist with
locker room renovations, uniforms and hosting
Shotgun start: 10:00 am
the annual CCC Athletic Hall of Fame event.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available:
$500 Event Sponsorship – Your personal or company name is displayed at the registration
and dinner areas and on the program cover. The donation can be made in the form of money,
gifts for the golfers (100+) or a significant prize to be raffled off (TV, vacation condo, etc.)
$100 Hole Sponsorship – Your personal or company name is displayed at one of the golf
hole tee boxes and at the dinner pavilion, and in the program.
$50 Program Sponsorship – Your name and graduation year is listed in the program.
Co-sponsor this with a sibling or fellow classmate.
Other Donations – company marketing trinkets, Indians or Browns tickets, golf towels/balls,
goody baskets, athletic gear, bottles of cheer, etc.

Checks can be made payable to Cleveland Central Catholic High School and mailed to Rich Goodrich, c/o CCC, 6550 Baxter Avenue,
Cleveland, OH 44105 or Jerry Fasko, 968 Stanwell Drive, Highland Heights, OH 44143. Please RSVP before June 1st and if you are
prepaying, deadline is June 5th.
For more info or questions contact:
Jerry Fasko – 440.829.8827 – jfasko@yahoo.com
John Simon – 216.687.7659 – simon1549@sbcglobal.net
Bill Sluzewski – 216.441.4700 ext. 281 - wsluzewski@ccc-hs.org
Tim Myslenski 216.789.1216 – myslenski@att.net (To reserve a spot)

Alumni News
Congrats to State Representative Marlene missioner for the Boy Scout Museum in Roberta Eiben ’83 is now living in Hawaii
(Piszczor) Anielski ’79 on her re-election Cleveland. He serves as a Boy Scout Merit and doing great.
to the Ohio House of Representatives. Badge counselor and he has been awarded Dennis Turay ’74 recently retired after 30
Congrats to Jantel Lavender ‘07 on winning the Wood Badge, Silver Beaver and Bronze years of working in the Cleveland Public
the 6th Women Award in the WNBA and Pelican Awards. Schools. He spends his free time relaxing
for being a part of the 2016 WBNA Champion Monika (Pilipczuk) Glazar-Stavnicky ’95 at Pikes Peak RV Park in Southern Ohio.
LA Sparks basketball team. received her Doctor of Business Administra- Nethrie Idippily ’09 and Richard
Casimer Ulaszewski ’77 reports that he tion degree from Cleveland State University Dabydeen ’08 are engaged and have a
received his 40 year pin from Giant Eagle this past summer. Her dissertation topic was May 2017 wedding planned. There will
Inc. in a ceremony at the Westin Hotel in in the area of Information Technology. She be both Catholic and Hindu ceremonies.
November 2016. Casimer also received a new is employed as a Project Manager in the Richard is working in Business and Nethrie
set of Wilson golf clubs along with his pin. Information Services Division of American is getting her PhD in Chemistry.
Greetings, where she has worked for 18
Art Kvacek ’53 OLL reports that he sings years. American Greetings recently moved
with the Geauga Renaissance singers. He to Westlake and Monika enjoys the vibrant
is also very active with the Boy Scouts. environment of Crocker Park.
He works with Troop 4076 and is a com-

www.centralcatholichs.org CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 | 29
Al u m n i Ne ws


Class of 1972 45th Reunion - A committee has been formed to Our Lady of Lourdes Class of 1967 is planning their 50th
plan the 45th reunion. For more details contact Marguerite Peck Reunion for Saturday, July 22, 2017 at the Winking Lizard
216.502.7438 or margie.peck@aecom.com Lakewood Party Room at 6:00 pm. Dress is casual. Burger,
pasta and salad buffet. Cash bar. RSVP to contact Dan Peters ’67
Class of 1977 40th Reunion – July 2017. For more details
at dpeters770@yahoo.com or 216.246.3497. Cost is $20, mail
contact Reggie Tomek `77 at rtlakewood@gmail.com or Zenon
payment to Frances Tenaglia (Sokolowski), 18450 N. Whitedove
Lis at zenonlis@sbcglobal.net
Lane, Apt. 101, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130.
The St. Michael Class of 1967 is planning their 50th Reunion.
Class of 2010 Reunion - July 1, 2017 at Cleveland Central
The date for the reunion will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
Catholic. Contact James Lesko 216.970.7965.
August 11-13, 2017 at the Marriott Inn, West 150th and I-71. The
class will be attending the 5:00 pm mass at St. Michael’s on the
12th. For more details contact Bob Bartkiewicz at 216.676.9247
or mscb49@yahoo.com or Carl Lock at cjlock222@gmail.com

Our Lady of Lourdes Class of 1966 report from Ellen Howard ’66

After months of planning, Crusaders
from the Our Lady of Lourdes
graduating class of 1966 reunited to
celebrate 50 years since completing
high school. Social hour, buffet
dinner and dancing, all accompanied
by music requests from the good
old days, took place on Saturday,
October 1 at the Days Inn of Richfield.
Committee chair Tom Krejci proudly
reported that 50% of available
classmates were in attendance, along
with spouses and one teacher,
Mr. Ray Hudiak, swelling attendance to nearly 90. Steve Kacvinsky The Class of 1966 is grateful to the Classes of 1963 and 1964
made the trip from Alaska! A Crossroads update booklet OLL for sharing their 50th reunion centerpieces and planning
included bios, collective memories and class stats. Classmate materials. The committee celebrated the reunion’s successful
Vince Calo of Insta-Print, Inc. surprised everyone with copies of completion with a supper featuring Lourdes cafeteria sloppy
Crusader newspapers from high school years. Memorabilia on joes at the home of Maryann (Malec) and John (’64) Rivera.
display revived old stories, going back to Catholic parish grades Since they are having too much fun, the committee members
schools. Earlier that day, the anniversary was acknowledged at the continue to meet as of this printing. Are they planning the
liturgy at Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Many celebrated at an 75th reunion?
informal gathering the evening before at the Holiday Inn Rockside.

30 | CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL • SPRING 2017 www.centralcatholichs.org
In Memoriam
Correction – Eugene D. Jess, Jr. ’73. Eugene died in November Sister Mary Antoinette Krejsa SND passed
2015 at the age of 61. He was the loving son and longtime care- away on October 18, 2016. Sister Antoinette
giver of Eugene Sr. and Eleanore (both deceased). Eugene was a was a beloved member of the faculty at
true fan of Elvis and loved his music. Cleveland Central Catholic for many years
where she worked as an ESL (English as a
Coletta M. Hyland, mother of CCC President Leo P. Hyland
Second Language) teacher. She is the daughter
passed away in November 2016 at the age of 88. Beloved wife of
of the late Anthony and Regina, and sister
the late Leo J.
of John, and her twin Thomas. Loving sister
of Robert (Rosemary) and Dorothy Heister (William deceased);
cherished aunt, cousin and friend to many. For 54 years Sister
Antoinette was a sister of the congregation of the Sisters of
Notre Dame.


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2017-2018 Calendar of Events
Advancement & School Schedule Varsity Football Schedule 2017-18
Day Date Opponent Place Time
Calendar of Events
Sat. Aug 26 Welcome Back Day
Holy Name High School Home 1:00 pm
Lunch & Learn Lunch & Learn
Fri. Sept. 1 Lake Catholic High School Away 7:00 pm
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Fr. Fiala Room Fr. Fiala Room Sat. Sept. 9 Elyria Catholic High School Home 1:00 pm
Fri. Sept. 15 Notre Dame Cathedral Latin Away 7:00 pm
Graduation Lunch & Learn Sat. Sept. 23 University School Home 1:00 pm
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Sat. Sept. 30 Lutheran East High School Away 1:00 pm
St. Colman Church Fr. Fiala Room Fri. Oct. 6 St. Thomas Aquinas HS Away 7:00 pm
Fri. Oct. 13 Warren JFK High School Away 7:00 pm
Alumni Golf Outing Lunch & Learn Sat. Oct. 21 Trinity High School Home 1:00 pm
Saturday, June 10, 2017 Tuesday, January 9, 2018 Sat. Oct. 28 Villa Angela-St. Joseph HS Home 1:00 pm
Valleaire Golf Club Fr. Fiala Room

Welcome Back Day Lunch & Learn Varsity Baseball Boys – 2017 Schedule
Saturday, August 26, 2017 Tuesday, February 6, 2018 Day Date Opponent Place Time
Ben Stefanski II Stadium Fr. Fiala Room Sat. Mar. 18 Thomas W. Harvey HS Away 10:00 a.m.
Lunch & Learn Lunch & Learn Wed. Mar. 29 Wickliffe High School Away 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, September 5, 2017 Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Sat. Apr. 1 Brooklyn High School Away 9:00 a.m.
Fr. Fiala Room Fr. Fiala Room
Sat. Apr. 1 Max S. Hayes High School Away 9:00 a.m.
Mon. Apr. 3 Villa Angela-St. Joseph Home 5:00 p.m.
Lunch & Learn Calcutta Auction
Tues. Apr. 4 Warren JFK High School Home 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, October 3, 2017 Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Fr. Fiala Room Wasmer Ironman Center Thur. Apr. 6 Cornerstone Christian Academy Home 5:00 p.m.
Sat. Apr. 8 Lake Catholic High School Home 10:00 a.m.
CleanUp+Clams Lunch & Learn (doubleheader)
Saturday, October 7, 2017 Tuesday, April 10, 2018 Sat. Apr. 8 Fairport Harding HS Home 10:00 a.m.
Ironman Center Fr. Fiala Room Mon. Apr 10 Trinity High School Away 5:00 p.m.
Tues, Apr. 11 St. Thomas Aquinas Home 5:00 p.m.
Recognition Night Lunch & Learn Thur. Apr. 13 Butler Area Senior HS (PA) Away 4:30 p.m.
Saturday, October 28, 2017 Tuesday, May 1, 2018 Mon. Apr. 17 Youngstown Christian Away 5:00 p.m.
Ironman Center Fr. Fiala Room Tues. Apr. 18 Villa Angela-St. Joseph Away 5:00 p.m.
Thur. Apr. 20 Gilmour Academy Away 5:00 p.m.
Sat. Apr. 22 Warrensville Heights HS Away 10:00 a.m.
Mon. Apr. 24 Warren JFK High School Away 5:00 p.m.
Tues. Apr. 25 Trinity High School Home 5:00 p.m.
Fri. Apr. 28 John Hay High School Away 5:00 p.m.
Sat. Apr. 29 Cornerstone Christian Academy Classic Park TBD
Mon. May 1 St. Thomas Aquinas Away 5:00 p.m.
Tues. May 2 Youngstown Christian HS Home 5:00 p.m.
Sat. May 6 Cuyahoga Heights HS Home 9:30 a.m.
Sat. May 6 Lincoln West High School Home 9:30 a.m.
Mon. May 8 Maple Heights High School Away 5:00 p.m.

Please check www.centralcatholichs.org for updates and more information.