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Levi Hawes

Philosophy of Classroom Management

In my classroom, I hope to create an environment in which students can find enjoyment

in learning and can learn effectively. One way I will do this is to create a set of rules that students
are to follow while in my classroom. One of which will be to pay attention and avoid using cell
phones, listening to music, or any other distraction that will draw them away from what is
happening in class. I will also require that they be respectful to whoever is speaking whether it be
me or one of their peers. Creating discussion and conversation is important to how I want to
teach and I want my students to be respectful to one another.

One other way in which I will manage my classroom is in the way I will configure it. I
will try to make it so each student is facing the front of the room where I will most likely conduct
most of my teaching. This is in attempts to keep students on task and engaged in the lesson.
When necessary, I will have the students form groups to have discussions and in those situations,
they will turn their desks to face one another.

There will be times where it will be necessary to manage the misbehavior of students in
my classroom. In those cases, I will begin with a verbal warning, making my intentions clear as
to why I gave the warning. If the same student continues to misbehave in the same manner I will
ask them to wait in the hall until I can have a conversation with them in which I will ask them
why they are acting that way and how we can maintain an orderly classroom. If necessary I will
ask for help from administrators and/or parents to correct the behavior of students.

While it is important to correct misbehavior, it is equally important to reinforce good

behavior within my classroom. Especially if a student who has previously misbehaved is now
showing signs of improvement. Being a high school teacher my main form of praise in these
situations will be verbal encouragement and acknowledgement within the classroom setting. It
would also be appropriate to send a note or email home to the parents to inform them of their
students progress.