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EDU 1010

Orientation to Education
Teaching Demonstration

Name ____Levi Hawes_______________________ Date __3/23/2017_

Activity Title ______Identifying Ethos Pathos and Logos _______________

Utah Core Standard: English Language Arts 11-12; Reading: Informational

texts #6

Objective (s): Determine where Rhetoric is particularly effective

Learning Outcomes: (What do you expect students to master as a result of your lesson?)

How to identify Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in rhetoric.

Instructional Procedures: 1. Explain Ethos, Pathos, Logos

2. Read speech by President Reagan and have
students identify rhetoric elements.
3. Discuss elements following reading

Materials: Speech by President Ronald Reagan

Family Connections: (take home activity) Ask students to pay attention to any
ethos, pathos, or logos found in the media they consume.

Assessment Plan: (how do you plan to assess whether or not students mastered the

Follow up on take home activity next class session.