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Layer Cheesecake

All the originality of layer cake recipes

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layer cheesecake
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Macadamia Crumble Layer Cheesecake
Short crust Moist cake Chocolate cheesecake
Tegral Patacrout 1000 g Tegral Satin Moist Cake Dark 1000 g Deli Cheesecake 250 g
Aristo Primeur Croissant 400 g Whole eggs 400 g Belcolade Origin Vanuatu Milk 50 g
Whole eggs 100 g Oil 400 g
Melt the Belcolade Origin Vanuatu
Aristo Primeur Crema 70 g Water 200 g Milk and mix with Deli Cheesecake

Mix all the ingredients together to obtain Mix all the ingredients at medium speed
a homogeneous dough, laminate at for 5 min. Spread a thick layer onto
3 mm and bake at 180C during 16 min. baking paper and bake at 180C. Let Pour the Chocolate Cheesecake on top
in deck oven. Let it cool down. it cool and cut out a circle 16 cm in of the crust and sprinkle with 45 g of
diameter. roasted macadamia nuts. Place a layer
Crust of moist cake, and finish filling the ring
Apple crumble with Deli Cheesecake pure. Bake for 55
Short crust 160 g min. at 160C. Let it cool down. Pour the
Tegral Crumble 500 g Apple Crumble on top of the Cheesecake.
Aristo Primeur Crema 90 g
Aristo Primeur Cake 200 g
Crush the short crust. Melt Aristo Decoration
For a circle 18 cm in diameter/6 cm high Macadamia nuts roasted 40 g
Primeur Crema and add the short crust.
Pipe some lines of Deli Caramel on top
Pour into the mould and push on bottom Topfil Apple Mini Cubes 90% 45 g of the crumble. Put the Puratop Fudge
and the sides.
in the planetary mixer and mix to obtain
Soften the Aristo Primeur Cake and a lighter texture. Pipe on top around the
mix with the Tegral Crumble to obtain crumble.
a crumble texture. Sprinkle the crumble
onto a baking tray and bake at 170C.
Let it cool. Skill 65 g of crumble, add the
macadamia nuts and Topfil Apple Mini
Cubes 90%.

Chocolate Orange Layer Cheesecake

Moist Cake Cheesecake 1 Assembly
Tegral Satin Moist Cake Dark 500 g Deli Cheesecake 250 g Grease an entremets ring of 5 cm/18 cm.
Place a layer of moist cake in the bottom.
Oil 200 g Belcolade Origin Grenada 66,5% 50 g
Spread a layer of Cheesecake 1 on the
Whole eggs 200 g first moist cake. Place a second layer of
Melt the 2 ingredients together.
sponge & flatten gently. Spread a layer of
Water 100 g Cheesecake 2 .
Cheesecake 2
Mix all the ingredients with flat beater,
Bake at 160C in a deck oven for +/- 1 hour.
on medium speed for 6 min. Spread a Deli Cheesecake 250 g
Place the third layer of moist cake
layer 6 mm thick onto silpat. Bake at
Deli Orange 50 g immediately after baking and flatten
180C for +/- 10 min. Cut 3 circles of 5
under some pressure. Let it cool down
cm/18 cm.
Mix the 2 ingredients together. and freeze.

Glaze the frozen cheesecake with
Belcolade Ganache + 5% water and
For a circle 18 cm in diameter/5 cm high cover sides with Belcolade Chocolate

Red Velvet Raspberry Layer Cheesecake

Red Velvet cake Mix all the ingredients to obtain a Assembly
homogeneous dough. Laminate at 3 mm
Tegral Satin Cream Cake Red Velvet 1000 g and bake at180C for 16 min. Let it cool On the top of the Red Velvet Crust, pipe
down and crush. a layer of Raspberry Cheesecake. Place
Whole eggs 350 g
a layer of Red Velvet Cake and flatten
Oil 300 g gently. Pipe the second layer of
Red Velvet Crust Raspberry Cheesecake and a second
Water 225 g layer of Red Velvet Cake and finish
Short crust 290 g
garnishing the ring with the rest of the
Mix all the ingredients together at Aristo Primeur Crema 80 g Raspberry Cheesecake. Flatten under
medium speed for 5 min. Spread a layer
pressure. Bake at 160C for 55 min.
1 cm high and bake at 180C. Let it cool Melt Aristo Primeur Crema and add
down and cut out 6 circles of 16 cm. the short crust. Pour into the mould and
push on bottom and sides. Decoration
Red Velvet Short crust Once cooled down, mix 100g of Topfil
Raspberry Cheesecake Raspberry 60% with 50g of Miroir
Tegral Satin Cream Cake Red Velvet 1000 g lOriginal Neutre and glaze the top.
Aristo Primeur Croissant 350 g Deli Cheesecake 850 g Whip Chantypak and pipe on borders,
10/2012-BE-PAT-LFT/ Layer Cheesecake -EN

decorate the middle of the cake with

Whole eggs 75 g Topfil Raspberry 60% 170 g
some pieces of Red Velvet Cake, fresh
For a circle 18 cm in diameter/6 cm high
Violet flavor raspberries and crystal violet flowers.
Water 50 g

Mix the 3 ingredients together.

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