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By: Jashandeep Singh Warraich, UILS, PU.

The budget comes up every year with high expectations of the people of what it
would offer and does it succeed in meeting their needs and requirements. Though
this time everyone was struck by the demonetization that came up and made a
huge hue and cry in the country which according to some was awful and according
to some it was a valuable step. This year on February 1 Arun Jaitley (Union Finance
minister) along with his team came up with various promises which could lead to
the growth of the economy in the coming year. There are various new policies and
agendas that have been put up in the budget but let us focus on what it has for the
youth. Key points to be focused are:
1. National Testing Agency for various entrance exams eliminating the
burden on CBSE,AICTE and other bodies.
The agency will conduct the entrance examination of the IITs , other
engineering colleges and the UGC-NET and union Human Resource Minister
Prakash Javadekar also said that a platform will be launched next month
providing 2000 online courses.
2. INNOVATION Fund for the Secondary Education
The emphasis will be laid on the scientific education that would be provided
and flexibility in the curriculum to promote creativity through local innovative
activities and content. It will ensure Universal Access, Gender parity and
quality improvements.
The colleges will be identified based on accreditation and ranking, and given
autonomous status. A revised framework will be put in place for outcome
based accreditation and credit based programs.
4. Launch of SWAYAM platform with 350 online courses.
This will enable students to:
-virtually attend the courses taught by the best faculty
-access high quality reading resources, participate in discussion forums
-take tests and earn academic grades.
Access to SWAYAM would be widened by linkage with DTH channels,
dedicated to education.
5. Establishment of 100 Indian International Skill Centres (IISCs).
These centres will offer advanced training and courses in foreign languages.
This will help those who seek job opportunities outside the country. The
launch of these centres will be a good step to make sure that all the labour
going out of the country will be certified labour.
6. SANKALP-The 4000 Crore Rs. Scheme.
SANKALP i.e. Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood
Promotion Programme was also launched as 4000 crore rs. Scheme which
would provide market relevant training to 3.5 crore Youth of the nation
strengthening the marketing scenario in the coming years.
These are the key points that illustrate the present offerings in the union budget
2017 and lets hope that all these policies are successfully implemented and a lot
has to come yet. The announcements in the Budget aim at creating an enabling
ecosystem for financing social sector and channelizing private sector capital
towards actualizing the much-needed change in Indias socio-economic