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Austin Miller

26 April 2017
Eating Journal Analysis
While I was writing down all of the food and beverages that I have consumed over the

past three days, I also recorded my information at By doing this I received

all of the nutritional information and facts about what I ate, which helped me look at certain

areas that I can continue to improve in. This website had me type in my height, age, weight, and

gender, which later resulted in my calorie goal for each day being 3200 calories. For each of the

past three days I was actually under this calorie limit, with the highest day only having 2722

calories. Also the average amount of calories I consumed over these past three days was 2419

calories. My grains goal for a three period was 30 oz. of grains, which I was very close to by

consuming 27.5 oz. of grains. However, the group that I was the lowest in as far as achieving the

goal that set for me was the vegetables food group. I only was able to

consume 8 oz. of vegetables over three days, while the goal was to consume 16 oz. This lets me

know that I need to work on finding more ways to include vegetables in my diet so I can see the

benefits that they offer. Also out of all of the calories that I consumed 14% of them came from

protein, which was an okay percentage to be at. Then 59% of my calories came from

carbohydrates, which the website also said was on good percentage to be right around.

A few other interesting things that I found out about my diet was that on average I

consumed about 147 grams of sugar a day, and 143 mg of cholesterol a day. I was also a little bit

over my goal on added sugar, by consuming on average 88 grams of added sugar a day. Around

28% of my daily calories came from fat, with 10% of that being saturated fat. This was also a
little bit over the goal for saturated fats. A few other key areas that I was actually low in for

nutrients during the past three days was my dietary fiber and linoleic acid.

For the most part I was pretty close to achieving my goal on getting all of the minerals I

am supposed to have in my diet. However, I was just a little bit low on calcium, potassium, and

magnesium. My Sodium intake was actually a little bit over my goal by consuming on average

3389 mg of sodium a day. So as I move forward I can continue to work on including more

calcium, potassium, and magnesium in my diet, and trying to consume just a little bit less

sodium. The last section of my dietary analysis helped me see how much vitamins I was getting

on average each day. For the most part it seemed like I was also getting enough of each vitamin,

but I still probably could have used just a little more of Vitamins A, D, E, K, and choline to reach

the right amount of each vitamin that my body needs.

By completing this assignment and analyzing my own diet for three days, I was able to

understand what areas I am doing okay in as far as consuming the right nutrients. Then I was also

able to see what areas I need to improve in to better my diet. As I move forward with choosing

different foods and beverages to consume, I will definitely include some of the suggestions that gave me so I can continue receive all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals

that my body needs to maintain a healthy diet.

Here is the Screenshot in a word format of the information that
provided about my diet for the past three days.

AMiller's Nutrients Report 04/20/17 - 04/22/17

Your plan is based on a 3200 Calorie allowance.

Nutrients Target Average Eaten St

Total Calories 3200 Calories 2419 Calories Un
Protein (g)*** 56 g 87 g OK
Protein (% Calories)*** 10 - 35% Calories 14% Calories OK
Carbohydrate (g)*** 130 g 360 g OK
Carbohydrate (% Calories)*** 45 - 65% Calories 59% Calories OK
Dietary Fiber 38 g 29 g Un
Total Sugars No Daily Target or Limit 147 g No
Added Sugars < 80 g 88 g Ov
Total Fat 20 - 35% Calories 28% Calories OK
Saturated Fat < 10% Calories 10% Calories Ov
Polyunsaturated Fat No Daily Target or Limit 5% Calories No
Monounsaturated Fat No Daily Target or Limit 11% Calories No
Linoleic Acid (g)*** 17 g 12 g Un
Linoleic Acid (% Calories)*** 5 - 10% Calories 5% Calories OK
-Linolenic Acid (% Calories)*** 0.6 - 1.2% Calories 0.5% Calories Un
-Linolenic Acid (g)*** 1.6 g 1.3 g Un
Omega 3 - EPA No Daily Target or Limit 2 mg No
Omega 3 - DHA No Daily Target or Limit 4 mg No
Cholesterol < 300 mg 143 mg OK

Minerals Target Average Eaten St

Calcium 1000 mg 970 mg Un
Potassium 4700 mg 3489 mg Un
Sodium** < 2300 mg 3389 mg Ov
Copper 900 g 1599 g OK
Iron 8 mg 19 mg OK
Magnesium 400 mg 381 mg Un
Phosphorus 700 mg 1501 mg OK
Selenium 55 g 113 g OK
Zinc 11 mg 12 mg OK

Vitamins Target Average Eaten St

Vitamin A 900 g RAE 768 g RAE Un
Vitamin B6 1.3 mg 2.7 mg OK
Vitamin B12 2.4 g 2.9 g OK
Vitamin C 90 mg 155 mg OK
Vitamin D 15 g 2 g Un
Vitamin E 15 mg AT 8 mg AT Un
Vitamin K 120 g 62 g Un
Folate 400 g DFE 722 g DFE OK
Thiamin 1.2 mg 2.2 mg OK
Riboflavin 1.3 mg 1.7 mg OK
Niacin 16 mg 28 mg OK
Choline 550 mg 270 mg Un
Information about dietary supplements.
*** Nutrients that appear twice (protein, carbohydrate, linoleic acid, and -linolenic acid) have two separate recommendations:

1) Amount eaten (in grams) compared to your minimum recommended intake.

2) Percent of Calories eaten from that nutrient compared to the recommended range.

You may see different messages in the status column for these 2 different recommendations.