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LillyAnn Oles

March 27, 2017

Annotated Bibliography

Thesis: Children are prostituted, sexually exploited, and trafficked. Victims of these
crimes need and deserve a more efficient and victim-focused system to aid in the
identification, rescue, and rehabilitation in order to give them a chance at a healthy
life after trauma.

Works Consulted
Barnitz, Laura. "Effectively responding to the commercial sexual
exploitation of children: A comprehensive approach to prevention,
protection, and reintegration services." Child Welfare (2001): 597-

This article discusses how to approach prevention, protection, and

rehabilitation/reintegration systems/outreaches. It outlines how insufficient and

unfocused the efforts that actually have been made are. This overview will be

applied in discussion of the needs of victims and how the current system can be

updated and improved. This article also contains important citations and stats that

will be applied as evidence.

Brian M. Willis, Barry S. Levy. "Child prostitution: Global health burden,

research needs, and interventions." The Lancet (2002): 1417-22.

This article discusses how child prostitution not only affects the individual victims,

but how in impacts the health and economy of the globe. It also briefly touches on

the lack of research and intervention techniques. The economic overview will be

applied as a persuasion tool, that not only are individuals being victimized, but in

the big picture so is the rest of the world. This article also contains important

citations and stats that will be applied as evidence.

Knight, Suzanne. "Children Abused through Prostitution." Emergency
Nurse (2002): 27-30.

This article discusses a different side of child prostitution. Not only is it a horrible

crime, it is a form of extreme child abuse. This article explores the victims and how

they become victims, usually by some form of family or someone known to them.

This will be applied to give background to the information, give a reason for even

the most unsympathetic audience to feel empathy. This article also contains

important citations and stats that will be applied as evidence.

McBride, Laura. We Are Called to Rise. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster
Paperbacks, 2014.

In this book, one of the characters, a mother of a veteran/police officer with PTSD

goes back to her childhood where she alludes to the possibility of her having been a

child prostitute. This will be applied in two ways. One, to show the possible futures

of victims, that they have a chance if they're given one, thats why there needs to

be a better system, to give them that chance. And two, to show that children are

exploited in stealthy manners by people close to them/people that know them.

Polaris. 2017. 24 March 2017.

This is a website designed for the purpose of informing the public and providing a

hotline for victims. The website is full of facts, survivor stories told first hand, and

stats. All of these things will be applied for evidentiary purposes.