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Individual Teacher Professional Development Plan for TECHNOLOGY (PDP-T) Template

Teacher Name Assignment/Department/Grade Level Date

Ms. Wade Social Studies/8th Grade 04/12/2017

I. Areas Identified for Development of Professional Practice with Technology (Areas in

which you need/want professional development)
N Areas Identified for Development Rationale/Sources of Evidence (why?)
1 Powerpoint to make games for review. Help students review material learned in class by using technology
as a fun tool.
2 Classroom Webpage Create an interactive and interesting webpage that my students will
want to check in weekly or daily.
3 History Twitter Pages To follow Show students other resources besides textbooks to gain
knowledge and information about history.

II. Professional Learning Network Resources and Strategies (list online sources (e.g. specific
listservs)) and how you will monitor them)

No. Network Resource Strategy

1 Email/Newsletter
2 Email/Newsletter
3 Sign up Email
4 Visit the website to keep up with
technology/twitter updates
5 Newsletter/Blog

Adapted from: New Jersey Department of Education PDP Plan 1 Georgia State
University IT 7360
II. Professional Learning Goals and Activities - Make a plan based on the two tables above
Are Professional Learning Goals Initial Activities Follow-up Activities Resour Complet
a (as appropriate) ces ion Date
No. (includi
1 Each unit create popular game or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Ask questions/recall games 5/20/201
interactive board to review Who is Smarter than a Historian And activities
taught in previous lessons The Voice: History/Pop Edition

2 Create fun and exciting Add music and videos Get parents involved with
interactive webpage that will keep the page
Interested and coming back to Read some of their homework Compete with friends online 5/20/201
follow. aloud 7
Add games for review on their

3 Make a twitter page for students Show internet etiquette and Take a quiz on Guidelines
to follow safety
Show them other safe pages Require suggestions for new Make students add at least Ongoing
pages one new 5/20/201
Get into the intellectual Host monthly chats for a grade Everyone must participate
conversations on twitter

Adapted from: New Jersey Department of Education PDP Plan 2 Georgia State
University IT 7360