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Brittany Chastain
Service Learning Questions 2
EDUC 250 Educational Psychology
Type your answers to the following questions.

1. During this observation, what was the schedule of the day like?

The students come in to the classroom and sit down at their desks and on the smart board is what
they need to write down in their agendas (i.e. I have math homework tonight.) and the teacher signs off on
it. They get about 30 minutes to work on an activity that they are told to (usually a math worksheet or
vocabulary); they are able to take any AR reading tests if they need too. Today, they are practicing for
ISTEP which is taking place next week, so we worked on a practice test for this, they went to the library,
lunch and recess, math and then every Wednesday the class gets Chrome Books (the Chrome Books are
shared by the school so each class gets an assigned time one day a week). Also, the teacher will randomly
select a time to allow the students to get up and participate in a video to get them active and moving
before going into a new assignment.

2. What parts of this time frame do the students seem to enjoy the most? What parts of this time
frame do the students seem to enjoy the least?

They really enjoy going to library, as this is the chance they get to socialize with friends and their
library time is also open for them to play games on the computer, play board games with friends and
color, as well as check out library books. They also enjoy their Chrome Book time which they play
competitive games with an education basis that will be questions about the assignments or lessons they
have been taught throughout the week. They definitely are slow to warm up in the morning and any work
done during that time seems to be disliked.

3. During this observation, what opportunities do the students have to socialize? How is this

As stated above, they were allowed to socialize during the library time. There was also an
activity/worksheet that allowed them the opportunity to work with their “elbow buddy” which is the
student that sits next to them. They had a group restroom break, but that didn’t really allow much
socialization especially in the hallway. Like I stated above this week is all about ISTEP and practicing
for that, so the usual schedule was disrupted.

4. What are the three questions that you asked your teacher (hint: you wrote those on your first
journal) and what was your teacher’s answer? (Write the question and then summarize the teacher’s

a. Q: Do you offer any type of rewards for good performance or behavior? A: Gives reward cards for
having agendas signed each night and good behavior/respectful behavior. The cards are simple rewards
(i.e. wear hat for a day, wear slippers, jump the line, play on computer, read with friend, do work on the
floor, use a pen, skip one homework assignment, bring CD to share with class, read aloud to
teacher/principal, move desk for the day, bring a stuffed animal, and show and tell).

b. Q: How often are the students on the computer/what types of activities do they perform and what kind
of access do they have to the internet? A: The computers do have firewall blocks which will prevent

them from going to certain websites, The students get the Chrome Books every Wednesday afternoon and
do race games against other students/competitive like games.

c. Q: How often do you find yourself not being able to complete the days’ activities that were planned
and how do you adjust the plan? A: Teacher tends to plan a lot of group like activities that actually
involves help from the teacher’s aide that comes in every other week consistently and then another aid
that comes on the off week for a few hours a day. Having access to an aide allows for the opportunity to
spend more time with the smaller groups and help the students who need a little bit more help on a subject
and also catch up the students who might have been absent.

5. What is one thing you would like to observe in the classroom in your remaining observation
I would actually like to see the process/procedure of ISTEP; however, in order to even be in the
room during a testing time you have to go to a training, but today I was able to observe an ISTEP practice
test and hear the instructions and guidelines that the students will experience on the actual testing day. I
also was able to get a perspective from the teacher I am observing whether she likes the ISTEP or feels it
is an “unfair test”. Her opinion was based on the fact that third graders are tested on ISTEP that if they
fail they do not advance to fourth grade, which she states puts a lot of stress and pressure on students and
isn’t necessarily a great test that shows the knowledge that some students have. She also stated that the
way the wording is on the questions of the test seem like they are designed to stump a student, which
seems like a bad tactic for students this age and allows them to be frustrated more easily going forward
with the remainder of the test.