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Chemrite Grout NS
High Strength, High Performance Non Shrink Grout

Description Chemrite Grout NS is a cement-based, non-metallic, non -

shrink grout for supporting machinery and equipment. When
mixed with water, it expands to compensate the shrinkage
normally associated with cementitious products. Complies
with ASTM C1107, Type C.
Chemrite Grout Ns is used for grouting the following:
Uses - Machine foundations & Bearing plates.
- Stabilization of loose soil strata.
- Foundation bolts, anchors and dowels.
- Bridge, road and tunnel projects.
- Supports of tanks and vessels.
- Repair of concrete structures.
- Gaps, Cavities and recesses.
- Precast concrete elements.
Chemrite Grout Ns is an easy to use product which requires
simply addition of water at site. Its application offers the
Advantages following benefits:
- Easy to mix
- Excellent flowability with adjustable consistency.
- High early strength.
Rapid strength development.
- No strength loss over a long period.
- Excellent bond with both concrete and steel.
- Self-levelling ensures all gaps are filled uniformly.
- High final strength.
- Non-corrosive.
Technical Data
Form Grey Powder
Density (25C) 2.2 Kg/Lit (wet mixture)

Mixing Water Clean, potable water should be mixed in the following ratio
Requirement by weight of powder for desired level of flowability:

Plastic consistency 11-12 %

Flowable (max strength) 12-13 %
Highly flowable 13-14 %
Expansion (28 days)% 0.03 0.10

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Mechanical strengths Compressive strength approx. 40 N/mm2 (1 day)

(13 % water) approx. 52 N/mm2 (3 day)
approx. 80 N/mm2 (28 day)
Max Thickness per 150 mm
(horizontal) pour
Packaging 25 Kg , 50 Kg bags
Shelf Life One year in original, unopened packaging when stored in dry,
shaded area.

Concrete must be clean, sound, free from oil, grease and
Surface Preparation roughened to ensure a good bond with the substrate. Metal
surfaces should be free from scale, rust and oil or grease.
Absorbent surfaces should be in saturated-surface-dry (SSD)
condition prior to gout application.

Mixing - Measured amount of water is added into the dry powder

to suit the desired level of consistency
- Mix with a slow speed drill (max. 500 rpm) for at least
3 to 4 minutes to achieve uniform consistency.
- In hot weather, use chilled water to keep grout
temperature below 30C.
Placement - Chemrite Grout NS, when mixed with water, can be
poured or pumped. Horizental pours should not exceed
150 mm at one time.
- Immediately after initial set, begin wet curing for at
least three days. A suitable concrete curing compound
can also be used for this purpose.
- For large volume pours, consider extending the grout
with clean aggregate. A maximum of 10 Kg aggregate
may be added in 25 Kg of Chemrite Grout NS.
- In hot weather ambient environment, base plates and
foundation should be protected from exposure to direct
Precautions - Normal precautions, as for any cementitious product,
should be taken.
- In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse with plenty of
water and seek medical help
Ecology In liquid state, product can contaminate water. Dispose off
waste material as per local regulations.
Toxicity Non-toxic and Non-hazardous