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Hello Parents of our Grade 5 PYP students,

We hope you had a restful and relaxing spring break! In the Secondary school we
have a very busy couple of months ahead as we prepare for the completion of the
2016-2017 school year, as well as the preparations for next school year.

Therefore, it is time to begin our conversations around course selections as we

start to prepare your childs schedules for next school year. The Grade 5 students
who will be entering into Grade 6 next year, may be getting nervous or excited
about the transition that lies ahead. In the MYP, we are here and ready to support
the students in every way possible. Below you will see some information that will
be important for your child in the coming months as they begin their transition
into the MYP at GWA.

The first point is to inform you of the Grade 6 course options. There are two
course choices for students entering Grade 6, which are outlined below:

Students in Grade 5 will have the opportunity to select their Performing Arts
choice (Drama, General Music, and Advanced Music). Please start the
conversations now with your child to determine his/her first and second
choice for Performing Arts.

All students in Grade 5 will take Arabic, but will also have the opportunity to
choose an acquisition language of French or Spanish. Please note that we
do not offer native speaking classes in these languages, therefore, if your
child is proficient in one of the above languages, they should choose the
alternate language as their acquisition course.

In order to support parents and students through the transition process we will
have an Introduction to the MYP for Grade 5 parents on Tuesday May 2 (from 6:00
7:00pm) in the Auditorium at GWA.

On Wednesday May 3rd we will send a google form to Parents via email, which will
allow you to enter your childs course selections for Grade 6. (Please ensure your
details/parent contact information is updated on iSAMS).

Please note; we are also preparing for our PYP-MYP Step-Up Day for our Grade 5
students. This will take place on Tuesday June 6th. This day will give the students
the opportunity to hear the descriptions and expectations and in some cases,
take part in a mini-lesson of the subjects they will take next year from Grade 6
subject teachers.

Important dates to remember:

May 2: Grade 5 Parent Information Evening (6:00 7:00pm) in the GWA
May 3: Course Selection Sheets for Grade 5 students entering Grade 6 sent
via email.
June 6: Step-up Day for transition from the PYP to the MYP
I look forward to meeting the Grade 5 parents at the MYP information night next


Rhonda Wiens Zaharko

MYP Coordinator