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Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017



Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017

NBS new headquarters to be completed as per schedule

NBS Director General, Dr. Albina Chuwa (first from right) following the instruction from the
Director of Y&P Company Limited which oversees the construction of NBS Headquarters building
in Dodoma during the visit of NBS Staff to the site. The event took place in March, 2017.

THE National Bureau of to complete the work as per headquarters will

Statistics (NBS) has said its the time-line shown in the accommodate all NBS
headquarters structure in contract--completing the workers as well as having
Dodoma will be completed in building in 10 months. conference halls and all the
time to allow its staff to shift other necessary amenities.
Today, we visited the
to the new Capital City early
construction site to monitor The NBS boss added that her
next year.
progress. We also used the office will ensure it provides
This was revealed by the opportunity to listen the maximum supervision over
Director General of NBS, Dr. challenges the contractor is the construction so that the
Albina Chuwa, in Dodoma facing, but we got their contract signed with the
recently. assurance that the work will contractor would be adhered
be completed in time, said to.
She said the Y&P Company Dr. Chuwa.
Limited, which is overseeing For his part, the Managing
the construction, has pledged- According to her, the- Director of Y&P Company,-

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017
Mr. Mringo Yassin, said his firm adjacent to the Dodoma Today, we visited
was committed to delivering Convection Centre (currently
quality work within the agreed known as Kikwete Hall), which the construction site
timeframe. is a property of Chama Cha to monitor progress.
Mapinduzi (CCM), and will
He said they have started the work also be close to the Ministry of We also used the
and they will work day and night Finance and Planning and opportunity to listen
to make sure they wont lose a Bank of Tanzania (BoT)
minute. Dodoma head offices. the challenges the
So, far all is good. We will abide
contractor is facing,
The Y&P Company but we got their
by our promise as per the
contract, said Mr. Yassin. Limited, which is
overseeing the assurance that the
Mr. Yassin thanked the NBS construction, has pledged work will be
Director General and management
for the cooperation his company is
to complete the work as completed in time,
enjoying in undertaking the
per the time-line shown said Dr. Chuwa.
project. in the contract--
completing the building
The NBS headquarters currently in 10 months.
under construction is located--

NBS management
and Y&P
Company leaders
in a meeting
during the tour of
NBS management
to the construction
site to see the
progress and the
challenges facing
the construction.
The meeting was
conducted in
Dodoma region

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017

World Bank, NBS host workshop on environmental statistics

for the east African community
THE World Bank (WB) and We statisticians; we have to provides for preparation of the
the National Bureau of produce data that will National Environmental Action
Statistics (NBS) together influence change and ensure Plans (NEAP) in the interval of
hosted a workshop on that environmental every five years and mainstreaming
Environmental Statistics for the degradation in the EAC of environment issues into different
East African Community Member States was stopped. national and international
(EAC) in order to discuss the This is because in the past, development programmes.
development of environmental production of environmental
statistics including collection statistics in the developing Dr. Chuwa said during the
and compilation in order to countries was not given much workshop the member states were
measure the implementation of attention like social statistics expected to share their experiences
the Sustainable Development due to the other competing and the challenges they faced in the
Goals (SDGs) and other global development, said Dr. course of implementation of the
development programmes. Chuwa. Framework for Development of
Environment Statistics (FDES),
Addressing participants when She said at the country level, 2013 and the Environment
officially opening the Tanzania has made great Statistics Self-Assessment Tools
workshop, the Director General efforts in mainstreaming (ESSAT).
of NBS, Dr. Albina Chuwa, environmental concerns into
said the workshop was development policies, plans Furthermore, she said the workshop
expected to impart the and strategies even as there was expected to provide an insight
knowledge to statisticians who were still challenges, adding into the environmentally related
had the task of ensuring they that there were also good SDGs indicators to support
produced official statistics in experiences gained. countries on the best approach to
environment that would mainstream them in their national
influence change in the Dr. Chuwa said some development plans.
environmental degradation in mainstreaming processes
the EAC member states. which have already been The workshop of Environmental
undertaken in Tanzania Statistics for the East African
Dr. Chuwa said statisticians at include formulation of the Community (EAC) was conducted
the EAC and globally had the National Environmental in Arusha Region from March 27th
task ahead of ensuring that Policy (1997) which is to 31st and was attended by WB
there was data coherence and currently under review; the representatives; East African
comparability across the globe, enactment of the member states statistical
and that it was produced on Environmental Management stakeholders and NBS staff.
time and was of good quality. Act No. 20 of 2004 which--

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017

NBS hosted national sampling and listing workshop

NBS Director General Dr. Albina Chuwa speaking with participants of the Demographic and
Health Survey Programme workshop based on National Sampling and Listing; the workshop was
conducted in Dar es Salaam in March, 2017.

THE National Bureau of workshop, which run from calculate sampling errors, and
Statistics (NBS), in March 20 to 31st, was document the sample design
collaboration with the Office of conducted in Dar es Salaam and survey implementation
the Chief Government at White Sand Hotel. results.
Statistician, Zanzibar (OCGS),
and USAID hosted a workshop It was a competency-based The participants gained skills
on the Demographic and training and the main of describing the value and
Health Survey Programme purpose was to equip methodologies for sample
based on National Sampling participants with the surveys; approaches of
and Listing which brought knowledge, tools, skills and collecting information from
together 17 participants from abilities to design a survey large-scale populations, and
both the NBS and OCGS. sample, determine sample determining appropriate
size, select samples, develop sample size and its allocation
The workshop 10-day-- sampling weight, and-- for nationwide sample--

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017

NBS Director General Dr. Albina Chuwa speaking with participants of the Demographic
and Health Survey Programme workshop based on National Sampling and Listing; the
workshop was conducted in Dar es Salaam in March, 2017.

surveys or for surveys to be sampling errors and other of surveys which resemble
conducted in a programme useful statistics and to present with DHS and alike.
area. and explain survey results
based on the given sample It was a competency-
Not only that but also they were design. based training and the
trained on identifying a proper main purpose was to
sampling frame and select Apart from the above, the equip participants with
primary sample points, update participants also gained the knowledge, tools,
the primary sample points and knowledge of using small skills and abilities to
select households for household tools to facilitate a number of design a survey sample,
based surveys. the sampling procedures used determine sample size,
It was hoped that after the in the probability sample select samples, develop
workshop, the participants surveys. sampling weight, and
should be able to calculate calculate sampling errors,
sampling weight and correct for The acquired knowledge will and document the sample
non responses, calculate-- be used in Demographic and design and survey
Health Survey and other types implementation results.

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017

NBS trains media practitioners on the statistics act of


The Acting Director of Economic Statistics from National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Ms.
Joy Sawe speaking during the training of editors and reporters on the new Statistical
Act 2015. The training was conducted in Morogoro region in March, 2017.

THE National Bureau of run the training so that statistics.

Statistics (NBS) recently news on statistical matters
brought together editors and would be communicated to Official statistics
reporters from various media the public effectively produced by NBS is
houses in the country and without distortions. crucial for our
trained them on the Statistics development. In its
Act of 2015. Speaking during the absence nothing can be
training, the Acting done efficiently.
The goal was to enable Director of Economic
media practitioners to adhere Statistics, Ms. Joy Sawe, Not only that, the media
to the requirements of the said statistics was crucial practitioners have the duty
law when reporting on issues in development as the of communicating official
of the economy and related government cannot plan, statistics to the public for
matters. implement or measure its easy understanding and
development programmes utilisation, said Ms. Sawe.
The NBS decided to host and in the absence of official--

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017

The Acting Director said if We are here today to train We are here today to
journalists and editors fail to you because you have the
report correctly on the released role of disseminating
train you because you
statistics, which need mass statistical results, have the role of
participation in its publications and others disseminating statistical
implementation, then the survey results to the general results, publications
development goals would not public. We need you to do
be realized. better in reporting statistics and others survey
without misleading our results to the general
For his part, the Director of customers and other public. We need you to
Tax Department, Mr. Fred statistical stakeholders,
Matola, said because of the insisted Mr. Matola.
do better in reporting
importance of official statistics statistics without
in development, the media NBS hosted journalists and misleading our
practitioners should be trained editors for the training in customers and other
on how to report different Morogoro Region in March,
statistical reports for simplified 2017. The sessions included statistical
public consumption. brainstorming on the new stakeholders, insisted
Statistics Act of 2015. Mr. Matola.

Some of
reporters and
editors who
attended the
workshop of
hosted by
NBS in order
to brainstorm
them on the
Act 2015; The
in March,
2017 in

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017

Inflation rate for March rises to 6.4 percent

Reporters from different media outlets listening to the conference of CPI

release for March, 2017 in Dar es Salaam at NBS Conference Hall. The CPI
release press conference was conducted in 10th April, 2017.

THE headline inflation rate increase in CPI for the The non-food items that
for March, 2017 has month under review was contributed to the increase
increased to 6.4 percent from attributed by the increase of included cooking gas
5.5 percent recorded in the price of some food and which climbed by 11.9
previous month. non-food items. Food items percent, petrol by 4.6
According to the report of that contributed to the percent and diesel by 3.2
Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase included rice percent while the overall
released by the National which increased by 4.7 index increased to 108.44
Bureau of Statistics (NBS) percent, sugar by 3.9 in March, 2017 from
through its website, the percent, maize flour by 6.7 106.97 recorded in
speed of price increase for percent, sorghum grain by February; 2017.
commodities in March has 4.1 percent, cooking banana
increased compared to the by 4.6 percent, fresh The report also showed
speed of price increase cassava by 7.7 percent, that, food and non-
recorded in February. vegetables by 4.0 percent alcoholic beverages
and dried sardines by 3.2 inflation rate for March
The report showed that the-- percent. increased to 11.0 percent-

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017

Movement of National Consumer Price Indices (NCPI) and Inflation Rates

from March, 2016 March, 2017. (Dec, 2015 = 100)

from 8.7 percent recorded a The purchasing power of 100 The report showed that
month earlier whereas Tanzanian Shillings has the increase in CPI for the
inflation rate for food dropped to TZS 92 and 21 month under review was
consumed at home and away cents in March compared to attributed by the increase of
from home increased to 11.7 TZS 93 and 48 cents in price of some food and
percent in the month from 9.3 February, 2017. non-food items. Food items
percent a month earlier. that contributed to the
Non-food items that increase included rice
The inflation rate which contributed to the increase which increased by 4.7
excludes food and energy for included cooking gas which percent, sugar by 3.9
March has stagnated at 2.2 climbed by 11.9 percent, percent, maize flour by 6.7
percent as it was recorded in petrol by 4.6 percent and percent, sorghum grain by
February while the 12 month diesel by 3.2 percent while 4.1 percent, cooking
index change for non-food the overall index increased banana by 4.6 percent,
products has stagnated at 3.6 to 108.44 in March, 2017 fresh cassava by 7.7
percent as it was recorded a from 106.97 recorded in
month earlier. percent, vegetables by 4.0
February; 2017. percent and dried sardines
by 3.2 percent.

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017

Why gender statistics is crucial in reducing inequality

STATISTICS on gender men and women in the the importance of taking
produced through different sectors of Population and bold actions to ensure that
researches can help reduce the Demography, Health, the Agenda of 2030 of
existing inequalities between Education, Labour and Sustainable Development
men and women. employment, and Power and Goal number 5, that is,
Influence. achieving gender equality
This was observed during a and empowerment of all
meeting of statistical It is hoped that the statistics women and girls, succeeds.
stakeholders held in Sweden, would provide the
and which was aimed at government and other SDG Goal 5 has a number
enabling member countries stakeholders a useful tool of targets including ending
develop a strategic project that would effectively inform all forms of discrimination
through which understanding policy formulation, against women and girls
on gender inequality can be development, everywhere, eliminating all
enhanced and which can implementation, monitoring forms of violence against
become the tool for bringing and evaluation. women and girls in the
about change. public and private domains,
This project conception came including human trafficking
For their part, Tanzanias about on the backdrop of the and sexual abuse and other
representatives to the meeting fact that the Women and types of exploitation;
hatched on the idea of starting a Men Facts and Figures book Eliminating all harmful
book that would specifically would include all the practices, such as child
collect facts and figures information, currently, labour, early and forced
addressing the men to women scattered in documents marriage and female genital
gender gap. published by the National mutilation.
Bureau of Statistics (NBS),
The book will compile data MDAs, NGOs and research Tanzania and the world in
from various sources, their institutions and researchers. general cannot achieve all
analyses and the resulting The fact that there is these targets in the absence
statistics ready for stakeholders statistics on the matter out of quality statistics clearing
to use in addressing the gender there but which cannot be highlighting the gender gap.
gap challenge across the easily accessed for use, gives
sectors. the reasons to have the Therefore, the strategic
compiled book. book project would help in
The book would highlight
enabling the realization of
inequality existing between-- The Sweden meeting also
highlighted on the-- the goal and its targets.

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017


NBS Director General Dr. Albina Chuwa (forth from right) in a group photo with NBS and OCGS
Staffs and other stakeholders after opening the workshop of National sampling and Listing of
Demographic and Health Survey Program. The workshop took place in March, 2017.

reporters and
editors who
attended the
workshop of
hosted by NBS
in order to
them on the
new Statistical
Act 2015; The
workshop was
conducted in
March, 2017 in

Issue NO: 23 Date: MARCH, 2017


Social and
Manager Ms.
Sylvia Meku
from National
Bureau of
Statistics (NBS)
during the
launching of
Women and
Men in
Tanzania facts
and figures

Some participants who attended the International training program (IPT) change program in
which the Gender Statistics: Women and Men in Tanzania facts and figures 2017 was
launched. The event took place in Dar es Salaam, March, 2017.

The flipside of NBS Headquarters Building in Dodoma region

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