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Shiya's Kids Club

These little pre-schoolers in

our Shiya's kids club are
loving having the interns
teach them bible stories.
They also do arts and crafts
after wards. The interns also
work with them on their
English, teaching them their
letters and numbers while
Thomas teaches a Bible
study to their parents.

The Elizabeth Update

Elizabeth is in the home
stretch of her second year
of university at Lee. She
has finals Thurs-Tues
which aren't easy on a
Math major. She then will
be in her cousins wedding
in May. She is pictured
here at the wedding shower
being sassy as usual. She
will fly to visit us in Africa
on May 18. Please pray for
Elizabeth during her finals.
Also for her safe journey
here for the summer.
Jacob's Easter

Jacob was a big help on home

visits over the Easter school
break. He led the Bible study on
of the days for Paige's team. He
focused on the sacrifice Christ
made for us to bring us back to
God. Jacob also is loving this
rugby season so far. He made
first team so pray for him to
shine God's light on the field
every game.

Donations (Please & Thank you!):

If you would like to help support our family or the
work God has given us to do in S Africa, you can do
this in 3 ways:

1. Send a check to our sending home church.

Just make the check out to Grove Level
Baptist Church. Put Queens for the King on
the memo line. The check can be sent to:

Grove Level Baptist Church

2802 Cleveland Hwy
Dalton, GA 30721


2. Go online to Select

Online giving tab. Under the Queens for the
King section hit the "Give Now" tab. Follow
instructions as prompted.

3. Go online
to Select Get
Involved tab. Pick Donate on drop down
menu. Then click the secure link to our
churchs website to make your tax deductible

*All donations are tax deductible. Please specify in

the memo line if the donation is for a specific need
placed on your heart.
Praises and Prayer Requests:


Opportunity to spread the gospel at Sibongumbomvu again this term

Faithful tutoring volunteers from Hilton Baptist Church each day
Interns Ed Support bible study had 16 kids attending the first day


God to provide interpreters for us to do his work. Especially Lesotho

A replacement teacher for grade 4 and 5 at Sibong. The kids we tutor
have no daily teacher until the government appoints a new one. Pray that
teacher is welcoming to us to continue to work with the children. Pray for
the teacher who has 4 grades to teach until then. His name is Mr. Lucky.
Pray for SA people to get just leadership. Trust God to provide for them.
Elizabeth to endure finals and finish strong. Traveling mercies for May 18-
Health of Thomas' dad to improve.

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