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Siddhant Vishal Chand

Yashitosh Yashneel
Roneel Prakash

Specific Role Within the

Department Person Team
Operations Siddhant Vishal Chand Mechanical Engineer
Sales and
Marketing Yashitosh Yashneel Marketing Manager
Human Resource
Human Resources Roneel Rahul Prakash Representative
Finance Shavneel Chand Financial Controller

Discuss the proposed timeframe of the project and how often the
D4S team will meet?
For completion of a project in a timely, quality and financially responsible
manner, the team needs to schedule projects carefully. Effective project
scheduling plays a crucial role in ensuring project success hence to keep
projects on track, realistic time frames is set, resources appropriately
assigned and quality is managed to decrease product errors. The timeframe
of this project was set to 3 weeks thoroughly represented by Gantt chart and
informal meeting were held on a daily basis followed by a formal meeting
once a week where team members from each department disused the
progress report and other issues.

How will the D4S team communicate?

Communication is to set the stage for information and message flow through
an organization. Communication plays a vital role in the redesign process and
the channel selected for transmitting a message helps in maintaining the
quality of the original message in its passage from the sender to receiver.
Regardless of the communication channel selected, the sender will encounter
obstacles. To counteract possible interference in the communication channel,
the message should attract attention, contain redundancy, continue
repetition, or use a combination hence during this redesign process, the D4S
team will use formal and informal means to communicate. As formal
communication, the team used written and oral techniques such as cell
phones and emails to transmit goals, policies, instructions, memoranda, and
reports; scheduled meetings; and supervisory-subordinate interviews. Moving
on to informal communication, team meet up during tea and lunch breaks to
verbally communicate and use of social media such as Facebook and Viber.

How will the team communicate with the rest of the organization?
One of the more important forms of organizational communication is inter-
departmental communication, the Institute for Public Relations notes. The
importance of communication between different departments in an
organization becomes most evident when that communication breaks down.
Implementing policies to strengthen inter-departmental communication help
to underscore its importance and maintain an efficient flow of information
hence the team will communicate with the rest of the organizations via
emails, one to one consultation, open meetings, presentations, use of visuals
and simple terms, listening to other members opinion.

Strengths Weaknesses
Strong market position Tobacco farms declining
Geographically diversified Increased health risk
Dealing with product with sensitive
Addiction issues
Cannot promote product using public
New competitor discouraged media
High product variety High cost
Government empowered to put
health signs on packets.
Low quantity packs not available
(single roll)

Opportunities Threats
Light cigarettes Political legal
Rising popularity of smokeless tobacco Campaigns
Organic flavors electronic cigarettes
Introduction of twin packs to maximize competition from local tobacco i.e.
profit suki
Government tax levy

Product Development Capacity

What is the main activity of the companies? Developing and
producing its own products (product-company), or does it use its
production capacity for producing products for other companies
The main activity of British American Tobacco is to use its locally produced
tobacco and manufacture its product which is the cigarette in various brands
with different flavors. There are 3 different brands (Pall Mall, Benson &
Hedges, Rotumans), each having different flavors. BAT is a product- company.
It is the only manufacturer of tobacco in Fiji.

On the average, how many redesigned products and how many

totally new products are launched into the market annually?
There are 3 different brands as discussed earlier. Recently, the company had
redesigned 2 of its brands. One of it being Benson & Hedges which was
redesigned to 2 more variety namely, Benson & Hedges Switch and Benson &
Hedges Menthol. Another brand, Pall Mall which was redesigned to extra 2
varieties also which were Pall Mall Menthol, and Pall Mall Red. These products
were introduced in 2 years hence annually a total of 2 variety (1 of each
brand) were introduced.
Does the company have a product development department or do
they normally contract out designer services for product
The company has its own product development department which studies
and analyses the sales and its profit margin, manufacturing costs and other
important aspects to determine whether any product needs to be designed
and developed. The product development departments consist of members
from all the departments from the administration to the sales and marketing
department of the organization. Each team member is to give reviews in the
meetings and it is given to us for redesigning process evaluation.

What is the general conclusion on the product development

capacity of the company?
Product development involves the modification of an existing product or
formulating a new product that satisfies the market needs and also attracts
new customers to maximize profit. Our companys product development
capacity is mainly done to benefit the customer. For example, the menthol
flavor gives a cold-like sensation while smoking, it is also a health benefactor
which relieves from minor pains, and also helps in filtering the air further than
filter. The company is also trying to introduce more flavors to help in order
increase profit.
Internal and External D4S Drivers for the Company
Identify which internal and external D4S drivers are relevant to the

Priority Internal Drivers Pillars Priority External Drivers Pill

Plane NGO pressure and campaigns on Peo
Sustainable organic farming t Health issues e
Reduce in waste energy and smoke Plane
emission t Government Legislative Intervention Pro
Pressure from environmental groups to Pla
Increase profit Profit reduce toxic fume emission t
Save Production cost Profit Public opinion on new product e
Reduce customer complains
therefore maintaining company
reputation People
Implement automated systems Profit
Reach new customers Profit

Discuss if people, planet or profit should be balanced for the project

or if one or two should be prioritized.
Although it is preferred that all the pillars for D4S to be balanced, in some
practical cases prioritizing on one may lead to not meeting the other pillars.
For example, to increase profit while keeping health concerns and trying to
save planet may be difficult although not impossible.

What is the goal of the D4S demonstration project?

Meet environmental, health requirement and customer demand.
Improve market position and reduce cost to increase profit.
Improve product sustainability.
Meet the upcoming government legislations requirements.
What are the product selection criteria?
Cost effectiveness to increase profit
Physician preference
Break through potential
Portion and package
Variety of product

Select a product out of the company portfolio that fits defined D4S
product selection criteria.

Selected Product: Rotumans

Second Best Product: Pall Mall
Priority Internal Drivers Pillars Priority External Drivers Pi
Increase profit margin for the selected
product Profit Government Legislative Intervention Pr
Selected customers ( to maximize range Peop Impact of disposing filters on Pl
and reach more customer) le environment t
People opting variety in terms of
Environmental Safety (Biodegradable Plane nicotine content. (light, medium or P
packaging improvement) t strong) le
Plan Governments enforcement for P
Organic tobacco et redesign of packets.( health warnings) le
Public opinion on new product after Pe
Cost reduction Profit testing of sample e

Outline the phases of the product process tree and write them down (left
column). Indicate for these phases their physical location.

Farming and Harvesting of Tobacco leaves

Tobacco Farms

Drying and Grading of leaves

Tobacco Factory, Sigatoka

British American Tobacco

Suva, Fiji

Removal of leaf veins and crushing into pieces

BAT, Suva

Mixture of Chemicals and rolling process

BAT, Suva

Packaging and Distribution of Sales

BAT, Suva


What is the main function of the product as perceived by the user?

The main function of the product is to be consumed by the user in terms of

smoking. The user either randomly or frequently uses the product depends on
the users addiction to the product. One of the primary ingredients of
cigarette tobacco is nicotine, which is highly addictive. Nicotine makes a user
continue to crave cigarettes if the user tries to stop smoking. The product
makes the user to relax, to add a mini-hobby or habit which makes them
occupied, and (or) socialize with their peers.

User Scenario

-After meals
-Homes -Drinking
On -Bars 1hrs 4 52
e the -Working -Working
Mode during Weeks a year 52
product Place hours Hours a day2hrs
Days a week 7
will be -University -Studying
used in hours

-Parties -Drinking
-Functions -After meals 2hrs 5
Locatio Homes, workplaces, food courts,
n of

Identify the D4S criteria that should be included in the D4S Impact
1. Resource and Materials used for extraction
2. Energy used (Number of people employed on tobacco farms)
3. Product Specifications (Drying and Packaging) Waste consideration
4. Pollutants (Toxic gas emitted in the environment)
5. Responsibility (Disposing of buds and not encouraging adolescents into
6. Human Resource Management
7. Smoke Emissions
8. Costs
Issue Raw Materials Suppliers In house Distributio Use
Production n
Resources The growing and N/A N/A N/A N/A
farming of tobacco is
done on allocated
land size. Normal
agricultural practices
and undertaken to
yield a feasible
amount taking in
consideration of the
land. Harvesting
takes place upon
growing the leaves
which is later cut for
drying and other
Energy Since farming is done It is used on Post The size of The
on large size of land, transportation production packaging cigarette
the effective use of as vehicles, and mixing including buds and
renewable energy is trucks and of chemicals loading packets
essential. Due to long other load operations products on should be
sun hours, solar moving takes place. boxes and easily
panels can be set up devices like Energy is pallets for disposed as
on farms which can AGVs require used in delivery it should be
be used to power the fuel to machinery locally is bio-
warehouse for drying operate. This and labor minimized. degradable
the leaves if weather should be form. The packet to reduce
is not favorable. minimized. Incorporation sizes for the impact
of renewable cigarettes of pollution
energy are small so on the
devices is it is ideal environmen
essential as for t.
factory will distribution.
rely less on
fossil fuels to
oversee its
Waste Once harvested and N/A Waste N/A The proper
dried, the veins taken produced use and
out of the leaves during post disposal of
should be used as production the
compost instead of processes product.
disposing it by should be Packets and
burning or throwing reused or buds should
into rivers. recycled be properly
instead of disposed in
releasing it rubbish
to the bins instead
environment. of throwing
This is it in the
essential environmen
because it t.
released to
Responsibility N/A N/A Proper N/A Responsibili
operation ty is
and important
production as the
management consuming
should be of this
planned out. product
This is a affects the
critical stage user and
as a product others
for use is around the
finalized. To user. It
avoid any relates
mishaps and mainly to
incidents health
management problems
responsibility and misuse
is essential. of the
Costs The farming and The cost is The critical The The user
extraction of the minimum as stage in this marketing spends
tobacco farms is the delivery of the production strategy is significant
fundamental step in product for stage. Cost planned out amount of
the achieving the final post- is huge as and initial money in a
product. Initial cost is production is running the cost is long period
more as storage considered. factory small. This of time if
facility and labour Other factors operations helps to the user is
cost is taken into include include better addictive to
consideration. maintenance, many tasks. advertise smoking.
fuel costs as From the product Bigger
well as labour machines, for businesses
costs. equipment consumptio which retail
to labour n. the product
costs, the also spend
factory is a
able to handsome
achieve to amount to
finished buy and sell
product. the
Power product.
cost is also
taken into

Based upon results of the D4S Impact Matrix, what are the top two
D4S strategies for improvement options?
Upon analyzing the D4S Impact Matrix in R5 above, the two D4S strategies
for improvement are:
1.) Impact During Use
2.) Production Techniques

Based upon results of the D4S Drivers Selection, what are the top
two D4S strategies for improvement options?
Upon analyzing the D4S Drivers Selection in R6, the two D4S strategies for
improvement are:
1.) Material Use
2.) Impact During Use

What D4S strategies will the company and project team focus on in
the idea generation and concept development stages?
The strategies the company and project team will focus on is:
1.) Low Impact Materials
2.) Production Techniques
3.) Impact During Use
4.) End-of-Life System

Work out the D4S Design Brief

Upon the completion of R1 to R5 worksheets, the R6 worksheet was analyzed in

determining the various D4S strategies affecting the product in terms of impact and
drivers selection. The D4S drivers help identify the concept of the product being
developed and used by people, profit and planet. The design brief takes in
consideration the final D4S strategies that are considered to be essential in
delivering the final product effectively. Firstly, the low impacts materials help
determine the quality of the product produced. These materials include chemical
mixtures and composition used for manufacturing the product. Also the impact of
the material has on the end user should be considered. In such a case, the design
brief considers that the end product achieved should have low impact materials
present in it so that it is not harmful when consumable. The production techniques
include mixing, filtration and post processing which are all automated thus more
energy is consumed in producing the product. The impact of use of tobacco is very
serious as it is related to various health problems both to the smoker and the people
around. These impacts can be reduced by properly advertising the health risks
associated with the product. Finally, the end-of life system is important to consider
in design brief as it should be environmental friendly. The product is produced from
tobacco leaves and has various materials added during processing operations which
are harmful to the human body as well as the environment. Thus when the product
is consumed, the end part that is left is the buds which should be disposed of
properly to reduce pollution.