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Panjab University, Chandigarh

Theory Date Sheet

MSc Zoology I (Semester II)

13th, Saturday Zoology Paper-VI: Structure and Functions of Invertebrates-II (3760)

17th, Wednesday Zoology Paper-VII: Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates-II (3761)
20th, Saturday Zoology Paper-VIII: Biosystematics and Evolution (3762)
23rd, Tuesday Zoology Paper-IX: Endocrinology and Neural Physiology (3763)
27th, Saturday Zoology Paper-X: Immunology (3764)

MSc Zoology II (Semester IV)

15th, Monday Zoology Paper-XVI: Development Biology-II (3774)

18th, Thursday Zoology Paper-XVII: Advances in Parasitology (3775)
22nd, Monday Zoology Paper-XVIII: Advances in Fish and Fisheries (3776)
25th, Thursday Zoology Paper-XIX: Environmental Biology & Wild Life (3777)
29th, Monday Zoology Paper-XX: Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics (3778)