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Harding University High School
2001 Alleghany St, Charlotte, NC 28208

Judges, Graduation Project Boards
Harding University High School
2001 Alleghany St, Charlotte, NC 28208
Phone: (980) 343-6007

Dear Judges,

My name is Nicholas Chance Fernanders. I am A graduating senior at Harding University High
School. In my junior and senior year I learned that the atmosphere of the school is based on the
enthusiasm and joy teachers bring to work. Many bring their outside life and emotions into the
school environment which leaves students to have less of an adult figure and more malice for
their jobs. I say this because throughout my entire lifespan of school I've encountered many
different teachers from multiple states and countries. What I can say is that I've seen what works
and what doesn't in teachers skills to teach, as time goes by and new generations arise adults
seem to think that as we become more aware of who we are and how we see life that they have to
change as well. But from what selection of teachers I've had here at Harding I can say that
majority of them have a unique teaching method that is consistent with traditional old school
beliefs, and that is to have a real passion for kids and knowing what works and doesn't work
inside of the classroom. Many teachers go through workshops which are there to help them to do
the job better but it hinders it in the long run. Teachers must find real connections with the
students is the way to go. I know if teachers were not so focused on trying to please the
administration that students academics would improve. With all this said I feel when it comes to
the graduation project (Senior Exit), that it was poorly planned and doesn't reflect what really
matters to students. Especially, when the lack of help from teachers and the last minute work is

The national school lunch law requires schools all across America to be obligated to follow
the new rule at hand. My Thesis is based on the subject o f school lunches. The Senior Exit
gave me an opportunity to express me love for cooking. I was able to touch on the importance of
school meals and the impact it has on student. I gave readers a look into what types of food and
the quality that students were receiving when getting breakfast or lunch in school. Through my
passion for food I used my skills to show more exciting recipes and a more poised presentation
in my product. I propose a vote from students and staff to see what they would prefer. All of the
food that is made in the cafeteria is frozen and warmed in big heaters. Sometimes the food is
freezer burnt or soggy. Maybe we should bring back real cooked meals in school. It could make a
This project has given me the opportunity to take my education into my own hands and show
what effects of life can be broken down take a deeper look into everyday situations. Allowing
students to take on responsibility and report about social and economic issues that affect people
all over the world gives us real life perspective and gets us ready for college life. It forces
students to really look at life and what goes on around us. To reveal the broken image of life as
paradise and faultless.

Thank you, for your time and the opportunity to show what I have learned in my high school


Nicholas Chance Fernanders
Student Name
1506 ANY ADDRESS Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

Graduation Project Review Board Members
Harding University High School
2001 Alleghany St, Charlotte, NC 28208
Phone: (980) 343-6007

Dear Judges:

As a student here at Harding University High, the Graduation Project has provided me
the opportunity to probe into a topic I had long wanted to know more about but just had not
taken the time to explore in depth. I chose to research the effects of global warming on the
Earth’s atmosphere because of an experience I had in elementary school.

My third grade science class’s field trip to Discovery Place nine years ago to see a display
on the uses of Energy sparked my interest in the effects of energy production and its use on our
climate. I have sustained my interest in energy’s atmospheric effects, and therefore I have been
involved in several Earth Day celebrations. I decided to focus my Graduation Project on the
effects of global warming so that I could expand my knowledge and dispel some of the myths
about this subject.
Over the years I learned that carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gasses are just some
of the gasses found naturally in the atmosphere. However, the most important thing I learned is
that many of the gasses are released into the Earth’s atmosphere because of human behavior. This
latter knowledge is what motivated me to do more research to find out what we can do to prevent
these man-made, harmful effects and possibly to lessen the destruction caused by natural
occurrences. My research proved that over many years the effects of carbon dioxide will
lead to global warming, and without intervention, carbon dioxide will lead to an
uninhabitable future.

To demonstrate my knowledge about the negative effects of global warming in a tangible
product, I chose to create two models of the Earth. I wanted to show the condition of present-day
Earth as compared to the changes in sea level in fifty to one hundred years because of global
warming. I discovered a number of ways to prevent or lessen the effects of global warming, so I
created an information brochure that offers suggestions for interventions and possibly preventing
harmful effects caused by carbon dioxide. Since the course syllabus for my chemistry class
contains a unit on the effects of various chemicals and gasses on the environment, I then decided
to extend my growth and increase student awareness by sharing my knowledge with my peers.
The process of preparing the lessons with corresponding questionnaires and analyzing student
responses has given me a new perspective on the problem of global warming.

Working on this project has deepened my understanding of the harmful effects of
greenhouse gasses, especially carbon dioxide and some gasses we don’t often associate with
global warming. This experience has also raised my level of consciousness about my actions and
what we humans can do to eliminate many of the devastating effects of greenhouse gasses and to
make this planet habitable for generations to come.

Thank you for your time and interest. I hope you enjoy my presentation as much as I enjoyed
preparing it.