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AISM Mathematics Coach job description

A. Up-skill classroom teachers by:

Leading PD sessions for the Primary Staff
Leading and participating in Professional Learning Community activities
Collaborating with Grade Teams
Co-planning and co-teaching instructional reading and writing lessons

B. Support the K-5 data collection system through:

Administering biannual mathematics assessments
Collecting, collating and managing assessment data
Presenting assessment data to the Primary Leadership team, the School Administration
and The School Board
Co-writing action plans for students with specific need
Managing the implementation of these action plans

C. Support students by:

Co-planning and co-teaching within the instructional lessons
Planning and implementing short-term skill development sessions for students with
specific needs
Feeding back and feeding forward information to ensure on-going success
Communicating with Middle school support staff as teacher transition from primary to
middle school

D. Support on-going programme development by:

Attending weekly meetings with the Primary School Principal as a member of the
mathematics team
Attending weekly meetings of the Learning Support Team
Attending quarterly meetings with the whole school Learning Support Team

E. Liaise with Parents by:

Training and managing Parent helpers
Leading Mathematics Nights
Meeting with Parents to provide advice and detailing programmes
Leading parent information sessions

F. Manage Mathematics Materials by:

Organizing, cataloguing, and ordering mathematical equipment
Coordinating with librarian for ongoing management of materials