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Teaching Assistant job description

Teaching Assistants within our school are delegated in one of two ways. One has the role of working within
a mainstream classroom environment and will be delegated daily duties from a class teacher. Other TAs will
be working alongside single subject teachers and will be delegated duties by her/him.

All TAs will have work set by a teacher and should leave enough time to become familiar with the task
BEFORE starting work with the children. It is important that everyone is clear about the objectives of the
lesson at the outset, so that progress towards the objectives can be assessed at the end of the lesson.

A teacher may require the TA to work along him/her in the classroom, with a specified group of children,
with one or two specific children, or in the quiet area outside the room. The TA needs to be aware of how
long to take for the lesson and when to return to the class if appropriate.

Job Description:
Accountable to:
Firstly, to class teacher, then the primary school principal.
Main purpose of job:
To support the teaching staff in any way necessary to ensure the day to day educational experience
of the children will be of the highest quality

Duties and Responsibilities:

Support for the children:
To work with the children in the designated department wherever directed by the class teacher
either with an individual, pairs or group.
Support for the teacher:
To always be available during the schools contractual hours to enable the preparation of
required materials for the lessons of that day or subsequent days and to be directed by the class
Support for the school:
To adhere to the Contract of Employment for a Classroom Assistant and be available in term
time as directed by the school within the Mozambique labour law.

Specific Role
Social and Emotional development of children
Supervising and assisting small groups of children in activities set by the classroom teacher or
equivalent person in authority
Spotting early signs of inappropriate behaviour
Modeling socially acceptable behaviour at all times.
Helping with the inclusion of all children
Keeping children on task
Showing interest being placed appropriately during lesson times
Having a professional manner alert, on-task, interested
Familiarising self with the individual teacher, their classroom and the routines of the class
Communicating openly and clearly
Supporting the teacher in establishing effective rules and routines in the classroom

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Assisting in tidying up after an activity
Supporting the implementation of school rules in a manner that is consistent with the schools
Moving children quietly and in an orderly fashion
Helping with assemblies and performances
Supervision of children at breaks

Academic development of children

Showing interest
Assisting individuals in educational tasks
Modeling good practice
Being involved at whole-class level
Carrying out lessons planned by the teacher
Providing support in learning programs
Providing feedback to teachers
Preparing classroom materials
Making teaching aids
Becoming familiar with the schools curriculum
Helping with assemblies and performances

Creating aesthetically pleasing teaching and learning spaces

Mounting work for display
Setting up and dismantling displays
Familiarise self with the individual teacher, their classroom and the routines of the class
Ensuring that materials are clean and housed safely E.g. Washing paint pots, brushes and tables
after use.
Ensuring materials are in place
Helping with assemblies and performances

Professional etiquette
Informing the school when sick or absent before 7.30am
Being punctual
Informing the school if late
Communicating openly and clearly
Showing interest
Showing respect for children
Attendance at professional development sessions
Supervising of children at breaks
Participating in the performance management structures
Participating in out-of-school activities at the request of the primary principal

Additional duties
Ensure children are changed and in position. Stay with them until the teacher arrives
Be the eyes on the deck. Stand/walk near the swimmers, watching them as they swim to make sure
they are safe in the water. Notify the teacher if you are concerned about a child.
Take film/photos for the teacher when asked

Working Hours
Teaching assistants will work their full allotted hours depending on their contract.
100% - 7.15 until 3.30
Teaching Assistants will have Mozambican public holidays and are not required to work when the school is
closed for holiday periods.

The Role of the Classroom Teacher

It is essential to understand that teachers have a role in the daily lives of a teaching assistant. This role
Communicating clearly, openly and honestly with teaching assistants
Actively encouraging respectful interactions between the teacher assistant and all members of the
Supporting the teaching assistant in their professional development
Supporting the teaching assistant in conflict resolution