A Guide to Morris County Government Services, Departments and Agencies
The Morris County government provides a wide variety of services to county residents ranging from the administration of elections and the maintenance of county roadways to employment training and job search assistance. The county government operates a library, a county jail, a county college, a school of technology and an 18,000-acre park system. Services also include a nutrition program for senior citizens, water supply planning and distribution and programs to assist veterans and persons with disabilities. This directory gives an overview of those and many other Morris County government programs. The mailing address for most county government offices is: Morris County Administration & Records Building, P.O. Box 900, Morristown, N.J. 07963-0900. Please call ahead for the office hours and the exact location of your destination. The main telephone number is: (973) 285-6000. For directions to the county complex and to the Morris County Courthouse, call 973-829-8220. The address for the official Morris County government web site is: www.co.morris.nj.us.

The 2010 Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders
Gene F. Feyl Director William J. Chegwidden Deputy Director Douglas R. Cabana John J. Murphy Jim Murray Margaret Nordstrom Jack J. Schrier
A 2010 Publication of the Board of Chosen Freeholders

BOARD OF CHOSEN FREEHOLDERS (973-285-6010) Serves as the governing body of the county with seven members elected at-large for staggered three-year terms. The Freeholders conduct public meetings on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Work sessions are held the same day at 9:30 a.m. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown) CLERK OF THE BOARD (973-285-6024) Responsible for administrative and supervisory functions of the Board of Freeholders. Handles all official correspondence, advertising, legal notices, and prepares and distributes, resolutions, contracts, minutes, etc. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR Responsible for the day-to-day operation and supervision of the six major county departments and their divisions and projects. Also supervises the Division of Labor Relations (973-285-6051), which is responsible for negotiating contracts with the unions representing county employees. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown)

COUNTY CLERK (973-285-6120) www.morriscountyclerk.com. Records all county land records and related legal documents; prepares, prints and distributes absentee, machine and sample ballots for all elections and tabulates and certifies the results; processes passport and notary applications; issues county IDs. The County Clerk may also perform marriages. Elected for a five year term. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown) PROSECUTOR (973-285-6200) www.morrisprosecutor.org. The county's chief law enforcement officer. Sets policy and direction for law enforcement in Morris County. Appointed by the governor for a five year term. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown) SHERIFF (973-285-6600) www.mcsheriff.org. Administers Bureau of Law Enforcement, which is responsible for such things as courthouse security, serving civil processes, and augmenting other law enforcement agencies with crime scene investigation. Bureau also consists of forensics and photo lab, K-9 Unit and Bomb Squad. Administers Bureau of Corrections, which is responsible for the operation of the county jail. Elected every three years. (County Courthouse, Washington Street,

COUNTY COUNSEL (973-829-8060) Manages all legal matters for the county. Represents the county in litigation. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown)

Morristown) SURROGATE (973-285-6500) www.morrissurrogate.com. Probates wills and qualifies executors, administrators and trustees of estates. Assists in other areas ranging from adoptions to matters of incompetence. The Surrogate also manages, as custodian, the Minors’ Intermingled Trust Fund that holds approximately $25 million for Morris County minors. Elected for a term of five years. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown)

supply needs. PURCHASING (973-285-6323) www.morrispurchasing.org. Ensures that all goods and services purchased by the county comply with all applicable rules & regulations. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown) RISK MANAGEMENT (973-285-6353) Plans, coordinates and implements the county's safety and safety training programs and the liability & workers compensation insurance programs. Analyzes risk exposure and implements and coordinates programs to reduce employee accidents and financial loss. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown) TREASURER (973-285-6085) Responsible for all financial operations. Aids in budget preparation, handles state and federal grants in varied categories, short-term investment of county monies, and bond sales. Conducts reinvestment programs. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown)

ADJUSTER (973-285-6486) Supervises the preparation of papers for the commitment/admission of the mentally ill or mentally retarded. Works with law enforcement to provide a search of mental health records for gun permit applications. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown) MEDICAL SERVICES (973-285-2920) Examinations and annual re-examinations of county employees are conducted by medical staff from Morristown Memorial Hospital, as are pre-employment physicals. (West Hanover Avenue, Morris Township) OFFICE SERVICES Responsible for the county government’s mailing, printing and

www.morrishumanservices.org AGING, DISABILITIES & VETERANS (Call toll-free 800-564-4656) www.morrisservices.org. Provides information, referrals and direct client


assistance for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, veterans and care givers. Technical assistance and public speakers are available for local organizations. (340 W. Hanover Ave., Morris Township) ADULT DAY CARE (973-326-7288) Offers adults over 18 who need some daytime supervision with a “home away from home” where they may spend one day or more per week enjoying activities and friendship under trained supervision. Provided by Family Services of Morris County ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES (973-326-7282) Aids those over the age of 18 who are unable to act on their own behalf and who are at risk of abuse, exploitation or neglect. (340 W. Hanover Ave., Morris Township) BEHAVIORAL HEALTH & YOUTH SERVICES (973-285-6852) Plans, develops, provides and monitors a coordinated services delivery system that helps disadvantaged adults, at-risk youth and families. Oversees countywide substance abuse/mental health systems and initiatives. (30 Schuyler Place,

community. (340 W. Hanover Ave., Morris Township) EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING SERVICES (973-285-6880 or 1-800-870-3478) Provides a full range of employment and training services for economically disadvantaged adults and dislocated workers in Morris, Sussex and Warren counties. (30 Schuyler Place, Morristown) JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER (973-285-2959) Short-term facility to detain juveniles charged with committing a criminal violation, or who have been sentenced to the Center for a maximum of 60 days by the Family Court. MAPS (Toll-free 888-282-MAPS {6277}) Operates the Morris Area Para-transit System (MAPS) for elderly and disabled county residents. Provides weekday transportation to various destinations in the county, including medical facilities, education and employment sites. MORRIS VIEW HEALTHCARE CENTER (973-285-2800) Morris View is a skilled healthcare facility that provides physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation, respite care and hospice care. It includes a 283-bed nursing home with 24 hour nursing care. (540 West Hanover Avenue, Morris Township) NUTRITION PROJECT (973-285-6856) Manages 15 Midday Friendship sites throughout the county providing social activities, educational programs, and nutritious, hot noontime meals and home


DISABLED, OFFICE FOR THE (973-285-6855) Provides information, referral and case management. Manages the Personal Assistance Services Program that enables persons with disabilities to attend school, maintain employment and volunteer in the

delivered meals for senior citizens. TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE (973-3267800) Provides a variety of financial, medical and social services to persons/ families who meet mandated criteria. Services include Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, General Assistance, Food Stamps, Medicaid and Child Support & Paternity. (Main Office, 340 W. Hanover Ave., Morris Township; Dover Office: 8 South Morris St., Dover (973-989-6015) VETERANS CLINIC (973-539-9791) Operated by the Veterans Administration, this clinic provides primary health care to eligible U.S. veterans in Morris, Sussex and Warren counties. VETERANS SERVICES (973-285-6866) Provides information, referral and general advocacy to veterans and their families. Assists veterans and their families in the completion of forms and the filing of compensation claims. Administers the Morris County Distinguished Military Service Medal program. (340 W. Hanover Ave., Morris Township) WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD (973-829-8400 Ext. 232 or 230) mswwib.git.net. Responsible for planning, policy guidance and oversight of the workforce investment system for Morris-SussexWarren counties. Its goal is to create a single workforce system by assessing and planning the use of local resources, and to develop a comprehensive

understanding of area labor demand and job skills. YOUTH SHELTER (973-285-2970) A temporary, out-of-home placement for juveniles determined to be “in-crisis” by the Family Court. The shelter has an integrated program of life skills, recreation and social activities.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (973285-6900) Computer technology and support center for the county government. Includes Telephone Services, which operates the main county government switchboard (973-285-6000). Handles the telephone needs for county government departments. LIBRARY INFORMATION SYSTEMS (973-631-5353) Administers and provides technical support to the Morris Automated Information Network (M.A.I.N.) and its member libraries. LIBRARY SERVICES-MORRIS COUNTY LIBRARY (973-285-6930) www.mclib.info. Loans books, audio books, large print books, DVDs, and music CDs. Provides service to the homebound, reference, reader’s advisory and children’s services, films, art exhibits and various classes and seminars. (30 E. Hanover Ave., Whippany) PERSONNEL DIVISION (973-285-6103) Provides centralized human resources

management to the county government. PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE (973-285-6015) The public information center for county government departments. Researches and writes media releases; produces weekly television and radio shows; updates county government Web site (www.co.morris.nj.us). Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown)

MEDICAL EXAMINER (973-829-8270) Conducts medico legal investigations and autopsies as required. PUBLIC SAFETY TRAINING ACADEMY (973-285-2979) www.morrisacademy.org. Provides training for fire, law enforcement, corrections and first aid squad personnel. (500 W. Hanover Avenue, Parsippany) WEIGHTS & MEASURES (973-285-2955) Checks all commercial weighing and measuring devices such as supermarket scales and gasoline pumps. Checks commodities sold by weight and measure to ensure accuracy. (101 Western Ave., Morristown)

COMMUNICATION CENTER (973-285-2900) Provides emergency dispatching for county and municipal emergency response agencies. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (973-829-8600) www.morrisoem.org. Coordinates emergency operations in the event of natural or man-made disasters (Public Safety Training Academy, West Hanover Avenue, Parsippany) HEALTH MANAGEMENT www.morrishealth.org. (973-631-5484) Coordinates county public health information, oversees Bio-terrorism planning and other health-related projects. Responsible for HazMat emergency response. (634 West Hanover Ave., Morris Township)

www.morrisplanning.org COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (973-285-6060) Distributes federal dollars to participating Morris communities and eligible nonprofit agencies to fund a wide range of projects. Provides housing rehabilitation assistance to low income homeowners. (30 Schuyler Place, Morristown) PLANNING BOARD (973-829-8120) Responsible for developing the county master plan, reviewing subdivisions of land and site plans, advising freeholders on planning matters and providing information for citizens, business, service groups and government officials. Maintains aerial photographs of the

county and is the depository for U.S. Census data. Coordinates the process of cross acceptance planning with state and municipalities. (30 Schuyler Place, Morristown) PRESERVATION TRUST (973-829-8120) www.morrispreservation.org. In accordance with policies established by the Morris County Agriculture Development Board and the Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund, this program is designed to preserve farmland, open space and the abundance of historic resources in Morris County. Administers the Conflict Resolution Process under the Right to Farm Act and development of site-specific agricultural management practices for eligible farms. (30 Schuyler Place, Morristown) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT (973-829-8101 — www.morrisdot.org) Secures federal and state funds for road, bridge, railroad and transit projects. Responsible for transportation planning, implementation and operations. Sponsors a county METRO Bus System and supervises two county owned rail lines. (30 Schuyler Place, Morristown)

grounds, except the parks, and security services for all buildings except the parks, courts and the county nursing home. ENGINEERING (973-285-6750) Responsible for design, construction, reconstruction and paving of county roads, as well as bridge and culvert construction and repair specifications. Designs alterations to county facilities and designs plans for new county construction projects, except parks. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown) MOTOR SERVICE CENTER (973-285-6769) Maintains all county vehicles & equipment. ROADS, BRIDGES, SHADE TREE DIVISION (973-361-3023) Maintains, reconstructs and repairs the 300 miles of county roads and the county’s 1,000 bridges and culverts. Protects and cares for trees and ornamental plant life along the rights-of-way of the county road system. Provides consultation to municipalities and non- profit groups. ROAD INSPECTION (973-285-6749) Handles requests for permits to open county roads, inspects the location and ensures receipt of bond.

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS MAINTENANCE AND SECURITY SERVICES (973-285-6340) Provides maintenance for county buildings and

ADVISORY COUNCIL ON AGING, DISABILITIES & VETERANS (973-285-6858) Develops recommendations related to service priorities, funding and pending legislation to meet the needs of senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and veterans and their families. AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT BOARD (973-829-8120) Administers the state and county funded agriculture retention program to preserve the county's farming industry through monetary incentives to farmers for soil and water conservation and development easement purchases. AIRPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEE (973-285-6010) Aids the Freeholders in their dealings with airports in the county. ALCOHOL & DRUG ABUSE ADVISORY COMMITTEE (973-285-6844) Reviews and recommends prevention and treatment programs. CONSTRUCTION BOARD OF APPEALS (973-829-8120) Hears appeals of municipal construction code decisions and violations. (30 Schuyler Place, Morristown) COUNTY ALLIANCE STEERING SUBCOMMITTEE (973-285-6844) Reviews and recommends substance abuse programs that may be implemented at the local level.

COUNTY COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES (328-5000) Sets policy and direction of the County College of Morris in Randolph Township. The board establishes regulations for appointment of personnel and sets tuition and fees for the two-year community college. ELECTIONS, BOARD OF (973-285-8350) Oversees absentee ballot counting, board worker recruitment and assignments, and County Committee labels. (2nd floor, Administration and Records Building, Court Street, Morristown) ELECTIONS, SUPERINTENDENT OF (973-285-6715) Conducts elections, maintains voter registration rolls and provides certified voting machines to each polling place. Provides data on registered voters in the form of mailing labels, printed lists/reports and diskettes. (Administration and Records Building,
Court Street , Morristown)

EXTENSION SERVICE (973-285-8300) A research based educational program helping people and the communities in which they live. Offers agricultural, home economics, resource management and 4-H programs. (West Hanover Avenue, Morris Township) FREIGHT RAILROAD ADVISORY COMMITTEE (973-285-6010) Monitors activities and plans for the future of the county-owned freight rail lines.

HERITAGE COMMISSION (973-829-8117) Encourages a broad awareness of the county’s history by publishing books, brochures and other materials, and sponsoring seminars and exhibits. Serves as a clearinghouse for historic preservation groups in the county. Ensures the preservation and accessibility of the county’s archives for the benefit of genealogists, historians and students. Online exhibits may be viewed on the Heritage Commission Web site, www.co.morris.nj.us/mchc . (County Cultural Center, 300 Mendham Rd., Morris Township) HISTORIC PRESERVATION TRUST FUND REVIEW BOARD (973-829-8120) Volunteer board reviews applications for funding under the Historic Preservation Trust Fund program and makes recommendations to the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders. HOUSING AUTHORITY (973-540-0389) Responsible for planning, development and construction of housing in a safe, decent and sanitary atmosphere for the elderly and families without sufficient income. Operates rental assistance program for eligible families. (99 Ketch Rd., Morris Township) HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION (973-540-1009) www.morrishumanrelations.org. Sponsors programs to promote tranquility, dignity and justice among all county citizens.

HUMAN SERVICES ADVISORY COUNCIL (973-285-6851) Reviews, monitors and improves county-level human service activities, programs and services with an emphasis on homelessness, child care, transportation and general human services. Develops funding recommendations for certain human service programs. IMPROVEMENT AUTHORITY (973-2856020) co.morris.nj.us/improvement. Can provide low-interest financing to local governments, school districts and nonprofit agencies for certain projects that meet the needs of the community while saving money for taxpayers. MAPS CITIZEN ADVISORY COMMITTEE (973-829-8105) Advises Morris Area Paratransit System on transportation services for senior citizens and the disabled. MENTAL HEALTH ADVISORY BOARD (973-285-6852) Reviews, monitors and recommends improvements in mental health treatment programs. Makes funding recommendations for treatment programs.

MOSQUITO EXTERMINATION COMMISSION (973-285-6450) Uses Integrated Pest Management Strategies, including surveillance, water management and control of larvae to reduce mosquito population levels where necessary. Restores degraded drainage systems, ponds and retention/detention facilities, often in cooperation with local towns. MUNICIPAL UTILITIES AUTHORITY (973-285-8383) www.mcmua.com. Responsible for solid waste management, recycling services and water supply planning. Operates transfer station system, household hazardous waste disposal facility and programs, recycling center, curbside recycling collection program, and administers regional composting facilities. Develops and operates the county well fields and potable water distribution system. (County Cultural Center, 300 Mendham Rd., Morristown) OPEN SPACE PRESERVATION TRUST FUND COMMITTEE ( 973-829-8120) Advises the freeholders on funding priorities for the purchase of land for open space, farmland, recreation, or for the protection of drinking water supplies. Applications may be submitted by towns and non-profit land trusts.

PARK COMMISSION (973-326-7600) www.morrisparks.net. Oversees the largest county park system in New Jersey. Provides more than 18,000 acres of specialized park areas and facilities for recreational, leisure time and educational needs of 3 million annual visitors. Includes Central Park of Morris County with a 5K cross country course, two lighted regulation-size in-line skating rinks and a fully accessible Challenger League ball field with a rubberized surface. Park system also includes ice skating arenas, outdoor education centers, arboretums, golf courses, a marina, swimming-boating areas, trails (including one for the blind), parcourse fitness trails, camping facilities, a living farm, an operating mill, Historic Speedwell, riding stable and concerts. Offers nature study and horticultural education classes in its education center. (53 E. Hanover Ave., Morris Township) PLANNING BOARD (973-829-8120) Assists towns by providing a regional framework for local planning so that each municipal master plan can be developed as a logical part of its surrounding area. Advises the freeholders on planning matters. (30 Schuyler Place, Morristown) PUBLIC SAFETY TRAINING ACADEMY ADVISORY BOARD (973- 285-2979) Advises on the operation and curriculum for a multi-faceted training facility for fire, law enforcement, corrections and first aid squad personnel.

SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICT (973-285-2953) Provides information relating to soil conservation and natural resources to local governments and landowners. Assists in management of soils, erosion control and conservation practices. (560 West Hanover Avenue, Morris Township) SOLID WASTE ADVISORY COUNCIL (973-285-8391) Responsible for advising the freeholder board on solid waste and recycling matters. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS (973-285-8320) A state regulatory and technical assistance agency for teachers in the county’s public school districts. Its activities address certification, finance, budgeting, curriculum, instruction, facilities, special education services and special projects with local school districts, county agencies and other divisions of the NJ Department of Education. (30 Schuyler Place, Morristown) TAXATION, BOARD OF (973-285-6707) mcweb1.co.morris.nj.us/TaxBoard. Maintains all county records of taxable real estate. Sets tax rates and equalization ratios. Supervises and directs all municipal tax assessors. Reviews assessments and orders reevaluations when necessary. Issues rulings on appeals filed by taxpayers on assessments. (Administration and Records Building, Court St., Morristown)

TRANSPORTATION, BOARD OF (973-829-8101) Advises the county on transportation issues. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION (973-627-4600) Operates the School of Technology, which offers full and sharedtime programs to prepare students to enter the workforce as skilled employees or to further their education at an institution of higher learning. Administers specialized academies and schools in Child Related Careers; Law & Public Safety; Math, Science & Engineering; Visual & Performing Arts; Cosmetology; Culinary Arts; Finance & International Business; Construction Arts; Automotive Sciences; Health Care Sciences; Veterinary Science; and Networking Information Technology and Communications. (400 East Main St., Denville) WOMEN’S ADVISORY COMMITTEE (973-285-6868) Advises Freeholders on women’s issues. YOUTH SERVICES ADVISORY COMMITTEE (973-285-6864) Develops recommendations related to youth services priorities, and identifying gaps and barriers to service delivery, funding and pending legislation.

973-656-4000 www.judiciary.state.nj.us
SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY, MORRIS/SUSSEX VICINAGE (973-656-4000, Morris County) (973-579-0675, Sussex County) Administers all of the courts in Morris and Sussex counties. Supervises and manages all court matters filed and all judges and personnel having a judicial support function. (County Courthouse, Washington Street, Morristown)

LEGAL SERVICES OF NORTHWEST NEW JERSEY-LEGAL AID (973-285-6911) Provides legal advice and representation in such areas as custody, divorce, support, visitation, landlord/tenant, family, housing, income maintenance, contracts & collections to financially eligible county residents. (30 Schuyler Place, Morristown) OMBUDSMAN (973-656-3969) Works to improve access to the courts by providing public information and strengthening community relations. Helps to ensure that everyone has access to the courts including non-English speaking, self-represented and disabled litigants. (County Courthouse, Washington Street, Morristown) PROBATION (973-656-3500) Assists with social rehabilitation of individuals who have received a suspended or indeterminate sentence. Divided into juvenile, adult, child support sections, and family divisions. (Administration & Records Building, Court Street, Morristown)

COURT ADMINISTRATOR (973-656-3999) Responsible for budget development and expenditures, supervision of judicial support personnel, program development and analysis, facilities and resource management. TRANSCRIPTS (973-656-3985) Handles (County Courthouse, Washington Street, requests for court transcripts and copies of Morristown) tapes. JURY INFORMATION (973-656-3908) Issues and processes jurors' summons and oversees the daily arrival and assignment of jurors. (County Courthouse, Washington Street, Morristown)