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MCF 3811 TA

15" (38 cm) LCD Flat-Screen Monitor

The MCF 3811 TA Liquid Crystal 38 cm visible screen diagonal Representative design
Display monitor requires only a quarter
of the space of conventional Cathode The useful display area of the MCF TFT technology guarantees excellent
3811 TA is 304x228 mm. image quality over a wide viewing angle.
Ray Tube monitors.
With its outstanding image quality and In the case of moving images, the short
Its flat design is particularly suited to
high resolution of 1024x768 pixels, the response time of the individual pixels of
ergonomic workplaces. It is easier to
MCF 3811 TA meets the ergonomic only 50 ms ensures that all the
keep to minimum distances and
requirements of a conventional 17" CRT information is displayed. The perfect
minimum work surfaces which are
monitor for the display of information. display of video sequences is not a
becoming increasingly expensive.
problem for the MCF 3811 TA which is
The MCF 3811 TA offers top-quality Low radiation and particularly suitable for use in the
ergonomics, large displayable screen environmentally friendly counter sector and for customer
contents and excellent environment
compatibility at a good Thanks to LCD monitor technology, no
price/performance ratio. low-frequency fields occur. As the MCF Flexibility
(MCF 3811 TA = Monitor Color Flat- 3811 TA is also immune to external
Screen 38cm version 11 TFT Analog electromagnetic fields, interference-free The integral tilt-and-swivel base allows
interface) operation under very critical the monitor to be set to the ideal viewing
environmental conditions is possible. angle and makes it easy for the user to
Ideal ergonomics In addition to the direct energy savings adjust the display to suit the prevailing
in the system itself, low power lighting conditions.
LCD technology is characterized by The Digital Control System makes it
brilliant, flicker-free images. The exact consumption and low heat dissipation
also reduce the cost of air conditioning easy to adjust and save picture size and
geometric arrangement of the pixels position settings. There is also an option
guarantees a distortion-free image and in working areas.
As a result of its small size, the weight for adjusting colors to suit the individual
excellent focus. users visual preferences and for
of the MCF 3811 TA and the
Thin Film Transistor technology printing.
construction materials could be reduced
guarantees good contrast. All the controls are sited at the front of
to about a third of that of a comparable
The MCF 3811 TA generates a perfect, the monitor, putting them in easy reach
CRT monitor.
sharp image right into the corners of the of the user. The self-explanatory OSD
screen on a flat surface. menu in 5 languages guides you
The user can therefore benefit from through the many setting options (OSD
ideal ergonomics at the workplace. = on screen display).
VGA compatibility
The MCF 3811 TA can be connected to
graphics processors with VGA-
compatible analog interfaces.
Technical Data Flat-Screen Monitor MCF 3811 TA

Screen diagonal 38 cm (visible) Electrical values

Rated voltage 100-240 V
Display technology LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Frequency 50-60 Hz
TFT (Thin Film Transistor)
Power draw
Graphics display (dependent on the graphics processor) Max. 36 W
Pixels (max. 75 Hz) 1024 x 768 Standby mode <4W
Pixels (max. 75 Hz) 800 x 600 Suspend mode <4W
Pixels (max. 75 Hz) 640 x 480 Off mode <4W
Number of colors that can be displayed Protection class 1
(dependent on the graphics processor) 16.7 million
Text display (dependent on the graphics processor) Ambient temperature 15C to 32C
Pixels (max. 75 Hz) 720 x 400 (to IEC 721)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 410 x 405 x 200 mm
Preset picture size Weight 6.2 kg
Horizontal 304 mm
Vertical 228 mm Compliance with standards
Product safety EN 60950
Pixel pitch 0.29 mm UL 1950
Frequencies CSA 22.2 No.950
Horizontal 30-61 kHz Ergonomics GS mark
Vertical 55-75 Hz ISO 9241-3, EN 29241-3
ISO 9241-8
Brightness min. 170 cd/m2 EN ISO 9241-8
Plug and Play VESA DDC1/2B Radiation immunity and RFI CE certification to
suppression EC Directive
Setting options 89/336/EEC
Brightness (EN 55022/B 04/87,
Contrast EN 50082-1 01/92);
Picture position (horizontal and vertical) MPR II
Picture size (horizontal and vertical) TCO95
Frame control (synchronization)
Color temperature and individual color setting Data cable (1.7 m) D-SUB (15-pin)
Activate factory settings Network adapter Network adapter
Menu language (5 languages) with 1.8m power cable for
Menu position connection to the PC output
Duration of menu display socket

Warranty 36 months
of which the first
12 months onsite

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