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Date Created: April 2017

Date Submitted: Spring 2017

Title of Artifact: Lesson Plan 4
New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers: Standard Four Content Knowledge

I am placing my artifact, Lesson Plan 4, under Standard Four Content Knowledge as evidence
of continued mastery towards development of connecting central concepts to provide students
with the proper skills they need to succeed. With this artifact, I prove my ability to create lessons
which pertain to the Common Core Standards and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content
Standards. This lesson has examples of differentiation and multiple tools of inquiry to assure that
each student understands and retains the information being taught.

New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers. (2014, August 4). Retrieved from
Lesson Plan 2

Victoria Elacqua

I. Title/Topic and Grade Level

Persuasive Writing Exercise / Language Arts / Writing, Grade 5
II. Lesson Essential Question:
How can you persuade someone to do something you want them to do?
III. Standard:
NJSLSA.W4. Produce clear and coherent writing in which the

development, organization, and style are appropriate to task,

purpose, and audience.

IV. Objectives and Assessments:

Learning Objectives: Assessments:

SWBAT develop and strengthen their writing TWBAT assess students acquired knowledge
skills (planning/revising) through the writing by evaluating students work throughout their
process. writing process.

V. Materials:
Media explaining persuasion/persuasive writing
VI. Pre-Lesson Assignments and/or Prior Knowledge:
Students will have prior experience writing short papers and establishing themselves

within their writing. They will also have previous knowledge of different persuasive

writing techniques.

VII. Lesson Beginning:

Start lesson by showing a video/clip of an advertisement to catch students attention.

Follow up the video by explaining and reviewing what persuasion is and going over

the different techniques to write persuasively.

VIII. Instructional Plan:
1. Gather materials and find video clip of advertisement to catch students attention
2. Explain to students the process of this persuasive writing activity
3. Show students the video clip
4. Follow up the clip with discussion of different persuasive writing techniques
5. Spark students ideas by prompting them to write three topics they would enjoy

writing about
6. Ask students to share with one another the topics they came up with
7. Prompt students to start their writing process by creating a web for their ideas
8. Walk around and help students begin their writing process
IX. Conclusion:
Once students have begun their persuasive writing pieces start creating time slots to

meet with students to help them with their process. Give students an efficient amount

of time to plan, evaluate, create and revise their writing pieces. Allow students to

discuss with each other what their writing about and give each other ideas. Ask

students to revise each others work and prompt them to have a

parent/guardian/sibling review their work once they feel they are finished.

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