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Todays educational system in the Philippines has been change from basic

10 year curriculum from new implemented K to 12 curriculum, this program is

adding 2 more years in Educational system of the Philippines that aiming the

globally competitiveness of the students. The Enhanced K to 12 Basic Education

has been officially started last June school year 2016, but because of immediate

preparation of implementing K to 12 curriculum the readiness are became an

issue, that this may cause a burden to Senior High Students that is mainly affected

of this changes, Even if there are schools that have enough facilities there are also

schools that is lacking or doesnt have materials in implementing it, especially in

rural areas in our country.

The K to 12 curriculum have an advantages and beneficial to the Filipino

people, especially to the young, and future generations of our nation. The system

aims to fully enhance and develop the students in order for them to be well-

prepared especially in emotional and cognitive aspects. Through this, graduates

will be able to face the pressures of their future workplace and they are

automatically recognized as professionals here or abroad. And by the help of

Modern technology and gadgets like computer, television, newspaper, radio, and

cell phone the students would be able to use this gadgets as they have an easy

access to information that they need, but there are also a disadvantages of

implementation of the K to 12 program, One of this are the increasing of dropouts

and the decreasing of undergraduate because of longer years of study the parents

have to shell out more money for transportation and food for their children

Education, but not all parents in our country doesnt have the ability to send their

children to two more years of Senior high School or to four years of College level.

Furthermore, the competition towards job finding are became hard and

complicated for the freshly high school graduates because business firms will

priorities the college level graduates or at least college undergrad.

So that the reaction of the public is divided, where some are in favor and

some are not, and several issues are point out to the aggression of opposing

groups especially the parents to this program. One of the main problems in the

Philippines which the government needs to resolve is the lack of school and

classrooms in the different parts of the country. It is important that students stay in

a place that is conducive for learning while they are away from home. In addition,

with teachers go abroad to teach, or do another job, there is already a shortage of

educators in schools that mold the minds of learners. And this deficiency has

become a problem for the country in the past several years. Finally, there is a need

for students to utilize the appropriate instructional materials and school equipment

for them to learn and gain the necessary knowledge in school. This lack of

accessibility in books and other school supplies clearly manifest the scarcity in the

public schools in the country.

There is nothing wrong in aiming the other fraction of a horizon, and that

is what the government attempts to accomplish. It is in fact an indication that to

aspire for something higher, one must carry out certain actions to achieve the

goal. However, the administration also ought to realize and clearly understand

what the educational system in the Philippines needs to develop primarily. The

mentioned issues above are only a few elements that entailed to be resolved. At

some point, the Philippines cannot go ahead unless the concerns are faced and the

difficulties are completely solved. There are a lot to be done to improve the

competency of the youth. The government does not need to gaze from afar.

In the outset of the K to 12 implementation many students, particularly,

Grade 11 dont have yet full idea on what will happen to them after graduating

high school level. The only sources of their information are on television,

newspaper, radio or social media post but there are nobody who discuss or give a

full understanding of the implementation of K to 12 curriculum. What they only

know is they need to undergo the educational changes to be able to enter into

college level and having a vocational certificate after finishing Senior high school,

but they didnt know that K to 12 have a good opportunities to their lives.

Because of those timely and alarming matters, the researchers aim to

determine the problems encountered by Senior High School in implementation of

K to 12 Curriculum at Bestlink College of the Philippines


This study aims to determine the PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED BY



2016 - 2017.

Specifically, it sought to answer the following question:

1. How may the respondents be described in terms of:

1.1 Age;
1.2 Gender; and
1.3 Track and Strands
2. What are the students perceptions about the implementation of K-12

Curriculum according to:

2.1 Goals and objectives
2.2 Instructional and strategies;
2.3 School facilities?
3. What are the problems encountered by the students and how are these

4. How do these problems affect the academic performance of the Senior

High School students?

5. How may the findings and recommendation of this study be utilized in

improving the implementation of this curriculum?


The researcher of this study assumed the following:

1. The gathered data are valid and reliable.

2. The respondents may be described as to age, gender, Track and Strands.
3. There are different students perceptions about the implementation of K-12

4. There are Problems Encountered by Senior High Students regarding full

Implementation of K to 12 Curriculum.
5. These problems have a large effect in the academic performance of the

Senior High School students.


6. There are ways which can be utilized to improve the implementation of K-

12 Curriculum in BCP.


This study focuses itself to the Problems Encountered by Senior High

School Students in the Implementation of the K to 12 curriculum at Bestlink

College of the Philippines. Specifically, the respondents of this study are selected

grade 11 students of Senior High School Department of Bestlink College of the


Purposive method will be used in data gathering of this study and survey

questioner was based on K -12 Curriculum Manual of the Department of

Education (DepEd). The data are rephrased in order to fit to the present study.

This study was delimited only to 50 students of the total number of

enrolees of Senior High School Department of Bestlink College of the Philippines

due to economical reason and time constraint.



This study could be significant and beneficial specifically to the following:

Learners: The findings of this research would be able to inspire,

enlighten, and help them to be aware of the problems encountered in

implementation of K to 12 Curriculum at BCP and would be a great contribution

to the knowledge in relation of students achievements.

Teacher: This research will benefit the teacher from the school, for them

to be aware of the problems in new K to 12 curriculum and as an implementer of

it inside the classroom.

Parents: the result of this study will provide some insights and

understanding on how is the K to 12 Curriculum implemented.

School Administrators: This study could motivate and challenge school

authorities to improve the implementation of K to 12 curriculum.


Future Researcher: study will serve as they reference for the basis and

improvement of their study.


The purpose and clarification, the important terms used in this study have

been defined. The following terms are:

Cognitive- is referring to knowledge or understanding of relating to cognition

Endeavour- refers to the respondents of the study their attempts in achieve


Horizon- refers to the limit of what is possible in a particular field.

Implementation- means to the process of putting the K to 12 curriculum at

Bestlink College of the Philippines.

K to 12 Program/Curriculum- this refers to the new implemented curriculum

which is adding two more year in Educational System of the Philippines.

Purposive method- is a method that researcher relies on the judgment when

choosing members of population to participate in the study.


Senior High School Students (SHS) - refers to grade 11Student who currently

enrolled at Bestlink College of the Philippines

Academic Track and Strands -are referring to the college plans and availability

of what is the student want or choice in pursuing to the college level.

Vocational certificate- thesis referring to the certificate that the student obtain

after finishing Senior High School which accredited by TESDA

Voucher refers to the grants of senior high students subsidy on tuition and

other school fees from the government.