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Daily 10 Minutes-Training

Check-In and Check-Out in Englisch

Checking of the command of English during check-in and check-out by the front office
Repetition of different check-in and check-out phrases respectively you should train
different problem statements in English (The head of the department should always think
about new problems to be dealt with)
Check-In in Englisch
Welcome to our hotel, Mr. Smith!
Please be so kind and fill in the registration form -you just need to fill in your first and last
name and your exact address!
Did you have a good trip?
Thank you very much for filling in the form. We have reserved this room for you. Please take
the elevator just behind you to the lower level, then turn right twice, and then go straight
ahead until you reach the connecting door. This way you reach our new centre. Is everything
clear so far or do you want me to come with you and show you to your room? You have a room
in our modern part of the hotel with view to the River and the terrace.
This is your room (do not indicate the number!). Please take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Go
up the stairs to the last floor. That is how you reach the 4th floor. Shall I / somebody help you
with your luggage?
May I ask you, whether you arrived by car? Where do you park your car at the moment? In front
of the house? I am sorry, but parking is prohibited in front of the hotel area. But for off-loading
your luggage you can, of course, stay there. Afterwards please take the car to our parking
garage that is part of the hotel in the yellow building right over there right behind this house,
please turn right and there it is. Then press the button, take the parking ticket and we will
charge you our special price of 3, -- per day. We charge it to your room and you will get a
ticket for leaving the garage that way you do not have to pay downstairs.
Check-Out in Englisch
Would you like to check out? What are your name and your room number, please?
Mr. Smith, you stayed with us one night. That sums up to ____. This is a special price for the
company _________! In addition you had one meal at the restaurant and ___ for the parking
fee, thats all! Do you need any special company address on your bill or shall issue it on your
private address?
Did you have anything from the minibar?
Altogether, your bill sums up to ___. How do you want to pay/settle your account, by credit
card or cash?
Thank you!
Did you enjoy your stay in our hotel? Was everything to your satisfaction during your stay in our
hotel? Was it the first time you stayed in our hotel / in Austria?
This is your receipt/bill. Here is the one night, then your meal at the restaurant (including VAT
10% respectively 20%) and the parking fee. Do you need an envelope? May I staple your credit
card receipt onto your bill, or would you like it separately?
Have a save trip home! We are looking forward to welcoming you again in our hotel.
Good Bye! Have a nice day.

The process of complaints (understanding complaints as opportunities)
In case of a complaint 3 steps have to be kept in mind:
Let the guest finish his speech listen to him he wants to be taken seriously. If the guest
is very disappointed and angry, you have to wait until the guest has calmed down before
you answer or after a fairly long time try to calm the guest down (if you want to avoid more
embarrassment due to the proximity of other guests).
You will succeed in calming him down, if you speak to him with (about) the same increased
volume and gradually you let the voice fall and become quieter. (reflect lead)
Once the guest has calmed down, show understanding for his situation and make him
understand that he is important and taken seriously.

If the guest is wrongly angry about something, you nevertheless excuse yourself for the
troubles that have arisen, explain to the guest in a calm and sensitive way, without accusing
him, that the complaint is/was unjustified for whatsoever reason. The guest should always have
the feeling, that he is understood and that you do not want to make a fool of the guest.

If the guest has complained rightly, excuse yourself immediately and inform him that you will
take care of an adequate compensation, as a compensation for the damages that have arisen.
The aim is to win this guest back as a confident guest. In such cases inform the head of the
department and define the compensation with him/her.

Offer compensation e.g. chocolate-give-aways or an invitation for a cocktail/coffee at the

hotel bar. It depends on how serious the complaint is. The compensation should be as big as
the damage. You can also go for a price reduction on the room rate in the worst case, if
the complaint cant be fixed and it is justified, the guest should get a voucher for one night
or a voucher for a romantic candle light dinner (in this case you have to confer with the
management first)
Dont forget there are also these kinds of guests, who complain without any reason, with the
sole goal to get a price reduction such complaints must absolutely be distinguished from
justified ones.
Room information in the hotel (train over and over)
Number of rooms?
Number of beds?
Details of the room or any specialties?
Number of suites?
How many different categories are available?
How many Twin-bed-rooms are in the hotel?
How many Standard-rooms are in the hotel?
Explanation of the keycardsafe (no 24 hrs reception service available)
If the guest arrives after 11 pm, offer him to deposit his keycard in the safe, give him his
reservation code, prepare the guest registration form and the keycard and of course a
welcome-letter together with the guest registration form.
Set a trace for the day of arrival; inform the night auditor that he has to deposit the keycard in
the safe (see operating instructions).

Trace = reminder for the next day or for a specific date
Traces are printed together with the daily report but on an extra sheet.
The Traces should be taken care of on the same day. Whatever is finished is marked with a
specific code.
The executed Trace-sheet is filed in the folder movements in the cupboard behind the
copying machine. (The lists of the minibar are there, too).
How is a trace set? Follow the _________ programs explanation:

Insert messages/information for the guest during check-in

Messages should also be put in directly in the reservation these often concern the guest
The most common example for messages is e.g. which package-elements are included in the
package. The information appears at the Check-In automatically, thus the receptionist knows,
what the the guests package does include.
You can of course transfer via this information tool call back requests or any other information
to the guest.
How to set a message? Follow the _________ programs explanation:
Explanation of invoice instructions (Fidelio)
There are two ways of invoice instructions:
The guest needs another address on his bill than his private address. E.g. Mr. Huber Max
lives on Gardenstreet in Vienna, but he doesnt want to have this address on his bill. He
prefers the address of his company, e.g. company Mustermann in XY.

So an invoice instruction is set:

Option-Rechnungsinstruktionen new choose a class of goods (mostly Logis) choose the

company at name finish
Explanation: In the field Rechnungsinstruktionen there is a field name: here both, the
name of the guest and the name of the company are indicated, that is also mentioned in
the field company.
In the field Anderer Name: any other company may be indicated.

Common with seminar groups collective billing

All consumptions of the rooms are transferred to one collective billing. At this collective
billing (= PM account) all individual room bills of the group are summed up.
Option Rechnungsintruktionen new class of goods Logis delete confirmation other
room insert the PM number finish

Contents of the voucher folder
Folder of the hotel with a pricelist
Tipps for presents
Latest Package-Flyer
Contents of the folder in the room
A large folder of the hotel with a pricelist
Pricelist for massages
latest Package-Flyer
Folder of the city X/Y
Instruction for the use of the internet
One set of stationary
Keys hand-over to employees
The master key may be given to the employees in case of emergencies only. (signature with
date and time)
There is a special form keys hand-over (=form for keys hand-over in case of emergencies). The
name of the employee and a code is filled in, when the key is returned. This guarantees that
no key will be lost.
Bike rental - description
From spring until autumn guests can rent bicycles (if available) free of charge.
If there are no more bikes available, guests may rent them at the tourist office.
In case of emergency the guests may rent bicycles at the shop XXX.
Our bicycles are either in the external storage area or locked to the bicycle stand.
The keys for the bicycle are in our key box to lock the bicycles at the bicycle stand. Also
external guests can lock their bicycles there, but they have to deposit 10 Euros for the lock/
the key.
If guests want to shelter their own bicycles please deposit them in the external storage area.
Treating of seminar instructors
When the name list of the seminar participants is entered in the computer, on the index card
of the instructor the mailing code Trainer is set.
Afterwards in the instructors reservation a trace is set to make
sure that a Trainer welcoming card with some sweets are
placed in the room.

Dear Mrs./ Mr.! It is a pleasure for us to welcome you as an

instructor to our hotel Mustermann! The entire team wishes you a
good start and much energy for the following seminar days!

At the instructors reservation a message is set, that the instructor will deposit the key for his
car at the reception. (Message appears at the Check-In)

The instructor can park his car in front of the hotel which he is told right at the Check-In. Ask
the instructor to deposit the key for his car at the reception, to make sure that the car can be
re-parked if necessary.
As a surprise his car is washed, which has to be done by the technician and made sure by the
Afterwards a card is placed in the car:
Dear Mr. ! Have a nice trip with clear sight

The weather forecast of the day of departure is also written on the


Moderators case
The instructor gets a moderators case from the reception
The reception has to make sure the case is completely stuffed before and after the
The material for the moderators case is in the computers/storage room.
If material is missing refill; if for example a hole puncher is missing the company has to
pay for it.
The instructor signs a form that he has received the completed case. This form is added to
the Function sheet.
Key for the seminar room
If the instructor wants to have a key for the seminar room, he gets one. He has to sign the
key transfer form. The key number is XX.
The signed form is added to the Function sheet, too.
At the reservation there has to be set a check-out message that we the key must be asked
for when leaving.
Emergency list for possible technical problems (examples)
Water of the shower is too cold
Turn the faucet to the right > water is cold; Turn the faucet halfway to the left (counter-
clockwise) > water gets a bit warmer; turn the faucet by pushing the button completely to the
left > water gets hot!

If this doesnt help respectively the water doesnt get hot after a few minutes call a technician!
entry into the form technical problems and stick to the procedure.
Room is too cold

Ask the guest to turn the adjustment wheel at the room thermostat completely to +. If he has
already done this, go downstairs to the computer room and click at the main-house-computer
(on the left side) on room NT. Choose the corresponding room (attention: the numbers above
the pushbutton are the correct ones). Double click on SW (Sollwert - reference value), select
the Befehlsgabe and raise the number.
Attention: a temperature over 23C cant be reached in the room, but can reduce the heating-
up period. (for example 25C). If this doesnt bring the desired effect (after 1 hour), bring the
guest a patio heater and call a technician.
Patio heaters are available at the reception they have a serial number therefore we have a
special patio heater list. It has to be filled in to make sure the maids bring the patio heater
back to the reception (the list is in our cash register drawer!). Put a trace for the date of
departure to make sure to ask for the heater upon departure.
Bathroom is too cold
The bathrooms can only reach the same temperature as the rooms, as there is no individual
heater in the bathroom. Therefore the room temperature has to be raised as explained above or
a patio heater has to be brought to the guest.
Room is too hot / ventilation is too noisy (Using of the air condition)
To start with: only a few number of rooms (see explanation of the rooms) have an air condition,
to cool the room in summer. These rooms have an additional button and 4 extra lamps on the
room thermostat.

The first lamp is marked with AUTO. If it is on, the ventilation will turn on automatically (it
turns off during the night and regulates the temperature and the ventilation according to the
value that is set at the temperature dial. If it is turned to - the air condition works and cools
the room.
The second lamp has a fan symbol. One fan blade is black. In this case the ventilation works at
full power and doesnt switch off during the night.
The third lamp has a fan symbol, too. Tow fan blades are black. In this case the ventilation runs
at half power (more quietly) and does neither turn off during the night.
The fourth lamp has a fan symbol as well. Three fan blades are black. In this case the
ventilation is turned off. The air condition is turned off, too.
By pushing the button you can choose between these 4 possibilities.
The seminar room is too cold/ too hot
In the seminar room the same procedure as in the rooms (room thermostat) is applied.
In the seminar rooms the temperature may be adjusted as follows:

Go to the computer room and click at the main house computer on ventilation > Event.
Afterwards double click on SW, choose a command and raise the value. This value is applied in
the whole room.
If only one seminar room should be heated, click on ventilation > room and at the respective
seminar room on the Sollwert (reference value) to change the value. Attention: You may only
heat the room and not cool it down! i.e. the event ventilation must be set at the lowest
possible temperature value.
Where is the socket for the internet cable?
Usually the Internet-socket is in the surrounding of the desk. Sometimes they are designed as
double connections, but only the connection with the indication e (e.g. E104) can be used.
The other one is for the telephone. In some rooms the connection for the internet is hidden
behind the TV-set.
Logging in to company networks
Example: Mr. Muster works at the company Meier and has an e-mail domain at his workplace.
He wants to check his e-mails, but it doesnt work! The reason is the firewall, which rejects all
connections (e.g. VPN) into other company networks (security of data). The only possibility is a
connection through the telephone line. Therefore the guest needs a provider, a digital modem
and a corresponding cable to be put into the telephone socket. (The cable is available at the
reception). Please let the guest know that he has to dial 0 before the regular number to get
an outside line!
The TV remote control doesnt work
The batteries are either empty or the guest tried to switch it on with
the stand-by-button. To switch it on one has to choose a program
(e.g. press the button 1). If there is a technical breakdown inform
the house technician fill in the respective form, offer an alternative
TV-set or a room change.

The loudspeaker in the bathroom (sound of the TV-set) is too loud

Detach the little connector behind the TV-set. Then it is switched off. It is not possible to
reduce or increase the sound.
Power breakdown in the room
If the card is inserted and the electricity still doesnt work, look for the distributor box of the

room: It is a small white box in the vicinity of the room (its always 1 box for 2 rooms).
Sometimes it is also hidden behind the curtains, but always in the corridor. Have a look if the
LS- or FI- switch jumped and switch it on again.
Power breakdown at other places
Check the next main distributor whether the LS- or FI- switch jumped.
Power breakdown in the whole hotel
Check through the window if the buildings nearby are out of electricity, too. If this is the case
call the EVN (see telephone number in the list of suppliers). If only in the hotel the electricity
does not work, check the low voltage room, whether the main switch jumped and try to switch
it on again. If the switch didnt jump, call the EVN, too.
Fire safety regulation behavior in case of fire
Behavior in case of fire guest information
supporting of the staff
Communication with the guests announcement
through the loudspeaker, telephone information,
emergency numbers, false alarm
Emergency exits floor plans use of fire
extinguishers evacuation plan
preventive measures

Security for the guest

Security in the elevator
Deposit of valuables (room safe safe at the reception procedure of taking over and
returning of valuables signature)
Handling of the hotel access system
Lost and Found
Display of the Lost and Found-Process
Documentation Lost and Found form entry in the computer-system
Forwarding assumption of costs by the guest - the hotel
Returning of found valuables
Storing disposal

Cleanliness - hygiene and uniform
Uniform rules - dos and donts
personal appearance
personal hygiene

Customer orientation at the reception

Friendliness and cordiality
Eye for the detail how to surprise our guests in a positive
Always think a step ahead
Be a host Slogan from Ritz-Carlton: We are ladies and
gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen
Always find a solution, guests do not even recognize difficult
Cordiality, friendliness, good manners in communication with the internal and external
guest (colleague), the working climate influences the satisfaction of the guest.
Enjoying the contact with people
Greeting, address the client with his name, eye contact during the entire customer contact
Helpfulness, service provider, discretion
Book of complaints
Analysis of the complaints listed
Discussion within the team which information should be transferred to other department
respectively to the management
Optionally: creation of a idea form idea for an improvement in order to avoid the situation
in the future
Mystery Checklists
Include the contents of the daily 10 minutes training Emphasis training of the essential tests.
Eye for detail or We like details.
Guideline for the contact with the guest
Call the guest by his name
If you dont know the name of the guest from the beginning, you should find it out and use it
during the further conversation whenever addressing the guest. Take also care to address the
guest with the right title, if he/she has one.
Direct eye-contact
This stands for competence. And the guest feels welcome.
Adequate articulation
No common speech! The conversation should be in standard German.

Clear and understandable articulation
The guest should understand the conversation acustically as well as with regards to the
Dont speak too quiet or too fast or mumblingly!
Dont give too much information!
Dont overburden the guest with unknown language or shortcuts!
Smile! This calls for a pleasant ambience and sympathy on both sides.
It should look like this! Thats the wrong way!

Show respect to the guest.
Escort the guest to places in the hotel if the description of the way is too complicated.
Straight posture
This shows self-confidence and competence.
The guest shouldnt repeat himself.
Take notes!

A put-on-behavior stands for dishonesty.
Always act in the same way as you want to be treated.
Be aware of the different customer needs. A Business guest with a busy schedule has other
demands than a couple during their honey moon.
Positive statements
Negative statements stand for incompetence and denial.
Make sure that you know all important facts and and that you have all the information to satisfy
the wishes of the guests.
In special cases you should react in an individual way according to the necessities of the
situation and not in the standard way of acting.

Guidelines for the wake up call

Wake up list
Note the room number under the designated time
Amend the non listed time in the list (if applicable). Mark it with a highlighter
Prepare the checklist for the early morning shift
Programming guidelines for the wakeup call
Put the date in the telephone
The early morning shift gets a reminder by phone at the set time.
Shortcut *46
Put in the time
Comfirm it twice with the check
Change or cancel the date
Shortcut *46
Choose the option change or cancel with the arrow key
Confirm it once with the check
Guidelines for executing the wakeup call
Personal accomplishment
Good morning Mr./Mrs. Its a.m.. This is your wake up call. Have a nice day.
English guests
Good morning Mr / Mrs . It is a.m. . . . This is your wake up call. We wish you a nice day.
Each wake up call is executed
Which means that if the guests doesnt answer the wake up call, try it again after one or two
minutes or send a colleague up to the room.
Wake up calls should be accomplished in due time and correctly. Otherwise the hotel can be
hold liable for a missed date!
General remarks for the dresscode
Guidelines concerning the clothing
Perfectly fitting
Guidelines for accessoires
Discreet jewels
Descreet hair decoration
No visible pircings
No visible tattoes

Instructions fo
or tying a tiie (The Fou
ur-in-hand or simple tieknot)

Put the tie around
P a the neeck.
T broad en
The nd is on the left side.
T broad en
The nd has to be longer than n the small one.
P the broa
Put ad end to thee right side over
o the smaall end.
Pass the broa
ad end aroun
nd the smalll one, make sure it still is on the leftt side.
Put the broa
P ad end over the
t small onee to the righ
ht side again.
Afterwards p
pass it around under the half knot.
Tear the bro
oad end betw
ween the outter layer and
d the layer below it.
Hold the sma all end.
Tighten the knot.
Before finallly tightening, make a dent in the brooad end shorrtly below th
he not.
Button up th
he collar of the
t shirt.
Both ends shhould have th he same leng
gth or the brroad end sho
ould be a bit longer than the
small one.
T tie end should
The s touch
h the belt-bu
uckle if possiible.
Instructions fo
or tying a sc
Lay out the scarf.
Bend the twwo opposite ends
e in the middle.
Repeat it as long as you reach the deesired width

Put the scarf around you
ur neck.
Put both end
ds on top of each other and knot it as shown.