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Class profile: 15 year-olds, A2B1

Teaching unit : Module 9: Detectives; Bosnian Culture Bank: Drekavac - mysterious and fearful

Type of lesson : Skills Work

Sources: Challenges 4 Students' Book; Teacher's Handbook

Aims and objectives : Read about a mythical creature from BiH; tell a story; write a story about a mythical creature

Teaching methods : conversation, presentation, reading comprehension, writing, speaking

Class management : whole class, individual work, pair work

Teaching aids, materials
and equipment : students book, board, chalk

Aims and Class organization procedures and activities Interaction Teaching Possible problems
objectives aids and and solutions

Homework check.
Introduce the T-SS
topic, elicit ideas Warm-up: SB
and vocabulary, Exercise 1: Ask Ss to look at the picture and describe it. Refer Ss to the Key Words. Help with any S-S 10
arouse interest difficult vocabulary. T-SS min

Provide key Exercise 2: Read through the sentences with the Ss before they start reading the text. Ss then read the T-SS
Main part

vocabulary and text and decide whether the statements are true or false. Check with the whole class.
target language
in context

Present target Exercise 3: Read through the phrases with the Ss. T-SS
Practice target Exercise 4: Ask Ss to complete the sentences. Make it clear that sometimes more than one verb is T-SS
language possible. When checking the answers accept any reasonable combinations. board 30

Present target Exercise 5: Ss work in pairs completing the sentences. Prevent long discussions, and ask Ss to agree T-SS
language rather quickly. Ss then compare tzheir ideas with other pairs. Now encourage a class discussion. S-S
Encourage Ss to give reasons for their suggestions. Be ready to prevent any fiery arguments.

Ending the lesson:

Writing: Read through the advice with the class. Encourage Ss to follow it when trying to write the T-SS SB 5 min
article. Encourage Ss to start brainstorming ideas in pairs or small groups. S-S WB
Use target
language Homework: Write the article.