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Bill Requiring Women to Register
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First 100 Days: Trump Team
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Page 2 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, April 27, 2017
The Editor’s Editorial
Views expressed in The EMERALD STAR NEWS do not necessarily reflect those of the
“The Wolfe’s Den” publisher. The staff of The EMERALD STAR NEWS pride ourselves in our efforts to
Hello everybody! I am beyond words to express my ensure accuracy of the publication contents. However, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of
all the Information nor the absence of errors and omissions (especially when sent through a third
gratitude from all the phone calls and E-mails I have party); therefore, no responsibility can or will be assumed. 2500 copies printed bi-weekly.
received in a month. (1,132 total). I know I have laid
myself out in some articles I have written here in the This newspaper is your voice to the county and all city or state employees, or
Wolfe’s den. It encourages me to know how many people I get to meet and talk to from whomever it may concern. Have something to say? Good or bad? Let’s hear
my honest, bold opinion’s, I have written here in the past. it!! Don’t hesitate to make suggestions or send in your comments to us anytime
It has been both and honor and a blessing I have, by writing my own Editorial. on any subject. Did you ever want to be a writer? Have an investigative mind?
An Editorial is meant to be thought provoking. Several of my own life stories and experi- Here’s your chance to be recognized. Or you can help anonymously, like most.
ences have been posted. Not with any regret. I have been hard on organizations that seem Send any and all inquiries to the address listed below. Like the beaches?
to do “just what they feel”, instead of upholding the job, for which they were hired to en-
force. I want each of you as readers to feel more connected to your community and find We have made several contacts in S. Walton now offering our
out all you need to know. Not all news will be good news, however to tell the facts and FREEPORT NEWSPAPER, The Emerald Star News ,out there
have the people vote or decide which is best for us all. Not just those on a board making
votes and decisions that are passed without scrutiny. Color online: theemeraldstarnews.blogspot.com
If there is a story worth sharing, share it! Placing a Letter to this newspaper gets results.
Many fans and enemies, of our Freeport Newspaper read it each time a new one comes out. Mail invoices and other information to:
We have seen many years go by so fast that we forgot that we have already tried this or
that, to get you more Advertisers, to increase pages. We have our moments, but for now
we are locating these “Free to the Public”, where folks have time to read as they drive
P.O. Box 1133
down hwy 331. BEFORE they reach HWY. 20. Don’t you small business folks see a lack
of signs for the tourists to have a clue what lies down near Freeport? We have 3 Food Freeport, Florida 32439
joints=1 Ad. We have 4 Hair Dressers=no Ad. (Just to name a few). Those other no-name
businesses? Trust me, if our prices are too high for you to afford for more customer base
viewing? I doubt your business will last long as is. It takes money to make money. Go Quote of
ahead call any other Newspaper in this county and see what they charge you, then call me! the week :
Do you feel with the stringent limitations of signs or banners showing tourists where you Frank Wolfe Jr.
are. Open or NOT? It doesn’t appear to me that the City itself is NOT helping with the The KISS of the
need for signs along Hwy. 20 coming into ‘downtown’ Freeport. Not even signage along
hwy. 331 as you get closer to hwy. 20 intersection? Are those businesses truly expected to
SUN for
(850) 585-0262
pay the high-end cost of a location on Hwy. 331 itself? With those limitations placed to Check us out on FACEBOOK!
The Song of the
hinder noticeable signage, you are forcing land Clearing and plumbers, etc. to try and hide
from the county codes for working Commercial in residential areas. We all know what Birds for Mirth.
One is nearer
E-mail info. to:
problems come with that. Your home environment is sabotaged by traffic and noise. Emerald_star_news@hotmail.com
We have had a few businesses already down grade for the expenses of over-head are God’s heart in a
jumping unrealistic for anyone to live, work and play here, along Hwy. 331. 80% of folks Garden
still do work on the South side of the Bay. Driving far distances, with dangers of traffic Than anywhere Main Office/Sales - 850-585-0262
and tourist not knowing where they want to go. Hwy. 30A is becoming a nightmare to Contributing Editor - Ret. Col. Mark Barren
else on Earth.
drive to maintain a business of building and construction. The amount of bicycle riders are Resource Director– Bethany Phillips
staggering. People ride them in all directions, many with young children on training Web Designer – Lee Cox
Singing Tower
wheels, just rolling in front of cars. Raises most folks blood pressure! Health Post– Dr. George Roll PPA
Lake Wales, Fl
If anyone attends Destinty Worship Center, we would love to speak with someone about
placing a long term Ad to promote Freeport Location, plus the kids events around town. Special “Thanks” to our advertisers, show support.
The City Park hasn’t elected to place an Ad showing the events for kids at the Recreation The great
Sports Complex. (I’ve made numerous attempts). Needing players or taking sign-ups? successful men
How will they know? of the world
You all see me often enough on Wednesday’s, to know I am one of the “main-stay” have used their
businesses for this City of Freeport. My business is solely designed to help other busi- imagination?
nesses get noticed for a fairly low rate. (The lowest in all of the County). We take all types They think
of Ad’s and have special pricing for Churches and kid organizations. All proceeds go to ahead and create
cover the cost of print. Everything else involved with this, comes from my own dedication their mental
to continuing to be of service to anyone who needs help. Help me =Help you! picture in all its
After my recent ‘ordeal’ with medications and my health situation. I have decided to
details, filling
include a few passages of the Bible in each Edition. Some for inspiration, the needy, the
lonely, the folks struggling with Addictions. Reach out to help make the people feel better.
In here, adding
The world as it struggles to find peace in War, we cannot control it. Let God guide Mr. a little there,
Trump in handling the terrorist, the dictators, and evil, that Obama made deals with before. altering this a
It is time to right the wrong! bit and that a
Let the Men in place do the job. It is only been 100 days of office and notice the massive bit, but steadily
difference in World leadership, our President Trump has shown to the World! building -
I want to Thank each of you for reading this exclusive Newspaper in Walton County. It steadily
has been 9yrs thus far, with no signs of us slowing down in the progress of changes. building."
Have a blessed day. Spend quality time teaching your children what life is to be like. Robert Collier
Teach them to take pride in themselves for they too can become someone of importance
for our World. Dream big, be realistic. Setting the bar too far out of reach is only delaying
a heartbroken reality. Note the area we live, shop and eat. Think of a business plan that
Talk with Jesus,
would be beneficial to many of us here. Check your resources at school and at the Library. he always
Parents, step in, get involved with sports, get them to Advertise so we can share the good listens to you!
news of accomplishments, not Mugshots.
We ask God to Bless each of you who read this, and Pray for you a healthy way of Life!
Thursday, April 27, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 3
*NEW LOCATION* ...Hwy 20
Second-Highest Earner, to In an effort to rid the county of surplus items and free Marx Coastal Optical
Retire After 2017 Season up space in county facilities, Walton County will be
hosting a fixed price yard sale on Saturday, May 13 th,
from 7am to 10am at the County Landfill located north (across from Frank’s Cash & Carry)
of DeFuniak Springs off Highway 83 North. Now accepting Major Medical Insurance
The fixed price sale may include furniture, computers,
monitors, collectibles, antiques, beach equipment,
sporting goods, tools and construction items and much
more. This sale does not include vehicles.
Items that will be sold at the yard sale include items
that the county has surplus that are no longer used or
needed by the County, as well as items that are col-
lected through the County’s recycling program at the Same Day Service-in most cases
landfill. Eye Exams and excellent customer service!!
Earnhardt, 42, made his debut in NASCAR’s top se-
ries in 1999. He is a two-time winner of the Daytona The landfill gates will open at 6:30am to facilitate
parking, however entrance to the sale will not be
271 Hwy. 20 Suite C
500, and he has qualified for the NASCAR playoffs
allowed until 7am.
eight times. Earnhardt’s 600th career start came
March 26, soon after he began his 18th full-time sea- The following rules will be in place for this event: Office# 850-880-6778
The County will not be holding a pre-sale viewing.
son. OPEN: Mon– Fri 9-5...Wed 8-5
The North Carolina-born driver missed most of the Items must be paid for with Cash or local check.
2016 season after suffering a concussion from a crash All items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
in June. All items are priced as marked and will not be
Even though he was sidelined for 18 races, Earnhardt negotiated.
was the second-highest earner in NASCAR last year, All items are purchased as is and contain no County
according to the latest data from Forbes. Earnhardt’s liability or warranty.
earnings totaled $21.1 million, while 2016 champion
Jimmie Johnson earned $21.8 million from salary, All purchased items must be removed from the
endorsements, bonuses, prize money and licensing. grounds following purchase. (Assistance with loading
Forbes ranked Earnhardt as the highest-paid driver will be provided)
from 2008 through 2015. All sales will be final.
Earnhardt, who drives the No. 88 Chevrolet, has spon- All items must be paid for at time of sale and cannot
sorship deals with Chevy, Nationwide and VF Corp.’s be held.
(VFC) Wrangler, among other brands. He led all other Stockpiling of merchandise will not be permitted.
drivers in merchandise sales through the first half of
2016, according to rankings provided by NASCAR. In addition to the County’s ongoing public auction
Earnhardt also owns a racing team, JR Motorsports, program, these fixed price sales give the County an
which competes in the second-tier XFINITY Series. additional to opportunity to offer their surplus items to
arnhardt is scheduled to discuss his retirement during the public for purchase.
an afternoon press conference. His last race will be If you should have any questions, please contact the
Nov. 19 at Homestead-Miami Speedway, NASCAR’s County’s Public Information Department at
season finale. 850-892-8155.
Earnhardt’s departure will leave some large shoes for Pray to God for he is listening to your needs!
NASCAR to fill. The fan favorite has been voted as
the sport’s most popular driver for 14 years in a row, a
record run.
NASCAR has said its goodbyes to several veteran
drivers over the last two years. Jeff Gordon, who filled
in for Earnhardt during his absence last season, retired
from full-time racing in 2015. Tony Stewart left the
track a year later, and Carl Edwards surprised fans
when he announced his retirement shortly before the
start of the 2017 season.
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Page 4 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, April 27, 2017

Health Post Business Ads as
We will make space for you to
Advertise with us! Call Frank today.
585-0262...thanks for reading this!
George Roll P.A.-C low as $25,
Seagrove Medical Clinic call today, don’t
Call # 850-231-6200
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the word out!!
Send health questions or
comments to: P.O.Box 1133
Freeport, Florida 32439 850-585-0262
Can Science Outsmart Aging? DeFuniak Springs, Fla— Walton County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Michael
Blizzard has been charged with misdemeanor battery following an incident with
Will you dance at your great-grandchild’s wedding? an inmate over the weekend at the Walton County Jail.
Most of us won’t be healthy enough to cut a rug into our 90s. But some
people are not only dancing, but cooking, driving, and volunteering at An inmate was being escorted from the
an age when they’re supposed to be feeble, addled by dementia, or both. medical unit to housing by detention
Researchers, with an eye to an ever-aging population, are trying to deputies at approxi-
figure out why. mately 3:00pm Sunday afternoon when
Scientists are studying “super agers” -- 90-somethings who are living he threw his personal belongings bag
without significant physical or memory problems -- to zero in on the into the open office of Lieutenant
kinds of healthy habits that may keep us all living longer and better. Blizzard. Deputies pinned the inmate
With life expectancy on the rise -- the 85-plus population in the U.S. is up against the wall to move his
expected to triple to 14.6 million by 2040 -- researchers want to figure handcuffs from the front of his body to
out how we can increase our health span, or the amount of time we’ll the back. At that time, Blizzard pulled
live in good health. the inmate into his office and struck
“The number of people living after age 90 is going to be huge. We need him several times with a closed fist in
to know very fast how we can help these people to live very healthy,” the back of the head and kneed him in
Some people win the genetic lottery and will naturally live better longer. the abdomen. After the initial blows the deputies removed the victim from
But experts say our genes only account for about 20%-30% of our lon- Blizzard’s office when he made a remark towards Blizzard. Blizzard then pulled
gevity. That means we can affect the majority of our aging -- about 70% the inmate back into his office a second time and put his hands around his throat.
-80% -- through lifestyle. So exactly which habits matter the most? The inmate was then brought to booking and put into a cell.
While there’s no blueprint, studies can offer some clues. It’s no surprise Deputies who witnessed the incident came forward to command staff with their
that eating healthy and exercise are likely to have a role in how well we concerns and a criminal investigation was immediately launched. After
age. But they are far from the only things involved, and they may not interviews by investigators with the Criminal Investigations Bureau Blizzard was
even be the most important ones. Here’s what they had in common: subsequently charged with misdemeanor battery. “The action of the inmate did
A plant-based diet -- beans, whole grains, veggies / Opportunities for not warrant use of force in this case,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “Although
natural movement, like walking, herding, and gardening / Having a there were no visible injuries to the inmate, we have zero tolerance for this kind of
sense of purpose / Belonging to a faith-based community / Taking a behavior and as such he has been terminated. We commend the deputies who
daily nap or finding some other way to “downshift” daily / Not over- came forward to report it. It was a very difficult situation they were put in.”
eating and not eating after sunset. About 40 communities worldwide
have since adopted its principles, transforming public spaces -- parks, Blizzard was arrested and booked into the Walton County Jail this afternoon and
schools, grocery stores, and restaurants -- to encourage healthy eating issued his termination notice. Walton County Sheriff’s Office does not typically
and more social interaction. Some are creating new bike and walking disseminate press releases regarding misdemeanor offenses. However, given the
paths . Schools may prohibit students from eating anywhere but in the fact Blizzard was in the performance of his duties when this crime occurred we
have decided to release this information as the arresting agency, including a mug
cafeteria. And no-smoking policies are making it harder to light up.
shot, to remain transparent to the citizens we serve.

“Blizzard’s actions do not reflect the dedicated men and women of our organiza-
tion and I want to be clear we will not tolerate any abuse of the public’s trust,”
said Sheriff Adkinson.

Editor: We had numerous E-mails and calls about the conditions
for this offense. Such as does he now register for Anger Management
Classes? How much time was served for abuse to an Inmate? Does he
Advertising here, helps people know where you are! Do you just ASSUME they find you? lose all privelege to assume any security force or even a security
guard? Did he lose his right to carry a weapon? How much were his
Show support fines involved? Without pay, no rebuttal?
for FREEPORT Does he lose all chances to be eligible for a Public Safety entity that
by Advertising safeguards children and adults?
your business in Many folks comment, that they do NOT want to see this Man in any
FREEPORT’s authority position at any level, within the Walton County system. We
ONLY all know how people find other jobs from family all within the
NEWSPAPER! county. If this Man is to enter any judicial force there are substantial
number of complaints waiting to be filed.
We work hard Note to others in Jail like him? Quit now! Do not Abuse your
keeping this authority inside our jail at any level. Lt. Blizzard’s Son also works at
Newspaper the Jail as a C.O. (like Father, like Son?)
available to Mental cruelty is most damaging, when your bruises can’t be found
Everyone……. or even on camera.
Thursday, April 27, 2017 The Emerald Star News, Inc. Page 5
If you live to chase the

Dollar: you will miss out
on the simple pleasures of
living life.
Enjoy the family time for
it goes by way too fast.
Letter to the:
Let us help you get the
‘word out’ for you, about
The Mayors Post
Russ Barley-Freeport Mayor
your business and place I feel a need to write you this letter.
an advertisement with us. In light of recent current events at The Walton Please send any and all comments to
Best RATES in County County Jail, concerning the arrest & firing of Lt. Blizzard. I have The Emerald_Star_News@hotmail.com
a few things to say; First, I would like to applaud the deputies who had
Ted Cruz Calls the courage to step up and turn in this superior officer for the uncon- Greetings from the Mayor’s Office …..
scionable abuse & mistreatment of an inmate their control. What a tremendous success for the Easter Eggstravaganza and the
for $14 Billion Correctional officers have a difficult job, however, their job is to Con- Annual Spring Festival, this was a record number of attendees and I
trol & Protect the inmates. Not to abuse or belittle the Men & Women
Seized from ‘El already in cells or handcuffs!
would like to thank Destiny Worship Center and the Portland
Methodist Church along with the Town Planters Society of Freeport
Chapo’ to Fund Unfortunately, this happens far more often than we are aware. There are and our staff at the Freeport Regional Sports Complex for a great
a lot of families in Walton County that have loved ones who are locked event.
Border Wall up. For a variety of reasons, from minor misdemeanor mistakes or pro-
The city council is continuing to work on the 5 year Capital
bation violations. I am by no means saying that the incarceration should
Fourteen billion dollars Improvement Plan for the City and at the top of the list is the
be a cake walk with all the privileges as if in the outside world.
will go a long way toward infrastructure that is needed for the expected growth that will be
I am however saying they deserve to be treated with common decency.
building a wall that will taking place within the next 5 to 10 years, we are working with
We still have Correction Officers like Harley ward who enters cell
keep Americans safe and blocks calling inmates ”pieces of shit”. Then when they try to quite the Walton County and the City of DeFuniak Springs as “One Walton”,
hinder the illegal flow of to try and come up with the funding for the infrastructure along High-
cell block down in the evenings or commissary, threatens to ‘kick their
drugs, weapons, and way 331 , we are in hopes that the funding will come from the BP
Ass’ if they don’t shut up!
individuals across our Funds that have been made available to the state and hoping to know
This treatment is Unacceptable on every level. Yes, they are criminals,
southern border,” Senator still human beings and are someone’s son or daughter, Mother or Father. by Summer where we stand with receiving that funding. We are also
Cruz stated. “Ensuring the They are paying their debt to society with the loss of their Freedom. working on funding for a new Wastewater Treatment Facility as well
safety and security of as updating the current plant to fit the needs of the community,
With tax payer dollars we pay the salary of all correctional officers who
Texans is one of my currently we are at around 75% capacity at the current plant and with
have one job. Control & Protect them, not Mistreat them, degrade them
top priorities.” The Texas or make the daily reality of being incarcerated more difficult! all the expected growth we have to plan ahead and be ready for the
senator said that leverag- expansion. We are currently looking at all funding that may be
I know of these cases of mistreatment first-hand, as reformed lately. I
ing criminally forfeited available to complete the necessary task for new businesses and
currently have a loved one serving time in there. I’ve visited & wit-
assets from El Chapo and nessed C.O.’s coming into the cell Block cussing at inmates to the point residents alike to come to Freeport. Strategic Planning meetings are
other Mexican cartel now being held each week for all the departments of the city to
of, for the lack of a better way to say it as to start something worse. Or
members and drug dealers even react to push the inmates to react to get additional time added on. complete the goals that are necessary for each department to run
can “offset the wall’s cost Maybe we should all realize and think about that 90% of the inmates properly and adequately. The Impact Fee Study is continuing and a
and make meaningful special workshop will be held on this Thursday, April 27 th beginning
will be released from the County Jail, most in a matter of months.
progress toward achieving Where do you expect these people to live when they get out? at 5:00 PM, and everyone is invited to join and stay for the regular
President Trump’s stated They may live next to you, your Mother or Father or other siblings. If City Council Meeting beginning at 7:00 PM. As I mentioned in the
border security last post we are currently working on a new city website that would
you walk past a caged animal and kick at it or abuse it every day, what
objectives.” Senator Cruz do you expect that animal/ person you mistreated to act like once they be easier to navigate for everyone and it was scheduled to be up and
introduced the Ensuring on line in September, but we have progressed quicker than we
are let out? The revenge is inside them, you could help defuse some of
Lawful Collection of Hid- that if you would just talk to them decent. I, for one, do NOT want one expected and you should be able to see it change around June of this
den Assets to Provide year, the new system will allow us to add more information that will
of those persons to bite, attack or hurt anyone. Especially me.
Order (EL CHAPO) Act be beneficial to all. We have a new City Historian that has
All because you treated them so horrible inside a cell?
on Tuesday. “The U.S. volunteered to take the place of our beloved Beckie Buxton and that
I do NOT have a problem having a FORMER petty criminal who served
Government is currently is Mr. Gordy Williams, many thanks to him for stepping up to the
the price and did their time living next door to me. I DO however, have a
seeking the criminal for- plate to continue gathering information about the city for our
serious issue with a petty criminal who has served their time being
feiture of more than $14 Heritage Museum and many thanks to Beckie for all the information
treated like less than a human for month’s. Then he comes out harder,
billion in drug proceeds and many years of service to our community. Again, my door is
more mean and less of a human being due to less than tolerable and un-
and illicit profits from El always open for discussion, compliments or complaints or you can
acceptable abuse from those in charge of Control & Protect them.
Chapo, the former leader Just something to think about. give me a call at 850-835-2822.
of the Sinaloa drug cartel Next time your loved one enters a jail cell, how would you
who was recently
extradited to the U.S. to
hope they would be treated? By guards? By C.O.’s? By other
inmates? You have mentally challenged people who get little
Emerald Coast flowers & gifts
face criminal prosecution to no help of medications for the brain. Many inmates are
for numerous alleged drug forced de-tox because of the jail policy of no drugs? Even & The prissy hen
-related crimes, including required prescribed medicines are banned. Period.
conspiracy to commit 137 Hwy 20 West— Freeport
Only when you are beat up, stole from and ignored by nurses
murder and money for the need of medical needy medicines are you now just
laundering,” Cruz stated. another junkie in their eyes. Even if you carry med’s in pre-
"check out our weekly Cash & Carry specials”!
scribed bottles, that does NOT mean you will get any pill as
Sounds like a great need for the time you need them. Think of the job, can you do Store hours are Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-2.
DEAL! it? Sincerely, Alicia Smith
FREEPORT Presbyterian CHURCH, located on Hwy 20. Next to Frank’s Cash & Owners Russ Barley and Tim Ard, invite everyone to stop on in!
Carry. We are extending an open invitation to come to our quaint little church to give
thanks and praise to God. ‘Small town feel’ and children’s services also available too. 850-835-5200 or 850-267-2616
Sundays at 9am Bible study….10am church service. Come meet Pastor Gene.
Page 6 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, April 27, 2017

WAGZ Boutiques Do you have a business? FLORIDA LEGISLATORS
Lowest Ad Rates in Walton county! WORKING ON
Where PETS make themselves at HOME
We’d like to see you advertise with us! GAMBLING DEAL
48 Commerce Lane suite # 6
Freeport, Fl 32439 Bill Requiring Women to Register for
the Draft Passes Senate
850-835-1071 A provision that would require women to register for the military
Www.WAGZBOUTIQUES.COM draft alongside men for the first time in American history was
included as part of the massive 2017 National Defense Authori-
zation Act that passed the Senate handily with an 85-13 vote.
Boarding Daycare Grooming
The language requiring the draft for women was added in
committee and received little debate on the Senate floor, but has
created a firestorm of controversy on and off Capitol Hill. It Florida legislators are starting negotiations
Public Meetings: Visioning with District comes as the military services welcome women into previously over a new gambling deal.
closed ground combat units in keeping with a mandate from House and Senate members
#4 Commissioner Sara Comander Defense Secretary Ash Carter given late last year. met Monday and the two sides have about
During the month of May, District 4 Commissioner Sara On Feb. 2, a panel of top military leaders including Army Chief three weeks left in this year's session to
Comander will be hosting a series of Visioning Workshops of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. reach an agreement. The Senate has passed
throughout the County. Robert Neller, and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus all told the Senate a bill that would allow slot machines at
The purpose of these meetings is to obtain thoughts and ideas Armed Services Committee they supported drafting men and dog and horse tracks in eight counties
from the public about what they believe are the most women in light of the changes to combat assignments. outside of South Florida. It would also
important items facing the County for the future. "It is my personal view that based on this lifting of restriction for allow the Seminole Tribe to offer craps and
As always, the Commissioner looks forward to meeting with assigning [job specialties], that every American that is physically roulette at its casinos. The House measure
the public to hear their thoughts, ideas and concerns. qualified should register for the draft," Neller said at the time. would allow the tribe to keep its slot
The meetings will begin at 5:00pm on following schedule: In the House, which previously passed its version of the NDAA, machines and blackjack tables for 20 years,
Wednesday, May 3rd - Coastal Branch Library an amendment requiring women to register for the draft passed but would not let them offer additional
games. The legislation also confines slot
Wednesday, May 10th - Paxton Town Hall narrowly with a 32-30 vote, even though its author, California
machines to South Florida. Legislators
Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, voted against it.
Wednesday, May 24th - Freeport Community Center have tried for several years to pass a
"I've talked to coffeehouse liberals in San Francisco and conser-
Wednesday, May 31st - DeFuniak Springs Community vative families who pray three times a day," Hunter said April
gambling bill, but the deals fell apart amid
Center heavy lobbying from the gambling
27, as the House Armed Services Committee marked up the bill. industry.
All residents are encouraged to attend. "Neither of them want their daughter to be drafted."
Please be advised that two or more Walton County
Commissioners may attend this meeting.
The Senate proposal was hotly debated on the floor June 7 by
Republicans Ted Cruz, from Texas, and John McCain, from
Please be governed accordingly.
Walton County adheres to the American with Disabilities Arizona. SENTENCED TO
Act and will make reasonable modifications for access to the Cruz complained that the provision including women in the draft 25 YEARS
meetings upon request. Please call (850) 892-8110 to make a entered the bill through committee, rather than in public, open
request. For hearing impaired, please call 1-800-955-8771 debate. "I'm the father of two daughters. Women can do anything A 24-year-old man accused
(TDD), 1-800-955-8770 (VOICE). they set their mind to, and I see that each and every day," Cruz of abusing a 5-year-old will
Requests must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the said. "The idea that we should forcibly conscript young girls in spend the next 25 years in
meeting to allow time to provide the requested services. combat to my mind makes little or no sense. It is at minimum a prison. Steven Alexander
radical proposition. I could not vote for a bill that did so without Pettit pleaded No Contest
public debate." to one count of lewd or
You’ve tried the REST, NOW CALL THE McCain countered that including women in the lascivious molestation on a
draft was a matter of equality. victim less than 12 years of age.
BEST! Solid 30+ exp.. Solid Crew, Reliable "Women who I have spoken to in the military He was immediately sentenced by Walton
overwhelmingly believe that women are not only County Circuit Judge Kelvin Wells to the
qualified, but are on the same basis as their male minimum mandatory of 25 years in prison.
counterparts," McCain said. "Every leader of the "Pettit will have to serve his sentence
United States military seems to have a different day-for-day and is not eligible for early
opinion from [Cruz], whose military background release," prosecutors wrote in a news
is not extensive." Currently, U.S. law requires release.
most male citizens and immigrants between the "After his prison sentence is completed,
Www.ajsplumbinginc@embarqmail.com ages of 18 to 25 to register in the selective Pettit will be on Sex Offender probation
service system. The Senate NDAA would for the rest of his life and will be required
require all female citizens and U.S. residents to wear an electronic monitor. He is also
who turn 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018, to register designated as a Sexual Predator and can
as well. have no contact with the victim or any
Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah introduced an minors." They add that in December of
amendment that would have removed the draft 2016 a 5-year-old child disclosed to her
language from the bill, but it was unsuccessful. mother that Pettit had taken her to his room
Another Republican, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and touched her inappropriately. The
filed an amendment that would have gotten rid mother immediately called law
of the draft altogether, but it too failed to get enforcement and Pettit admitted to some of
traction. The House and Senate must now the allegations and DNA evidence
reconcile their versions of the NDAA in collected at the scene came back as a
conference before final passage. match to the defendant’s DNA.
Thursday, April 27, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 7

‘Happenings’ in DeFuniak Springs
CITY OF DEFUNIAK SPRINGS Healthmark Health Matters
FINANCE DIRECTOR RESIGNS Caring for elderly parents
Adult children often serve as caregiv-
Joe Brown, Finance Director ers for aging parents. This may be due to
for the city of DeFuniak illness, accident or the inevitable decline
Spings, turned in a letter of brought on by advanced age. Are you
resignation to Mayor Bob prepared for the role? It is important to
Campbell on Friday, April talk with our parents about their health
14. Brown’s resignation will and safety.
be effective April 30, Caregivers must monitor the health
2017. Brown cited several and independence of their aging parents.
reasons for his decision and We must evaluate their general condition
WZEP, 1st News Now, was provided with a copy of and ask ourselves, are my parents safe in
the resignation letter. It reads… their home? How well are they taking
care of themselves? How are their men-
Mayor and City Council, tal attitudes? Are they having difficulty
Two years ago, this council took a chance hiring getting around?
someone unknown from out of town with no experi- Caregivers must also be prepared for
ence as a finance director to be the finance director of an emergency and should make a list of
DeFuniak Springs. During these two years, much has their doctors, allergies, medications,
happened with the management of the city. For the surgeries, insurance information and
past year, the refusal of the council to attempt to find other important details. Discuss long-
an experienced and qualified city manager to lead the term care, living wills and other prefer-
city to grow with the completion of the 331 project ences. These are steps we can take to
has been discouraging to those of us who realize the help aging parents maintain their inde-
great opportunity for growth that lies ahead. Efforts by pendence.
the mayor and other private citizens to bring economic We begin by observing our parents
development opportunities to the town are continually closely. Do they appear to be taking
discouraged by the council. Although I believe most good care of themselves? Failure to keep
want the city to grow, the actions taken and things up with bathing, tooth brushing and
said do not back up that idea. As long as you continue other basic grooming could indicate de-
to do the same things you have always done the city mentia, depression or physical impair-
will never change. As you all know from last year’s ments.
community meetings there are citizens who are con- Are parents still connecting with
cerned about this town and are eager to see it grow so friends? Have they maintained interest in
their kids can have good jobs and continue to live in hobbies and other daily activities? Look
the town they have grown up in. There is no serious around the house. Any big changes in
effort being made by the leadership to strive to make the way your parents do things around
changes happen to grow the city. Because of the the house could provide clues to their
events of the past year, it has become necessary for health. Neglected housework is another
me to consider my long term goals and career options. red flag.
Therefore, I will be resigning my position as finance Everyone forgets things from time to
director of the City of DeFuniak Springs effec- time. Modest memory problems are a
tive April 30, 2017. I will be moving and have ac- fairly common part of aging, and some-
cepted the position as Finance Director of the City of times medication side effects or underly-
Callaway. ing conditions contribute to memory
I will always fondly remember my two years in DeFu- loss. However, according to researchers
niak Springs and wish you all the best as you attempt at the Mayo Clinic, there's a difference
to lead the city forward. between normal changes in memory and
Sincerely, Jo A. Brown the type of memory loss associated with
Alzheimer's disease and other types of
City councilman Rob Kelly reacted to Brown’s resig- dementia. Problems such as forgetting
nation with this email… common words when speaking, getting
“I spoke with Mr. Brown and he confirmed that this lost in familiar neighborhoods or being
move has been in the works for some time, He said it unable to follow directions may be seri-
was an opportunity he could not pass up. I join the ous and should warrant an evaluation
city council in thanking him for his service to the city with their doctor.
and wishing him well in his future endeavors. Driving can sometimes be challenging
for older adults. If aging parents become
confused while driving or lose their abil-
In the meantime, our very competent staff will con- ity to drive safely, it may be time to stop
tinue to handle the Finance Department operations, driving. To help them maintain their
just as they have done on several occasions with no independence, discuss transportation
change in service or efficiency and we will now options such as taking a bus, hiring a
begin the process of filling that position.” driver or riding with neighbors, friends.
Page 8 The EMERALD STAR NEWS, Inc. Thursday, April 27, 2017

Local Knowledge
Local Experience
Happy Hollow S/D - Restricted, Wooded
homesite. 100’ x 200’ (.50 Ac). Convenient Since 1985.
location close to Hwy 331, 20 & 98. CW&S
avail. Fisherman’s Paradise! $44,900

One Acre, Wooded Commercial Site with 100’
Frontage on the West Side of Highway 331
location. Near busy Intersection at Black Well-maintained, 2BR/2BA, 14x70 MH on PARADISE SUBDIVISION!
Creek Road (3280). City Water available. private lot. Ready for new owner to enjoy Residential,
Paved road
almost half-acre wooded lot on
w/City water available. No HOA
the River Life! Hurricane shutters, separate
Sewer close by. PRICED TO SELL! $139,900 carport & 10’x10’ yard bldg. $79,500 fees or dues! Easy access to Beaches of

3BR/2BA Brick Home w/Super views of the 3BR/2BA @ 1,514 sq ft. Spacious Master BR
Choctawhatchee River! Oak floors, Brick FP, w/his & hers closets. New carpet in bedrooms.
FR & more. Yard bldg. Artesian Well & new Pump. New interior & exterior paint. New Roof. Dock
Guest House w/new carpet & vinyl for family or as w/power & water, fenced yard, & covered deck.
rental. $268,000 GREAT BUY! $314,900

Furnished 2BR/ 1BA Waterfront Home! Screen porch overlooks
Canal. Dock w/view of Black Creek. Open Living Rm & Kitchen. NEW LISTING! BLACK CREEK WEEKEND GET-A-WAY!
Storage & Laundry Room includes W/D. This home would be Two Bedroom/Two Bath, older mobile home that won’t break the bank!
fantastic for making years of great fishing memories! Ideal for a Private Lot with Carport & Shed. Relaxing Screen Porch. Close to Boat
Launch at Black Creek Lodge. Motivated Seller. ONLY $54,900
weekend get-a-way or permanent living! $159,900

Ph: 850-835-4153 www.freeportwaterfront.com
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First 100 Days: Trump Team UC Berkeley riots: Violence Heading North? Stop-IN and grab some goodies!
Just outside Walton County. Lots of a variety of things you
Touts Number Of Obama Rules looms as mayor questioned will enjoy, from tasty treats, to knick-knacks to decorate your
They Killed over ties to extremist group home…...tell us you saw this Ad! Here, inside The
Emerald Star News of Freeport Have a blessed day!
Though President Trump is unlikely to ding The University of California, Berkeley is likely to
ObamaCare before the 100-day mark this Saturday, he once again be the site of brutal protests on Thursday
and GOP lawmakers have been able to chip away at
Barack Obama's legacy in other ways -- by making
as questions arise about whether the city’s mayor
has ties to an extremist group sparking violence.
Jackson's Corner
unprecedented use of an obscure rule-killing law. Ann Coulter has vowed to move ahead with a 23278 5th Avenue Florala Al 36442
Under the Congressional Review Act, Republicans planned appearance at the university, despite
wiped out a wave of last-minute regulations pushed Berkeley trying to reschedule her speech over
through before Trump took office. The result: the security concerns. Law enforcement sources told
News that regardless of whether the conservative
(334) 574-0111
Obama administration's final days were treated like a
dry-erase board. firebrand shows up, there is a “99 percent” chance
The Trump White House and its allies are now touting that the college will erupt in violence.
The sources are helping the Berkeley Police Antiques, Vintage, Shabby Chic, Collectibles,
the legislative victories in the run-up to Saturday -- 13
times, Trump joined with the Republican-controlled Department prepare for what is now seen as an Handmade Items, Candy & Handmade Fudge
Congress to undo rules issued under his predecessor. inevitable showdown over First Amendment rights
Follow us on Facebook! As you come North, stop on in!
to free speech.
“You see that this president has done a lot in 100
Charles “Sid” Heal, a retired commander from the www.facebook.com/JacksonsCorner36442
days,” counselor Kellyanne Conway told "Fox &
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department who met with
Friends" on Tuesday, specifically citing these cases.
Berkeley police, said that authorities are preparing Its a place for vendors to sell stuff, in a booth and such!
“Twelve or 13 roll-backs of Congressional Review
for the worst because extremist groups from across
Acts … We are going to keep plowing ahead.”
the spectrum are heading to Berkeley, and because
The Congressional Review Act was first passed in the past three protests that devolved into violence Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts.
1996 as part of then-Speaker Newt Gingrich’s were met by a “lackluster” response from local
“Contract with America.” Before CRAs, if one house police. It's about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated
of Congress voted to overturn a regulation, it became “We’ve been told they’re going to come no matter to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are
invalidated. However, in 1983, the U.S. Supreme whether Ann Coulter comes or not, and the next riot
Court ruled the process unconstitutional and CRAs high and the consequences really matter.
is not a standalone in isolation but a natural
emerged as a quick way for Congress to overturn consequence of the lackluster approach of the past,”
recent rules. The CRA now gives Congress 60 legisla- It is about laying the groundwork for others' success, and then
Heal said, adding that because protesters felt police
tive days to review new regulations. standing back and letting them shine. Chris Hadfield
didn’t protect them at the last riot many
Prior to the Trump White House, the CRA had been are pledging to defend themselves. “People are
used only once to overturn a rule. In that case, Presi- becoming vigilantes.”
dent George W. Bush overturned an Occupational Heal and others said there is deep discord between
Safety and Health Administration rule that addressed the Berkeley Police Department and the city
ergonomic injuries in the workplace. Republicans still government, led by Jesse Arreguin, the 32-year-old
have until early May to eliminate Obama-era rules newly elected mayor facing his first major test in
finalized after June and only need simple majorities in running a large city. Arreguin has been accused of
both houses to do it. supporting left-wing violence because he is a mem-
The CRA so far has been used to nix everything from ber of the Facebook group of By Any Means Neces-
a rule that would have required oil and gas companies sary, or BAMN, an anarchist group that has incited
to report payments to foreign governments to a gun violent protests across the country. Yvette Felarca, a
safety regulation Obama proposed following the BAMN national organizer, was unapologetic last
massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. That rule June after her group shut down a Neo-Nazi protest
was meant to prevent thousands with mental disorders in Sacramento that sent 10 people to the hospital.
from purchasing a gun, though the NRA said it went "We will do it again,” she said. “The Nazis had to
too far. The rule was pushed after Adam Lanza killed run and hide behind the police.”
20 children and six adults in Newtown, Conn. In a statement to News, Arreguin distanced himself
The aggressive use of the CRA by the Trump admini- from Felarca and BAMN.
stration gives the White House and Republicans "On social media, following a particular account
several small-scale legislative victories to tout despite does not mean you support that group or
falling short of pushing through an ObamaCare repeal individual,” he said. “I was following this particular
or other major legislation as the president nears the group so I could stay up to date on what they are up
100-day mark. White House Director of Legislative to. I condemn their violent actions in the strongest
Affairs Marc Short recently told reporters, “There are terms.”
several more that we hope to sign before this window But a source close to Berkeley city government
closes on April 28.” Most recently on April 13, Trump accused Arreguin of bolstering leftist groups by
nullified a Department of Health and Human Services secretly aligning himself with them.
rule that allowed states to withhold federal family “Mayor Arreguin is not representing all of Berkeley
planning dollars from clinics that provide abortion right now,” the source who wished to remain anony-
services. As with most actions under the Trump ad- mous told News, “he’s coming from a deep leftist
ministration, these were not without controversy. The position. We have some very radical elements on
Center for American Progress contends that Trump’s the police review commission. Jesse is emboldening
use of the CRA does little for the average American. them because he has a majority on the commission.”
“All told, Trump’s legislation will provide businesses
with more than $7 billion dollars in giveaways over
the next decade while causing a net loss in jobs.
Page 10 The EMERALD STAR NEWS, Inc. Thursday , April 27, 2017

+++++++ We Thank the Lord ++++++for giving us this day alive. For all our friends, family and community.
Please help us guide FREEPORT in the best direction so that we all, can grow& prosper, to become all we can become, for the Let us help !you…...Advertise with us!
near future and of the futures of our children’s children. Amen! IN GOD WE TRUST 850.585.0262

Ordinance 2002-05 Revisions The Walton County Board of County Commissioners
Dear Frank, proposes to adopt the following by ordinance:
Glad you are back doing the Newspaper. The Walton County Board of County Commissioners proposes to
Only 2 Editions OFF. adopt the following by ordinance: AN ORDINANCE OF WALTON COUNTY, FLOR-
It seemed like a lifetime! IDA AMENDING ORDINANCE 2002-05 SECTION
Bayou. However the loud drunk party- VIDING FOR INCLUSION IN THE WALTON
goers who frequent these spots are leaving COUNTY CODE; AND PROVIDING FOR AN EF-
You are hereby notified that a Public Hearing on the ordinance will
trash behind them too. FECTIVE DATE.
be held on May 9, 2017, beginning at 4:00 p.m., or as soon as possi-
Does it take like the Code Enforcement to
ble to that time, at the South Walton County Courthouse Annex lo-
get a call, or does the FWC have spotters You are hereby notified that a Public Hearing on the
cated at 31 Coastal Centre Blvd., Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
along the beaches of the Bay to fine those ordinance will be held on May 9, 2017, beginning at
folks leaving garbage? Please be governed accordingly.
4:00 p.m., or as soon as possible to that time, at the
Trash cans are there if only people use Walton County adheres to the American with Disabilities Act and South Walton County Courthouse Annex located at
them. I’d say install more cameras in will make reasonable modifications for access to the meetings upon 31 Coastal Centre Blvd., Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
locations of illegal fishing around these request. Please call (850) 892-8110 to make a request. For hearing
parts too. It disheartens those of us who impaired, please call 1-800-955-8771 (TDD), 1-800-955-8770 Please be governed accordingly.
once bragged about our quiet streets and (VOICE). Requests must be received at least 48 hours in advance of
neighbors. Now years later being bumped the meeting to allow time to provide the requested services.
aside as they grasp for that almighty
dollar. Not worth the noise.
All the while making the peaceful bird
singing into tractor machine noises at
before the crow of the rooster?
Noise ordinances are in place, try driving
thru quiet neighborhoods like Hammock
Bay and Portland, to rid these Meth-heads
from roaming and ruining our images of
Public Meetings: Potential Rural Health Care in Red Bay
home. They are all out at night, even sex-
and Valley View
offenders…..only once they are caught!
Ms. Judy Bellham
The District 1 Commissioner’s Office in conjunction with the
Florida Department of Health - Walton County and PanCare of FOOD PANTRY for DFS FOOD donations
Florida will be hosting two community engagement meetings to accepted here in Freeport at Marx Coastal Optical.
discuss health care needs within District 1. Please drop-off Food for the Needy.
The first meeting will be held at the Red Bay Community Center Call 850-880-6778 or stop in across from Frank’s
on May 1st at 5:00pm. The Red Bay Community Center is located cash & Carry in Freeport and drop-off.
at 10624 Rock Hill Road, Ponce de Leon.
The second meeting will be held at the Valley View Community
Center on May 2nd at 5:00pm. The Valley View Community
850.835.2558 Center is located 9032 County Highway 183 South, Ponce de
‘gdy ‘...yes we do
These meetings will focus on the potential of providing odd jobs, deck builds,
901 Hwy. 20 East additional health care opportunities to the residents of District 1.
junk removal
FREEPORT, All residents are encouraged to attend.
landscaping projects
Florida Hours : We appreciate our readers. Thank our Advertisers, if not
Tues– Sat. 9am-5pm for them, there is no Printing. It’s been a great 8years together Free estimates 850.419.6959
A FREE offering of FREEPORT News and more. Thank You !!
Thursday, April 27, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 11
AD Only
We see you! $10 per issue For Sale
Do folks see you? Mail or E-mail
Classifieds List your FOR SALE ITEMS only
Advertising space is available Are you in FREEPORT? $10…….mail to P.O. Box 1133
within this newspaper! 585-0262 looking for local conversation and an SERVICES Freeport 32439
ICE Cold BEER? Stop on IN LAND Lots & places for Sale in the
COMMISSION APPROVES Pool tournaments on Thursday ARE YOU HIRING? area of Freeport. w/40+yrs exp.
WED. Wii-Bowling tournaments
List for FREE AD’s for job’s! Our Realtors inside this Newspaper
Call or E-mail the information ! work very hard and know the area
At its meeting in Havana, Florida, the Florida Fish Karaoke weekends @ 9pm very well. It helps to say our Name!
and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Just North of the Anchor Fountain
approved the 2017 recreational red snapper season in past Freeport Café, turn right. OF COURSE…..you have too
Gulf of Mexico state waters. many customers, you don’t need to
The 78-day season will be open for Saturdays and Are you up in DeFuniak Springs? Advertise, huh? SURE……..
Sundays starting May 6. On May 27, the season will Looking for a great BBQ dinner/ That’s why so many businesses have
be open continuously through July 9. It will then date place? I noted in your closed around FREEPORT.U NEXT?
reopen for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in Adult Beverages, Beer, Wine…. paper that there appears to be an
September and October, plus Labor Day. Stop in @ 4C BBQ option for a free help wanted ad? Explore nature in and around
“In contrast to federal fisheries management, which Big screen TV& several other TV’s We are looking for caregivers in Walton County Florida with Walton
has resulted in limited-to-zero recreational red Karaoke most every Sat. Freeport area and would appreciate Outdoors. For more information, go
snapper fishing days in Florida’s federal waters, the Feel like shooting some Darts? info on the free ad. Thank you. to: http://www.waltonoutdoors.com
FWC has done outstanding work balancing fishing 2person, 4person team leagues too.
access with sustainability. We are thankful for the Bruce Brown
Commission’s dedication to maintaining recreational Tell Robin you saw this AD!! Comfort Keepers, General Manager
fishing opportunities for red snapper in state waters,” Support FREEPORT’s
776 E. John Sims Pky
said Gary Jennings, Director of Keep Florida Check both Bar websites for ‘ONLY NEWSPAPER’
Fishing. Niceville, FL 32578
Specials upcoming Parties and such Let us get your name out
(850) 279-6310
during the Holidays.
TIVOLI HISTORICAL 4C BBQ located in behind
SOCIETY Walgreens (past Wal-Mart) on right
Rentals? Listed here only $10ea.
this year. A very Special place in
FREEPORT off Hwy. 20E
The Tivoli Historical society will sponsor the
Great Music/ Rooms for Rent? Only $10ea. East of Hwy. 331…. 2 miles down
5K Heart Run on May 6, 2017 on Circle Dr. If Great Food Housing for Rent? Help local
BEST Deal Advertising !!
you are interested in participating, registration folks afford to stay here, if you have
will begin at 8 AM and the run will start at 9 4C BBQ Caters Too! a place to offer from Rent or Barter. Short or Long term, it helps us
AM. For more information contact any member Shoot me an E-mail print and share the WORD!
of the THS or President, Eddie Williamson at Let’s all ‘chip in’ and make this I will place it ASAP. Help us: Help you get noticed….
836-4204. We are asking you all to come out for CITY GREAT!
your hearts sake and to support the endeavors Let people know where you are, We can take care of
that the THS are undertaking, including the what do you sell? the running around
restoration of the Tivoli Gymnasium. What do you offer? this county for you.
5000 copies Just call or e-mail for
Per Month! Ad info., pricing is
You have
the Best Deal in the
entire county! 765-527-7013
enough business
and don’t want New Help us,
Customers to stop in? AD! So we can

What does it matter to you, the reader?
I would like you!
(The reader) to become a part of this
As you know we use the Advertising dollars to pay for the
newspaper’s history, as we grow with
PRINTING of this (Free to you) FREEPORT Newspaper.
FREEPORT and the surrounding
**We do accept donations as well. Checks or CC welcome We also Cater! areas into the future. Send in your
To keep this around, we could use more Advertisers and
comments anytime! E-mail to:
common folks alike, to Help us grow! Voice of the People! Hwy 331 S, next to Cypress Cattle & Produce Emerald_star_news@hotmail.com

Trailermade Gulf Coast Q / Home of the Slab Wrap
The only versatile newspaper that
Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 11am to 6 pm offers both sides of discussion. Let the
people in charge = read your opinion.
Like us on Facebook They work with your tax dollars!
Along Hwy. 331 S. just past Hwy20 on RH side……..
No need for “PC” here. Live!
FREEPORT”s Best Pork Sandwich, take some to the beach!
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4BR/2BA, 1,768 sf. Brick home, close to Tom’s Bayou, 100' OF HWY 331 FRONTAGE - Adjoins the NEW PUBLIX
schools, shopping & Eglin AFB! Renovated kitchen! SHOPPING CENTER! Access from Hwy 331 & Hwy 20 via Blue
Versatile floor-plan has main home w/3BR/1BA on 1st Ridge Pkwy. City W&S are available. Ideal for hotel site, fast food,
level, + guest quarters w/kitchenette & bathroom on office complex, retail center & more! Consider this site for your
2nd level. Chain-link fenced backyard & storage bldg. new venture in Walton County & be a part of the City of Freeport’s
Quick walk to Bayou. NEW PRICE! $184,900
growing community! $695,000

cabinets w/Granite countertops, Marble tile floors & Granite vanity
tops in both bathrooms. Loft/Computer area at the top of the
stairs. Home has New Paint & New Carpet. Great Room &
POPULAR BLACK CREEK LODGE! Master Bedroom w/Balconies overlooking the Bay! Screened
Canalfront 2BR/1BA Cozy Cabin. Extensive renovation with a Gazebo, Covered Deck & Outdoor Storage Room for enjoying the
Seaside flair! Unique woodwork throughout home. Metal roof. Backyard. Perfect for a primary home or as a vacation home.
Excellent location for fishing on Black Creek, Rivers and Bay Ready to Move-In Condition. Enjoy the Beautiful view & Awesome
or just a weekend get-a-way! $139,900 Sunset across Choctawhatchee Bay! $221,900

Ph: 850-835-4153 www.freeportwaterfront.com